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Lightening then the Thunder

Kali bustled around the Avenger tower’s kitchen. The pitter patter of rain providing her a steady melody to work to. Hearing the oven timer ding she hustled around the island and grabbed the oven mitt. She paused for a moment as she opened the stove, avoiding the kickback and leaned in to inspect the fruits of her labour. She was excited to see that the chocolate chip muffins were rising nicely and they smelled delicious.

Kali grabbed a toothpick off the counter and punctured the nearest muffin on each tray, satisfied when it returned clean both times. They were finished. She put on the other oven mitt and pulled out the trays all together, sitting them on the baking rack. She smelled the sweet aroma, mouth watering slightly.

“Mm mm, othing better than chocolate in the kitchen.”

Kali straightened herself, rolling her eyes,“Friday, cool to 35 degrees Celsius, please”, she asked the AI, turning around to face the visitor, leaning against the counter,“Good afternoon Tony”, she greeted.

The genius’ grin turned into a frown,“Afternoon?”

“Yep, 5 pm to be exact”, she pointed at the stove clock that read 17:25pm. Tony shook his head,“Impossible!“, he exclaimed, refusing to believe that much time had pasted from the day. It was just 11pm,“FRI?“, he called for backup.

“Sir it is currently 17:26 in the evening. You have been sleeping for over 18 hours”, the AI informed, her voice laced with sattire.

The brunette was stunned by the news,“Oh”, she scratched his head before shrugging,“Well atleast I spent it sleeping”, Tony defended matter-of-factly, raising his nose in the air. They would always get on his case for staying locked up in the lab, working for weeks on end. Bruce had to set up a specific lockdown on the lab so he wouldn’t be there when he should be sleeping.

Kali smiled, he did have a point. “You’re absolutely right, Tony, good for you”, she praised, smiling at the small man. Well not really small, considering they were both the same height.

They had bonded after the rogues abandoned them and left them to fiend for themselves. Kali didn’t see why they hurt Tony the way they did, but it was in the past. Thor had offered to ask Heimdall to find them, but Tony had denied, wanting to move on with his new family. If she ever saw Steve again, she would probably stab him just because.

In the midst of her daze, Kali didn’t notice the hand until it was too late. The once full pan, now missing one.

“Tony!“, she scolded, swatting at him as he stuffed the entire muffin in his mouth. For a second she didn’t believe what she had seen,“God I can’t stand you sometimes!” Some days she literally thought Tony was a child and not a middle aged billionaire/ superhero.

Tony didn’t seem bothered by her resort, swallowing the last of the stolen goods before kissing her forehead. “Awe, you know you love me, pudding”, he rebuked, wrapping his arms around her middle, squeezing her sides,“Pointbreak still not back?”

Kali’s demeanor changed at the topic of conversation. She shook her head, sighing as she pulled the rest of the muffins out of the tray,“No, still gone, and I have literally no clue when he’ll be back.”

Thor and the other were away in some other dimension or something handling business with Loki and Bruce and they still hadn’t returned. Apart of her hated the fact that he would be gone for long stretches of time, usually putting himself in danger just for the hell of it. However, she knew she had to deal with it if she wanted to be with him; what did she expect dating Thor, the immortal Norse God of Thunder, defender of Earth and Mightiest Avenger?

Kali was pulled from her thoughts by a sudden loud crash of lightening, causing the lights to flicker. Tony squealed, jumping on the counter in fear, but something about the strike in itself made Kali’s core tingle.

Before either could react, the door to the terrace flew open, the smell of ash wafting in the air. In walked the God of Lightening, Mjölnir hanging at his side. He was dripping wet, but exuded power with every step he took. Kali had to squeeze her thigh to relieve even a small bit of the ache that was quickly building.

He smiled at his teammate, a gentle smile adorning his face,“Stark, I have returned!“, he announced, remembering to hang his cape on the coat rack, courtesy of the billionaire.

Tony glared at the warrior, getting back on the ground with what little pride he still possessed,“I had no idea.” He waved his hand in Kali’s face, rolling his eyes when she didn’t react.

