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The Sneak-Over

Khaneshia POV

I looked at myself in my mirror,“Damn I look good”, I turned around to examine my ass as well.

“Yep, and still thicker than a snicker.”

I snickered out loud, shaking my ass and watching my thighs and ass jiggle like an earthquake.

Through the mirror, I saw a hand against my creeked window,“What the-“, another white hand joined and a soon a head appeared.

“Sammy?“, I went over to my window, opening it for my boyfriend. “Come in, come in”, I rushed, look back at my door in panic. I knew I locked it after coming up from dinner, but my parents were known to bust a door open. “What the hell are you doing here?“, I asked him as I helped him get inside.

“I wanted to see my girl”, he shrugged, straightening out his clothes.

“Nigga do you wanna die!“, I whisper shouted before jogging over to the door and locking it in case my parents came by. Sammuel had snuck into my room plenty of times before and everytime I thought he was on something. ‘White people must have a death wish? Romeo died when he did the shit, what makes you think your any different?’

Sammuel quickly got comfortable in my bedroom, throwing himself onto her bed and propping himself up on his hand,“Can’t a guy just cuddle with his girlfriend until he goes to sleep?”

I rolled her eyes at him, continuing to prepare for bed as he got undressed. After pulling my hair into a ponytail I finally turned off my lights and moved towards the bed. I suddenly paused, moving towards my dresser for some pants.

After grabbing a random pair of sweatpants, I pulled them on, almost busting my head open in the process. Just as I was about to tie the knot of my pants, my bedside lamp came on, to show Sammuel staring at me with his head cocked to the side,“What the hell you doing?”

I rolled my eyes at him, grabbing a pair of his sweatpants that I stole from him,“I’m putting on some clothes”, I explained smarty, stepping into the sweats,“I don’t want you seeing my food baby.” I ate alot at dinner and I knew you could see it.

Sammuel’s brow raised before softening,“Baby”, he said before getting up and coming over to me, “I like yo fat”, he said, grabbing my waistband and undoing my knot,“It’s all in yo ass anyway and I love all of it”, he kissed me, pushing my pants back down.

“Really baby?“, I couldn’t believe he said that. He is so sweet.

“Hell yeah!“, he exclaimed before I covered his mouth. What the hell was his problem? Did he forget he had snuck into my room in the middle of the night?

After waiting to hear any noise from outside, I removed my hand. Sammuel smiled down at me, leaning down to give me a peck on the lips. I accepted his apology kissing him back. “Now go get yo fine ass in bed so we can go to sleep”, he ordered, landing a smack to my ass.

As I walked away, I could hear him curse under his breath. He loved my ass, coming or going he had to see it in motion.

We both crawled into my bed, turning off my bedside lamp. Sammuel wrapped his arms around me and pulled my back to his chest. He pecked my temple before snuggling in my neck,“Good night babe.”

“Night Sammi.“, with that, we went to bed.

* * * * * *

I squirmed for the millionth time, trying to get comfortable, but at this rate I knew I wouldn’t be getting to sleep tonight.

I peeked an eye open, squinting into the darkness of my room,“Sammy?“, I whispered, holding my breath for a reply. I hoped he wasn’t asleep and I was waking him up. At the same time, if I was awake then it was only fair that he was too.

After a long moment of silence, I felt movement behind me,“Hmm?“, Sammuel mumbled, halfway unconscious.

I bit my lip; he always sounded so sexy when he was sleepy. “Baby, I can’t sleep”, I whispered, hoping he would offer to help me, but I was sorely mistaken.

He tightened his arms around my middle, and I couldn’t help but giggle as he pulled me closer,“Just relax baby, I got you”, he muttered heavily, placing a kiss on my forehead.

As sweet as it was; it wasn’t exactly what I was asking for. “Baby?“, I tried again.

“Hmm?“, he huffed after a moment.

“Can you do the thing?“, I asked him and for a moment it was quiet.


I pouted at his negative reaction,“I can’t sleep, (please)?“, I begged. He could never say no when I pull out the soft and sweet voice, if he could see my big eyes he’d already be a goner.

It was quiet for a moment before Sammuel kissed his teeth,“Fine Khan”, he through back the sheets and sat up in my bed.

I did a little happy dance before I rolled onto my back and hooked my fingers on my shorts. I quickly stripped out of them along with my underwear just as Sammuel moved to get between my legs.

He let out a yawn, covering it with his fist,“You’re lucky I love you”, he muttered under his breath at me. I couldn’t help but giggle as he laid down on his stomach, hooking his arms under my knees to push them up and out of the way.

His breath radiated against my kitty, the heat making me squirm.

