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Chapter 9

Being couped up in Demitri's house was started to become draining; it was beginning to become a severe case of cabin fever. Everyday was the same routine, wake up, cook, clean, sleep. I'm getting so tired of it, I need to go out. Currently Metri and I were laying down in our bedroom; yes I said our bedroom. It's mostly where we spend our time getting to know each other, sexing each other, yes I said sexing, don't come for me.

Demitri was kissing up my neck while I was watching TV trying my hardest to ignore him, this kept on for a long period until I finally gave in wrapping my arms around him, tilting my head enough to give him more access. Metri and I haven't gone far enough but we're always making out. I can't count the amount of hickeys I have on my neck. He kept biting and sucking my neck taking my attention from his hand that trailed down into my shorts.

When I caught on my hand immediately went to stop him. I was scared, I mean we've done a lot of things but he hasn't gone down there yet, plus my mom's upstairs and not in her room. So far I know that I'm loud as hell so I'm scared that my mama will hear me. I pulled away from him, "stop, my mom is upstairs. She could hear us".

"Chill, she won't. I promise" he trailed down to my neck again going back to buying and sucking. I slowly gave in, I didn't need much convincing because I already wanted this but I just needed reassurance. He traced him fingers down my stomach before he put it in my shorts again. I let out a muffled moan and held on to his arm. He began rubbing me and I couldn't help the moan that escaped my lips.

His movements stoped and he kissed me attempting to keep me from getting loud. He began moving his fingers again, he tried putting a finger in but I wasn't with that. I groaned in pain and at that moment my mom started banging on the door "Keep it down in there damn" I pulled away from metri embarrassed as fuck, but he found it funny.

"I told you she could hear us" I whisper low key mad.

"It's cool" he struggled out as his laughter got harder.

"No it's not cool, I don't want you touching or kissing me for a week since you think it's so funny".

"You have got to be fucking kidding me".

(Demetri p.o.v)
It's been approximately 46 hours and 15 minutes since Carlos told me I can't kiss or touch him, I've been counting. he's not being fair with it ether he's been walking around the house in revealing Clothes. Carlos and his moms ain't allowed to leave the house now because niggas never know when they've gone too far and are trying to hurt what's mine and his family so I keep them away so they won't see my bad side.

Carlos and his mom are in the kitchen chatting away while I'm watching TV. There was really nothing on, so I decided to go join them. I walked in and Carlos was talking about him being deprived and his momma was making fun of him; I wonder about them sometimes; there so alike it's unbelievable.

I sat next to Carlos and pulled him on my lap; only for him to get off me with a scoff "can you not do that; my mom is here".

"don't use me as an excuse child you know you was liking that shit, like I ain't never heard yah get freaky" his mother mimicking how Carlos was screaming. I smirked and walked up to him, and he hugged me and he hid his face in my chest.

"Mommy stop" he whined

"ahhhhh I give ya'll love birds five hours until ya'll gon be all up on each other,wait on it" his moms said he hid his face further in my chest and I could feel his smile I picked him up and carried him upstairs to our room after I told his moms we'll be right back.

" Baby can we agree that I'm allowed to kiss you and just not touch you instead?" I asked he turned his face from me and sucked his teeth "I'm guessing thats a yes" I questioned and he looked back at me with a cold stare.

"No the fuck it's not, it's never just kissing with your tall ass put me down so I can go exercise." He said trying to get out of my hold.

"oh my...come on just one before I put you down" I argued, he keeps playing with my emotions I just want a little kiss but hes being so damn difficult.

"I said no now put me the fuck down before I make it three weeks" he said after sucking his teeth again. I put him down and went down stairs because he wanted to change for his exercise. when I got downstairs I let out a frustrated groan and his momma laughed at me.

"Boy let me help you out, get him when he in the bathroom, all you gotta do is beat him at his own game" she told me, this lady real crazy no funny shit but her advise seems valid. She excused herself from the kitchen once she heard footsteps coming down the stairs, she exited the kitchen cheesing and putting her thumbs up.

(Carlos P.O.V)
I'm stressed like I'm really fucking stressed, its been like two days since I told Metri that we can't have contact and I need it; like I want him to just kiss me but not all times he wanna listen to what I say and obey it. I decided that I'm a get him to break, I put on some shorts that print out my ass and crop top with my fenty sliders and went downstairs to see my baby watching some shit on tv. I walked in front of the tv and turned around to "change" the channel just so he can see my ass, I turned to look at him with his eyes big af and his mouth open "baby you mind if I work out in here" I asked in a sweet voice he chuckled and told me to go ahead.

I put on nobody has to know by kranium and started moving to the beat. this not really a work out I just wanted to twerk in front of him after that song finished the NSA Challenge came on and I started going wild I could just hear metri saying damn and that made me go faster and faster catching every beat I felt hands on my ass then it just went away.

The next song came on which I don't know because I'm guessing Metri put it on but I started moving to the beat anyways I felt presence behind me and I knew who exactly that was, while I was grinding on him he got a phone call he picked it up "what nigga" he sounded irritated but I didn't stop grinding on him " no I'm busy right now and ain't I tell you I'm not leaving my baby and his momma alone in this damn house while them rat looking niggas on the loose, now tell Omar to stand on guard we already talked about when they attack so y'all ready if y'all fuck this up though I will not hesitate to kill any of y'all pussy nighas got it" he said I love how he's running shit, I'm guessing he hanged up cuz I didn't hear anymore talking and he had his hands around my waist. We were dancing together for a while until I stopped and turned around to face him well more like face his naked chest, I didn't know he was shirtless. I looked down and to my surprise he was pants-less too and no he didn't have boxers on.

"when the fuck did you get naked and why are you naked in the first place" I asked he chuckled.

"since you've been wearing skin out clothes I decided to go skin out too till the two weeks is over" hear him, I wasn't even paying attention to what he was saying I was just staring at his big ass dick, this boy is too young to have that type of dick it's wow. "babe, baby boy, Carlos" i heard him calling me but I wasn't paying attention to him my hand reached out and touched it. put I pulled away quickly and made my way upstairs. Why did I get my self into this, its punishment for me not him.
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