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Where The Sun Meets The Sea

Kilometers away from Camp HalfBlood, the training grounds for descendants of the Olympians, was a small cove hidden from all. There was but one individual who resided in the serene waters; Ishani, a young women no older than 18 years old.

She had skin that glistened as if she was kissed by the sun itself, which was only fitting, seeing as her father was none other than Apollo, the God of the Sun. The only contrast from her bronze mocha skin were her eyes which were unique to her and her alone.

The eccentric God’s gene’s had looked down on her with favor, gifting her with eyes so bright there was no visible pupil, just orbs of gold that revivaled the Sun in the sky above. She was the demigoddess Nymph of the Sun and she wore it with grace.

Ishani splashed innocently about in the cool water, enjoying the heaviness of her long dark dreads soaked with water. She had slid away from the campgrounds earlier; the festivities too much for her. No matter how long she’d been at Camp HalfBlood; she would never become accustomed to all its Godly habits.

The sound of rustling leaves pulled her from her thoughts.

Ishani froze in her spot,“What the fuck?” She turned to the large vine like bushes for the intruder to find no one. Her heart began to pick up pace, wondering if she had actually heard anything or was her mind playing tricks on her.

Although the camp was protected from serial killers and other mortal monsters, they had far worse creatures to deal with coming through the barrier. She refused to be like those white girls from those Friday the 13th movies; dying naked and stupid was not in her Fates.

She shivered as she felt a trickle of water rise up her spine. She relaxed, rolling her eyes,“I know its you Percy, come on out.“, she called.

Moments later, a head of dark hair appeared from behind the bushes followed by a body; muscles ripe from sword training and swimming with eyes bluer than any water she’d ever seen. He stood at the waters edge with a sheepish grin, before taking a knee, his head bowed to the ground.

The young girl laughed at the hero’s behavior. Sometimes he acted like a complete dumbass and she loved it.

“Ishani”, he greeted, lifting his head to see her smile,“Are doth sure thou haven’t inherited thou father’s farsight, o Nymph of Sun!?“, he questioned with a untraceable European accent, a dark brow perfectly arched over blue eyes.

It took everything for her to refrain from rolling her eyes to the back of her head, instead giggling behind her hand. She swam closer; her gold eyes a beckon in the misty night light,“I’m sure of it”, by now she was right under him, her head tilted back oh so slightly to see him properly, the delicate curve of her neck on display.

“Unlike you, I know how gravity works. Water is supposed to flow south”, she pointed out smartly, bringing her teeth down on her bottom lip.

A soft smile tugged on the corners of the brunettes cheeks and she couldn’t help but admire his dimples. Percy stepped closer, squatting down to her level at the river bed, cupping her chin in his hand,“I’ll keep that in mind next time.”

Ishani blushed at the intimate contact, still chewing on her lip before pulling away and swimming away from the shallow end. Ofcourse Percy could have the current bring her back, but he enjoyed their game of cat and mouse too much to use his gifts to an advantage.

“Where’s G and Annabeth?“, she asked without any inflection in her voice, trying -and failing- to mask her distain at the name. She had no issue with Grover, but her and Annabeth didn’t get along too well. Reason: Ishani was dating Percy and she wasn’t. Annabeth, just like her mother, was a spiteful and jealous women who didn’t know how to accept the fact that she couldn’t always get what she wanted. Which was fine with her; she might’ve been skilled with a sword and shield, but Ishani had hands like no other.

“Celebrating our victory with your brother and Ty”, he answered matter of factly, shooting her a wink,“You mind some company?”

Ishani turned her back to him, waving her hand against the shallow currents,“Can’t really say no to the son of Posideon, can I?“, she teased, watching the light of her eyes reflect onto the dark water. She continued her menstrations, leaning her head back to float atop the water.

Her head only peeked up when she heard the tell tell sounds of the metal of his armour hitting the ground softly, one after the other. She couldn’t help, but watch as his stripped down at the shore, enjoying the sight; it was a joyous sight indeed.

