Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Are You Trying To Seduce Me, Robbie?

Mariah panted softly, wiping the sweat from her neck and forehead. The Sun was especially relentless today as it seemed to beam down specifically on her. Her caramel skin was drenched in a sheen of sweat. Not the best day to clean up her yard but somebody had to do it.

With that in mind, the 35 year old woman buckled down and continued to collect the debris that had haven on her property. There had been a thunder storm a few days ago and it had knocked half of Milwaukee into her front yard, not that it had looked any better before. Mariah wasn’t exactly blessed with a green thumb like some of her neighbors, but she knew how to keep her leaves raked and her grass cut.

She had just finished gathering the trash and leaves into bags, so up next would be to cart all of it to the curb. Once again, so much work for one person.

When Mariah turned around she was surprised to run into a hard body. “Jesus!“, she gasped in surprise, her hand going over her chest as if she was going to have a heart attack,“You scared the shit outta me, August!“, she scolded, glaring up at the young man from across the street.

The red head flashed her an apologetic smile, holding up his hands in surrender,“Sorry Miss Mariah, didn’t mean to scare you”, he apologized watching her with worried eyes.

“It’s alright”, she heeved, trying straighting herself up. ‘God Mariah, you aren’t even that old and you almost got taken out by a game of peek-a-boo.’

Once she heart returned to its regular pace, she turned to her visitor,“So what do you need? Did your mom send you over to borrow something?” She remembered his mother saying she wanted to try creating something weird again and that she might swing by if she needed anything.

“Oh no ma’am”, he answered quickly, shaking his head his side to side,“I came outside and noticed you out here working hard and thought you could use the help?“, he explained, pointing back over to the porch where he had come from.

Mariah would be lying if she said she didn’t consider the offer,“Thank you August, that is so sweet of you”. With his help, it would make things go by way faster; not like she really was getting anywhere by herself.

The young man grinned, clapping his hands together,“Okay, let’s get it done!“, without another word, August pulled his shirt off and Mariah thought she died for a second. Nothing but taunt hard muscles covered in freckles.

“So where do you want me?“, he asked, tucking his t-shirt into his jeans causing them to hang dangerously low on his hips. Mariah had the urge to reach out and trace his v-line.

‘On top of me’, she thought immediately before stopping herself.

“Um uh th- the tree limbs”, she stammered, trying to gather her words properly. ‘God where the hell did that come from?’, she scolded herself, facepalming. She felt like a pedophile for even thinking about him like that.

August didn’t seem to notice this, turning to look at the mass of limbs,“Will do ma’am”, he said, sending her a wink and a smile. She watched him as he turned and walked across the yard, his dotted back muscles flexing as he moved.

Mariah forced herself to look away, turning back to her prior task, ‘God have mercy.’

* * * * * *

Mariah had moved into her house almost 6 years ago when she had met her neighbors and their son. At the time August was 18 compared to her 29. He was going to be going to college in a year, so they hardly spoke aside from when Mrs. Robinson had her over for company.

He was an attractive young man, but she thought nothing of it, even as the years went by and they seemed to become closer. Every time he would come back to visit from school, he made sure to visit her and she found it sweet but as of late, he seemed to be more on the flirtatious side than friendly.

Mariah preferred to never think like that about the youngest Robinson. She only saw him as a kind, hard working boy- no man from next door. He was 24 years old for Christ sake!

She was damn near a puddle when they finally finished, the heat panning down on her back suddenly too much for her poor body. She could feel the sweat soaking through her white tank top and it made her cringe; a shower was calling her name.

She stretched out her legs, looking at her finished work with pride,“God I need a drink”, she huffed to herself, taking off her gloves.

She made her way to the porch into the protection of the shade where she had a pitcher of lemon iced tea and a glass ready for consumption. She hummed at the feeling of the cold liquid going down her throat, shivering as it spread throughout her body.

She was so wrapped up in her own little world, that she didn’t even notice that August had come over and was staring at her. “Oh I’m sorry August”, the light skinned woman blushed bright red. How could she be such a bad host and not offer him anything? “I can go get you a glass if you’d like?”

As she turned to go in her house and get a cup, she was stopped by an hand around her wrist before she was pulled back into a hard chest. She gasped softly as his arm went around her waist, looking up at him with wide eyes.

“No need”, he said and before she knew it, he had taken the glass out her hand and pressing his lips to the exact same spot where hers had been.

Mariah couldn’t help but watch as sweat dripped off his chin and onto his chest. She had no business noticing how hard of a chest it was, but she couldn’t help it. He was so large and toned pressed up against her. If she was a stick, she was positive they’d be able to set a fire right now. She just prayed he couldn’t feel her nipples poking against him.

