Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Stuck On A Feeling

Saige huffed out muttered curses as she stepped inside the elevator. She mentally rejoiced in the empty space; glad to not deal with any neighbors this late at night. She was not in a good mood and she didn’t wanna have to deal with apologies because she lashed out on someone.

She jumped when a hand suddenly slid in between the closing doors,“Made it!“, the disembodied voice said and Saige groaned as the doors opened to reveal the absolute last person she wanted to deal with right now.

“Oh, it’s you”, the curly haired brunette seemed to also be surprised to find her there, as if they both didn’t leave in the same complex. For a moment, she considered walking up the 6 flights to her floor.

She looked indifferently at him,“Illya”, she said icely, moving as far away from him as she could in the small space.

He quickly pressed the button to the 7th floor before moving to the far opposite side of her as the doors finally closed. It was dead silent as the old elevator slowly made its way up, both looking straight ahead. The obvious tension thick between them.

Saige hated very few people at a given time, but no one more than Illya and the feeling was mutual. Alot of their neighbors would say it was just a bad first impression for both parties, but here they were almost 2 years later and still hated eachother.

Illya couldn’t help but scan Saige’s body over from his spot. She obviously wasn’t wearing a bra, her large breasts sitting high and perky on her chest; her nipple piercings visible through the thin paperlike material of her dress. His eyes moved down her slim waist, expanding at her hips; her fat ass practically begging to be slapped. He remembered how much she liked getting spanked.

They had hooked up a couple months ago. It was an accident, they had gotten drunk at a get together and started up yelling at eachother. One thing led to another and they ended up making out and soon after they went back to Illya’s apartment and had crazy, out of this world sex. The next morning they were back to hating eachother and went on with their lives, except now avoiding eachother more than ever.

Just the thought of that night sent a tidal wave of images flooding his mind: her under him scratching up his back, on her hands and knees as she cried out his name. He was getting hard just thinking about her.

“You can stop looking at me now, my guy”, Saige snapped, not keen on being gawked at like a piece of meat. ‘Fucking animal’, she thought.

Illya held up his hands in mock surrender,“Apologies”, he said, not embarrassed or apologetic in the slightest for being caught in the act. What could he say; his neighbor was a total smoke show.

He shoved his hands into his pockets, the silence taking over for a moment,“Did somebody get lucky tonight?“, he asked, wriggling his brows suggestively. She was obviously dressed up and given the time who knew what it looked like.

Saige tensed for a moment, shocked by his recklessly. “I do (not) wanna have that conversation with you”, she insisted, shaking her head to herself.

He glanced at the overhead sign; they were only on the 3rd floor,“Why? Just two neighbor’s talking about their night”, he said, swaying idly on his heels. “I just left a friend’s birthday party”, he announced in the silence,“ a strip club”, he snuck in as an act of annoyance.

“Illya, please stop talking to me”, she begged, wanting nothing more than for him to swallow his tongue.

“Oh come on Saige-“, before Illya could finish his statement, the elevator came to a sudden halt and soon after the lights flickered before going off completely.

“What the fuck?“, Saige questioned aloud,“What the hell did you do?“, she spat at the spot where Illya once stood.

“Me? Now how the hell could I have done this?“, she couldn’t exactly see since they were in the dark, but she just knew the brunette was waving his hands like a moron. “Probably another power outage or something.”

Thinking on her feet, Saige pulled out her phone, turning on her flashlight and it seemed Illya had the same idea; his phone light shined on the ceiling while he sat on the floor.

Deciding not to waste time commenting on his new position, she went over to the elevator call box, struggling to pry it open with her hands.

“The lobby is closed, ya know?“, Illya pointed out from his spot in the corner,“Manager won’t be able to help.”

Saige rolled her eyes at his compliance,“Wouldn’t hurt to try, now would it?“, she spat rudely, finally opening the call box. She picked up the phone only to see the chord’s end now hanging at her feet. “Are you fucking serious!“, she cursed tossing the phone back into the box, slamming it closed.

Her back slumped against the wall as she slid onto the floor beside him,“Looks like we’re sitting ducks till morning”, Illya huffed placing his phone on the floor to fill the box car with light.

Saige cursed, holding her phone in the air,“No signal either”, God was she gonna die here...with (Illya) of all people.

She was pulled from her deprivation by the sound of clicking. One time, then two times and on the third, she saw a spark of light out the corner of her eye. When she looked over at Illya, she was shocked to see a blunt hanging from his mouth as he lit the the other end with his lighter.

She could only shoot him an incredulous as he pursed his lips around the blunt. The smell of weed quickly filled the small space; that shit was (strong).

“You wanna hit?“, he wheezed, holding his breath before blowing the smoke through his lips,“not like we’re doing anything else.” Illya held out the blunt, waving it slightly in a tantalizing manner.

Saige looked at the paraphernalia in his hands; she wasn’t disgust, but indecisive. ‘Getting a little high wouldn’t hurt, I guess?’, she thought to herself, ‘Besides, not like I have to get along with him or anything, might as well use his weed.’

* * * * * *

“I didn’t get any tonight”, Saige admitted, blowing the smoke from between her lips,“Didn’t get anything actually.” she explained, shaking her head side to side.

“This guy- I don’t even remember his name- stood me up; h- he left me sitting at the restaurant for almost three hours“, she exhaled, the anger not bubbling inside her like it was when she was left sitting in the booth by herself. The weed must’ve been really getting to her to make her open up about something personal to her least favorite person. Either way, she didn’t really mind it.

