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Chapter 6

"What the fuck is that" he asked as he took a step away from me. Oh god, I thought he was gonna act differently. The look in his eyes scared me a bit.

"It's like when I have a t-thing b-but I'm a boy you know" I nervously spluttered out.

"No the fuck I don't know. What's a thing, what are you talking about Carlos".

"Calm down please metri" I'm not gon lie to you I was scared as fuck of him at the moment. He's not that soft boy that always wants to cuddle me or the great boyfriend that wants to protect me.

"Don't tell me to calm down" .

"It's just okay I'm a boy right but I also have a vagina iguess it could happen to anybody really" I tried explaining the best I could with a shaky voice and refusing to look up at him. I heard a chuckle but it didn't sound like the sexy one that drew me in the first time I heard it. It sounded kind of scary.

"So you're some sort of wanna be sissy" .

Oh hell no.

"Okay, I understand you mad and all but what you not gon do is disrespect me" . I was livid now, I don't care if he hit me I'll hit back the best I could. I do not tolerate nonsense .

"Fuck allat now Carlos, you ain't think it was important to tell me something like this before we got involved the fuck" he was pacing infront of me and in all honesty I was getting dizzy looking at him.

"Shut the fuck up you dumb ass nigga, fucking hypocrite, you ain't tell me you was slinging guns and snorting up coke when we started dating. I hate hypocrites, don't make me hate you metri because I was really liking our time together" , I huffed out crossing my arms infront of my chest.

"This different baby" he came to a hilt staring at me.

"Oh so I'm baby now ? A minute ago I was just Carlos oh nah I was a 'wanna be sissy boy'" I was livid now, he don't have the right to call me that right now, He hurt my feelings.

"I don't understand how you could be a Nigga and still have a ..... FUCK" he hit my bedroom wall leaving a dent.

My ass so whipped, I immediately ran to him to check his knuckles. I know I should be mad and I am but not enough to leave him because when I looked in his eyes he looked confused, hurt, and so much love. He's my baby , he just needs to be educated.

His knuckles weren't bruised to the extent hat he needed a bandaid. That how you know he do this shit a lot or my walls are just thin.

"Oye papi, don't do that" I kissed his knuckles looking up at him.

"Oh dios mio, que es todo este ruido".

And There she come. I was waiting when her nosey ass was gonna pull up. My bedroom door was slammed open to my mami standing there With one hand on her waist looking like a bad ass. "Maldita, estoy bien mamá".

He eyes traced to metri who was just staring down at me. "Hmm okay hijo , I'll be downstairs" she closed the door, I heard footsteps but I know she ain't go nowhere, she prolly listening in to our convo.

"I'm so confused Carlos, baby. I don't know about stuff like this" he sounded so stressed oh my poor baby.

"It's nothing serious metri it's not that rear" .

"Give me a definition".

Weird ass question for him to ask me. But it's common for us , I'm like a living breathing google.

"Intersex" is a general term used for a variety of conditions in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn't seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male." I paused then looked up at him "like a male having boobs/a vagina or a girl with a dick but has boobs"

"So you legit have a pussy". I rolled my eyes then nodded. He subconsciously licked his lips "can I see it ? I needa see it before I can process it".

I'm kind of hesitant about this. Ugh whatever, I lead him to my bed and laid down. I pulled down my sweats along with my panties. I had my eyes closed because I was really scared of the outcome.

I peaked through one eye to see him. He looked like he bout ready to kill some.

I felt myself getting a little wet so I picked up my sweats and panties and out it back on. He let out a sigh "Fuck it's really real huh".

"No duh dumbass".

"Alright, chill with that smart mouth I ain't gon let it pass a 3rd time".

"Whatever, come here metri, I know you must be so confused." I opened my arms on the bed and he soon placed his big ass head on my chest and I kissed his dreads. "It's gonna be okay papi, I mean at least if we grow up and you wanna have kids I could provide them" I tried to lighten up the atmosphere and he chuckled.

"Yea I guess babe". He kissed my clothed nipple playing with my piercing.

God, what a headache.

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