Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Candy and C**k

Beau walked out of the candy shop, looking around the mall to see where she would go next. As she walked around, she couldn’t help but notice the pointed looks she received from moms and girlfriends alike while their partners gawked at her and practically creamed their pants. It wasn’t her fault she was blessed with big breasts, a small waist and a fat ass; if they had a problem they could blame God and kiss her ass. They could call her a hoe all they wanted, but they knew she looked cute as fuck.

She tossed her head back before huffing out a breath of aggravation. She had come to the mall because she had nothing better to do at home and it seemed like nothing was any better here. The mall was surprisingly empty for a Saturday, but she chopped it up to the holiday weekend. Either way, she was bored out of her fucking mind.

After tugging down the back of her skirt where is had ridden up, Beau decided to head to the food court to people watch and maybe eat her goodies. There weren’t a lot of people there, all the tables empty besides 3. She sat down at an empty table and dived into her bag of treats. She caught multiple people staring as she casually licked at the blue raspberry lollipop she had chosen to devour, but just ignored them or shot them dirty looks. She silently groaned upon realizing their hungry gaze had had an effect on her.

Fuck now she was horny.

Her prayers had almost instantly been answered when her hazel eyes scanned over the eating area and landed on a guy sitting with some other people she assumed was his friends. She lowered her sunglasses to get a better look at him. No doubt he was easy on the eyes; pretty smile, full pink lips, curly reddish brown hair, pretty green eyes and a nice build. She most definitely wanted him, no question about it. He was hers.

He must’ve felt eyes on him, glancing up to see her shamelessly staring at him. She didn’t look away, instead taking off her shades and looking him dead in the eyes. With his eyes on her, she drew the sucker from her mouth, her blue stained tongue peeking out to lick the seam of her lips.

He quickly looked away at that, focusing back on his friends or at least trying to, but even from there she could see the red peeking up his neck. He was playing hard to get and she liked it. One thing Beau wasn’t when it came to getting what she wanted was shy, and she was most definitely gonna let it be known.

Unable to resist the temptation, his olive green eyes drifted back into her direction where she was practically raping him with her eyes. He didn’t look away this time and now with his full undivided attention, she decided to give him a little show. With full lips puckered around the plastic stem, she hollowed her cheeks, slowly drawing the large ball out her mouth with a wet “pop” before sending him a wink.

He coughed awkwardly into his hand, shifting in his seat and she couldn’t help but giggle knowing that he was adjusting himself because of her. She had gotten a hot stranger hard in the middle of public.

Knowing that she had him right where she wanted him, she went in for the kill. Beau stretched casually in her seat, discreetly nodding her head towards the bathroom area with a suggestive look. His eyes widened a bit at the invitation and his eyebrow raised, almost as if he didn’t believe what he was seeing.

Never one to be coy or questioned, Beau held up her hands, making a circle with one before holding up her pointer finger with the other. He looked like he was going to faint as she made the “fucking” motion with a confident smirk on her lips; completely unbothered by her crude gesture.

Successfully getting her point across, Beau then got up from her chair, quickly discarded her candy in the nearby trash bin before making her way towards the bathroom. She didn’t need to turn around to know that he was following behind her, giving his friends some bullshit excuse as he left them. She couldn’t ignore the throbbing of her womanhood at the thought of hopefully getting fucked and in the mall of all places.

Once she had turned the corner into the empty hallway leading towards the restrooms, only then did she look over her shoulder. Just as expected, there he was, a couple yards behind him, looking even more wrecked than before, running a hand through his curly hair. Oh, was she gonna have fun with him.

She stopped at the single family bathroom at the far end of the hall, glancing inside to find it empty. She shot him a flirty wink before heading inside. Just like any other co-ed bathroom, it was spacious enough for multiple people to fit inside. There was no way in hell that no-one had fucked in here before now; she refused to believe it.

Beau was pulled from her thoughts by the door opening to reveal the object of her ? He quickly entered before shutting the door behind himself. Without needing to be told, he turned the door bolt, locking the door so they wouldn’t be interrupted.

Her eyes immediately gravitated to his jeans where she was met with the visibly large bulge in his pants and she could hardly contain her excitement. She was grinning like a little kid on Christmas at the thought of having that monster busting her wide open. Oh she was gonna have a lot of fun with him.

