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Love Don't Cost A Thing

“Did you forget what today was?“, Farrah asked blankly as she looked at her so called “husband” with fiery brown eyes.

Gianluca took in the scene around him; flowers and candles decorating the table, the dimmed lights and the table brimmed with food. He cursed under his breath, looking at his wife and he knew she could see the panic in his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, but Farrah cut him off with a wave of her hand,“Wait! Don’t answer that, I’ll tell you what day it is”, she emptied her wine glass, setting it on the table with a audible click before getting up from her seat.

She stood there in a fitted strapless red satin dress that came down past her knees, framing her hips and her long dark legs with a pair of black stilettos. Her hair fell in loose curls behind her shoulders, skin glowing and makeup soft. It only served to make him feel even worse knowing that she got so dressed up.

“Today, Gianluca Vacchi”, she started coldly, moving towards him and stopping to lean back against the edge of the table,“it is yours, mine, our Anniversary”

When she had woken up to an empty bed, she brushed it off and went on with her day. However, as the time passed and he didn’t pick up her phone calls, she began to get angry. And when he had arrived two hours late for the dinner she had prepared with nothing but a call from his secretary, she was absolutely livid.

The older man could practically feel the heat behind her eyes and raised his hands in defense,“You’re mad and justifiably so, but let’s be rational here. Tell me what will make it better. Wanna go back to Malaysia o- or diamonds! Just say the word and I’ll get it for you, no questions asked!”

It went silent between them and for a moment Gianluca thought his wife had shut down on him, until she reached back and grabbed her lone wine glass off the table. She let out an exasperated sound, throwing the glass on the marble floor to shatter into a million pieces. Gianluca jumped looking at his now fuming wife,“I DONT WANT YOUR FUCKING GIFTS!“, she screamed, nostrils flared.

“We’ve been married over 20 years and you’d think you would’ve learned a long ass time ago that you can’t just buy me!“, she seethed in frustration, arms falling at her sides. Throwing money might work with other people, but Farrah wasn’t one of them. It didn’t work when they were dating, and it for sure wasn’t working now.

Gianluca pinched the bridge of his nose, letting out an exasperated sound before looking at his wife again,“Then tell me, what is it you want from me Farrah!!“, he asked, ready to grant any wish that she desired, seemingly not listening to a single word she had said.

Farrah went quiet for a moment, her eyes closing before opening them again; her hard eyes now soft and heavy,“I just want my husband”, she answered simply.

Gianluca didn’t know how to respond to that. She did have him, didn’t she?

“That’s all“, she raised her hands in surrender before pushing herself off of the table. She sighed, looking at him with heavy dark eyes,“Good night, Luca”, with that she walked out the room, the sound of her high heels the only sound he could in the moment.

* * * * * *

When Gianluca made his way to bed Farrah was already in bed dressed in a dark red silk nightie, lotioning up her legs. She didn’t bat an eye at his presence almost ignoring him as he went in the bathroom to shower.

Once he was done, he exited the facility wearing a pair of light blue briefs and nothing else. He preferred to sleep naked, but he didn’t want to risk a misunderstanding between him and Farrah. He wasn’t trying to get “Lorena Bobbitted”.

However, they did need to talk. Gianluca knew you were never supposed to go to bed angry: they were gonna settle things before they went to bed. Hopefully.

So the Italian mogul pushed his fear aside and got into bed. He didn’t get under the sheets as expected, but sat down beside her. She continued to ignore him, focusing on her book, but he knew she wasn’t actually reading it. She had finished it yesterday night.

Gianluca sighed when she didn’t acknowledge his presence,“Farrah”, he started in a soft voice,“you know how terribly sorry I am”, he told her with apologetic eyes.

It was quiet for a moment and he held his breath until she spoke,“Wouldn’t hurt to hear you say it though”, she muttered still not looking in his direction.

Gianluca just sighed at the response. He deserved it.

Still, he refused to go to bed angry, so he buckled down. He moved over to her side of the bed, straddling her over the covers. This seemed to gained her attention, her eyebrow raised at the new proximity.

He didn’t dare break away from her dark gaze,“Farrah”, he began, jaw set with determination and sincerity,“I apologize for my wrongs. There is no excuse for me to have forgotten such an important day for the both of us. I know you felt awful waiting for me all that time and I did not make it better with my comments. Trust it was not my intention to imply that I could buy you’re affection. For this I beg for you’re forgiveness if you wish to give it to me.”

