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We're Endgame

Piper was freaking out as she squirmed through the sea of other crew members. She did her best to stay calm eyes frantically scanning around the chaotic set, practically cheering when she saw her boss at the props table. She rushed passed everything, apologizing frantically to everyone she bumped into.

She rushed towards the older woman calling her name louder than she needed to,“Monica!“, she hissed. The woman turned around, smiling upon seeing her, she started talking but Piper couldn’t hear what she was saying; which brought her to the problem at hand.

She immediately started moving her hands, trying to communicate with the woman, hoping that she knew sign language. Judging by her scrunched up face, she had no idea what she was doing.

Piper huffed, pointing to her ears and shaking her head. Her ear aids had shorted out and she need to go home and replace them. She continued to try and communicate with her until Monica’s looked away from her.

Confused, Piper looked over to see Sebastian Stan, dressed in his Winter Soldier costume, walking towards them. Her chest tightened as he stood infront her; she had never been this close to him before now.

The brunette looked at her before turning to her boss. “Her hearing aids have gone out”, he told the older woman, before turning to Piper again. ‘You need to change them?’, he signed.

Piper couldn’t mask her surprise at his use of ASL, before coming back to her senses. She nodded at him,‘I have to run home to replace it, can you let her know I’ll be right back?’, she responded with begging eyes.

He gave her a thumbs up before relaying the message. Her boss nodded her head in understanding, motioning for her to go and Piper didn’t need to be told twice.

* * * * * *

Piper was packing up for the day, when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She was more than a little surprised to see Sebastain Stan of all people standing there. Two times in one day; she must’ve been super lucky

She was confused as to why he was there but offered him a small smile. It took her a second to realize he had started moving his hands to sign.

‘Everything good now?’

Piper blushed in embarrassment and surprise seeing as he remembered her little moment earlier that day. She gave him a thumbs up,“O- oh yeah, I’m good”, she answered clearing her throat seeing as her voice was high for some reason,“Th- they were new and I still haven’t gotten the hang of charging them.“, she explained awkwardly, pulling her thick and wild hair into a ponytail. Why? No reason besides needing to move her hands when she was nervous.

“They were supposed to be better for work, the old ones gave me a headache”, she rambled, holding up the case she carried with her 24/7.

Sebastian nodded, following her every word,“Yeah cause of all the explosions. I get you”, he offered with a smile and returned the smile she gave him. God, he made her feel like she was back in middle school again.

“Sebastian”, he said offering his hand to shake. She giggled at the thought of the celebrity thinking he needed to introduce himself on set of his own movie, but shook his hand anyway,“I’m Piper, nice to meet you, Sebastian”

* * * * * *

Piper raced around her condo getting ready for the premiere. Sebastian had asked her to be his date to the opening of EndGame and to say that she was pleasantly surprised was an understatement. She literally fell off of her bed while on FaceTime with the brunette.

They had become very close since the first day they met and a part of Piper had romantic feeling for the actor, but she didn’t think he’d feel the same. If anything he saw her like a sister or a work friend.

She was putting on her heels when she heard her doorbell ring. “Shit”, she cursed, grabbing her purse and heading downstairs,“One second, I’ll be right there!”

Piper looked at herself in her hallway mirror one last time before flinging her front door open to reveal Sebastian Stan himself.

She suddenly shrunk in on herself,“H- hi Sebastian”, she said with a weak wave. She frowned when he didn’t respond and for a moment she thought she’d forgotten her hearing aids.

“Is there something wrong with what I’m wearing?“, Piper asked, looking herself over,“You don’t like it? I should go change” Her dress was a bit on promiscuous side, but didn’t wanna over do it. Before she could go back in the house, he grabbed her hand keeping her there.

Sebastian just looked her up and down, struggling to find the proper words to describe the sight,“You look....amazing”, he finally said, coming back from the stupor she had placed on him,“Anthony’s not gonna be able to shut up about you; thinks I’m the luckiest dumbass ever.”

Piper was glad her couldn’t see the blush on her cheeks,“Thanks Sebi, and you don’t look too bad yourself”, she said with a wink, looking him over as well.

He looked good enough to eat and Piper was starving.

Sebastian smiled wide,“Then shall we?“, he held out his hand for her.

She took his hand, ignoring the sparks she felt,“We shall.”

* * * * * *

They made their way along the crowded red carpet. Piper’s eyes were blown wide from the camera flashes, grateful that she turned down her aids in the car. She stayed latched onto Sebastian just incase she would need any leverage.

“Piper! Sebastian!”

Piper felt Sebastian’s arm tighten around her where it was wound around her waist before they turned around to see Chris Evans approach them.

Sebastian’s hold didn’t loosen as she waved at the actor,“Oh hey Chris”, she greeted, giving him an awkward side hug,“How are you?”

They had become good friends as well during filming and afterwards as well. He was a sweetheart and a true gentle giant. Piper had even accidentally told him she had a huge crush on him when he was the Human Torch.

