Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Octavia hummed softly as she parted strands of her boyfriend’s hair. Everest had gotten bored and asked her if she would braid his hair. So here they were, Octavia sitting on the couch with Everest in-between her legs playing Rocket League on his PS4.

She stopped, pulling away from his scalp,” Babe turn around so I can do the back”, she instructed, using the opportunity to stretch out her wrists and neck. He was lucky she loved him enough to do this.

Everest pressed menu before putting down the controller turning around to rest his head against her spread thighs as she braided. She knew his back and neck would hurt from this position, but so would her hands. She went to work, separating his long wavy hair in sections before weaving strands together.

She was halfway through her third braid when felt something prodding against her pussy through her shorts. This prompted Octavia to tug Mickey’s head back slightly, “Don’t start nothing you can’t finish, lil boy.“, she warned. If he wanted his hair braided he would have to calm down so she could finish and she couldn’t do that if he didn’t keep his hands to himself.

Everest didn’t verbally respond, instead mumbling something incoherent into her thigh, but didn’t continue. She shrugged it off, continuing her braid.

* * * * * *

By the time Octavia was done, Everest had her panties around her ankle with three fingers up her pussy and his mouth latched onto her clit. “F-fuck!“, she cursed clutching the armrest for dear life. She whimpered as her orgasm washed over her; toes curling in ecstasy.

The ginger never faltering, working her through the motions until he had sucked her dry, for now that is.

Everest removed her leg from his shoulder and got off his knees, grinning down at her as he licked her juices off his fingers. Her body flushed at the site of him lavishing in her taste. She quickly pulled her shirt over her head, cradling her large breasts in her arms, trying to ease some of the ache in her core.

The redhead took the hint, pushing down his boxers and shorts all at once. He grabbed her hips, moving her body to lay down the long way on the couch. He positioned himself between her legs, hooking her right leg back over his shoulder. He wasted no time aligning himself and pushing inside of her.

Octavia hummed at the stretch, white nose filling her ears as he stuffed in inch after inch until he’d bottomed out. She buried her head in his neck, her hands shaking around his shoulders.

Octavia cried out as he immediately started moving in a and out, giving her little time to adjust to him,“Ah ah fuck” Mickey soon picked up his own rhythm, fucking her at a rough pace, deep stroking her with every thrust with ever sharp snap of the hips.

“Fuck fuck! Oh my god!”

Octavia buried her hands in his hair, undoing the sloppy braids there. She was damn near in tears, her body was a trembling mess, her leg slid off his shoulder, now resting on his elbow, “Shit shit shit shit shit!”, she babbled, cupping the back of his neck and bringing him down to hers in a sloppy messy kiss.

Everest broke away, allowing her to bury her head in his neck to muffle her sounds. Determination in his eyes, Mickey pushed the hair out of his face and slung her leg over his shoulder, practically stretching her body to its limit.

“Fuck baby”, he panted, eyes squeezed shut tight, “almost there”, he didn’t know how much longer he could take the way her pussy felt wrapped around him.

Octavia didn’t respond verbally, instead sucking marks into his throat, clenching around him tightly. He took the hint and sat up slightly reaching between their intertwined bodies and down to her pussy. Octavia whimpered at the overwhelming sensation of his fingers and his cock working to push her over the edge and it wasn’t soon after that she’d thrown her head back, cumming harder than she ever did before.

“Fuck Mickey!”

With the way she clenched around him, he didn’t have much time left. He stilled his hips, rolling them deep inside of her before grunted against her mouth. “Cum for me baby”, she begged, slotting their mouths together in another kiss.

Mickey grunted against her lips and at the last second, he pulled out, his cum decorating her stomach in thick ribbons of white.

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