She looked back to his face to find him staring at her with about as much desire as herself if not more; his green eyes now a dark emerald color. He swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing slightly,“Teddy”, he introduced with an almost rehearsed nonchalance and without any other words they immediately went at it.

Skipping all the formalities and pleasantries as their mouths moved against one another’s in a messy clash of tongues and teeth. Before she’d known it, he had her back pressed to the wall, caging her in with his larger body, his hands on either side of her head. Beau moaned against his expert tongue, her hands making quick work to pull his shirt up and off his body.

Once free of the material, her smaller hands trailed up the harsh contours of his abs, her nails scraping against the toned flanks and muscles there. God he was ripped.

Teddy deepened the kiss, planting his hand possessively on the middle of her back, drawing her impossibly closer to his body,“Thought you were yanking my chain out there”, he muttered before pressing his lips back to hers. She tasted like the candy she had teased him with and something provocative and almost addicting in a way; he had no other way to describe it, but he couldn’t get enough.

A breathy laugh left her mouth at the comment,“Not that type of girl, my guy”, she responded shortly, burying her fingers into his auburn curls. She guided his head to the side, drawing his full bottom lip between her teeth and tugging lightly on it. He pulled away once again, now trailing kisses down to her neck. She felt his hands move lower on her waist before boldly sliding up her skirt and palming her ass.

“Oh yeah?”

Beau nodded her head, her eyes fluttering shut as he sucked bruises into her skin. Fuck he was good. “I want something, I go for it, simple as th- at“, she gasped as his teeth dug into the side of her neck, the sting shooting throughout her body and residing between her legs. He rocked his hips into hers and she could feel his bulge making his presence known between them.

His hands moved from under her skirt and to the front clasp, undoing the button and then the zipper before tugging her skirt and her panties off in one go. Beau stepped out of the pile of material before pulling off her crop top and tossing it in the same general direction. She reached behind her back, frantically undoing the clasp of her bra and freeing her breasts from the lacy material.

Meanwhile, Teddy had kicked off his shoes, stripping out of the rest of his clothes as well before turning back to her and almost having a heart attack. Her large breasts hanging perfectly on her chest, his dusty brown nipples hard in-between her nipple piercings and her pretty pussy bare in-between her smooth thighs.

Beau was also pleased with what she saw, he large dick hanging heavy between his legs, his tip shining with precise. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the carpet definitely matched the drapes. She cupped her breasts with one hand, curling her fingers at him, beckoning to him like a siren to a sailor.

He lips were immediately back on her, licking into her mouth with his tongue. His hands immediately went to her chest, barely able to cup the full melons in his hands and just squeezed. She moaned hotly against his lips, circling her arms around his neck and deepen the kiss. Teddy wedged his thigh between her legs, rocking against her body.

His leg was instantly wet with her juices as she met his grinding with her own. “Fuck, your soaking”, he panted, breaking away to kiss up her jaw. Beau purred against his mouth, spreading her legs farther apart for him to get in-between. Teddy grabbed her thigh bring it up to wrap around his waist.

She whimpered at the slight stretch, bringing him back down to her level. She felt the tip of his cock brush up and down her folds and her body thrummed in excited for what was to come. She hummed as his hips pushed forward until he suddenly froze,“Wait”

Beau groaned as her feet were back on the ground, his body no longer pressed against hers. He gave her an apologetic look, letting her know that he wasn’t happy to stop either,“One sec”, he muttered before going to the pile of their discarded clothes and grabbing his pants.

For a second she thought he was gonna leave her high and dry, but after a few seconds of stumbling around he pulled out his wallet,“Got it!“, he boasted as if he had found the Holy Grail or something.

The caramel skinned beauty shot him an annoyed glare from where she still stood at the door. She wasn’t a hooker, so why the hell would he need his wallet? Her question was answered when he reached into the largest pocket and pulled out a Magnum condom and she almost smacked her own forehead. God she was an idiot.

She was glad at least one of them were thinking properly; she wouldn’t exactly have be happy with nut dripping out of her for the rest of the day.

Beau watched him tear open the wrapper with his teeth before rolling the condom over his large dick. She pulled the hairband off her wrist, pulling her hair back in a messy ponytail,“Well what are you waiting for?“, she snapped at him as he just stood there,“Get over here”, she demanded wanting him inside of her yesterday.

