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Size Don't Matter, It's What Ya Do With It



“Haidyn are you there!?“, Kendra asked, snapping her fingers over the table at her friend who’s eyes had been glued to her phone for the past 5 minutes.

Haidyn jumped when Kendra kicked her from under the table, looking up to see both her friends glaring at her,“Sorry, what were you saying”, she asked, trying to look interested in what was being said.

Kendra and Yasmine shared an unamused look, rolling their eyes at their friend,“Who are you texting anyway?“, Yasmine asked, trying to glance over to see what was keeping her friend from paying attention to them.

“Kairo”, the bald woman answered with a blush high on her cheeks,“he said to say hi”, she explained before shooting him a quick reply before putting her phone in her pocket.

The two women shared a look before rolling their eyes. “Girl I dont know how you can do it with him”, Kendra said, shaking her head to herself.

Haidyn sat up straight, sipping from her drink,“We have our days, trust me there are times I wanna rip Kairo’s head off, but I love that idiot.” She couldn’t help but smile at the thought of her Greek lover.

“No I mean literally, how can you do (it) with him?“, Kendra specified,“He’s about this tall”, she held her thumb and index finger as close as possibly could without them touching.

Haidyn rolled her eyes at the women,“Y’all ain’t we too old to be caring about stuff like height?” They loved to poke fun at the fact that Kairo was shorter than her and she never understood why. It wasn’t like he was freakishly short; he was 5"6 compared to her 6"0. If anything she was just tall.

“Little guy must be paaackin’!“, Kendra sung teasingly, on the verge of crying in laughter.

“Shit maybe, dick so heavy it stunted his growth!“, Yasmine cackled, joining in on the fun at Haidyn’s expense.

* * * * * *

Haidyn hummed as she unlocked the door to her apartment and went inside. She dropped her bags at the door, kicking off her shoes in the process. As much as she loved her friends, nothing was better than going back to her and her boyfriend’s home.

Judging by the footsteps she was hearing, the man in question was nearby. “Hey baby”, she greeted, turning around to see her boyfriend approach, a white towel wrapped around his narrow waist. He was not playing around at all when he texted her earlier:

Future BD: Wait til you get home, your mine 😈

Kairo smirked as he closed in the space between them,“Sweetheart”, he muttered, cupping her cheek to bring her down for a sweet kiss which she returned.

“How was lunch?“, he asked innocently against her lips, which was ironic seeing as she could feel his hands fumbling to unbutton her jeans.

Haidyn made an unintelligible sound, more focused on chasing after his lips than the conversation,“Good, girls said hey.”

Kairo didn’t verbally respond, only humming in agreement as he slid his tongue into her mouth. His hands moved down to her thighs and before she knew it, she was hoisted off the ground, her legs wrapping around his waist.

She moaned as he carried her to their bedroom. It never failed to amaze her how strong he was. You know what they say; great things (did) come in small packages.

He layed her out on the edge of the bed, cupping her head as he deepened the kiss. He crouched over and with one hand, opened her pants and unzipping them. Kairo dragged her pants down her legs, discarding them somewhere in the room and her panties weren’t that far behind.

He pulled her legs apart, looking at her pussy; Haidyn squirmed under his heavy gaze. He looked up at her, a smirk spreading across his face before he spoke,“I’m famished.”

He stared at the wetness that glissened on her throbbing clit. He kissing it softly, his tongue peeling out slightly to lap at her bud earning a whimper from above.

Kairo smirked before burying his head there, fast swipes of his tongue that have Haidyn’s toes curling. He latched on hungrily and sucked the bundle of nerves into his mouth, knawing lightly before blowing air over it.

Haidyn cried out, eyes squeezed shut and mouth agape as his tongue finally dove between her folds. She squirmed above him trying to running away from her building orgasm.

He hooked his arms under her thighs, pulling her down on his tongue. He was writing his ABC’s on her clit, teasing her hard bud before biting down on it softly.


Kairo came back up, cupping the back of her head and smashing his lips against hers in a fiery kiss,“Love when you call out my name like that”, he purred against her parted lips.

He pushed her further up on the bed until side was laying against their pillows. His hand moved to the bottom of her tank top, rolling it up to reveal her E-cup breasts.

Haidyn shuddered, his index and middle finger sliding inside her as if they belonged there. His lips latched onto her nipple and She was a goner. She couldn’t decide whether to ride his fingers or arch into his mouth; it all just felt so good.

Suddenly his fingers were gone and she immediately missed it, but not for long. Kairo moved against the headboard and took hold of her, manhandling her mess of limbs onto his lap, her back against his chest.

He put her legs over his own, her legs spread and pussy exposed. A different position, but exciting none the less.

He carded his tip against her folds a couple time before he sunk inside without any warning. Haidyn’s mouth fell open, her head tilting back as he slide his entire length into her pussy. It was like a glove, like her pussy was meant to take him and vice versa.

He rocked upward slightly, letting the tip of his cock move in and out of her, the head dragging against her sensitive walls. Haidyn gasped and moaned loudly, writhing on his lap as he fucked her torturously with just the head of his engorged cock.

“Baby”, she whined, struggling to move farther down to take in more of his cock, only for him to raise her legs higher, slowly moving in and out her cunts.

Kairo shhed her, pecking her lips lovingly before slipping his tongue into her mouth,“I know baby, I got you. Always.”

She suddenly gasped when he brought her down completely on his cock. She gasped into his mouth, grasping his wrists to keep herself grounded as his thick, hard cock was sheethed in her pussy.

Kairo began to move their hips together, slowly at first before she further relaxed and he was driving his dick inside her without restraint. He moved her arm to brace it on the headboard, moving around her body to pull her nipple into her mouth while the other went between her legs to rub her clit.

Haidyn didn’t know how much more she could take. He had her legs raised to the sky, useless babble spewing from her lips as Kairo fucked the common sense out of her. She was overwhelmed in every possible way.

Still, strung tight from his earlier menstrations, it wasn’t long before Haidyn was crying out as she came around him, her head falling back onto his shoulder.

“Ohhh, sh- shit!“, she moaned loudly, as her muscles pulsated around his thrusting cock.

Kairo just watched her as she came. He loved watching her cum; loved seeing her collapse from pleasure, the way her mouth moved, her pelvis spasming from the contractions of her orgasm.

He pressed a wet kiss to her throat before releasing one of her legs and hoisting the other back up to get a good angle. His gasping breaths caught in his throat as he began to piston into her, losing his rhythm and groaning loudly.

His eyes were shut tight and his face grimaced in pleasure as Haidyn watched him with half-open eyes. He pounded into her, concentrating on the feel of her pussy around him, the wetness, the tightness. He loved that he was able to do this to her, make her feel like this.

Haidyn planted one foot on the bed and held the headboard before starting to rise on him before coming back down. She built up a steady rythmn as she bounced on his dick, meeting his thrust hit for hit.

Kairo gripped her hip in an almost painful grip as his head fell back, hitting the headboard, but he didn’t notice as she continued to work him over the edge. His teeth were clenched as he growled his release, his hips bucking against her before stilling as his orgasm approached.

Haidyn suddenly stopped moving, pulling him out a second before he started to cum, painting her lower abdomen and thighs with his cum.

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