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Daddy's Do's and Don'ts

Milo jogged up to the driveway of his house, stopping at the mailbox labeled “Cattaneo’s”. After seeing that the mail had been collected, he continued his way into his house.

Upon entering the house, Milo groaned, stretching his arms over his head. He headed towards the kitchen, wanting another bottle of water to quench his thirst. He whistled casually as he walked down the hallway towards the kitchen.

Upon walking into the kitchen, the giant man froze, water bottle frozen a few inches from his lips.

There was Rayne, leaning against the counter top, completely unaware of his appearance.

His eyes raked over her curvy body as it swayed side to side; her perky round ass doing things to a man.

Milo couldn’t help the thoughts that filled his head; thoughts that he shouldn’t be having about his nanny of all people. Coming back to his senses, Milo decided to that it was best that he leave.

However, he wasn’t quick enough as Rayne saw him out the corner of her eye,“Oh, hello, Mr. Cattaneo”, the nanny greeted politely as she turned around to face him. This only served to make things even worse; now he could see everything. Her full round breasts encased in the thin black strappy material of her bikini top and the tiny matching bottoms barely wrapped around her hips.

Milo could feel his throat closing. ′Get it together, man, she’s your nanny for Christ’s sake’, he scolded, wanting to smack to vile thoughts from his perverted mind.

Rayne tipped her head to the side, her ponytail swinging behind her,“Back from the gym?“, she assessed, gesturing towards his body, her eyes blatantly lingering on his chest. Unlike him, she had no qualms with staring. Milo felt like prey under her predatory gaze; he just knew she was imaging ripping his close off, which aroused and scared him.

He realized he had yet to respond to her question,“Uh y- yeah...just got home”, he mentally cursed himself for tripping over his words; she had a way of making him lose it.

She nodded her head, the corners of her eyes crinkled as she smirked at him,“I just got out the hot tub”, she informed before jumping up on the counter and Milo couldn’t help but stare at her thick thighs. He blushed when she had caught him staring and he found his eyes zeroing in on his bottle of water.

Things had been tense between them for a while and he couldn’t help but to feel partly responsible for it. He had thrown a dinner party for some people from work a few months back. As the party came to ask end, they were both properly drunk and one thing led to another and they were making out in the kitchen.

It didn’t exactly come out of nowhere or anything like that. There had been some steadily growing tension between them for a while before then, but Milo had forced it to the back of his mind; thinking about his two sons and the woman he had hired specifically to take care of them.

However, all it took was some alcohol to make them both give into their primal desires and throw all caution to the wind. They were practically dry humping on the kitchen counter; Rayne’s legs wrapped tightly around his narrow waist as he sucked bruises into her mocha skin.

Thankfully Milo came back to his senses before things could go any farther. He had told her that they shouldn’t have done what they were doing and that they needed to keep things professional. For a while he thought things had gone back to normal after that, until Rayne had developed some questionable behaviors.

The ebony beauty would strut throughout the house in the tightest little shorts and tops in the mornings with the tightest dresses that left nothing to the imagination, making seemingly innocent yet suggestive comments around him. He recalled one occasion where she had “accidentally” come in the bathroom when he was getting out of the shower. That one almost took him out all together; her small towel barely wrapping her large breasts and wide hips and the hardly mask smile on her full lips. As apologetic as she seemed to be during these instances, he felt like she knew exactly what she was doing.

Milo had to stop himself, the reminiscing alone causing his dick to twitch in his shorts,“Uh where are the boys?“, he asked, needing a chance to escape from his dirty thoughts.

Rayne giggled at his flusteredness; she definitely knew what she was doing,“Did you forget? Isaac and Isaiah are both at Trevor’s for a sleepover and won’t be back til Sunday”, she reminded.

Milo couldn’t help but gulp at the news. That meant they had the whole weekend alone. He had no idea how he was gonna make it out alive.

* * * * * *

It had been a few hours since the incident in the kitchen and Milo had since then calmed down. At the moment, he was deep into a book his sister had recommended to him.

Knock knock

Milo looked over at the door, closing his book,“Come in”, he announced taking off his reading glasses. He wasn’t surprised when Rayne came strutting in, but he was surprised by her new ensemble. She had changed out of her skimpy bikini and into even less; a lacey white bra that did little to hold her girls inside and a pair of sheer black panties.

