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Seizing the Moment Amid a Mystery

(Black! Velma)

The stairs creaked and groaned as Freddy climbed up them, the musky smell of mold and dust filling the air. Although old man Winston had a beautiful antique home; it wouldn’t hurt to do some remodeling, at least that’s what Fred thought. A couple maids wouldn’t fix this.

He checked over the trap one last time, making sure everything was perfect so they could catch the so called Wendigo.

Fred couldn’t help, but wonder where the team’s resident genius was at the moment. Daphne had taken Scooby and Shaggy to properly bribe them if they were gonna be headless giant bait once again.

He didn’t blame them for it; it was the least they could do for giving the duo some serious PTSD for all these years. He just handed her the keys to his beloved Mystery Machine and just told them to not get kicked out of another diner again.

The last he had heard from Velma, she had said something about doing some more looking around. The bookworm is always adamant about gathering every single possible variable and making sure they fall into place for her inadept explanation to the police. She loved doing that the most; gives her a chance to show off that big brain of hers.

The blonde moved down the halls, trying to find the Brainiac. After a few minutes of fruitless searching, he was about to give up and look downstairs-

“Oh Jenkies! You’ve got to be kidding me”

Fred smiled; there was only one person in the world who used that tagline and that was Velma Charlotte Dinkley.

He went towards the open door at the end of hall, taking quiet steps as not to possibly disrupt her work.

He took hold of the doorknob, moving inside. He looked around, the lights were dim, but the fire kept the room alight. Still, he had yet to find who he had been looking for.

He looked to the other side of the room to find exactly who he was looking for. Although she had her back to him, he knew that red and orange ensemble anywhere. She was bent over on her hands and knees, muttering something he couldn’t quite make out.

He eyes trailed up the back of her caramel legs. Every time she moved, the ruffles of her skirt would shift, exposed the softness of her thighs.

A part of him was praying that a random breeze would came through and just blow right up her skirt and reveal her ass. He loved her curves, her thick thighs and her fat ass. People would be surprised to know he was an ass man; assuming he likes them tall and modelesque like Daphne. In reality he liked them short and curvy with intelligence to rival Albert Einstein himself; the freckles and thick rimmed glasses were a nice plus too.

He would’ve continued his staring until he had accidentally shut the door, the sound making her jump. “Fred i- is that you?“, she whispered from her crouched position on the floor.

“Yeah Velmster, it’s me”, he assured her, prying his eyes away from her and over to something that had caught his attention outside the window.

She let out the breath she had unknowingly been holding,“That’s a relief.”

Fred looked back from outside the window and back to Velma, his eyebrow raised,“Did you lose your glasses again?“, he asked, upon noticing her moving her hands around the floor.

She paused for a moment before throwing in the towel,“Yeah”, she giggled, slightly embarrassed. She really need to switch the contacts. This had been the millionth time they’d fallen off her face.

Although blind, she heard Freddy snort from somewhere behind her. He picked up an old book on the mantel, shaking his head,“I don’t know how they aren’t broken”, he joked lightly.

“I honestly wonder the same- aha”, she cheered as she finally located her glasses, pulling them onto her face only to frown.

“Jinkies”, she sat back on her knees, using the end of her sweater to clean off the muck before putting them back on her face.

Finally able to view her surroundings properly, she looked around the room. Soon her large honey brown eyes landed on Fred who was just staring at her from beside the fire place. She stood up and made her way over to the large desk that she had completely taken over since she found some clues when Shaggy and Scooby were in the kitchen.

“I’m actually really glad you’re here Freddy”, she said.

“Oh yeah?“, Fred couldn’t help but smile at the use of the nickname, she never used it around the gang, usually leaving that to Daphne. He liked when she said it.

Velma rolled her eyes behind her glasses, deciding to ignore his cheesy quip,“I was looking over all the clues and I believe I’ve figured it. You see, remember when we were”,

As she explained everything, Fred just listened. Sure, he had been there for it all when it all happened, but he enjoyed when she would ramble on. Her eyes would go big behind her thick lens and the wide smile she would get when she was truly on a roll. His girlfriend really was something else.

“So that could only mean that the so called Wendigo is-”

“The gardener, Prescott”, Fred cut her off mid tirade, pushing himself off the finished wood. He made his way over to her, the fire making his blue eyes shine and his figure glowing in the soft light like an angel.

Velma frowned at his approaching figure,“How did you know?“, she asked adjusting her glasses on her bridge, her dark eyebrows knitting together as she looked up at him, his broad form towering over her shorter one.

The poster boy just shrugged, reaching out and pushing her curls out of her eyes,“I just saw him hiding the money in the mausoleum when I was looking out the window.”

Velma’s jaw dropped, her eyes dancing from him to the window. “T- then let’s go! We have to go tell the gang!“, she grabbed her flashlight, prepared to leave until a hand around her wrist stopped her.

