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Bout That Business

Finn walked out the meeting room with Jeremy Denton, the CFO of Manhattan Accounting&Co. with not only a since of accomplishment, but a new mission in life. No, not a reformation, but a literal mission.

He said farewell to the business man, turning to his only personal assistant Avery,“Head downstairs to the car, I’ll be down in a bit.”

The younger man nodded at his request shooting him a knowing smile before turning on his heels,“Good luck, sir!” He knew what he was gonna do and he wished him the best.

Finn sauntered through the cubicles towards the small office he was looking for. He knew exactly where to go, the path carved into his brain. He stood at the entrance of her office, staring at her as she work, not yet noticing his appearance.

He itched to free her long wavy hair from her signature tight bun. Her red turtleneck hugging her in ways he longed to. He wanted to ravish her right there and then.

You must’ve felt eyes on her, stopping her writing to turn and locate the source. “Oh my!“, the young woman jumped at the redheads presence.

Naomi quickly straightened herself, a smile on her face,“Well hello Mr. Newberry”, she greeted politely gesturing to the man to come in.

He closed the door behind him, sauntering over to her and around her desk. He stood over her where she sat in her chair,“Mrs. Carter”, he murmured, pushing up her glasses that rested low on her nose,“or should I say Naomi?”

She cheeks flushed a bright red, and he couldn’t help but be smug. His little fox was so shy.

He stepped back, allowing her space to breath. Couldn’t take her out if she passed out now could he,“I- I take it, the meeting went well?“, she asked, straightened out her desk, trying to ignore his eyes burning into the side of her head.

Finn sat on the edge of her desk, purposefully putting his hand over her paperwork. “Yep”, he answered, popping the p with a smirk,“and you know what that means Ms. Carter?”

She nodded her head at him, black lashes fluttering over big brown eyes.

For the past month Finn had made it his job to try and woo Ms. Carter with no success. The second he had met the shy, buttoned up junior head accountant on his first day here, he knew she was his.

However, Naomi’s feelings were more or less the opposite. She did see him as attractive and charming, but she also saw him as a business partner to her boss. She refused to mixed business with pleasure, so she told him off politely.

Finn respected her choice and agreed to wait until the business with her boss was done to ask her out on a proper date. After a long 21 days, that time had finally come.

He got up from her desk, straightening his blazer,“I’ll call you in the car, but I’ll be seeing you tonight”, with a final wink, he left her.

* * * * * *

Finn set the table, placing the plates and silverware next to one another. It was a quarter til 9 and Naomi would be here soon.

They had decided to have their date back at his place. He wanted to take her somewhere nice to wine and dine her properly, but she had no interest in any of those things.

“Why would we go to some overly-expensive restaurant? I already know you have money, no point trying to impress me with it.”

Finn damn near jumped out his skin hearing a knock on the front door. He took one final look at the table for any imperfections,“Okay Finn, you got this”, he coached, trying to hype himself up as he went to the door.

He put on his signature smirk before opening the door,“For a second I thought-“, his grin fell flat as his eyes landed and scanned Naomi over.

His mouth opened and closed like a feet,“H- h- hi”, he stuttered, tugging at his collar.

Finn was so embarrassed; he forgot what words were for a moment, his brain going blank at the sight of her. She was just....woah.

Naomi offered him a bright smile in turn,“Hey”, she responded, pushing her hair behind her ear. It was silent for a moment as he took in the sight of her, forgetting how to speak for a minute.

“Are you gonna let me in?”

Finn shook himself from his daze, ears growing red as she smirked at him, hiding it behind her hand. He cleared his throat,“Uh yeah”, he stepped aside, tripping over his feet slightly to allow her inside, before correcting himself,“Come in, Miss. Carter.”

Naomi giggled behind her hand before moving past him and into his home. Meanwhile, the ginger took in the image behind her as well and it was just as perfect.