Once August had finished off the glass, he sighed in relief,“Delicious”, he said, smiling down at her, before sitting the glass down. Mariah couldn’t help but think he wasn’t talking about the lemonade and the wink he shot her made her feel as if she wasn’t wrong. All she could do was do look down, pressing her legs together.

‘Lord have mercy indeed.’

* * * * * *

After a long and equally shameful shower, Mariah headed into her bedroom, her robe wrapped haphazardly around her body. She was surprised to find it now dark outside. ‘How long was I in there?’ Her cheeks flushed at the thought of what she had done in there to eat up so much of her time.

Pushing the shameful thoughts away, she went over to her dresser and began to apply some oil to her skin. She had just finished lathering her legs when she heard someone knocking on her front door.

Although it wasn’t that late she had no clue who would be at her door. She tightened her robe before heading downstairs to answer it. She stopped at the door, placing her ear to the wood.

“Who is it?“, she asked loudly, her hand still on the lock.

“It’s me, Miss Mariah!“, a deep familiar voice called.

She sighed in relief, unlocking the door and opening it,“God August, are you trying to scare me to death?!“, she exclaimed, allowing him to come inside.

“Sorry, Ms. Mariah”, he offered, stuffing his hands in his sweats pockets,“I can’t seem to find my keys anywhere so I thought I might’ve left them over here.” Even as he explained his situation, his dark eyes raked over her frame. Something that did not go unnoticed by the older woman.

She was suddenly self-conscious about her attire, tightening her robe around her frame,“I- I’m sorry August, I don’t know”, she immediately felt bad when he cursed under his breath and sighed. He looked so defeated and she couldn’t help but try to help him.

Mariah looked around for a moment fidgeting on her toes,“Let me go throw some clothes on and we can go look outside?“, she suggested, regretting the worlds as they left her mouth.

Why couldn’t she have told him to wait til the morning to look? Or said told him to go look himself? Instead of going over the multiple lies that had popped into her head afterthefact, Mariah just told him to make himself comfortably until she got back before rushing upstairs.

She quickly discarded her satin robe on her bed, cringing at the image she had presented earlier. ‘God, I look like one of those chicks from those old pornos.’ She was about to go pull out some clothes when she heard a streak from behind her, head snapping around immediately.

“August!“, she exclaimed, almost jumping out her skin at his unannounced appearance. “Wh- what are you doing up here?“, she questioned frantically, trying to cover herself with her robe,“I- I...I uh told you I’d be back down in a minute!”

She couldn’t believe it; she had basically flashed the neighbor boy!

Instead being embarrassed and leaving August just stood there staring at her, which made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She took a deep breath, clutching the fabric tighter around her.

“W- what a- ar- are you doing up her?“, she asked him as he shut the door behind himself after moving inside. It felt as if her heart was beating out of her chest as he came closer and closer.

Every step he took forward, she would move farther back. The look in August’s eyes made her nervous; scared of whatever he was planning by coming up here.

August didn’t speak, his hand coming up to cup the curve of her cheek.

Mariah flinched under his gentle touch,“I uh... I don’t think this is appropriate”, she tried to spit it, fighting the urge to melt into his touch. This was not good, not good at all.

“I don’t know why you try and act like you’re not attracted to me”, his fingers trailed up her arm, leaving goosebumps in his wake,“I see the way you look at me; know what you’re thinking in that little head of yours.” Mariah could only stare up at him as she worried her lip; her resolve was slipping and it was slipping fast. She did his best to backed away with what little resolve she had left.

“I’m more than capable of pleasing you, but if you don’t believe me I’d be more than happy to prove it to you”, by now he had her crowded against the edge of her bed.

“Wh- wha- what about you keys?”

Mariah question between shallow breathes.

The younger man let out a deep chuckle, shaking his head lightly,“They were never missing, just wanted another excuse to get over here”, he admitted with a shrug.

Mariah’s lips made on O shape at the explanation. Still she made no move to push him away, both silently knowing that she wanted this, he wanted this. They wanted this.

She shivered feeling his hands gliding up her forearms and to the robe that was haphazardly draped her her. Mariah made no move to stop him as he pulled the satin material away from her body, leaving her completely bare. August hummed at her compliance, a smirk growing on his lips as he took in her body.

“You have no idea how long I’ve dreamed about seeing you like this...all of you.”

It was true, he had often fantasized about the soft curves of the older woman: her thick thighs, soft wide hips, and her large heavy breasts. He wondered if she was as flexible and sensitive in real-life as she was in his head.

Mariah shivered under his gaze, darting her eyes away from him growing intimidated. For that, he cupped her cheeks, forcing her to look up at him with lips parted slightly.

“August?“, she begged in a breathy voice. He answered her pleas, pressing his lips to hers. It was so new, so different, but amazing. August couldn’t believe how fast he had become addicted to the taste of her.

Against his bodies protests, he pulled away, going to grab his shirt and Mariah made quick work of helping him take it off.