After a long moment, Farrah looked away, her lip between her teeth and Gianluca decided he was just going to have to take it abit father.

Gainluca shifted off of her lap and pulled the sheets away from her body. He spread her thighs, getting inbetween her legs, the silk fabric of her gown pooling at her hips.

He raised her left leg up and placed it on his shoulder. He first planted a kiss on the inside of her foot, then her heel and her ankle; he continued on this path, making his way up to her knee.

However, two fingers pressed against his mouth, forcing him to stop his menstrations and move back to look at his wife. “Maybe I don’t want to give you any honey bun just yet”, she mumbled, tilting her head to the side, her eyes shining with teasing.

“You don’t have to give me anything”, he agreed wholeheartedly, moving his lips down to her neck,“Let me give to you, la mia luce.”

A shudder raked through her body at the temptation, the way the words rolled off his tongue made her pussy twitch.

Gianluca smirked, his hand moving back up her leg, fingertips trailing between her thighs and towards her flower.

He was surprised when she suddenly pushed him onto his back, climbing ontop of him. Farrah bit her lip before grabbing the end of her night dress, pulling it over her head. Gianluca looked up at his wife with admiration as if she was still the same 24 year old vixen he fell in love with decades ago.

He couldn’t help but reach out to carress her sides, only for her to grab his hands, pinning them over his head.

Farrah smirked down at him from above. He had a feeling he was at her mercy tonight and he did not mind it in the slightest. She realeased one of his hands, trailing it down his body until she reached her destination.

She gracefully pulled him from his briefs and before he knew it, he was engulfed in her heat.

Farrah’s head fell back as she sunk down on him and without taking time to adjust see began to ride him; ride him like it was her job.

One thing Gianluca loved about his wife was her primal-like sexual appetite. Farrah was never one to back down, inside or outside the bedroom. She had his toes curling, his back practically arching off the bed as she rolled her hips in infinity loops on his cock.

“Who does it belong to Luca?”

“Y- you”, he panted, brain swimming in different directions. God she was so good, so fucking good. He cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing them into his rough palms.

Farrah squeezed her hands over his on her chest, tossing her head back with a moan. “Who does this dick belong to?“, she asked again, looking at him with lust clouded eyes.

Gianluca hissed as her walls clenched around him,“You la mia luce, all for you.”

“Yeah I am”, she purred, her nails grazing down his inked chest,“all for me.”

In the midst of her bliss out state, Gianluca sudden shot up, hooking her knees over his arms and driving his dick deep inside of her. He chuckled at the look of confused shock on her face before she moaned aloud.

Farrah cried out at the sudden movement,“Gia!“, she let out a light laugh, at the change of position. She drapped her arms around his shoulders, moaning into his neck,“Sp- spo- oil sport.”

He huffed out a deep laugh, pressing his forehead against hers, staring into her deep chocolate eyes. Neither could help as the corners of their lips turned up into a smile.

This was love; the kind of love that came from a passionate young love spanning into the far future with children being born and leaving the nest; the love still strong even after all the time.

Farrah panted hotly against his mouth before cupping the back of his head and meeting his lips with her own. Gianluca rolled them over, putting Farrah on her back as he thrusted into her.

* * * * * *

It was hours later when they final stopped, collapsing onto the bed in a mess of sweat, cum and overall bliss from the nights events.

Gianluca’s body still thrummed with excitement as he looked over a his dazzling wife. He thanked the heavens above fod being so thoroughly blessed to have her in his life, for he was unworthy of such a gift like Farrah.

A smile spread across his lips as he pulled her to him, his arms around her waist as he cradled her head on his chest. She squealed at the sudden shift, humming as his fingers toyed with the kinky knots of her hair.

He pressed a kiss to her head, humming as he looked at the cieling above, basking in the happiness.

“Your not off the hook yet, Mister”, Farrah pointed out, through closed eyes before she looked up to see his horror stricken expression. He truly thought sex got him off the hook?

She giggled softly, nuzzled her head into his chest, a faint smile on her face,“You still owe me an Anniversary. Not just dinner, a whole day; just you and me.”

Gianluca relaxed, a warm chuckle erupting up his chest. He pressed a sweet kiss to her temple and thumbed at her bare hip. “Sounds perfect, la mia luce.”

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