Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Quarantine Games

“I d-don’t think this is...wor- working Ugo”

The blonde looked up at his girlfriend over his phone,“Hey your the one who said you were tired of sitting inside all day. Now you have something to keep things (interesting)“, he explained, squeezing her hip before going back to his phone. “Just keep doing what you usually do and focus.”

Xeni huffed in defeat as she continued to play God of War.

When Ugo came up with the idea to “add some difficulty” to a video game Xeni wasn’t as excited about it. So when he told her to drop her drawers and explain what it was he would exactly be doing, she was weary. Now here she was trying to focus on the game as she was basically riding her boyfriend, his cock nestled deep inside her cunt.

She pumped her fist in joy as she finished the level, mindful of his tip pressed flush against her g-spot. ‘Fucking finally.’

Xeni had to admit, it was way more difficult to focus with him deep inside her like this. She had to give him props for all those times he’d be playing with his buddies while she sucked him off. Her head was practically swimming the entire time.

She tossed the controller on the bed beside her, her shoulders slouched in relief. She was finally done.

“Nobody told you to stop”, Ugo said suddenly making her head peek up.

She was genuinely lost as she looked back at him, her cheeks burning,“B- but I’m finished”, she explained weakly as she pointed at the screen, moving over so he could see as well. Xeni thought that if she won he would let her cum as a reward or something, but apparently that was not the case.

The blonde shook his head, curling his hand on her hip,“Not that easy, princess, next level”, he ordered laying back down.

Xeni rolled her brown eyes, tossing her head back and moaned in aggravation, hissing when she felt a sharp smack to her ass. A final warning from her boyfriend to do as told. Rolling her eyes, the woman picked up her controller again, pressing the start button on her controller as the next challenge loaded.

She hissed softly as she adjusted her cramping legs, her walls sensitive from his head being nestled so deep inside her without any movement or stimulation. She was basically warming his cock at this point cause she sure as hell wasn’t enjoying this. “Remember”, Ugo spoke up once again from behind her,“only gets harder the longer you go.” He was saying it like she didn’t know what the hell she was doing.

Xeni rolled her eyes at such a obvious statement from the dumbass blonde,“Yeah yeah, I know how video games work”, she muttered, studying the new avatars combo moves and basic attacks,“asshole.”

Her eyes suddenly rolled to the back of her head when Ugo started rocking his hips up into her. “O- oh my G- gu- od”, she sighed, finding it difficult to keep her eyes open as his head nudged at her g-spot.

“Keep on playing, babe”, he goaded simply as he continued to roll his hips upwards. Xeni wanted to turn around a slap the smirk that she knew was on his face.

Somewhat getting over the rocking motions, Xeni went back to her game. Other than the faint gasps and whimpers from shifting as she played, she was perfectly fine. She snickered to herself, ‘Get harder my ass.’

It wasn’t until Ugo gripped her waist and thrusted up that she almost dropped her controller. “S- shit!”, she squeezed her eyes shut tight, cursing out loud as he continued slamming himself into her core.

She gripped the controller in her hands as a means to keep herself grounded. It felt so good; she could hardly take it.

“Getting hard to focus, huh?”

Xeni could hear the smirk on his face and wanted to smack it off, preferably after she came.

Ugo suddenly stopped his movement,“Get off for me babe”, he instructed trying to steady his breathing. Xeni let out a sound of disapproval at him wanting to stop, crying out when his hand came down on her thigh.

“I said off”, he reminded strongly, nudging her forward off his lap.

He got Xeni onto her stomach, raising her hips off the mattress to get her on her knees. She propped herself up on her elbows as she continued to play without her boyfriend’s interruptions.

All the while, Ugo shifted behind her, his hand pressing to the middle of her back to give way for her to arch for him. Soon his dick was slipping back inside her and she forgot how to breath for a moment as he filling her up.

He didn’t waste anytime and with a firm hand curled around her hip, he drew back to snap his hips forward. He didn’t hold back, building up a brutal pace.

Xeni let out silent cries as he fucked into her,“Shit!“, she reached back to plant her hand on his chest.

Ugo just took her wrist, bringing her hand back on her ass to have her spread her cheek for him. The controller was now long since forgotten at the foot of the bed.

Xeni hissed as his hand dug into her hair and pulled, forcing her onto her hands and knees. Ugo released her hair, kissing up her shoulder and neck before finding her lips. Xeni opened her mouth allowing her tongue to entangle with his in a messy liplock.

When they parted, Ugo smirked against her lips. His voice gravely and low.

“Game over.”

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