Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Let's Take A Ride Downtown

Dionne growled at the text message she had received from her husband.

Willy 💍👅💦: gonna stay at the station late, don’t wait up for me. ❤ ya

She slammed her phone on the table throwing herself on the couch. She could not believe William had blown her off once again for work. She understood that marrying a cop wasn’t easy, but this was too much. They hardly ever spent time together and tonight he was supposed to make it up to her, but it seems that he had forgotten that.

Wiping away her frustrated tears, Dionne decided she wasn’t going sit back bitching and whining about being neglect. “If he think imma take this shit on my back, he got me fucked all the way up.” She shot off the couch, running down the hall and into their bedroom.

She glared at Williams side of the bed as she walked to their closest. ‘Just you wait Mister, you’re gonna wish you came home’ Dionne scanned the racks of clothes before she spotted what she was searching for. There on the top shelf was a white box in pristine condition. She cheered reaching up to grab the box and bring it down.

She practically squealed as she eyed the contents of it; she had never worn it before, way to scandalous for date nights and too formal for home dates. However there was a time for everything and this was it. Dionne sat the box on the bed and began to get ready.

After a thorough shower and oiling her legs, she did her hair and makeup before getting dressed. She jumped and wiggled to squeeze into the silky black number, swiftly zipping herself up and sliding on her stockings then her heels. Once finished, Dionne looked at herself in the full sized mirror, checking herself out.

She whistled at the sight of herself,“Ooh bad bitch alert”, she sang turning in a circle to see that the backside looked as good as the front.

Dionne grabbed her purse and her coat before heading out to her car to give William the shock of a lifetime.

* * * * * *

Walking into the police station always made her feel awestruck. Once upon a time Dionne was here for different reasons; before she met William and was quite the troublemaker at the time. Even now, she had a bit of a devious streak, but she had a husband to keep her in check. Speaking of husband, she walked through the main doors of the precinct, noting the many eyes that tried to gawk her not so sneakily.

‘I know I look good, no doubt about it.’

She continued to look around the room, the burly brunette man still nowhere to be seen. “Where the hell is he?“, she asked under her breath getting on her tip toes as if it was help. Nope still nothing.


Hearing her name, Dionne looked over shoulder to see Officer Clifford Morris, William’s partner. Not exactly what she wanted, but close. Nonetheless, she put on a smile, turning around to completely face him. “Clifford”, she greeted sweetly, pulling him into a hug before pulling away,“It’s been a minute.”

She knew that he hadn’t heard a word she said, too busy looking her over and trying to be inconspicuous. She internally rolled her eyes,‘God, I worry about their undercover cases with how bad these people are at being sneaky’

Nonetheless, she gave him a moment to come back to his sense, looking at her face again,“Wh- what are you doing here?”

‘Dressed like that’, Dionne knew he wanted to add. His eyes trailed up her figure again and she was a bit more assertive when she cleared her throat, glaring at him slightly.

“I came to check on Willy, do you know where he is?“, she asked glancing around to see if he had entered in the time they’d talked. Dionne was disappointed to find he still had yet to appear. A small part of her wondered if he using work as a cover up.

“Oh yeah”, Clifford answered, nodding his head,“he’s doing an interrogation right now”, he explained pointing down the hallway.

Dionne’s face fell for a split second, before being replaced with a devious one. “Oh”, she easliy fayed disappointment, looking up at the blonde with hopeful eyes,“Well you wouldn’t mind keeping me company until he’s finished would you?” She batted her long lashes at him and he was immediately putty in her hands.

* * * * * *

Dionne titled her head back, giggling at a joke Clifford had told her. It wasn’t actually that funny, but at that exact moment the man she’d been waiting for entered the large room.

She pretended to not see him, resting her hand on Clifford’s arm beside her,“That is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while!”

Dionne’s heart fluttered as she felt his approaching steps and judging by Morris’ face, he had made it.

“Uh Morris, what’s going on here?”

She didn’t look the least bit bothered at see Williams,“Oh hello Officer Grayson”, she greeted sweetly, standing up from her chair to approach her husband. William scanned her body as she approached, pulling her into a empty hug before pulling away with a confused look,“Uh what are you doing here?”

Dionne stepped back with an innocent shrug,“Well since you said you wanted to work late, I decided to come by and see you before I went out.” She wasn’t actually gonna go out, but he didn’t need to know that.

Dionne could see his jaw lock as she spoke, a far away look in his eyes,“Out? Where are you going?“, he interrogated.

She just waved him off nonchalantly,“Nowhere insane, just to get a drink”, she answered, grabbing her coat off his desk,“No point in being all cooped up in the house by myself, ya know?”

Right then she could see the gears turning in his head. He knew what she was doing.

Instead of just blatantly calling her on her shit, Williams just nodded, looking behind her at his partner,“I’m gonna have a quick chat with my wife, cover for me?” It sounded more like a demand than a question.

If Clifford knew something was going on with them, he didn’t let on. Apparently whatever was going on with the couple needed to stay between the couple. He just nodded, sitting back in his chair,“You got it partner.”

With that, Williams grabbed her forearm, pulling her down the hallway into a more private area. He went into a dark interrogation room and the second the lights came on, her back met the cold wall.

“What the hell were you thinking?“, Williams growled, glaring down at her. He was pissed and he wanted to know her reason for down this.

