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One Way To Start Off The Day

Alexis walked down the stairs blindly, her eyes still not fully adjusted from the sun’s assault through the curtains when she’d woken up minutes ago. Going by memory, she made her way through the halls and towards the kitchen. She wasn’t surprised to hear people talking in the kitchen; Henry was supposed to be back from his run with the guys by now anyway.

Alexis carelessly walked into the large room, the idle chat stopping as her presence became known. “G’ mornin’, Alexis”, a warm deep voice that could only belong to Jason greeted, followed by Ben.

She only responded with a small wave and a yawn, rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she walked around the large men towards the fridge. Her stomach was knawing at her ribs and the Justice League wasn’t gonna stop her from getting her grub on.

She was halted by a hand going around her waist and knew it was Henry. “Well hello beautiful”, he murmured, squeezing her hip.

She smiled half heartedly in greeting before moving past him, noting how he tried to tug down her slip without anyone noticing. Alexis didn’t really care if they saw her barely clothed, she was just hungry and wanted something to eat. Nobody told them to come up in her house early in the morning.

Alexis immediately went to work pulling out the fruit that would be her breakfast while they resumed their earlier conversation.

Jason took a sip from his protein shake, leaning against the counter, “So Hen, when do you plan to shave the ole’ groucho mustache?“, he asked making himself a mustache with his finger.

The other two men chuckled at the long hair man,” Yeah, know you gotta shave for the movie, but you not shaving it fast enough”, Ben added shaking his head as if the facial hair offended him personally.

Henry scoffed at their insults towards his facial hair. Yes, very few people could pull of the chevron mustache, and Henry was determined to be one of those people. “Well I plan on keeping it as long as I can”, he mocked giving them the finger,” besides Alexis likes my mustache, don’t you baby?”

Before Henry could plant a kiss on her cheek Alexis had put her hand up to stop his advance, side eyeing the actor,” You look like an old porn star”, she deadpanned, shaking her head. Alexis was not gonna let him scratch up her face with that monstrosity. Not on this good Monday.

She continued preparing what she would need to make breakfast, ignoring Henry’s pout from behind her, “You didn’t have an issue with it when I was-”

He was cut off by Alexis’ hard stare, her knife now pointing at him,” Finish the sentence, I dare you“, she might not care for them seeing her, but she wasn’t gonna tell them all her bedroom business. Henry locked his lips with an imaginary key and she went back to work.

She opened the bottom cabinet, bending over to reach in and find a cutting board. As she moved aside the pots and pans she could feel the eyes glued to her backside from across the room. Alexis sighed before standing back up properly,” Keep staring at my ass Ben, I’ll mess you up like you was Henry”, she threatened without turning around. If he was looking any harder, he’d find out she wasn’t wearing anything under there.

Henry side eyed his co-star behind her back, wrapping a possessive arm around her lower waist. She continued to slice her fruit even with his thick arm slung around her. Alexis innocently ate her sliced strawberries and pineapples, offering Henry some from time to time. The brunette was too lost in his own world, his eyes focused on his phone. She didn’t mind, he probably had some contracts from his manager to go over.

Ben and Jason’s phones dinged simultaneously and Alexis looked up. The two men shared a look before glancing over at her and Henry,” Me and Jason are gonna head out now, we’ll catch you guys later.“, Ben waved gesturing towards the door Jason following him.

“Yeah, got some uh errands to run so gotta bounce”, Jason shot both of them peace signs before disappearing and soon they heard the front door open and close. Finally alone, Alexis turned her head to see the brunette, “Did you really threaten them to leave over text?“, she wasn’t slow; he had done it many many times before.

“I mean, could you really blame me if I did?“, he pouted wrapping both his arms back around her, “you came downstairs looking all sexy”, he pushed her hair aside, exposing her neck to allow his lips to make a path. Alexis’ breath hitched as he pressed his entire front against her, crowding her into the counter.

“I didn’t know anyone was in h- he- here”, she shuddered when he dug his teeth into her neck. Alexis could feel his erection rubbing against her backside and wanted more,” E- either way, it’s my house I could walk around buck ass naked if I wanted to”, she countered fighting back the glaze that began to cover her vision. She could feel her pussy clinch around nothing but air; she wanted him inside of her now.

She shivered, no longer feeling the warm body surrounding her. Henry leaned against the island, taking in the view of her thick thighs moving to her full ass up to the deep curve of her slender back. He whistled at the god-like sight, “No complaints from me”, he promised pushing himself up, hooking his fingers on the sides of her nightie. He dragged it slowly up her backside, watching her ass fall out, jiggling slightly at the movement.

Henry moaned at the sight, bringing his hand around her front to cup her flower. Alexis welcomed the caress, her thighs parting subconsciously. She reached into his shorts, pulling out Henry Jr. He was thick and heavy in her hand, precome already weeping from his tip. She gave him a squeeze, smirking at the hiss she’d heard behind her.

“Bend over”, he growled, his hand pressed to the middle of her back.

She bit back a smart remark, placing her hands on the counter while bowing her back to him. Henry grabbed his shaft, moving it to her pussy but not entering. He patted his dick against her folds, rubbing his head back and forth at her entrance, loving the sound her wetness produced.

Alexis purred, spreading her legs farther apart trying to get him inside,” You can put it in anytime“, she gritted out impatiently.

That was all the motivation he needed to push himself inside, her tight walls immediately constricting around him. Alexis’ legs trembled at the feeling of his heavy cock filling her to the brim. She absolutely loved the feel of his mammoth sized cock stretching her out.

After a long pause, Henry drew back until his tip before driving himself back inside. This elicited a cry from Alexis,“Sh- shit!”, she moaned as he continued at his brutal pace, pounding her into the marble countertop. So rough, so deep and just so damn good.

That was until Henry suddenly stopped, instead rolling his hips into hers. He continued to do so, enjoying the keening sounds that it drew from Alexis.

Growing aggravated, Alexis pushed back onto him, hungrily chasing her own release. Henry landed a loud slap to her ass making her cry out. He gripped the reddening flesh in his hand, using his other to grab her right leg and lift it onto the counter.

The new angle allowed him to reach even deeper inside her, slamming into her cervix. Her head fell back as she cried out in pleasure,“Almost there almost there almost there!“, she chanted, resting her forehead against the cabinet door.

It wasn’t long before a well timed thrust to her g-spot sent her over the edge. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, unintelligible babble spewing from her lips as he fucked her far past sensitivity.

“Come on baby, cum for me”, she begged, squeezing around him as hard as possible.

Henry let out a guttural cry, gripped her thigh painfully tight in his hand as he shot his load as deep as he possibly could. Whimpers fell from her lips as he filled her up with his warm seed, practically feeling the bulge in her stomach.

After taking a moment to both catch their breath, Alexis lowered her leg back onto the ground, feeling the ache in her joints. Henry pressed a kiss to her forehead,” Sorry, Lex”, he apologized, holding her hips cautious to keep her from falling incase her legs gave out on her -it had happened before.

Thoroughly exhausted, Alexis leaned back against his chest, their breath intermingling as Henry continued to pump shallow thrusts into her.

“Guess your carrying me back to bed, eh Superman?”

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