Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Her Protector, Her Punisher

Elena’s back dipped inward as she fought to keep her breathing level. Chills spread over her exposed body from the cool night air from where her balcony doors were creaked open. She shuddered as she felt her nipples harden, another feeling to rival the one she was already facing; her walls spasming from the low vibrations and the breeze on her lips.

Elena teetered side to side on her knees, trying the ease some of the tension in her back. Her wrists ached from where they were bound to the headboard. The demeaning position was far from comfortable, but she chose not the complain about it. She could handle a little ache and pain contrary to popular belief.

She wasn’t as delicate as people treated her; just because she was a princess didn’t mean she should he treated like some piece of art. To be admired, but never touched and never spoken to improperly for you might defile her sensitive virgin ears.

That’s not what she wanted to be, that’s not what she was and Ronan understood that.

Being her personal bodyguard, Ronan had been around her for a lot of time; time which allowed him to realize some more than interesting things about the woman. She was more than the beautiful yet seemingly dainty princess; she was a woman who desired to be pushed over the breaking point. She wanted to be punished, treated like the good little whore she was before she’d have to throw on her tiara and “perfect prim princess” façade and fool the world.

However, they didn’t know how the roles would reverse once those chamber doors closed. Ronan was in control and she would blindly obey, taking everything he would give her and love every second of it.

Elena knew Ronan was watching her, she could feel his eyes on her, heavy yet calculating, taking in the view in all its entirety. She hoped he was enjoying it, she knew she made a beautiful sight: on her knees with her back perfectly arched, stuffed with one his favorite toys while she had no way to escape.

She jolted up slightly as the toys buzzing became louder as did the currents which were zeroed in on her g-spot. In her sudden haste, the toy moved in even deeper, without her intent. Elena could only bite her lip, trying her absolute best to not tip over the edge without his permission. She could feel a bead of sweat trickle down her forehead as she focused on schooling her breathing, clenching and unflinching her fists in an attempt to calm herself down.

It seemed to working until a large hand was tangled in her hair, pushing her dark mane out of her face and over her right shoulder. “Everything alright your highness?“, he didn’t even bother to disguise the taunting that was practically dripping from his lips as he spoke. He was enjoying ever second of her misery and was reveling in it as well.

Elena levelled him a glare from over her shoulder, she growled at him only to choke on her snarl as the vibrations intensified about tenfold. She gritted her teeth, eyes squeezed shut tight as she tried not to let her distress show. That’s what he wanted.

Ronan moved down to look at her pussy, coming back up when he saw no cum or signs of orgasm. He smirk lightly beside her,“Good girl”, he praised darkly, gripping her chin tightly,“know to save that cum for my cock, hm?“, he asked her, reminding her of the rules he had giving her at the very beginning.

Annoyed, Elena didn’t answer him, instead cutting her eyes away from him only to regret it as he grabbed a fistful of her hair and yank it back,“What was that?“, he growled, words dipped in aggravation at her defiance.

The royal hissed at the pain in her scalp, tears prickling behind her eyes,“Y- yes”, she admitted weakly, forcing her eyes opening to look at him as she spoke,“a- always cum on master’s cock, u- unless he says otherwise”, she said through gritted teeth, her face burning in embarrassment at that declaration.

Ronan was pleased with this, leaning down and roughly kissing her lips. As much as her scalp ached, she could feel her juices leaking passed her toy and down her thighs. She opened her mouth immediately, allowing his tongue to assault every crevice of her mouth.

Drawing back, he looked at his work. Her full rosy lips now swollen and red from his knawing, her beautiful hazel eyes now hidden under her dark wet lashes, cheeks flushed and wet with sweat. She looked thoroughly wrecked and he loved it.

He broke his façade, his fingers massaging her tender scalp and he smiled as she leaned into his petting, humming softly. As much as Elena enjoyed the roughness, she also enjoyed the praises she’d received as much as the punishments. She whined when the hands stopped and soon they were gone; she looked up at him with glassy eyes, silently begging from more affection from her master.

Ronan stood from the side of the bed, his hands tucked neatly behind his back where he was still dressed in his clothes from that day. Another sign of who was in charge her; who had the power. “I’m gonna turn it up to max power”, he said and he could she the panic on her face at the comment,“If you manage to not cum, I’ll give a nice reward”, her eyes went down to the front of his slacks before going back to his face.

