Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Southern Hospitality At Its Finest

Emmicia hummed as she dried off after getting out the pool. The heat had become unbearable today and the water had done just the trick to cool her off.

She laid out on her pool chair, relaxing under the sun. She closed her eyes and hummed. This was just what she needed.

“Aye yo Momma!”

Emmicia practically jumped out of her skin hearing the loud voice so close to her ear. She jumped to to face her son AJ who was laughing at her. She didn’t even know when he got here.

“God ma!“, he said through cackles, clutching his stomach,“You should’ve seen your face! ‘Jesus Christ!’ “, he mocked her shock expression.

Emmicia hit him on the arm,“AJ what is wrong with you? You almost gave me a heart attack!“, she scolded with her hand on her chest while the young man continued to laugh.

“Sorry ma, just couldn’t help it”, he admitted between chuckles.

She rolled her eyes at her son, before the third person coughed, drawing attention to his presence. “My bad man”, AJ told him moving back beside him,“Ma, this Grant”, he said, gesturing to the man beside him,“you remember him from coming up there.”

Of course she remembered Grant. He was still as tall and bulky as he was 6 months ago. He was over 6"6 and a senior whereas her son was a sophomore. He was pale and Emmicia couldn’t help but wonder how he hadn’t tanned or burned in the Texas sun.

The sandy blonde waved, holding out his hand to her,“Thanks for letting me stay here Ms. Thomas.”

Emmicia took his larger hand in her own, shaking it with a warm smile,“When AJ asked me I couldn’t see a reason why I wouldn’t mind letting you stay here while your apartments getting ready”, she said with a wave of her hand. Her son had called her after he found out about the campus shutting down a few weeks ago. He had asked her if one of his roommates could come down with him since the University was closing for quarantine and he had an apartment but needed to get it ready. Besides it was just her and rarely AJ when he was home for break.

As they parted, she couldn’t help but notice his baby blue eyes move down to her bikini clad body. She wasn’t embarrassed in the slightest; she was proud to be almost 40 years old with a body like hers. She had a her personal trainer to thank for that.

AJ seemed to notice his lingering stare, elbowing him in the gut,“Bruh chill on that”, he muttered at his friend before turning back to his mother,“Yo ma, ya need ta go put some damn clothes on”, he demanded, looking down at his mother.

In a split second, she popped him upside the head,“I don’t know who the hell you think you talkin’ to, boy”, she cursed, pinching his ear and pulling him down to her level,“Something must really be wrong with yo head; been around yo friends too much, talking to me like that.”

She began to move towards the house, dragging him as his friend followed suit, while he protested behind her.

“I ain’t one of your little hoes Andrew Josiah Hudson, I’ll beat yo ass like I did when you were in highschool”, she scolded leading him into the kitchen, his ear still in her hand. He was out his damn mind cursing in her house like he was paying bills.

Grant laughed at his friend from where he stood, leaning against the counter and Emmicia swung around so fast you’d think her neck broke. She glared at the young man,“What you laughing at? You ain’t too old to get popped either”, she promised sharply. A belt had no gender preference or age limit; anybody who needed it could get it.

His lips clamped together, his hands held up in surrender, his large hands might she add,” I’m good ma’am, I’m good”, as he said this, Emmicia could see his eyes trailing up and down her body.

She shook her head, rolling her eyes at him. As flattered as she was to have a very attractive young man interested in her even at her age of 38, Emmicia wanted nothing to do with it. She was not only too grown to be dealing with cubs, but he was her son’s friend so that was a (hell no).

She released her son’s ear, shooting him a warning glare,“Do you want anything to drink, sugar?“, she asked her guest, going to pull out glasses.

The cabinet just so happened to be beside the blonde so she would undoubtedly be closer to him. She could smell his cologne from where she now stood, waiting for his response.

He snapped out of his daze, moving his eyes back up to meet hers; her brow raised at the suggestive wink he sent her making her roll her eyes again.

‘God this little boy.’

* * * * * *

Emmicia mumbled as she stomped through the house and towards the front door. Dressed in a tank top, nightie shorts and her slippers, she opened the front door and headed outside. She looked out at the dark sky and the empty streets growing even more upset at having to leave the house this late at night. She aggressively pulled on her house coat, mumbling to herself.

“Where you going?”

She almost jumped out of her skin hearing that voice. Still holding her chest, Emmicia looked at the far end of the porch to see Grant sitting on the porch swing, a book in hand.

Still this did nothing to ease the beating of her heart; in fact he made it beat even faster. It wasn’t like Grant was rude or anything; he was a perfect gentleman and helped around the house without question.

The issue was that he was a massive flirt. For the past two weeks Grant had not been coy about his feeling for his friends mother; he had been very vocal about it with her son who seemed to only brush it off as a joke, but Emmicia knew from the way he looked at her he was dead serious.