Once his top half was bare, she took in the sight from earlier, now able to touch, her nails raked down his muscled torso.

She gasped she was pushed onto the bed, her back hitting the mattress with a thud. She sat up on her elbows, watching for his next me.

He undid the knot of his sweats and pulled them off, leaving him in his boxers. Mariah’s jaw almost dropped at the sight of the bulge in his shorts. He climbed around her on the bed, going to sit against the headboard. Once he was in a comfortable position, he nodded his head over to her,“Know you wanna suck it.”

Mariah didn’t even have time to be embarrassed by his vulgar words towards her, wanting to do just that. Her mouth salivated in preparation to take him. She crawled to his side, eyes trained on his covered length. She shifted on her hands and knees to get comfortable as she finally pulled his cock from his boxers.

She didn’t waste anytime, opening her mouth to wrap her lips around his tip. Mariah could heard him hiss as she ran her tongue up the underside of his dick, swirling it around the tip once, twice, then taking as much of it down as she could.

She glanced up in time to catch the marveled look on his face and smirked as she swallowed more until she had more than half of him down her throat. If there was one thing she was good at, one thing she felt she was born to do, it was to suck August’s cock. It was as if they were made for one another; his cock thick and heavy, making her jaw ache in the best of ways.

She came up off his length, sucking in much needed air. A ring of saliva was already beginning to coat her lips before she took him in her hand and pulled him back into her wet mouth.

“Shit”, August cursed as he threaded his fingers through her dark hair, collecting it all in his fist to watch his dick slide between those plump, glistening lips. He was positive he could cum just watching her head bob up and down with vigor. The warm, wet suction sent sparks of pleasure up his spine and he fought back the urge to just fuck her pretty mouth.

Mariah looked up and met his eyes and he forgot how to breath; the sinful look in her lust-filled eyes as her hand drifted between her legs.

Her eyes fluttered shut as she began to rub her pussy in quick circles.

Suddenly envious of her fingers, August sat up on his elbows and cup her neck,“Keep going baby, yeah like that”, he bite his lip hard when hummed around him creating a delicious vibrations.

His hands began to drift down her back to her ass, kneading the firm cheek before slapping them playfully earning a whimper in turn. He couldn’t wait til he was gripping them in his hands, prying them apart as he fucked her from behind.

Mariah shuddered, a shiver racking up her spine as she felt the pad of his thumb against her slit. She lowered her own hand to let him take reins, trying to focus on her breathing as she deepthroated him.

She almost bit down on him when she felt one of August’s large fingers enter her pussy without warning, sliding in and out slowly several times before a second digit joined the first.

Once relaxed enough, she pushed back against his hand, the fingers stretching her out. She couldn’t help the garbled moan that escaped her as a third finger was added and he pressed against her sweet spot. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as he repeatedly stabbed it, spit and precome dripping from the corners of her mouth.

She choked on his length, feeling emptiness when he suddenly removed his fingers. She wiggled her hips back, motioning for him to put the back in.

August sat back, smiling as she looked up at him with wet eyes. The pleading look on her face as her mouth was stuffed with his cock was downright sinful.

Unable to take it anymore, August pulled her off his dick, silencing any complaints with a harsh kiss. He rolled them over, now her back pressed to the mattress while he was between her legs.

He grabbed her legs and hoisted them up, yanking her lower body in the air as he placed her legs over his broad shoulders. She gasped as he manhandled her like some kind of rag doll.

August’s eyes and mouth were now leveled to her weeping pussy, his breath tickling her lower lips. Just as Mariah was about to voice her discomfort, she cried out as his tongue dove between her slit.

“O- oh my G- ah!”

August wasted no time, latching his mouth on her pussy and allowing his tongue to explore her cunt.

His warm tongue pressed against her slit, licking up and down at a torturous pace. Soft moans were already falling from Mariah’s lips, as her hand went down to his messy dark locks. She tugged as each lick and thrust of his tongue pushed her further and further towards the edge. She couldn’t believe she could cum so quickly.

“O- oh fu-...please bab-“, she tossed her head back as he curled his tongue, locating her clitoris,“God August!“, the words fell from her lips like a babbling brook, her body and mind not her own.

August grinned into her pussy, tripling his efforts in an attempt to drive her up the wall. He tightened his grip, his fingers clamping onto her thighs to keep her from trying to escape his mouth. His powerful tongue forced its way through her slit, wiggling into her cunt and prying a throaty gasp from her lips.

Her hands fisted her pillows as his tongue dove into areas even she didn’t know existed. This young man was putting all men her age to shame.

He drew away from her sweet heat, his face wet with her juices and saliva,“You look so good like this”, he grunted,“like you were made to be wrapped around my face.”

Mariah put her hand over her mouth, embarrassed yet aroused by his vulgar words. She layed there as he lowered her body back onto the bed.