The inventor tsked, snagging the plate of muffins before moving towards the God,“Well, glad your back, Grease Lightening”, Tony muttered walking past him and out of the kitchen.

It wasn’t until after Tony had made his exit that Thor turned to finally address the other person present.

“Kali”, he breathed deeply, smiling wide as he spread his arms.

Not needing another invatation, she took off across the kitchen and jumped into his arms, thick thighs wrapping tightly around him,“Hey daddy”, she purred, smiling ear to ear. She had missed him so much.

Thor returned her affection, pressing a long and deep kiss to her lips,“Hello dearest”, he murmured softly once they parted,“I have missed you terribly.”

Kali only hummed, cuddling into the large man’s neck. “Kali?“, he repeated once again. She still didn’t respond, but he could feel her nibbling on his neck.

A soft gasp left her lips as she found herself now seated on the countertop, Thor’s hulking frame between her legs. She forgot how much she missed intimate moments like this and she couldn’t stop herself from thinking of the other times he had been between her legs.

“I do believe this belongs to me”, Thor pointed out as he thumbed at the fabric between his fingers. It was Thor’s favorite Midgardian shirt; a basic white t-shirt that was, and I quote “softer than all the material in Asgard” and he wore it religiously outside of missions when the occassion called for him to wear clothing.

Kali looked down at her lap, trying to ignore the large hands disappearing under the shirt. She fingered the embroidering of his armour before two fingers raised her chin, forcing her to lock eyes with him. Thor didn’t speak, only raising at blonde eyebrow at her.

“It smells like you daddy”, she murmured, lashes fluttering under his intense gaze as she pulled her lip between her teeth. She hummed as he finally brought their lips together in a slow heated kiss.

Thor deepened the kiss, gripping her ass in his large hands and bringing her body closer to his own. She gasped feeling his large bulge against her bare pussy.

His short beard burned against her cheeks but she didn’t care, wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing him with her thighs. He quickly took the hint, easily collecting her off the counter and into his large arms. Kali’s arms tightened around his neck as they began to move out of the kitchen and towards the elevator.

“Go handle your business, Thunderman!”

Neither paid attention to the inventor, too focused on each others lips before the doors slid closed.

* * * * * *

Thor gently laid her body out on their large bed, her thick wavy hair splattering over the gold sheets.

Kali could only stare up at the God, her brown eyes clouded with lust, her bottom lip between her teeth. She shuddered feeling his calloused fingers raking up her thighs and to bunch up the end of her t-shirt.

Kali raised her arms for him to pull the shirt from her body, falling back onto the mattress as he came down on top of her. She itched to feel his bare body pressed against her own, his massive form overshadowing her own.

She sat up, nimble fingers moving to find any kind of clasp or opening, but was stopped by his hands around her wrists. She whined, raising an eyebrow; she wanted him naked and she wanted it now.

Thor tsked at her, shaking his head as he moved her hands back to her own person. He pecked her lips gently, drawing away as she whimpered for more,“In due time, my dear”, he murmured before pulling away from her entirely.

Being the master of foreplay that he was, Thor took his sweet time removing his armour.

First his boots; the laces coming undone at a torturously slow pace. Then his vest which hit the floor with a soft thud along side his other battered battle gear. Then his belt and finally he pants and underwear, all in one wallop.

Kali was in complete and utter hell not able to touch him, to graze her fingernails against his scarred and chiseled form. Her eyes racked over his body and to his beautiful face only to meet his gaze.

Thor smirked, his tongue moving over his lips in a hungry manner. He stared at her bare body, illuminated by the roaring fire. She couldn’t help but bring her legs together under his electric gaze.

The growled she recieved sounded like rolling thunder.

Kali had learned a long time ago that Thor wasn’t one to back down if he wanted something, so when he grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the end of the bed she knew it was over. He grabbed her thighs, spreading her legs as far apart as he possibly could before burying his mouth between them.

She could only cry out as he ate her like a strawberry poptart, her fingers knotting in his short hair. He licked, bite and suck like he hadn’t eaten in years. People might’ve said Loki had a sharp tongue, but Thor was truly the snake of the family.