"Only if you do not cum”, the dirty blonde reiterated with authority in his voice,“understand?” Elena, chewed her bottom him before nodded her head,“Y- yes master”, she answered obediently and Ronan grinned.

That was the only warning she received before the vibrator was turned into the highest possible setting.

After another excruciating five minutes, Ronan removed the toy as promised. Elena whimpered as he twisted it out, her pussy was thoroughly stretched, instantly missing the stuffed feeling and wanting something to fill the emptiness.

“Such an obedient little slut, princess”, he growled hotly into her ear, gripping the back of her neck. She hissed as Ronan roughly gripped her arms, untying her.

Although she was now unattached from the headboard, her wrists bound together and trapped in his strong grip. Without a words, Ronan grabbed her leg and raised it high before sliding underneath her. Elena flushed as she straddled his naked body, her hands planted on his hard chest. She hummed feeling the toned chest muscle under her fingers.

She looked down at the hard faced man below her, his strong hand curled possessively around her hip. She was sure it would leave marks, but she didn’t mind; she felt grounded by his rough touch.

She gasped feeling his cock head pressed against her entrance,“Sit”, he demanded with steely dark eyes.

As eager to please as Elena was before, she couldn’t help but to hesitate at the command. His size was intimidating no matter how many times they fooled around and this time would be no different. Ronan noticed her hesitance, gripping her hips roughly, manhandling her over his rod and before she could stop him, he had slammed her down on his cock.

Elena let out a silent scream at the pain, the earlier preparations doing nothing to help her. She beat on his chest, wanting nothing more than to run away from his assault as he continued to pull her down until their hips were pressed flushed together.

Fat tears welled behind her eyes as she was seated on his cock like she belonged there; he was her throne, her guilty pleasure.

Soon her pain had dimmed to a slight discomfort and her nails retracted from the Crescent shaped scars in his light skin.

Ronan, who had not said anything up until now, cleared his throat forcing her to look into his dark ocean eyes.

“Ride me”, he demanded, tucking his arms behind his head as if he was the most relaxed man on earth,“Take you want like the desperate whore you are”

She did just that; slowly rolling her hips in tight circles, biting her lip to keep in her sounds only to fail miserably. The filthiest sounds leaving her lips as she took what she wanted. Her hips ached and she was sure she was losing blood circulation in her hands, but she loved every second of it. It was as if she had the allusion of control, but they both knew that no matter what position they were in Ronan would always be superior.

She would rise up to the very tip of his dick before lowering herself in excruciatingly slow pace. The knot in her stomach that had began forming before they were even in her bedroom, was slowly making its presence known.

Strong hands suddenly grasped her shoulders, stopping her movements,“Off”

Elena froze, confusion written all over her face,“Huh?”

Not one to repeat himself, Ronan’s lip curled before pushing her off of his lap, her back hitting the mattress with a thud. Elena had no time to process what was happening as Ronan grabbed her knees and flipped her onto her stomach. He head was swimming as he frantically got her onto her knees again before slamming himself inside her heat.

Ronan grabbed her hair and yanked her head back, his other hand clasped over her mouth, muffling her scream. She groaned around his calloused hand as she was pulled onto her knees, her back flush against his hard chest,“Want you to be quiet as I fuck you wide open, don’t wanna hear one sound, got it?“, he sneered, his hair of his beard scratching her cheek.

Elena swallowed down her whimpers as he tugged her head back even farther in emphasis. She biting down on her bottom lip, but nodded up at him in understanding.

He smirked at her submission, pulling her into another sloppy rough kiss,“Good girl”, he praised before pushing her back onto her hands and knees once more.

Elena braced herself as his hands gripped her hips tight enough to leave marks for days before he pulled back, slamming his manhood back into her. It took everything in her to not scream, her teeth digging deeper into her lip as he repeated this action over and over again.

He’d ever so slowly pull himself out until just the very tip was against her entrance before snapping his hips forward in a great force that almost sent her flat onto her face.

She gripped the sheets in still bound wrists, spreading her legs impossibly wide as he buried himself in her cunt. This was what she lived for, breathed for, needed.

Elena would never in a million years gives this up: the pain, the pleasure, the dominance. Ronan was her escape and she wanted to get lost in it for all eternity. Tiara or not, she knew who she was.

His obedient little slut.

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