Percy was like a Greek statue, chiseled muscles from training and littered with scars from his past adventures. Her eyes drifted between his legs and she bit down on her bottom lip.

Percy wasn’t responsible for this wetness...well not directly.

Slowly he enter the water, eyes focused on her as he practically walked through the water. A shiver racked through her body as she closed the distance between them, slowly reached out to wrap her arms around his shoulders.

She pulled him close, her naked body pressed against his own as he wrapped his arms around his way. The young hero couldn’t help but stare in amazement; the gold flecks of her freckles dancing under the moonlight. Even in the presence of the Moon she shined brighter.

“What’s wrong champion, Aoede got ya tongue?“, Ishani teased with a grin. He always found himself staring at her without clause; he claimed it was because her beauty left him in disarray. She used this greatly to her advantage during Capture the Flag.

He rolled her eyes at her joke, shaking his head at her,“You are a total comedian, ya know that?”

“That’s why you love me”, she beamed, chewing on her bottom lip.

Percy couldn’t deny how stunning she looked as he cupped her cheeks in his hands. He gave her a smile of his own,“It sure is”, with that he leaned down, pressing his lips to hers.

Light exploded behind both their eyes as they kissed. It felt as if two different world where coming together whenever they kiss and they never got over the feeling.

Ishani parted her lips, sucking his tongue into her mouth to deepen the kiss. Like a siren beckoning a sailor at sea, he blindly followed suit.

“We should get out of here?“, he suggested, still enthralled by the taste of her; she was like a forbidden nectar, closed to all but him.

Ishani hummed, knowing exactly what he meant by those words. She wrapped her legs around him, securing herself in his arms,“After you, Percy Jackson.”

* * * * * *

A familiar shuddered racked through Ishani’s body as she open her eyes again. They were no longer at the spring, but instead outside the water demigod’s dockside cabin. “I will never get used to that”, she admitted pulling away from his body.

Percy threw his head back and let out a dry laugh,“Says the girl who’s dad drives a car across the sky?”

Ishani rolled her eyes at his response, treading over to the edge of dock and climbing up into his cabin.

She wrapped her arms around her chest, the night breeze sending a shiver up her spine. She looked back at Percy who was still in the water; his eyes raking shamelessly over her bare body.

She dropped her arms, allowing him to take in the full view,“You coming, hero?“, she questioned nodding over to his hammock.

* * * * * *

Ishani made a sound of disapproval, snuggling into his chest. Percy had suggested heading back to check on everyone and she was having none if it.“Can’t we just stay like this?“, she mumbled; it wasn’t so much a question as it was a declaration. She wasn’t moving an inch and neither was he.

Percy snorted,“Jason would literally kill me if he finds us like this”, he told her shaking his head.

She rolled her eyes at his words, looking up at him,“Stop being so over dramatic Percy”, she told him.

“I’m not!“, he swore matter-of-factly,“Trust me, he’s all fun and games until he goes all big brother mode.” He cringed at the memory of the usual gentle blonde practically trying to slit his throat and shikabob him at training as he gave him the ‘shovel talk’.

As perturbed as her partner was, Ishani couldn’t help but smile at that. Although Jason and her were both uncomfortable when they were introduced to one another as halfsiblings, they both built a strong bond much like their aunt and father. They were eachothers rock as they had no one from their mortal lives with them here. They both reminded one another of the father that had been a leering phantom in their lives.

“He wouldn’t actually hurt you, babe”, she told him, moving to straddle him, a movement that had become easy to her after time. Ishani smiled down at her boyfriend before leaning down to press her lips to his,“He knows it would break my heart if he did.”

Percy was breathless and dazed as she pulled away. He only broke his daze when she giggled at his stupor,“Well that makes it so much better”, he responded dryly, rolling his eyes.

The only served to make Ishani start to full on laugh and he would’ve complained if she didn’t look so beautiful as she did it.

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