“Fuck daddy!“, she cried out, gripping the fine threaded sheets in a tight fist; feeling as if her body was rising to a higher plane,“Oh my Gods!”

Her body trembled as she came, her juices gushing into Thor’s awaiting mouth. He eagerly sucking down her cum, his tongue curling to coop every last drop from her. She was a mess of soft gasps and whines at the oversensitivity, shaking her head weakly as he used his strength to keep her legs spread wide for his feasting.

Once finished, Thor came up, licking her ecsense from his lips, eyes still trained on hers.

“The nectar of the Gods indeed.”

Kali shuddered at his gravelly words; Gods he really knew what to say and how to say it. She closed her eyes, needing a moment to properly recover.

However, that moment was cut short when rough hands gripped her thighs and she was flipped onto her stomach with an ‘ooph’.

She scrambled to sit up on her hands, looking back at Thor curiously. He crawled onto the bed behind her on his knees, planting his hand onto her hip lovingly.

They only shared a look and Kali got into position, no words needed to know what was to come. Thor pressed his body against her back, his beard scratching against her shoulder as her peppered kisses there.

“I adore you”, he praised against the flesh of her neck.

Kali giggled,“I know daddy”, she whimpered, titling her neck to give him more room to work. A cry left her lips when he bit down on her neck and sucked on the bruised skin.

She could feel the large blunt tip of his cock against her folds and her eyes fell closed at the onslaught of feelings. ‘Please put it in. Please put it in. Please put it in. Please -’

She let out a breathless gasp as he pushed himself inside, raising her rear to give him a better angle to bury himself deeper inside. Thor pulled her onto her knees, lacing their hands together.

Thor pressed a kiss to her temple and then to her cheek,“Lovely for me darling, so tight”, he moaned and Kali could feel him throb inside of her. He was so big damanding accommodations from her sweet cunt. He was already a large man, but being with Kali like this truly made him feel like a God.

Kali could not string together words to describe what she was feeling. She was so full, so stretched out, yet only being held together by his cock.

It felt like a storm whenever they made love. It was as if there was static in the air around them, the hairs on the back of her neck standing up and air became scarce in her lungs.

They just sat there unmoving, absorbing the moment; their bodies pressed together to make them of one body.

Slowly Thor began to move, drawing out halfway before rocking back inside. Soon he built up a brutal pace burying himself inside her in deep sensual strokes

Kali gasped as he grazed her g-spot,“S- so fuckin’ big, o- h my G- God.“, she panted, gripping the sheets in her fists as she clenched around him. Fuck Thor was too good.

Thor groaned deep in his chest, tossing his head back, his grip on her hip tightened,“You’re are truly a vision in the throws of passion. A sight unworthy of Heimdall”, he grunted, matching her grinding motions with his own.

She bit her lip deeply, looking at him over her shoulder with glazed over eyes. ′By Odins beard, she was beautiful’

He continued fucking into her, purposefully avoiding hitting her prostate again. Blame it on the God in him, but he liked when Kali was a begging, whimpering mess on his cock. Pleading for the pleasures only he could provide.

Unable to take it anymore, she took his larger hand in hers and brought it down her chest, between her thighs,“Daddy?“, she begged, unable to verbalize what she so terribly needed.

Thankfully, Thor always knew what she needed and would gladly give it to her. His fingers spread her pussy lips and his middle finger rubbed her swollen clit in torturously slow circles as he continued to fuck into her.

* * * * * *

Thor propped himself up on his right side, tracing his fingers softly up and down the subtle curve of her spine.

Kali hummed at the gesture, almost falling asleep at the gentle touch. She yawned, rolling over to face him, her eyelids barely staying open as she snuggled into his chest,“Still can’t believe you left your brother and Bruce to get some pussy.”

Thor let out a deep chuckle, his fingers faltering,“It seems to be that I have a strong weakness to be with my beloved, forgive me.”

Kali rolled over to look at the large blonde man in her bed,“Smooth ass God”, she muttered against his lips.

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