And feeling his tongue come out of his mouth and to my kitty, oohh. That was enough to make me come from that alone. And then, in one swoop his tongue licked my folds, starting at the bottom edge all the way to my clit. I would be embarrassed to admit that my body froze for a moment before an incredible feeling, spread through out my body warm.

I moaned as he continued his menstrations.

Sammuel continued to lick me, going up and down my cunt, lapping like an cat would drink milk. I wished I could look at him in this position; his eyes would be looking up at me and I’d look back at him. It would feel so hot, so intimate to watch him eat me out.

Sammy paused over my clit and sucked it, flicking his tongue over the button. Fuck, it felt so good; he had an unholy tongue.

I couldn’t help but arch my back at the pleasure, moving into his beautiful tongue.

It felt so good; I couldn’t help but let a very audible sound slip from my mouth,“Ohh ye- yeah!”

Sammuel suddenly stopped, reaching up to cover my mouth with his hand,“Be quiet Khan, don’t want your parents to hear us“, he warned, shaking his head.

I nodded, flushing in embarrassment. If I didn’t shut my fucking mouth, we’d get caught and more than likely killed by my folks. With that in mind, I removed his hand, but replaced it with my own just incase.

His tongue dove into my pussy over and over again, his teeth grazing just above my clit and I bit my lip for what’s to come. His teeth came down on my nub and I whimpered under my breath. It alsways breached on pain and pleasure, but I didn’t tell him to stop.

My breath was getting quicker and shallower as he picked up speed. He poked his tongue out to apply direct attention to my clit, and I thought I had died for a moment.

I could feel him smirking against my pussy. The cocky little asshole. His licks were short and rapid, stopping sporadically to wiggle into my tunnel.

I started to writhe and Sammy didn’t like it seeing as he planted his hand on my stomach and the other on my thigh to keep me still.

“O- oh ah!“, I couldn’t even get the words out before I started cumming. Thankfully I slapped my hand over my mouth to keep quiet cause with the way Sammuel continued to tongue fuck me through it; I would be speaking in tongues for the neighbors to hear.

Slowly, but surely I remembered how to breath properly, my shaking stopping as well. After licking me clean, Sammuel removed his mouth, his warm breath still blowing over my inner thigh. “Baby?“, I whispered weakly, only to be cut off by his shushing, a finger against my mouth.

“Shh, I know Khan, I got you baby; gonna take care of you.“, I couldn’t help, but suck his finger into my mouth earning a curse from him. After a moment, he pulled his finger out of my mouth, coming up to kiss me.

I parted my lip invitingly, wrapping my arms around him to pull him closer to me as it immediately got deeper. Although, I did feel impossibly relaxed now; we weren’t done yet. When Sammy helped me sleep he made sure I wouldn’t even want to keep my eyes open when he was finished.

We didn’t have to worry about a condom cause I was on the pill; my parents always made sure that if I was ever sexually active, I would be covered.

Sammuel pushed his boxers down his hips and off his legs, tossing them onto the floor. He came up between my legs; the covers sliding down to pool at his bare hips.

“Baby”, I whined, wanting him inside of me yesterday.

God, I wished I could see him. My fingers traced over the bumps and groves of his abs and pecs up to his shoulders. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him closer, the heat of his body against mine made me feel like I was about to melt.

He propped himself up on one hand, using his other to grab his cock to wrapped around his dick.

He slowly pressed forward, his manhood being the journey. My head fell back as he pushed himself inside of me.

* * * * * *

When I woke up in the morning, I wasn’t surprised to see that Sammy was no longer there. I’d be more surprised if he did stay; my mom would’ve blew her lid if she found him and dad would most definitely get his gun.

As if it was magic, suddenly my door opened to reveal my mom,“Oh look who’s finally awake”, she greeted, kissing my forehead.

“Morning momma”, I replied sitting up in my bed, a movement that I immediately regretted. Damn, he really put it down. “What ya need?”

“Just wanted to tell you breakfast was done incase your hungry.” Before I could speak my stomach growled, answering for me. “Well I’ll take that as a yes”, mom laughed, heading back out my door.

I fell back on my pillow,“I’ll be down in a bit”, I said. I’m still a little tired from last night, but I was also hungry. Maybe another 10 minutes would do me some good.

“Okay then Khaneshia”, my mom said, but before she shut the door, she stopped,“Oh and you might wanna hurry, Sammuel is already downstairs eating with your brothers and your father.”

When I say my ass was shook, I mean my jaw was on the floor and my eyelids were on the ceiling! My stupid ass didn’t even realize she just walked up in here after I locked the door last night.

I looked at my momma in disbelief as she tsked at me,“Yeah y’all ain’t slick.”

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