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Disciplinary Action

Gypsy bounced into Matteo’s office, her barely there skirt swaying as she stood in front of his desk. “Daddy can we go out boating this weekend?“, she asked inattentively, texting away on her rose gold iphone 11.

Matteo turned to the next page in his notebook, before continuing to type,“No”, he said simply.

“No?“, Gypsy stopped texting, finally looking up at him, her brown eyes wide as she stared at her sugardaddy,“Why can’t we?“, she whined, stomping a high heeled foot. Gypsy wanted to go boating on the coastside and show off all her new bikinis and random things she’d bought on her latest shopping spree.

Matteo rolled his eyes as he continued working. He was not a fan of her adopted spoiled brat mentality in the slightest. “Because you failed your midterm exam”, he explained as calmly as if he was talking to a client,“We had a deal, Gypsy. I’m not paying tuition for you to just party and not go to class.”

It wasn’t like her college stuff was expensive; $420,000 dollars a year, but it was the principle of the matter. When they had met she was a bright and hopeful, hardworking girl who wanted to attend a private college and get a good career without having to worry about the high cost. However, over the years she had giving up on her dreams in a way. Gypsy wasn’t even going to class anymore and he was pissed: now she flunking out of most of her classes.

Gypsy poked out her lips, huffing in anger,“That’s not fair!“, she continued to cry, stomping her foot again. If she kept this up, she’d also ruin a $2,000 pair of heels.

Matteo closed his laptop, his hands clasped as he stared her down. “And praytell, how is that unfair?“, he asked sitting back in his office chair, his arms crossed, waiting for a valid argument. When he did not recieve one, he continued,“I have not seen you crack open not (one) of your textbooks since the school year started and the laptop you whined about having is literally collecting dust.“, he pointed over at the custom Apple MacBook Pro16 laptop sitting on the table. He had it custom designed for her, white marble and rosegold exterior with diamonds encrusted to form the apple logo.

“I’m gonna need the keys to your Aston Martin, Gypsy”, he informed, crossing his arms over his chest.

She gasped, but he held up his hand to cut off her next rant,“Don’t give me that shit, Gypsy, you’ll get it back once you make up all the credits your supposed to have.” Matteo opened the top drawer of his desk,“Hand over the keys, I’m only asking once”

Gypsy glared at the side of his head, but pulled out the keys. She threw them onto the desk and stormed out.

"And your phone”

An object went sailing across the room from outside the door, hitting the wall with a brisk force. Matteo didn’t need to go over and inspect to know it was shattered. He pinched the bridge of his nose, taking deep breaths to calm himself. He waited a total of 3 seconds before throwing himself out of his chair and storming out after her. It was about time he did something about Gypsy.

When he had caught up to her, she was heading downstairs, anger in her strides. “Where the hell are you going?“, he demanded following her as she enter one of the large rooms to get away from him.

Gypsy scoffed at his stupid question,“To do my work like you said, remember Einstein? Can’t get any of my shit back if I don’t do my fucking school work!“, she smarted back over her shoulder as she continued stomping across the foyer until she was grabbed and spun around to face the angry man.

“Bend the fuck over”, he ordered with a locked jaw, eyes hard. He didn’t not look amuseds or happy in the slightest. Gypsy on the other hand, didn’t seem to care for this, rolling her eyes, as she yanked her arm out of his hold,“Whatever”

This time, it only took 2 seconds for Matteo to move into action. Gypsy’s chest met the kitchen table with a thud as he held the back of her neck to keep her down. She whined trying to get away from him to no avail. “Now, before you do what I asked you to do (politely)“, he reminded through gritted teeth,“I’m gonna fix that prissy little attitude you call yourself having.”

With her upper body flat against the table, Matteo’s other hand moved down to her rear end, flipping up her skirt. Gypsy grunted at the sudden exposure, her lacy red thong now on display. He hooked two fingers on the hem, dragging the material down her long smooth legs and around her ankles.

Matteo gripped the flesh of her ass in a painful grip,“I want you to count every single one, you hear me?”

Before she could even respond he had brought his hand down on her right ass cheek. Gypsy cried out, the seering pain spreading across her skin. She tried again to get up, his hand locking her in place.

“Count!“, he demanded, striking her once again on the opposite cheek.

“O- one”, she gritted out, tears prickling behind her eyes. Matteo continued landed slap after slap across her ass, reveling in her broken cries.

Once he decided she had enough, he released her neck and grabbed her hips, forcing her body on top of the table. Matteo tapped her thighs, motioning for her to part her legs which she did without complaint.

Gypsy pressed her wet cheek to the oak, sniffling at the sting of the cool air against her skin, his hands planted firmly on her thighs as if to keep her there. She squeezed her eyes shut, preparing herself for whatever punishment he had for her next.

She suddenly choked on a sob as she felt something slick delve inbetween her pussy lips. Matteo didn’t stop there, slurping and sucking on her full force until her button was swollen on his tongue.

This only motivated him to continue, moving his tongue in and out of her until her body went stoic. Gypsy let out a choked sob as she came on his face, her body trembling as he worked her through her orgasm, licking up every drop of her juices.

Once he was finished, he landed on finally kiss to her count before standinging to his feet. Gypsy followed suit, ignoring the ache in her lower half as she pulled Matteo in for a kiss, her hands fumbling to undo the Italian leather of his belt only for him to step out of her reach.

“Daddy”, she whined, reaching out for him once again.

“Ah ah ah”, he tsked,“You finish one of your term papers by tonight and maybe I’ll give you what you want”, he pecked her lips one last time before moving back to his office to get her laptop. She was gonna need it.

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