She had tattoos everywhere and he meant everywhere. Her dress made sure to showcase all of the artwork from the deep v cut to the high slit and the open back. God that dress. It fit her like second skin, shaping her body in the best ways. If she was wearing panties under there, it would be a mystery to him.

Naomi took in his apartment, the dim lights and soft music. He was clearly pulling out all the stops for her. She hoped he was ready for what he’d gotten himself in for.

She moved over to the set table, looking over at all the food and candles on the dining table.

She picked up a rose by a plate that seemed to be hers, inhaling it’s sweet smell. “You really did all this?“, she looked back at him, where he still stood at the door.

Her words seemed to successfully pulling him from his hormonal stupor,“U- uh”, he gulped around a lump in his throat,“Uh yeah”, he finally said, shutting and locking the door.

He moved over to the table,“I hope you like it, Mom always says that cooking is a part of making a good first impression”, he said, pulling out her chair.

Naomi giggled at the kind gesture,“Such a gentleman”, she sat down, looking up at him,“I’m gonna have to thank your mother if I ever see her.”

Finn thought she looked absolutely radiant in the candle light; the way her eyes shined, her face glowing etherally, the flames made it seem like her tattoos were coming to life on her skin. There was so much for him to take in.

He smiled as he opened a bottle of wine,“Gonna give me a perfect score?“, he joked, filling her wine glass.

Naomi gladly took it, looking at the gold liquid inside,“Well I’ll have to take off a few points for the whole wide eyed stare at the door incident, ofcourse”, she hummed, nodding back to the door,“You looked shocked”, she questioned, raising a perfect brow.

Finn took a big swig of his wine for strength to tell her,“I uh must say Naomi, the tattoos are a surprise”, he admitted, filling his glass again,“shocked I’ve never seen them before.” He knew those turtle necks and slacks were hiding the body of a goddess, but the art was a pleasant surprise. Made her look even sexier and a little dangerous.

“We have a strict dress code policy Mr. Newberry”, Naomi reminded, batting her lashes innocently as she brought her glass to her lips,“Any and all body art or piercings are prohibited and must be covered at all times”, she informed before taking a long slow sip of wine.

“So do you have any secret piercings I don’t know about?“, he teased playfully sipping from his own glass.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

Finn coughed erratically, choking on his wine. He didn’t expect for her to say that. Naomi looked at at him with a straight face, no trace of joking present. This women was the exact opposite of the shyish conservative fox he’d seen around the building. This Naomi was sexy and bold and she obviously knew it.

They continued on with dinner, the silence evaded by idle chat and soft music in the background.

It wasn’t until halfway through dinner that Finn found himself struggling with how to handle himself. Everytime he would try and speak, Naomi would rub her foot against his leg and without a fail, it would make his brain reboot, the sentence dying on his tongue.

Naomi wasn’t shy at all; she knew exactly what she wanted since he showed up at her office. There was an attraction between them and she was prepared to act upon it. So when Finn excused himself to “use the bathroom”, she moved into action.

Naomi cleaned their dishes and moved over the living room, humming along to the music. She peeled out of her dress, shivering as a wave of cool air rolled over her bare body. She ran her hands over her body, squeezing her breast in hopes of relieving some of the tension that had been building. Sauntering over to the couch, she grabbed a pillow before sitting down, placing it over her bare body. A sight for sore eyes that was sure to kill the ginger business man.

Speaking of the business man, she was hearing his footsteps nearing from down the hall. She watched as he walked into the room, looking at the table with confusion written across his face as he wondered where she went.

She decided to further tease the man,“Over here”, she called, drawing her lip between her teeth. She was not disappointed by his reaction; the way his eyes bulged out of his head like he’d seen a ghost.


Naomi couldn’t hold back her laughter,“Never seen you so quiet before”, she teased, giggling behind her hand. Naomi found it humorous how the tables had turned in the course of a night.

Finn just stood there gobsmacked. He knew he was in over his head when they were eating dinner, but this; he was officially deep below sea level.

