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The three adults stumbled through the front door of the house, laughter filling the quiet house. Russell held open the door as Scarlett pulled Jazelle inside before shutting the door. “You two head to the living room and I’ll get a bottle of wine”, he suggested, nodding towards the sitting room.

Jazelle couldn’t hold back her drunk giggles before nodding at him and allowing his wife to pull her to the room. They were all at a cocktail party for mutual friends and were having a blast, drinking wine, telling jokes and having an all around good time until they got some complaints from other patrons. Instead of heading their separate ways, Scarlett suggested they take it back to their house and Jazelle gladly followed suit.

The curvy woman fell onto the couch with Scarlett in toe, both women more than a bit tipsy. The blonde shifted close to her on the spacious cushion and wrapping her arms around her waist. They looked into eachothers eyes, their breath intermingling. Jazelle bit her lip in restraint; she couldn’t get over how beautiful the woman’s blue eyes were. How beautiful she was in general.

She shook the shameful thoughts from her head as Russell came back into the living room, three wine glasses in hand and a bottle of wine as well. He looked at the overly affectionate women with a smirk,“You ladies having fun without me?“, he commented, sitting the glasses on the table.

“Maybe”, Scarlett giggled, resting her head against Jazelle’s shoulder and tightening her arm around her waist,“God tonight was so much fun”

“Absolutely banging!“, Russell agreed handing out the glasses and sitting on the other side of Jazelle, who gladly accepted the drink.

She sipped from the glass, humming as the alcohol went straight to her head. The ebony woman lowered the cup, dipping her head back running a hand through her hair and before she knew it, they had gone through a whole bottle of wine.

They all seemed to be thoroughly effected by the alcohol, hiccups and giggling filling the air around them. Jazelle’s vision focused in on the blonde woman who had somehow shifted even closer to her. Blue locked onto brown and before she knew it, she and Scarlett were making out. Right then and there (infront) of her husband and he didn’t say anything.

As weird as Jazelle felt about this she could help but throw all her concerns away at the moment. She couldn’t lie, they were a very attractive couple and she had gotten vibes from them on more than one occassion, if you know what she means.

Whenever she was alone with either of them, it seemed to end up in flirtation. However seeing as Jazelle was gay and they were all friends, she never acted on these feelings. Just imagine picking between a beautiful woman and her equally attractive husband? But apparently she didn’t have to chose; they had chosen her.

She continued to make out with Scarlett, feeling another set of lips along the side of her, a firm hand caressing her thigh. She didn’t push his hands away, instead placing her hand over his and guiding him to squeeze her breasts.

She threw her head back as they murmured against her skin, an invitation she couldn’t refuse on their lips.

Before she knew it, she was following them upstairs to their master bedroom. Once inside, Scarlett dragged their mouths back together in a steamy liplock as they peeled off one another’s clothing. Russell just watched in amazement, their nimble fingers dancing across a stark canvas of ebony and ivory.

Jazelle shuddered at the sudden breeze against her bare body, her dark nipples pebbled as she attempted to cover them. Scarlett smiled at her shyness, standing before her confidently in her bareness. She gently pulled her hands from her body, lacing their fingers together and squeezing,“Come with me, Zelle”, she murmured like a spell and Gazelle couldn’t help but obey.

She followed her to the bed, crawling between her spread legs and slotted her lips together again. She was so distracted by Scarlett’s soft lips back against her own, Jazelle felt the mattress dip when Russell climbed in behind her. She had almost forgotten he was there to participate; she thought he was just gonna watch. She shuddered when his rough hands rested on her ass and soon his tongue was buried in her pussy.

Jazelle’s body went stoic, a cry leaving her lips as the pink muscle continued invading her. Dainty hands cupped her cheeks, forcing her to lift her head to look at Scarlett face. She pressed a finger to her lips,“Sh, just enjoy it”, she whispered before pressing their lips together again.