“Woah hey now, no need to rush off and tell them”, Fred told her, pulling her back over to him. He released her arm, instead taking her hand in his own,“We already have the trap set up so let’s just wait”, he bit his lip, his free hand going around her waist,“until then, we can do something.” She didn’t see the mirth in his eyes or the smirk on his face.

Instead, Velma just shot him a quizzical look,“What do you me-“, before she could finish, Fred had cut her off with his lips. He pulled her closer, shifting to deepen the kiss.

His tongue traced the lining of her full lips before prying them apart to slip inside. He moved her back over to the desk, her legs hitting the wood. His hand went to hair, tangling in the tight curls. Just before anything got too out of hand, she pushed him away.

Her head was cloudy for a moment,“Oh my”, she whimpered as Fred’s lips instead went under her turtleneck.

This was the last thing she expected them to be doing right now. “F- Freddy we’ve got a mystery t- to so- solve!“, she scolded, weakly as he found her weak spot below her ear. This was not the time nor place to be acting like some hormonal teenagers; they were in a professional case.

“And we’ll solve it when the gang gets back”, he reassured her, his hands never stopping their exploration,“come on, we never get any real alone time when they are around.”

Velma knew he wasn’t wrong. Their relationship wasn’t a secret or anything, but neither were surprised if the others didn’t even know they were together. They never really acted or did particularly couplely things. She wasn’t a big fan of PDA, preferring to not have relationship stuff get in the way of their mysteries. She liked to keep their affection behind closed doors, wanting to keep it just between them. Still, Fred was overly affectionate by fault, and liked to fit in “Frelma” anytime he could.

He reached the hem of her sweater and drifted underneath to plant his large hands of the soft flesh of her waist. He drew back, admiring the dark pink hickey he left with the others from before. One of the pluses of her fashion choices; he could leave all the marks he wanted and no-one would be the wiser. Although he had to be extra creative with the ones under her skirt.

He bent his knees slightly to grabbed her thighs and picked her up, placing her atop of the desk, pushing the clutter aside. “The guys will be back in about 30 minutes so we don’t have anyone or anything to worry about”, he continued to coaxed, trailing his hands under her skirt.

Velma thought it over for a moment, worrying her kiss bruised bottom lip before speaking up,“45 actually because of traffic”, she corrected, pulling him back down for another kiss.

As much as she preferred not having sex literally in the middle of a mystery, she couldn’t deny the hot piece of ass that was her boyfriend. Besides, a quicky wouldn’t hurt anybody, right?

Fred knotted his fingers in her curls as the kiss intensified. Velma moaned as he gnawed on her lip; she wrapped her thighs around him, pulling his body flush against her one. She could already feel his growing hard on against her belly.

His hands moved from her hair and down the curve of her back underneath her shirt. She shivered when his rough hands roamed over the soft flesh of her tummy as his tongue licked into her mouth.

As if reading his mind, Velma pushed his hands away,“Let me take this off”, she panted as she grabbed the end and pulled it over her head, her glasses slipping in the struggle.

Tossing aside the clothing article, Fred’s eyes instantly gravitated towards her large breasts, constrained by her white bra. He cupped the mounds in his hands and squeezed earning a moan from his girlfriend.

He loved her breasts; just loved them. He was totally a breast guy, but also an ass guy. He didn’t think he would be able to chose between the two; he was a Velma guy.

Velma moaned as his palms slid over her nipples, sending waves through her body.

She suddenly decided he was wearing too many clothes; too much for her liking. Her hands went to the his belt buckle, clumsily undoing the clasp and unbuttoning his button and zipper. He help her to wiggle his jeans down his hips, angling her hand to slid into his boxers. The second her hand went to close around his length-

“Woah woah w- wait a sec”, Fred rushed out, drawing away much to Velma’s disapproval.

“Huh? Why?“, she panted, her glasses hanging low on the bridge of her nose,“Did you hear something?”

“Nothing just-“, he reached into his pocket, rummaging around for a moment,“got it!“, he exclaimed before pulling something out.

Velma face soured, her glasses rising on her nose,“Really?“, she questioned, looking at the packet in his hand.

The blonde just shrugged his shoulders sheepishly, moussing his perfect boy next door hair slightly,“You know what I say; Trap it and wrap it.”

That only made her frown deepen,“You never say that Fred”, she pointed out matter-of-factly.

He kissed his teeth, bunching up her skirt above her hips,“Well I’m saying it now”, he snarked back, hooking his fingers on her panties and tugging them down and off her legs. He grabbed her hips and brought her closer to the edge of the wood.