He cleaned his mouth off with his hand and wiped it clean on the comforter to which Mariah bit back a scolding. August spread her legs and sat in between them comfortable.

Mariah couldn’t help but feel bashful, feeling him against her most personal area. However, she didn’t stop him, instead spreading her legs farther to let him work. August lined his tip up with her wet lips, peppering kisses along her shoulder.

Just as his head finally pushed past her entrance, his phone began to ring from somewhere on the floor. The blonde made no move to answer it however, his lips trailing up her neck.

“Y- your ph- phone”, Mariah whined as he pushed in another inch, her lips expanding around him.

August placed another wet kiss on the side of her neck,“They can wait”, he muttered sucking a bruise into her soft skin, before pulling away,“I’m kinda busy at the moment”, he pressed his lips back to hers, ignoring the ringing phone.

Once the ringing stopped, August hummed,“See? Not important”, he said, licked into her mouth.

No sooner than he said that, a different type of ringing started; this time, Mariah’s house phone on her nightstand.

It continued to ring offensively louder than August’s cell phone had. Unlike him, it was a lot harder for her to ignore.

Just as she was about to reach it, August had grabbed her arms, pinning her arms above her head. He drew from her lips, smirking down at his prey,“Ah ah ah, no distractions”, he tsked as he rolled his hips into hers. Mariah’s eyes went to the back of her head as he was now buried deep inside of her.

There was a different kind of ringing in her ears now. She was so full and stretched; she didn’t know how she was still in one piece.

The ringing soon ceased and with it, Mariah relaxed under her younger lover. She wrapped her arms around him to ground herself as he fucked her with shallow thrusts.

“You’re so tight Mariah”, August panted from above her, his hair slick with sweat,“feels so good. Fuck”, he punctuated the statement with a sharp snap of the hips.

Mariah bite her lip to keep in her cries. She was getting fucked by her neighbors son; his dick was inside of her. God she couldn’t believe it felt so good.

She was pulled from her stupor of pleasure by none other than the devil himself. Her house phone had began to ring yet again. Whoever was calling, really wanted her to answer them and they meant now.

Once again, August caught her traveling hand, growling as he stared her down. He was clearly not pleased with her antics.

“I -I...I -I g- got to get it, August”, she whined, weakly fighting to get out of his hold and reach for the phone. It could be an emergency; whoever it was had called again, so they more than likely would continue to do so until she picked up. She would technically be doing both of them a favor.

August huffed, but released her hand,“I’m not stopping”, he growled, pressing his forehead to hers, his hips still rocking against her own.

Mariah nodded at the warning, clenching around him involuntarily before grabbing her bedside phone and answering it.

“H- hel- hello?“, she asked the person on the other line and she immediately realized how difficult it would be to keep her voice levelled with August grinding against her core.


Mariah clamped her hand over her mouth. The sound of Camille, her neighbor and August’s mother sobering her up instantly. Oh God, what was she doing?

The younger man seemed to notice her recoil and sat up on his knees. Mariah watched him in confusion as he grabbed her love handles and pulled her upright into his lap.

She gasped aloud as he managed to somehow slid even deeper inside of her. For a moment, she had forgotten she was still on the phone.

“Mariah? Are you okay?”

Camille’s worried voice once again seemed to do the trick,“N- n- no!“, she asnwered frantically, latching onto August,“I- I’m f- fi- ne, j- ju- just in the middle of s- somethin!“, she was trying her absolute hardest to hold in her sounds, but August was making it hard. It was as if he wanted her to know what they were doing.

“Oh...I’ll make it quick then, so you can get back to it”, she told her just as her son landed a loud smack to her right ass cheek. This time, Mariah was quick enough to pull the phone away as she whimpered.

She responded with a unintelligible sound of agreement. This seemed to be good enough for Camille,“Well I was calling to see if you knew where August was? I called him, but he’s not picking up the phone”, she explained casually, completely oblivious to the scene on the other end of the phone.

“Also I was looking up this neat recipe and it’s a casserole made with-“, as the woman rambled on, Mariah struggled to keep up with what the woman was saying as her son dented her insides.

August seemed to notice this and snatched the phone out of her hand amid her protests,“She’s gonna have to call you back”, he muttered into the phone before hanging up and tossing the phone onto the floor.

Mariah just stared at him, eyes wide in utter disbelief at what had happened. Did he really just do that? “C- can’t bel- lieve you d- did th- that!“, she attempted to scold him, but it only managed to come out like a high pitched whimper as he brought her hips down on his.

August scoffed, continuing to build up his brutal pace,“Like hell I’m gonna sit here and let my mom cockblock.”

Before Mariah could respond to that, she was on her back again with him coming down on top of him. After his stunt Camille would no doubt not call her again; he was gonna let her have it, in more ways than one.

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