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Since We're Alone

Rome hummed as she prepared her morning coffee, swaying her hips to an unknown song in her head. She was in her own little world as she heard the heavy footsteps come down the stairs. She hardly jumped when toned arms wrapped around her middle.

“Goodmorning, darling”, Silas murmured roughly, his English accent graveled by the raspiness of his morning voice. Rome loved his voice like that. “Right back at you, hotstuff”, she teased, tilting her head back to peck her husband’s cheek affectionately.

Rome sighed as he swayed them side to side,“So what do you wanna do today, hm? Just you and me for the whole weekend”, she hummed at his words, his lips moving up the column of her neck until he planted a soft kiss on her lips. She gladly returned the kiss, moaning against his lips. The kiss quickly deepened as she turned around to face him, pulling him down to meet her lips in the dirtiest way she knew he liked. They grinded against one another like they were horny teenagers again.

They loved their daughter Mykie to the ends of the Earth, but with that being said, they hadn’t had proper alone time in a while. Now three years later, they were given a golden opportunity and they had every intention of taking advantage of it.

She squealed as her feet were suddenly off the floor and she was placed on the countertop nearby. “Haven’t been like this in a while”, she giggled, draping her arms over his shoulders to pull his body back to hers.

Silas snorted at the comment,“Don’t remind me”, he pulled back, undoing the buttons of her pajama shirt. His body yearned to be against hers and her clothes were more than getting in the way.

Scooping her up in his arms, he moved out the kitchen and up the stairs to their master bedroom. Silas sat back on the edge of the bed, his lap full of his wife and he wouldn’t want it any other way. She brought his head to hers, grinding against him as she pulled her shirt off completely. He gripped her ass in his hands, palming the flesh in his hands.

He loved how thick Rome was and with the baby weight that just refused to leave no matter what, he was in heaven. Her thick thigh, wide hips and soft curves. He would marry her all over again his her could. Wanting nothing more than to be buried inside her, he nudged her off before getting up.

Silas took his sweet time stripping out of his sweats and boxers while Rome was less than patient. She kicked off her panties, moving back until her back met the headboard and watching the show he put on. She watched him with hungry eyes, her hand drifted down to touch her weeping cunt. She bit down on her bottom lip, making sure that she had Silas’ eyes trained on her as the tip of her finger slid inside.

Her eyes fluttered shut at the feel, moving her finger in and out until she felt the mattress dip and someone grabbing her wrist. Rome hissed as he removed her finger, replacing it with his own digits, trailing kisses up her stomach and to her neck. She threw her head back in ecstasy as his long fingers curled inside of her. She could already feel the knot forming in the pit of her stomach.

“Honey”, she begged, spreading her legs farther apart in invitation for him to be closer to where she needed him most. Silas smirked against the skin of her throat, removing his fingers from her.

He brought the digit to his lips and licked it clean with eyes focused on hers,“Hands and knees for me”, he growled after pulling it from his mouth.

Rome rushed into position, giddy with excitement. She felt like they were in college again, sneaking around with Silas and getting it on anywhere there could. She got onto her knees, tucking a pillow under her hips.

She looked back to find her husband’s eyes trained on her wet cunt, his tongue darting out to lick his lips. Always the teasing type, Rome arched her back and started to shake her hips, practically twerking on the pillow.

She jumped as a hand came down on her ass, stilling her movements.

“Tease”, he breathed against her ear, his body now drape over hers. His lips moved down the side of her neck and her shoulder, his beard scratching her smooth ebony skin.

Rome hummed, baring his neck to let him suck more bruises there. She gasped when he pushing in his tip, keeping his hand over hers as he guided his cock inside her cunt until his balls were flush against her.

He wasted no time drawing back and driving his hips forward, the years of rushed intimacy hard to break so suddenly.

Rome hummed at the stretching of her canal around his thick cock. She spread her legs farther apart, bowing her back into a deeper arch allowing for him to plant his hand on her hip as he plowed into her.

They missed this; the lovemaking without having to care about anything in the world but each other and the pleasure between them.

Rome’s body went stoic for a moment before she was racked with shivers as her orgasm brought her to her knees. All the while Silas slowly dragged his length in and out of her in long sensual strokes. He watched, completely mesmerized, as his dick returned coated in her cream.

“Jesus Christ, Ro’ “, he cursed under his breath. He continued his shallow thrusts as he worked her through her orgasm. She was so tight, so warm, just perfect.

His hips began to stutter into her in a messy rhythm,“Almost there!“, Silas huffed, eyes squeezed shut as he felt himself nearing the edge. They could be 70 and he would be marvelled by the tight wetness of his wife’s count.

She was yanked from her euphoria by those words, “P- pu- pullout!“, Rome demanded, frantically. He didn’t put on a condom and she hadn’t been on birth control since she got pregnant with Mykie. He was (not) gonna knock her up again!

That warning brought Silas back from the throws of ecstasy and to the life altering reality of it all. He suddenly pulled out, his cum painting her ass in thick white stripes. He fisted his cock, grunting as he worked himself to the end of his orgasm.

Rome hummed, still basking in the aftermath of her own orgasm.

They had a long weekend ahead of them.

* * * * * *

Silas walked into the house after work, heading straight into the kitchen to find his wife. “Hey Mykie”, he greeted, kissing the little girl on the temple earning a squeal,“Da!”

He smiled, going over to greet his wife at the stove,“Hello lovely”, before he could give her a kiss, Rome ducked, avoiding his lips. She turned around to face him with a blank expression. Before he could ask her what was wrong she pushed something against his chest, turning back around to finish cooking. Silas looked down at the pregnancy test, the words pregnant on the screen.

“Your pull out game now has a success rate of -2”

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