Milo felt his pajama pants tighten and gripped his knee under his desk; she was most definitely tempting him and he didn’t know how much more he could take. Rayne stood infront of his desk, her hands tucked neatly behind her back as she smiled at the older man,“I just wanted to come check up on you, Mr. Cattaneo”, she explained, placing her hands on the wood surface before continuing,“you’ve been very quiet.”

Milo wondered how she was able to sound so sweet and innocent looking the way she did. “I-“, he coughed, trying to clear the lump that had taken refuge in his throat,“I- I’m f- fine, Miss R- Rayne.” God she had him feeling like a hormonal teenager.

Rayne pushed herself off his desk, looking around his large office as if she hadn’t been there before. Her eyes landed on the telescope positioned in front of the far window of his office. “Oh are there any stars out tonight?“, without another word, she jogged over to the window where the telescope was, Milo’s eyes literally glued to her ass as it jiggled.

He had gotten the telescope for the boys; they were in boy scouts and wanted to get their astronomy patch. However, they never stopped looking after that. Isaac and Isaiah were just fascinated by the stars and he couldn’t help but indulge in the hobby as well.

Rayne stood at the window and instead of adjusting the scope, she bent over and looked into the lens. Milo choked, covering it with a cough as he felt himself now at full mass in his sweats. God she was a sight.

The older man was pulled from his daze by a gasp that fell from Rayne’s lips. “Come look at this”, she begged excitedly, looking back at him with a bright smile.

Milo hesitated, but still moved from behind his desk. He moved towards her, a small voice in his head warning him ‘Its a trap Milo, don’t fall for it.’ Before he knew it, he was standing behind her, his large broad frame towering over her smaller one. He kept his arms tucked neatly behind his back, not wanting to give in to temptation.

Rayne continued to stare into the scope, mesmerized by what she saw,“Woah”, she gasped, before finally drawing back,“you need to check this out.” She didn’t step aside, so Milo didn’t make any move to come any closer. Rayne rolled her eyes at his cowardice and grabbed his chin, bringing him down to look over her shoulder.

They were even closer now, so close that he could smell her rose scented perfume which was clouding all his senses. He could feel her backside against his front and he forced himself to keep from moving, focusing on the stars. Rayne was right, there was more stars in the sky than he’d ever seen before and it was beautiful. Romantic even.

The darker woman relaxed against his hard chest,“Isn’t it beautiful?“, Milo started to feel her brush up against his front, not in a super obivious way, but subtle enough that he hardly felt it. Still, he could feel himself getting even more aroused. He inhaled deeply through his noise, feeling his heartbeat in the tips of his ears,“Uh y- yeah it is.”

He looked drew back from telescope and looked down to find her staring at him. Her brown eyes were clouded with something he could only define as desire and it was suddenly hard to breath.

Just like that, the final thread of his restraint had snapped. He leaned in, pressing his lips to hers. Her lips were insanely soft and plump, her soft moans going straight to his cock. He cupped her cheek, turning her around to face him properly. Rayne wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back with vigor.

His tongue traced them seam of her lips before prying her mouth open and delving inside. Rayne moaned, rocking her hips into the bulge of his sweats and he rolled his hips forward in turn, gripping her waist in his large hands.

Her hands went to the end of his white t-shirt and lifted it up, giddy at the sight of hard abs and muscle underneath. Milo replaced her hands with his own to pull it overhead, dropping it on the floor behind him.

Rayne bit her lip as she took in his hard body in all its splendor; she wanted him to break her in hlaf, his tan biceps bulging.

Her nails grazed over his and and happy trail making him shudder and she couldn’t hide her smirk. God, he was carved out of marble.

Wanting to even the playing field, Milo’s arms lowered back around her. His hands traveled around her torso to her bra band. He made a sound of aggravation against her lips as he felt around her back for the clasp of her bra to no avail.

Rayne giggled, pulling back to look at his dark eyes,“It’s in the front”, she murmured, going to help him out only to gasp as he ripped her bralette completely off of her. Rayne stared at him in awe,“I’ll buy you a new one”, he offered, crashing his lips back into hers.

She whimpered against him mouth as he shoved his hand into his panties. “You’ve been teasing me for a while now”, he growled against her mouth,“you just wanted me to lose it, fuck you right then and there. The kitchen, the bathroom, all over this house.”

Rayne moaned at his vulgarity, hissing as he sank a thick finger into her core,“Please”, she whined pulling away from him,“don’t tease me again, don’t think I could take it.”