Velma watched him as he ripped open the packet with his teeth, sliding the latex over his dick,“We gotta make this quick”, she reminded weakly, her tongue running along her lips as she watched him pump his cock. She bent her knees, spreading her legs to make room for him.

Fred moved between her spread legs, planting a hand on her inner thigh while the other held his dick to held align with her fat wet folds before sinking inside.

Velma’s head fell back onto the wall with a soft thud,“Jinkies”, she whimpered as her walls stretched around him; demanding accommodation for his length.

Fred licked his lips, trying to keep his breathing level as he was overwhelmed by her tightness. “You ready?“, he asked, using a hand to push back his blonde hair from his sweaty forehead.

Slowly he drew back his hips, his cock dragging against her walls as he pulled out. When just the tip was left inside, he adjusted his grip on her hips before driving his hips back home.

Velma clapped her hand over her mouth to muffle her screams as he pounded into her.

His hands caressed at the soft skin of her ass, sliding up and down her thighs before coming to rest on her ass once more. He gripped at it harshly, digging his nails into the flesh; Velma was positive it would leave marks for days after.

Moans continued to fall from her lips like running water, louder than she should have been seeing as they didn’t wanna get caught. Needing some way to relieve some of the tension building in her body, she pulled down the straps of her bra to completely expose her breasts. She groped at her breasts, squeezing and pinching her nipples as Fred fucked her.

Fred grunted at the sight. He pounded himself into her, watching her breasts bounce with the motion. “Fuck babe”, he panted adjusting his grip on her hips from where they slipped.

He released stopped for a moment, hooking her knees over his elbows. The change in angle allowed him to somehow slid even deeper, drawing a high pitched whine from Velma’s lips as she fell back onto the desk.

For a moment, she wondered how the old desk hadn’t broken with their strenuous activity. However, those thoughts were soon erased when he hit her g-spot with pristine expertise.

“Freddy”, she babbled, dragging her nails down his toned torso. She was so close; she could feel a her stomach muscles constricting as she approached her release.

He let go of her left leg, trailing his rough hand up her chest, squeezing her throat for a moment making her wheeze lightly. He moved up to her lips and she opened her mouth, sucking three of his digits inside.

“Gotta keep quiet Velm”, he murmured, leaning forward to brush his lips against her neck. He grinded his hips in deep circles as he rubbing her swollen clit between their bottoms.

Without any warning Velma fell over the edge, gagging on his fingers as shocks of pleasure shot through her body.

Fred could feel the clench of her muscles around him as she came. Velma’s entire body seemed on fire, her nerves aflame with the intensity of orgasm. He was glad he gave her mouth something to do because she would no doubt give them away with her screaming.

With a few more thrusts, Fred cursed against her throat as he came, filling the condom with his seed. Velma whimpered as his hips continued to chant forward all throughout.

Fred moved his mouth down her throat and to feast on her breasts; licking them, sucking and pinching at her nipples until they were both painfully hard in his mouth.

Velma just laid there as he continued his ministrations, even if she was too sensitive to truly enjoy it. Blood was slowly left her ears; only able to hear her heart pounding in her chest.

A few moments passed before they both recovered from their orgasms and Fred removed his fingers from her mouth, wiping them on his shirt as he stood up on his feet.

With caution, he removed himself watching his girlfriend’s face cringe at the discomfort. He shuffled back, pulling off the soiled condom and tying it off before putting it in the trash, careful to cover it with some rubbish. Didn’t want to leave any trace of clues to be found of their activity.

After finally regathering her brain cells Velma sat up properly on the desk, wincing at the ache in her lower half. She would most definitely need some type of muscle relaxer when they went back downstairs. She straightened her glasses back up on her face, looking down at her hardly covered body.

She looked over at Fred as he started to pull up his boxers,“I can’t believe I let you talk me into doing that again.” What if old man Winston had found them? What if the gang did? She would have to kill her boyfriend; she’d just have to.

Knowing full well of her passive aggressive ways, Freddy brushed off her comment, doing up his fly. “You act like it’s my fault every time this happens.”

Velma brushed her curls out of her face to reveal her eyes rolling. “Because it is”, she countered, hopping off the desk to collect her panties off the floor,“you’re insatiable.” Last time they had been at the abandoned theatre looking for the Grunwald Goblins when Fred pulled her into one of the dressing rooms to “test her vocal skills”.

Already redressed, Fred watched her wipe the wrinkles out of her skirt. When she looked up, he took her face in his hands and pressed a heated kiss on her lips before breaking it. “And you love it, Velmster.”

A red flush spread across her face and in a weak attempt at a comeback, she pushed past him indignantly,“You have no evidence to prove it.”

She shuffled out of the room, muttered something about “an annoying ass white boy” and “catching this dumbass” before her voice trailed off. Fred just chuckled, grabbing his flashlight and following behind her.

They did have a mystery to solve after all.

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