The chocolate goddess couldn’t help but moan against her mouth, hungering for the addictive taste of her lips on her own and the tongue scraping her walls. She whimpered when Scarlett pulled away, smiling lovingly at her wide eyed expression,“Wanna watch him fuck you”, she whispered with cloudy eyes.

Jazelle could only nod in conformation before she was positioned in downward dog. She braced her hands in the sheets for what’s to come.

Russell shifted behind her, his hands raising her hips and placing a pillow underneath her. She felt his stubble scratch against her back,“I got you Jazz, yeah?”

She clenched her eyes shut, taking a deep breath before his tip began to breech her opening.

She cries out upon feeling the most intense pain of her life. It felt as if he was splitting her in half, his cock stretching her in a way she’d never known before. She shook her head, reaching back to push him away.

It was too much, just too much for her.

Scarlett shook her head, leaning down and kissing her more firmly on the lips. “You got this, Zelle, take it”, she murmured against her cheek and that was all it took for her to submit to the scene that unfolded. The pain slowly began to dim into nothingness as Jazelle and Russell were pressed flush together in the most intimate of ways.

Jazelle sniffled, her watery eyes wetting the sheets, she was still trembling. “Baby”, she felt two fingers under her chin and her head was lifted off the mattress to look at Scarlett.

She wiped her tears away, kissing her wet cheeks lovingly. She drew back with a ghost of a smile, looking back her husband for a moment,“Sit up for me, Jazz”, she instructed holding her shoulders.

Jazelle did as told lifting herself on her hands and knees, she whimpered as it caused Russell to shift inside her. “Fuck”, she shuddered.

Russell placed a kiss behind her ear,“Gonna make it so good for you”, he murmured, nibbling on her ear before pulling away. He drew back before rocking his hips back into hers over and over again. Soon he had picked up his pace, driving his dick into her mercilessly. She squeezed her eyes shut, biting her tongue to hold back her screams.

Jazelle gasped when a strong arm wrapped around her throat, drawing her up onto her hands and knees. Russell kept her in a light chokehold, drawing back to snap his hips into hers.

“Oh god oh god fuck!”

Before she knew it, Russell had flipped her onto her back and moved inbetween her legs to enter her again.

“Shit”, he cursed, buried back into her velvety heat.

Her eyes glazed over as she stared at him, the passion and desire written across in his face. “Just feels so good”, Russell whispered from above,“wrapped around me darling, so wet and tight.” He concluded his statements by cupping the sides of head and pulling her into a deep and passionate kiss.

Russell titled his head to deepen the kiss which she hungrily excepted, moaning against his tongue. She spreaders her legs wide, his lean body pressed against her curvy one. He broke away, moving down to her breasts and lapping one of the buds into his mouth causing Jazelle to whimper, tugging at the blonde streaks of hair.

Russell moved back up to her mouth, biting and tugging at her bottom lip before diving his tongue back inside, all the while rocking into her with deep strokes. She purred against his mouth, whimpering when he pulled away.

Russell shushed her, taking her wrists in both hands and pinned them roughly over her head in one hand,“So nice to let me take your first”, he whispered, drawing his mouth from her dark bud,“so sweet and brave for us.” Russell cupped her cheek lovingly and Jazelle suddenly felt overwhelmed by such an onsolate of raw emotions looking into his eyes. She couldn’t handle his heavy gaze anymore, looking over at Scarlett who shared the same expression as her partner had as she touched herself.

“So sweet for us”, she agreed, moaning as she slid another finger into her pussy.

It was at that moment Jazelle realized that this wasn’t just drunk passionate fucking; they were both making love to her.

Russell broke the kiss, sitting up on his knees and grabbing her by the waist. After adjusting her legs over his thighs, he began to draw his hips back. He pulled almost all the way out only to slam himself back in completely, repeating this over and over again.

Jazelle gasped at the rough intrusion, her eyes rolling back slightly as cries were torn from her body. She planted her hand on his toned stomach in refusal, shaking her head side to side. It was so much, too much for her.