For a second, Dionne was thrown off by his straightforwardness. Only for a second. “What were you thinking, Officer fuck my wife, I’d rather sit at the station all night than come home?“, she spat back bitterly. Yeah she rolled up on his place of work, but he started this shit and she was gonna finish it.

“Dionne do you know how childish you’re acting right now? This isn’t some little game for you!“, he reprimanded Dionne furiously.

She only scoffed, kissing her teeth in response,“Whatever”, she waved off his rebuttal,“if you got such a problem then I’ll find (something) to do with my time. Like hell I’m sitting at home”, she nudged him away from her, turning to leave the room.

“Like hell you are!”

The second her hand touched the door handle, she was spun back around and pressed flat against the door. Williams stood over her, eyes darker than the fabric of his uniform and unlike before she decided it was best not to fight him.

His nostrils were flared and Dionne was sure she saw a vein popping out of his neck,“Want you to head straight to the car. Don’t stop and speak to anybody, understood?”

Dionne could only nod in response, her face screwed up in a frown. Stupid asshole wants to tell her what to do.

That seemed to be enough for him as he drew back, allowing her to breath again. He adjusted his uniform going to open the door,“I’ll be out in 5”, those were his final words before sending her on her way.

She ignored the comments the criminals threw at her as she walked past the cells, collecting her coat and glaring at anyone who stared in her direction. She couldn’t help, but notice that she had once again caught Clifford’s eye and smiled at him before deciding to throw all caution to the wind.

“Clifford!“, she called sweetly, turning in the direction of the man. Before he knew it, she had pulled him into a hug,“It was nice seeing you Clifford”, she said as she drew back, her hand lingering on his forearm. Out the corner of her eye, she could see Williams glaring in her direction.

She shot him a discreet wink before finally leaving, walking out the building.

Making her way to the car, she got inside, taking a deep breath to calm her beating heart.

Dionne shimmied out of her coat, her body burning even in the cool night air. She kicked off her heels, throwing her stuff in the backseat and leaning back in the drivers seat.

Williams looked so angry in there and she would be lying if she didn’t find it sexy. Even if it wasn’t exactly apart of the plan; it was a huge turn on to see him completely livid.

She jumped when the drivers door was suddenly yanked open to reveal Williams, staring at her with dark eyes.

“I’m driving. Move."

Dionne fumbled frantically, climbing over the console to get into the passengers seat, forgetting that she could’ve got out and walked around the car. As cocky as she was a mere 10 minutes ago, the way her looked (through) her made her brain short circuit.

After tossing his duffle bag in the backseat, Williams got in, sure to put on his seatbelt before speeding out of the police station parking lot.

The tension was thick in the air as they drove in silence was killing her. What was he up to? What was going on in mind of Williams?

He finally made a move when they had to stop at a red light. His hand immediately went between her leg. She forced herself to keep still under her dress only to stop when he met the barrier of her panties and his brows furrowed.

He returned his hand to the wheel,“Take them off”, he ordered, as the light turned green.

Dionne did as told, raising her hips and shimming out of her panties which was proven difficult with her seltbelt. However once finished she sat waiting for his next orders.

His hand returned, going straight to her pussy. Dionne bit her lip in anticipation, as she spread her legs again. This time, without her panties providing a barrier, his fingertips grazed her folds. He made an unintelligible sound when he felt her wetness, dipping his fingers between her folds.

Without any warning his finger slid inside his pussy and she had to bit her lip to keep from screaming out.

She bucked her hips, forcing more of his finger inside.

Williams let out a breathy moan, glancing over to the sight of her so eager for him. He built a rhythm, Dionne’s muffled whimpers matching his thrusts in perfect time.

She grinded against his hand hungrily; she was so fucking close, but she needed more. She wanted more of his fingers stretching and prodding her weeping cunt.

Williams soon answered her silent prayer, sliding in not only a second but a third finger, her walls constricting at the abrupt penetration.

She squirmed in her seat, suddenly overwhelmed with his stabbing fingers. Soon she couldn’t take it anymore; she grabbed his wrist,“Willy-”

“Shut up”, he growled, eyes still on the road as he moved the digits in and out of her. Dionne pressed her lips together and he continued scissoring his fingers.

Her head fell back as he twisted and curled his fingers, his thumb pressed against her pearl.

She whimpered loudly against her shoulder “Will!”, her hips rose of the seat and her breathing became erratic as her orgasm was coming to its peak.

William knew she was almost there and her quickened his digits against making her cry out louder,“God, Will! Oh my God; I- I’m- ”

Just went she could practically (taste) it, William had halted completely, stilling his fingers inside her. Once Dionne’s head had cleared enough, she realized he had stopped,“Why’d you stop?“, she whined in a raspy voice, moving her hips to prompt him to start again.

She was so close.

So close.

Williams didn’t respond to her question, instead removing his fingers at together much to her chagrin. Dionne whimpered at the emptiness, squeezing her thighs together.

She watched as his licked her juices from his fingers before opening the car door and turning back to her,“We’re home”, and with that he shut the door, a smirk on his lips.

Now left in the car alone, Dionne realized what had just happened,“Son of a bitch!“, she threw a fit in the passenger unable to believe what he had just done to her.

Once she regained her composure, she left the car and moving to the porch where he was waiting for her, that damn smirk on his face.

“Fucking tease.”

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