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Chapter 5

"hijo, pass the salad over to me" mommy asked eyeballing the salad bowl. She acting like she ain't the one that prepared it. I passed her the salad then glanced over to demitri to see that he was extremely uncomfortable at the dining table. Mommy made sure to sit in between demitri and I to 'avoid behavior forbidden at the dining table'.

"Um" I cleared my throat before continuing "the food is great". Oh damn I think I just made it even more awkward. Mommy was staring at demitri now waiting for him to complement her cooking as well and he was totally oblivious to the situation. This boy about to get us both killed, he continued playing with his food. He finally picked up his head and looked at us.

"Yea Mama S tastes really good, I almost want to ask you for takeaway".

"Eso es correcto, lo sabes mejor. No problem baby I'll give you some to take home" . I swear sometimes she scares the shit out of me. I smiled at demitri before rushing to finish my food, so did he. We soon finished and help Mommy clean up.

"mamá, were going upstairs okay" I kissed her cheek before trying to drag demitri heavy ass with me.

"That door better be open Carlos, I know you don't want my chancla's on your face" she grilled the fuck out of me I started shaking in my boots.

"Alright mommy were just gonna watch tv" .

We finally made it upstairs into my room. I left the door open because I don't want to die. As soon as we got comfortable in my bed demitri got s phone call. He looked at the contact then excused himself. Umm why the fuck can't he answer it in my presence. And it's not like this is the first time he's done that since we became an item not even that, since we became friends.

I know I shouldn't have but I got up to follow him. I want to know who's so important he couldn't pick up their call in front of me. Once I got out my room I saw him whispering angrily into his phone. Once I got closer I could hear a little bit of their conversation. "Stephen I fucking told you to make sure you don't give my shit to these niggas without counting them first"

Who the fuck is Stephen that better not be one of his hoes and what didn't he count, wait money ? Oh my god what if he a pimp . "Don't come to me with that shit. If you ain't count how much was going out how you know the money they brought back ain't the right amount". What is going on what the fuck. "I don't give a fuck Nigga, find a way to get back my supplies. Count them then send that shit out again, you better find a way" his voice was deadly calm. He hung up the phone after he said that and I rushed to go back into the room.

What was he talking about, who was he talking to, why couldn't he let me know. A relationship is suppose to be built on trust. We're barely in the first week of our 'relationship' and he keeping shit from me. Well I can't say anything because I haven't told him that I was an intersex yet.

"Sorry about that baby, what movie you wanna watch" . He plopped down on the bed before pulling me to his chest. I gave him the cold shoulder, I picked up my tv remote and changed it to Netflix. I kept scrolling through my options ignoring that he even asked me a question. I'm so fucking upset, what is he keeping from me.

"I don't care what is on" damn I sound so salty.

I just clicked on good burger and placed the remote down. The tension in the room was crazy nobody laughed even at the funny parts of the movie. as the movie kept going I grew even more agitated. In the middle of the movie I couldn't help myself "Demitri who were you on the phone with".

He looked at me and I felt him burning holes into my forehead. "Just a friend baby, shh watch the movie." I know this nigga ain't dismissing me.

"What were you talking about that you couldn't pick up the phone infront of me". My voice was getting louder as I spoke to him. He still had a calm demeanor, he kissed my forehead then looked back at the tv.

"We were just talking about work it's noting serious" . Since when did he work. 'How the fuck do you think he can pay for all the shit you want and his house if he don't work' my conscious expressed.

"Where do you work demitri ?" .

"What's with all the questions Carlos, come on let's just watch the movie" he snapped a little bit.

"So I'm Carlos now ?"

"Can you drop this?"

"No I can't drop this demitri , how are we suppose to grow if you're not telling me these kind of things, I feel like there's no trust in the relationship". I sat up on the bed siting in criss cross applesauce.

"Come on baby calm down I tell you everything" he sat up as well staring at me.

"Apparently not demitri if you can't tell me something as simple as we're you work".

"Why you making such a big deal out of this, come on baby calm down".

"Don't tell me to fucking call down demitri" at this point I was yelling, I was so fucking pissed "Sabía que esto no iba a funcionar, debería haber dicho que no cuando me pediste que fuera tuyo."

I got up off the bed about to make my way towards the door when I felt arms around my waist "shh baby come on, we don't want to get your mom angry now do we" .

I crossed my arms and huffed refusing to turn around and look at him. "If I tell you promise you won't make a big deal out of it".


"I deal baby, im the kingpin. I know you're not the type of person to deal with somebody like me that's why I ain't wanna tell you. I was scared I was gonna loose you" . I released from my defensive stand and turned around to look at him.

"If you want me to leave just let me know" he sounded so hurt. I got on my tippy toes to peck his lips.

"I don't like it, if it was up to me I would want you to stop but that's what you've been doing before I came along so I can't just tell you to stop. All I ask is that you be safe for me" I hid my face under his chin.

"Of course beautiful".

"Since we're telling each other secrets, I have something I have to tell you" .

"What is it baby".

"I'm an intersex male".

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