Scarlett crawled over and grabbed her hands, pinning them down with her legs as she straddled her face. Her complaints muffled by her sweet pussy lips over her head. Understanding what she wanted of her, Jazelle curled her arms around her hips before bringing her down onto her tongue.

Scarlett’s moans soon mixed in with hers as she tried her best to lick and suck on her clit. It was considerably difficult with Russell fucking the shit out of her without restraint.

“Yeah, just like that!“, she panted, gripping and pinching her pale breasts.

It wasn’t long before Scarlett let out a high pitched whine, her eyes rolling back as she came on Jazelle’s, riding her face through her orgasm.

She continued the lap and lick, trying to suck up every drop of her sweet juices. She tasted like candy and she couldn’t get enough.

Her menstrations became difficult as nimble fingers trailed down to her pearl, working the hard nub in circles.

Scarlett moved off of her, moving down to her side,“Cum Jazzi”, she coached, parting her lips and rubbing her clitoris without restraint.

It had all become too much for her and she drew away from Scarlett’s mouth, crying out,“(Oh fuck me!)“. She began to cum, cumming harder than she ever had before. Her eyes glazed over as currents of unfiltered pleasure raked throughout her body. Her toes curling so much that they cramped.

Russel continued to fuck her threw her orgasm, his hips moving at and inhuman speed as she clutched onto him like vice. His hips began to stutter and judging by the sounds he was making, he wasn’t that far behind her. Jazelle wrapped her legs around his waist, raising her hips at an angle,“Come on Russ, want you to cum for us”, she gasped, both women staring at him with glazed over eyes. With a deep grunt he came, pumping his cum deep inside her pussy.

Jazelle’s body went slack, her legs unravelling from around him completely. Once he had completely emptied his seed, the blonde grabbed his wife by the neck, pulling her into a passionate kiss above her body. Jazelle couldn’t help but feel left out as they madeout right infront of her.

When they finally parted, they looked down out the woman still spread of beneath them, desire and something else she couldn’t describe written across their face.

Whatever it was, it made her nervous. Were they about to kick her out? She didn’t know, but she would beat them to the punch. She tried to get up only for Scarlett to grab her shoulders, keeping her on her back.

She tsked at her,“You wouldn’t be trying to leave us, would you?”

Jazelle chewed her bottom lip as blue eyes were trained on her. She felt even more exposed now than before. Still, she shook her head, relaxing back on the bed.

The couple smiled down at their ebony submissive, before laying down on opposite sides of her drained body. Jazelle thought they were going to bed until she felt their hands caressing her thighs.

She looked down at the hands trailing towards her inner thighs before looking at them both. Scarlett smiled cheekily,“Let us have you one more time?”

As much as she wanted to just go home, she couldn’t deny either of them. They had already crossed so many lines and she didn’t desire to go back.

Jazelle nodded her head, spreading her thighs to allow them to both reach her still sensitive core. The cool air on her button made her breath hitch. The couple each took a respective leg, hooking it over their waists, leaving her spread wide open from their pleasure.

Before she could even question them, four fingers were stuffed into her pussy,“Oh shit!”

Russell pulled a nipple it his mouth, sucking and nibbling on her dark bud.

Jazelle moaned both their names, her hand clamped on Russell’s forearm for dear life. His thick fingers stretched her walls as Scarlett’s slender ones pressed against the deepest part of her pussy.

She gasped as she felt a jolt of pleasure, weakly grabbing Scarlett’s wrist when it was hit again.

Once they had found the bundle, the pair looked at one another before simultaneously stabbing it until Jazelle’s back was arching off the mattress and cumming all over their hands.

She whimpered when they both pulled their fingers from inside her, licking her essence from their digits.

Once they had gotten cleaned up, Jazelle and Scarlett got under the covers and pulled eachother close, their breast molded together in their embrace. Russell soon joined as well, pressed against Jazelle’s back, his arms wrapping around them both.

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