Illya snorted,“Well dumbass missed out”, he stated, shaking his head in disbelief. He seriously wondered what was wrong with that guy; did he not know what he was missing out on?

Saige couldn’t help but laugh,“Ya think?”

He nodded,“Nice rack, fat ass and you’re fine as hell”, he took his roach from her,“plus you’re cool as fuck”, he admitted,“well when your not hatin’ me that is”, he conceded, bringing it to his lips.

“Thanks”, Saige responded with a small smile,“right back at ya.”

She couldn’t believe they were actually getting along and even flirting. Hell must’ve frozen over.

Illya slouched against the wall, lifting his head,“Ya know I think about that night alot”, he didn’t need to specify it for her to know what he was talking about. His words hung in the air for a long moment.

Saige mentally gave herself a clap on the back for managing to keep her expression neutral,“Oh yeah?“, she arched a brow at him.

He raised his arms overhead, a sliver of his abs and v-line visible as he stretched,“Totally”, he groaned as his back popped,“hard to forget about probably the best sex of your life.”

Saige gulped; she could feel her body warming up, the air in the small room thickening,“O- oh yeah?“, she spit out hesitantly, shifting in her spot,“so what you gonna do about it?”

Illya kept his eyes locked on hers as his tongue peeked out to wet his lips and Saige could remember how soft they were. He paused as he brought the wrap to his mouth,“Want you to come sit on my face.”

Saige shivered at the thought of riding that face,“R- really?“, she asked as calmly as she could, her arms crossed to give off an air of nonchalance.

He took his time inhaling this time,“Yep”, he replied simply, exhaling more smoke; it was as if he had asked a simple question.

She schooled her expression,“Sounds interesting...I mean- it’s whatever...ya know?”

Illya raised a brow at her,“Seriously?“, he questioned, needing affirmation.

Saige considered it for a milisecond before making a decision,“Don’t see why not”, she shrugged, causing the strap of her dress to fall down her arm,“not like we have anything stopping us.”

The way Illya licked his lips shouldn’t have done things to her the way it did,“Then bring that ass over here then”, he smirked as he slid down onto his back, his body stretching across the length of the space. “Plant it right here, babe”, he taunted, rubbing his lips and chin.

Now how could Saige possibly say no to that?

With a mental ‘what the hell’ she crawled over to him and straddled his chest in reverse, her dress bunching up as her legs spread bracketing his head.

Illya planted his hands under the fabric on her hips, pushing her dress up even more. He whistled at the sight,“Damn, no panties?“, he questioned, her soft mocha folds in display, he could practically taste it already,“You were really gonna put out for buddy?”

Saige only shrugged, thankful that he couldn’t see the blush on her face,“I...might have hoped I would.”

“I can see that.”

A embarrassingly high pitch squeal left her lips when his hands gripped her waist, bringing her down onto his mouth. He gripped the meat of her thighs in his hands, carving his tongue past her hole and her cunt.

Saige’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and she had to clap her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. Even if she had, he didn’t stop and she didn’t want him to ever stop either.

He flattened his tongue, wetting her pussy with his spit before diving between her lips. He made it his job to eat her out, slurping and sucking her juices.

The only things that left Saige’s lips were choked off curses and pants. Good he was just as good as she remembered; for a minute she thought it was all in her head.

Illya swirled his tongue around her clit before he drew back from her pussy, face shiny with her juices,“Why don’t you put that mouth to good use eh baby?“, with that he went back to satisfying his sexual munchies.

Saige barely held back a cry as he growled suddenly, sending vibrations through her core like the world’s wettest sex toy.

She fumbled to undo his belt and zipper, reaching into his boxers to release his cock. It was still as perfect as it was that night, dark and veiny with an engorged tip glistening with precome. Not wanting to waste anymore time, she opened her mouth and lowered her head to take him down.

Her mouth ached around him, but she didn’t let it deter her, relaxing her throat taking even more of him inside.

She came back off his now wet cock, stroking him a few time before leaning forward and stuck out her tongue to lick the head of Illya’s cock. She hummed at the bitter cum on her tongue.

She took the head back into her mouth before bobbing her head up and down. Her tongue swirls around the head and he subconsciously move his hips upward, wanting more.

She continued to move her mouth down the length of Illya’s cock slowly, taking every inch she could until the tip hit the back of her throat and made her gag.

Apart of him wished he could watch her deepthroating him, but he wouldn’t trade this position for anything. He never loved eating pussy more than when it was Saige using his face like a chair.

He was about to reap the fruits of his labour when Saige started gagging and only then did she come off before cumming. Her head was thrown back as the tidal wave of pleasure slammed into body; all the while Illya kept wiggling his strong tongue inside her.

When she finally recovered from her aftershocks she went back to work, now determined to return the favor. She was practically taking all of him in her mouth, fisting the rest of it to make up for the lack of attention. By now she was a wreck, mouth drenched, swollen lips, the thin straps of her dress rested near her elbows, her breasts spilling completely out of her dress.

Illya tossed his head back, hitting it on the hard floor,“Fuck Saige, I’m almost there! Don’t stop!”

Saige gave him exactly what he wanted, literally slobbing on his knob and all that good shit. Just as he got close enough, she pulled off, placing his dick between her breasts and giving him to titjob of his life.

Soon cum errupted from his cock like a volcano, the first spurt painting her chin and catching the rest on her breasts. Once he was finished, she sucked his dick into her mouth, swirling her tongue around him to clean him up.

When Saige was done, she came off his soft member with a wet ‘pop’. She sat up, looking over her shoulder at Illya and smiling.

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