“Hey AJ, how would you feel about me being your new stepdad?“, Grant asked from beside Emmicia who was making a cup of coffee. He shot her a wink when she raised an eyebrow at him.

AJ scoffed at his friend, pulling a bag of chips from the cabinet,“Sure dude, good luck with that”, he told him walking out the room.

Grant smirked at Emmicia, tapping her bottom softly,“Good to know”, with that he turned to leave, leaving the older woman stuck.

It wasn’t like she was completely innocent either. Being the playful and flattered woman she was, played into it on multiple occasions. However AJ wasn’t here this time for damage control.

With this in mind, she pulled her house coat tighter around her body; she didn’t wanna play into his mess anymore than she already did,“Grocery store, you guys finished off the ice cream”, she answered with a light glare. She was pissed when she found the empty gallon sized jug in the freezer; AJ was lucky he was out tonight or there would’ve been smoke in the city.

He grinned at the allegation, quickly glancing her over before speaking,“Let me come with”, he said, grabbing his keys off the small table,“I’ll drive”, he offered standing up from the swing with a grey hoodie in hand.

For some reason, Emmicia couldn’t find it in her to reject his invatation. She knew this was a bad idea, but there was no going back now; he already had his keys. “Whatever”, she muttered with a casual shrug. The sooner they left, the sooner she could be back in bed with ice cream.

She watched as he pulled on the jacket, zipping it up halfway to cover the muscle of his chest. She forced herself to look away before he could catch her red handed.

He jogged past her to his dark blue 2018 Chevvy Silverado, opening the passenger’s door for her before she could do it herself.

Emmicia rolled her eyes at him, but was unable to hide her small smile. She had to admit it, he was determined if not anything else. She climbed into the car and he shut the door behind her before jogging over the the drivers side and getting in. They both quickly buckled up before he started his car, pulling out of her driveway.

Once they’d parked at the CVS, Emmicia opened her purse to pull out her mask. Putting it on, she looked over at Grant to find him not doing the same,“Do you have a mask?“, she asked him through the filtered material.

The blondes eyes went big for a moment, looking around the vehicle before frowning,“I think I left it on the porch, my bad”, he realized, groaning at his forgetfulness.

The older woman gave him a disappointed look. ‘What was the point in you coming then?’ Emmicia huffed, unbuckling her seatbelt,“Fine I’ll go in by myself”, she mumbled under her breath as she got out sure to grab her wallet.

She walked around the car, jumping slightly when he honked the horn at her. She looked back to find Grant smiling wide beside the wheel. “Looking good Ms. Thomas!“, he yelled out the window at her.

Emmicia laughed, flipping him off before heading into the Q-mart. Two minutes later, she came out with a shopping bag and got into the car. Upon entering, Grant turned off his phone, putting it in his lap,“You got the goods?”

She nodded, pulling out the prized pint of Kit Kat ice cream,“Bet your ass I did.”

He smiled, starting the car back up,“Nice”, with that he pulled out the parking lot and onto the road.

As he drive down the road back home, Emmicia fumbled with the tub, unable to wait the 10 minute ride back home. She yanked the top off and gave it a long lick. She moaned, humming at the delicious taste.

Grant glanced over as she took another painfully slow lick; her sounds of satisfaction going trait to his swelling dick. ‘God did she have to sound like that?’ He covertly adjusted himself in his seat,“Is it good?”

Emmicia answered him with a happy sound,“Mhmm”, she continued to feast on the cold treat, carving her tongue inside to collect a scoop of the chocolate wafer in her mouth.

Grant didn’t say anything after that, pulling up to the red light and stopping the car. It was then that he put his hand on her thigh.

Emmicia froze for a moment, assuming that it had been an accident. She waited a moment for him move it back, but he didn’t. She looked at him where his focus was still on the road as it turned green.

Instead of moving it herself, she decided to keep it there. It wasn’t hurting anyone, so why not?

They both focused on the scenery as they drove in silence. All the while Emmicia watched his hand slowly trailing up higher and higher with no sign of stopping. She wasn’t going to lie, it felt nice feeling his hands on her. She put the lid back on her ice cream, putting it in the cup holder.

She settled back in her seat before breaking the silence,“Keep that up and you’ll get more than ice cream”, she threatened light heartedly.

Grant visbible paused, but didn’t move his hand much to her satisfaction,“Oh really?“, she could hear the hints of curiosity and intrigue in his voice, but also the disbelief. Grant should’ve known Emmicia was too old for childish games.

The older woman raised an eyebrow at him,“Do I look like I’m joking?“, a flirty grin tugged on her lips as he glanced over at her. She didn’t know why she was being so bold, but she couldn’t deny the fact that this had been a long time coming.