The brunette grinned at her sudden impatience,“Look who’s all flustered now”, he teased as he made his way back over to her, sure to take his time and once again bask in her nakedness; she had the body of a fucking goddess and he wanted to worship her.

Beau rolled her eyes at him, getting on her tip toes and clasping the back of his head to bring him down to kiss him again. He quickly took back the reigns, slipping his tongue into her mouth. His hands went to her thighs before suddenly hoisting her up into his arms. She hummed at the height boost before she was crowded into the corner by the door, barricaded by his tan body.

With one hand, Teddy carefully aligned his tip with her opening and sunk into her welcoming cunt. Beau’s breath hitched as she began to claw at his forearms, trying to come to terms with the pain in any way besides that of screaming out loud as he slide further inside of her. She was practically impaled on his dick and he was even all the way inside yet. All she could do was hold onto him as tight as possible and take it.

“Fuck baby”, Teddy cursed drawing back to look at her. His hair was plastered to his face with sweat, his eyebrows furrowed tight. It made her feel slightly better that he was having a hard time as well. She was so wet and tight, sucking him in without any intention of letting him go. His hand went to her cheek and he pressed their lips together in a firm kiss before pressing his hips forward causing Beau to cry out, her sounds muffled by his lips.

Soon he was completely buried inside of her, his balls pressed flush against her pelvic bone. Beau was shaking mess in his arms, her face buried in his neck as she tried to catch her breath. She was speared on his cock, her wall clenching and unclenching around him in an effort to adjust. God she could feel him in her stomach.

Not wasting anymore time, Teddy pressed his knee to the wall for leverage as he withdrew before plunging back into her. He set up a brutal pace as he fucked her into the corner wall.

With his hands on her small waist, he lifted her up before bringing her back down to meet his strong thrusts.

Teddy hitched her up higher in his arms until her breast were level with his face, watching the heavy jugs jiggly as he fucked into her. His mouth watered watching them move; one thing Teddy loved was tits and Beau was a dream come true. He wanted nothing more than to suck and mark the large mounds of flesh, leaving his teeth marks in her skin.

Beau hissed as his breath blew over her right nipple before it was engulfed in heat. “Oh fuuck!” She gripped at his hair as he toyed with the metal jewel, licking and biting at the bud until it was a rosy red color before moving to the other to give it the same attention. Beau continued to scream and moan like a cat in heat; arching her chest into his mouth to receive more abuse. She was hundred percent sure that anyone in the other facilities could hear her, but she didn’t care one bit.

The small room was filled with the sound of skin slapping together and panted breaths. They were both covered in sweat, their bodies molded together as they grinding to their own filthy melody. Beau purred as Teddy’s thick cock stabbed at her sweet spot with perfect almost torturous precision.

Beau suddenly went stoic in his arms,“Oh my God!”, her eyes rolled back as she began to cream on his cock. Teddy’s hips faltered as her pussy convulsed around him, grunting into her neck.

“Feel so good, shit”, he cursed through gritted teeth.

She whimpered as he fucked her through her sensitivity, bearing her neck for him to suck more bruises into her skin. Her nails dragged down his back, leaving broken skin and redness in her wake. It was so hot, everything was just so hot. Her body felt as it was on fire. Even though she had just cum, she could feel another knot begin to form in her gut.

Beau sucked her ear into mouth, grazing her teeth on his earlobe before whispering,“Feel so good T, fuck I’m-”, she let out a high pitched whine as she came for the second time. Black dots danced across her vision, her head lolling back as she went slack in his arms.

The feeling of her pussy clamped so deliciously tight around him was enough to cause a chain reaction, pulling him over the edge with her. His hips stuttered into hers on their own accord, his thick seed filling the condom. He was a mess of tremors as all his basic bodily functions shut down momentarily.

It was silent for a long moment the air filled with their battered breathing.

Beau ran her hands through his wet hair, her heartbeat still trying to slow back down to a normal pace as they both tried to catch their breath. She stretched, her neck making a delicious cracking sound before relaxing back in his hold,“Thanks, I really needed that.”

Teddy huffed out a laugh, looking down at the girl still seated on his dick,“Glad I could help”

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