He shrugged,“I’m great, are you having a good time?”

Piper was still a bit starstruck even after all this time,“Y- yeah”, she rambled softly,“alittle nervous, but thanks to Sebastian I’m fine”, she looked up at the brunette, giggling when he squeezed her side.

He shot her a wink before looking back at Chris,“No hard feeling?“, he asked his co-star who only held up his hands,“Not at all.”

Piper arched an eyebrow,“Hard feelings?“, she looked between the two larger men,“What happened?” As far as she knew they were still really good friends.

Sebastian shook his head,“It’s nothing really, Pipe”, he assured,“Chris is just being a sore loser“, he jabbed at the bearded man.

Piper was still as lost as she was before. What the hell were they talking about?

“It’s nothing really”, Chris told her,“I was gonna ask you to attend the premiere with me before this guy beat me to the punch”, he said, ruffling his friends short hair much to his chagrin. Piper blushed thanking him before he moved on to talk to Robert.

Piper waited until they were alone to look at Sebastian,“So Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan were fighting over me?“, she asked, nudging him playfully.

He didn’t look one bit embarrassed, shrugging down at her,“Not really fighting perse”, he calculated delicately,“more like sneaking in when he wasn’t looking and talking to you. First come, first serve, ya know?”

They both shared a laugh before walking hand in hand into the Endgame premiere.

* * * * * *

“That was insane”, Piper agaped turning from Sebastian to look out the window at the passing scenery.

The were in Sebastian’s car after the premiere had ended and to say it was amazing was an understatement. The movie was insane in all the best ways which as expected since they both worked so hard in it and Piper was just pumped with unused adrenaline and anxiety. Not only from the movie but also from finally being alone with her date. She was so nervous, Piper had to stop herself from tapping her heel repeatedly.

Piper’s nerves almost immediately melted away at hearing Sebastian’s warm laugh,“I’ll say”, he said making her turn to look back at him. He smiled at her before turning his head back to the road,“I’m glad you didn’t wanna stay longer, I wasn’t exactly stoked to party.“, he admitted with a sigh of relief. He wasn’t exactly a social butterfly on his own especially if he didn’t have Anthony to cut a rug with.

“Yeah, I didn’t wanna be around all those people either”, as much as she adored everyone she worked with, she wanted to actually have some time with just her and Sebastian. “Besides, I prefer to mourn the loss of Tony Stark by myself.”

“I agree”, Sebastian piped up from the drivers seat,“can’t believe the man of Iron is really gone...”

It was silent for a moment as they moved down the road,“On a lighter note, they did Steve so wrong aging him like that”, Piper commented, shaking her head side to side.

They both burst into fits of laughter, the warm and comfortable kind. However, once the silence took over, Piper began to fidget in her seat,“I still have so much energy”, she exclaimed, bouncing her heels clad foot,“I dont want this night to end yet.” This was probably one of the best nights in her life. It’s one thing to attend, but to go with the Winter Soldier and actually walk the carpet was something else.

Sebastian let out a low chuckle that really shouldn’t have been as sexy as it was,“Neither do I”, he agreed, smiling over at her,“you wanna come back to my place, we could have drinks and continue talking?”

Out the corner of his eyes, he saw her freeze and immediately regretted the request. He wasn’t planning to do anything exactly, although Piper was a very attractive woman he just really enjoyed her company.

She hummed, leaning back in her seat,“That actually sounds great right now”, she murmured playfully in response. Sebastian looked over at her, smiling when she stared back at him.

* * * * * *

Piper squealed as Sebastian carried her through the entrance of his house like a bride,“You are ridiculous!“, she decided through her laughter, holding the bottom of her dress as to not expose herself.

Sebastian only chuckled, kicking the door shut before sitting her down on her feet,“That’s what they call me; Sebastian Ridiculous Stan“, he announced, the words rolling off his tongue in his smooth Romanian accent.

“Did I ever tell you how hot you sound speaking Romanian”, she flirted hotly. She had no idea where it had come from, but she wasn’t upset about it.

“No”, he answered, placing his hands on her hips,”but I wouldn’t mind hearing you say it.”

He looked down at her with once bright blue eyes now dark. She suddenly felt so small under his intense gaze, chewing on her lower lip. Sebastian was entranced by the action, his eyes focused on her full dark lips and he wanted nothing more than to taste them.

“Then why don’t you?”

Sebastian didn’t need to be told twice before he tilted her chin up, brushing his lips over hers softly. Piper instantly melted into the kiss, butterflies fluttering in her stomach as she parted her lips in invitation.

He slid his tongue between her lips, kissing her harder, squeezing her body closer to his. Piper whimpered, the grooves of strong muscle molding against her. She couldn’t help, but think how much better it would fell on top of her, behind her, inside her.

They both undoubtedly knew how this night would end.

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