* * * * * *

Rayne was glad that the boys weren’t home cause she was sure that with the way she was screaming, they would’ve thought she was dying or something.

Milo had her straddling his strong thighs, everything that was once on his desk scattered on the floor as she rode her. His legs were spread out in his office chair, his hands gripping her waist as he brought her down on his dick.

“Oh fuck!“, her eyes fluttered shut as his cock grazed over that special bundle of nerves. He was like a savage animal. His teeth and tongue grazing and marking every inch of her chest and neck that he could reach.

Her back lurched as his hand came down on her left ass cheek, the sting riding under her skin in delicious waves,“Daddy!“, she whined, arching her hips out to receive more abuse.

Milo grunted, gripping her ass in his hands and standing up, moving up against his large desk and placing her atop it.

Once she was settled, he withdrew himself only to bury himself back inside, over and over again. Milo squeezed his eyes shut, the feeling of her wrapped around around him better than anything he ever experienced. God was this what he had been missing out on.

He shifted her up higher, allowing him to move in deeper,“Who does this pussy belong to?“, Milo growled, picking up his pace.

Rayne squeezed her eyes shut, her teeth digging into her bottom lip”Y- you daddy, you own it all!“, she bellowed out, her nails digging into his forearm.

Milo sunk in even deeper, his hands definitely leaving a print on her skin,“Mhmm, that’s right! Daddy’s pussy; mine!“, he growled possessively, sucking a dark bruise under her ear.

She fell back onto his desk, her legs up in the air as she gripped the wood edges to keep herself from possibly passing out. She final got him to start and she didn’t want Milo to ever stop.

Judging by the stutter in Milo’s hips, he was close not that she wasn’t far behind. The knot in her core impossibly tightened and with a sharp snap of his hips, the flood gates broke.

“D- daddy I’m c- cu!“, she voiced, her voice cracking. Rayne clenched around him as if her life depended on it, the intensity of her orgasm sending her into a catatonic type shock.

Soon after, Milo’s grip impossibly tightened on her thigh as he buried his primal sounds in the crook of her neck. Rayne let out a silent scream as she felt an explosion of liquid warmth inside her. Her eyes were permanently stuck to the back of her head as Milo fucked her in shallow faint thrusts.

As he tried to catch his breath, slender fingers carded through his hair, massaging his sweaty scalp. Rayne was using this as an anchor of focus to stay on planet Earth, her legs unraveled loosely from around his waist. They both stared there, basking in the afterglow of their shared orgasms.

Milo was the first to come back to his senses and his regrets followed soon after. “Guess we should ugh...get cleaned up, huh?“, he suggested awkwardly, peeling his upper body off of hers. He fought back his embarrassment upon remembering he was still buried inside of her. Strangely enough, he didn’t wanna pullout just yet, wanting to treasure the calm before the storm.

Rayne made an unintelligible sounds, still somewhat gathering her bearings,“Not gonna lie, that sounds good in theory, but I kinda can’t feel my legs right now”, she explained, wincing at the pain in her hips. With the number he did on her, if Rayne ever recovered feeling below her navel, she would be surprised.

Milo flushed a bright red, scratching the back of his head,“Sorry”, he apologized awkwardly, looking down only to regret it immediately. The reality of what he had done, who he had done was setting in and it sent his stomach in knots. What if things were weird now? He couldn’t bare to fire her; it would kill not only the boys but him as well. His shoulders slumped at the deceptive thoughts.

Rayne knew the man too well,“Now don’t go all shy on me now, daddy”, she called out lightly, propping herself up on her hands. She wrapped her legs back around his waist, her eyes momentarily catching on the sight of their bodies connected before humming,“Take me to the shower and when we’re done I can make us somehing to eat”, she offered, titling her head back to give her boss a reassuring sweet smile. She was not gonna let him make this weird; it had been a long time coming and they both knew it. She was just glad the boys weren’t here to be traumatized by it.

Just like that, she had him wrapped around her finger. Milo chuckled lightly, nerves melting away for good,“Sounds like a plan to me”, he pressed a light kiss to her lips before gathering her in his arms, whimpering as it caused her to shift on his shaft.

Rayne squealed as she clutched onto him,“Thank you daddy“, she sang, pecking him on the cheek and Milo laughed as he carried her down the hallway to the bathroom.

“Anything for you baby girl.”

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