He gulped nervously, but he couldn’t deny the hardening of his dick against his zipper. He knew she had a body on her but damn. She was just full of surprises tonight and he felt like a little kid on his birthday.

Naomi decided to intensify the situation tenfold for him, taking the corner of the pillow and tossing it carelessly on the floor,“Oops”. She fluttered her lashes innocently, catching the low curse that left Finn’s lips.

She arched her back in a tantalizing manner, looking at him through her long lashes. She knew exactly what she did to him and enjoyed every second of it; she had him choking on his spit like his was 13.

Her eyes darted from his face to his bulge and his knees almost buckle when her tongue peaked out from between her lips to traced them. “Finn”, she murmured hotly, pushing her hair back in a way that had to right to be so dirty,“will you come sit with me? It’s so lonely on this big couch all by myself.“, she was sure to emphasize the word as she shot one final look at his groin.

Unable to use his brain, Finn’s body decided to take control and guide him over to sit on the couch beside her. He froze when she turned sideways to put her legs over his lap.

Although she was the one naked, he was uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but look at her breasts, the metal black hearts encasing her brown nipples. Naomi didn’t seem to mind however, propping a pillow behind her to let him get a better look at all she had to offer. His hands inched to reach out and touch but he kept them pressed flat to his lap.

‘God Finn, get it together!’, he told himself, but still sat stoic in his spot.

He halted his exploring when she spoke,“Can I show you something?“, she asked him, the corner of her lips turning up in a smirk as she held out her hand.

Although weary of what that look would entailed, he lifted his hand, sure to wipe his sweat palms before placing his hand in hers.

He could only watch as Naomi took his hand and brought it between her legs to her pussy. His fingertips were immediately coated with slick upon touching her folds. Finn could only stared at her, completely speechless.

“Been wet since I first laid eyes on you”, she whispered hotly into his ear, pressing her chest flush against him,“all for you.”

In a flash, she swung her leg over his lap to straddle him and Finn could only hold her hips to keep steady. If it was hard for him to focus before, it was even more difficult with her breasts in his face.

She whipped her hair aside in the sexiest way possible, leaning down to his face,“Do you want me Finn?“, Naomi asked in a soft wanting voice.

Finn gulped,“Y- yea....most definitely”, he answered, his mouth finally deciding to work. Naomi smiled, brushing her lips against his.


* * * * * *

Finn groaned aloud as he gripped her hip, bring her down on his in deep hard strokes. His other hand dove farther between her ass cheeks, stretching out her ass with his fingers.

“Oh shit fuck, Finn!“, Naomi panted against his mouth grinding down to meet his thrusts. Her body curled around his tighter as he stuffed all her holes, the pleasure sending her body into autopilot.

“God I’m gonna cum!”

Naomi’s head went back, her nails boring into the meat of his shoulders. He hissed at the stinging pain, but didn’t stop, pistoning into her at super sonic speed.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she came. She bit down on her lip to muffle her scream as she fucked her through her orgasm. She collapsed into his chest as he continued to fuck her through the sensitivity. She nibbled and sucked on the skin of his neck, whispering every vulgar praise and comment that popped into her head.

Finn’s pace began to stagger and he had to adjust his hold on her ass,“I’m almost there Naomi”, he announced, slowing down his thrust substantially. He needed to know where she wanted him to finish.

Without needing to ask, she came off of him so quick his head was spinning at the lack of heat around his cock. He watched wordlessly as she shimmied down his body, pushing her hair back before looking at him,“Gonna cum in my mouth, Finn.”

With that, she took him all the way down in one breathe before she started bobbing her head. For a split moment Finn thought he had died and gone to heaven. He hit the back of her throat over and over, sucking and slurping his dick. With the combination of Naomi’s mouth sucking him off and fisting his dick, it wasn’t long before Finn was cumming.

He gripped the back of he head, forcing her to take all his cum down her throat. She came of him with a ‘pop’ opening her mouth wide to show him she swallowed every last drop.

God Naomi was a freak.

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