To drive her point home, Emmicia reached over and placed her hand on his cotton clad thigh, feeling the muscles there tense under her hand. Grant was struggling to stay focused on the road, not wanting to possibly crash and ruin such an unbelievable moment. He seemed to be fairing well until he felt her hand moving up even higher.

Even through Emmicia knew what she was doing, she was surprised by Grant sudden outburst,“Ya know what? Fuck it.” She hesitantly brought her hand back to her lap, noticing that they were slowing down, drifting towards the side of the road.

It was then that she realized she had possibly gone to far.

Emmicia was a bucket of nerves as they pulled over onto the side of the road. Although she had been the instigator, she didn’t expect him to actually do it right then and there! Then again, they wouldn’t have been able to do it at home with AJ there so this probably was the next best thing.

Grant turned off the car and the temperature instantly rose 20° inside. He turned to Emmicia with dark blue eyes before roughly cupping the back of her neck and smashing their lips together.

His lips were surprisingly soft and inviting. She moaned, opening her mouth to allow his tongue inside. He undid the clasp of her seatbelt and the kiss soon intensified; his teeth digging into her full bottom lip and pulling.

She was breathless as he pulled away, her lungs aching for air. She bared her neck for him as he began to nip and suck on her skin. Her breath hitched as his teeth dug into her neck.

“Shit Grant”, she whimpered, gripping his hand on her hip and bringing it between her legs. She spread her thighs, shifting up into his hand. God she wanted him and she wanted him now. His hand went down her shorts, his fingers grazed over the crotch of her panties to feel her juices soaking the cotton material.

Grant pulled away from her caramel skin,“Get in the back seat”, he growled, nodding towards the back, releasing the back of her neck.

Emmicia could only bite her lip as she was trapped in his intense gaze, his eyes dark with lust. She scurried to obey his orders, climbing over the console to get in the backseat.

Grant unclicked his seatbelt and reached over to the glove compartment and rummaged around before closing it again. He pulled her seat forward to make space in the back and doing the same to his own seat. He was sure to lock the doors before joining her.

Emmicia had completely disposed of her coat and kicked off her slippers in this time. She hooked her thumb on the sides of her panties and shorts before pulling them down. She could feel the wetness in her panties as she pulled them down her thighs and off her body.

This entire situation was a major turn on for her in more ways than one. The thought of doing this on the side of a public road, knowing someone could pull over and catch them. It was a rush unlike anything Emmicia had in a long time. She felt like a teenager again and she was more than happy to have Grant take care of it.

With the condom between his teeth, Grant quickly unzipped his hoodie and threw it out of sight and out of mind. Emmicia pushed him onto his back, quickly straddling him. She snagged the foil from his lips and pressed her lips to his.

He allowed her to take control, his hands tangling in her thick hair, tugging lightly on the strands.

She moaned into his mouth, rolling her hips into his groin making them both curse. Soon this was not enough for her; she needed to push this farther along. Emmicia’s hands moved down his tight chest and into his pants. As her hand wrapped around his meaty length, she squeezed it in her fist.

Grant cursed against her mouth,“Fuck”, he couldn’t help but buck his hips into her hand.

She moved her hand up and down his shaft in frantic motions, feeling his go from semi to completely rock hard in her palm. She could feel the grooves of his veins, a wetness spreading from the head of his cock.

Emmicia broke the kisses, shaking her head teasingly as he tried to bring her mouth back to his,“I have better things to do with my mouth beside your lips.”

She shuffled down his body to straddle his lower legs. She pulled his shorts down his strong thighs, his boxers following suit. His dick sprang up, hitting his abdomen with a heavy thud.

Although it was dim inside, the moon shined through the window allowing Emmicia to see his length in all its glory. Her mouth watered at the idea of having it inside her in more ways than one.

She jerked him off a few times before lowering her head, mouth stretched to take him in. She fit her mouth around the heavy crown of his cock. Working his shaft in her hands – one on his thickening shaft, and the toying with his balls. She took a deep breath before hollowing her cheeks around him.

Grant wished he could see her; her mouth continuously filling with his dick.“Mmm,” he couldn’t help but moan as his head popped in and out of her mouth before she sucked even more of him down.

Soon his tip crested the back of his throat and he thought he was in heaven. Emmicia hummed around him, coming up before swallowing him back down. Over and over, her head would bob up and down occasionally gagging on his length.

Grant tangled his fist in her messy hair, feeling himself reaching his peak. “Stop”, he growled, forcing her mouth off his cock, a ring of saliva around her mouth creating a string that attached to his head.

Grant pulled her up by the shoulders to crash his lips back into hers. He laid back on the leather seats, bringing her down on top of him.

He flipped her onto her right side, hitching her leg up over his arm. Emmicia felt so exposed and she loved it.

He held her breath as his head grazed over her slit and after a few glided, he pressed forward into her opening. She shuddered as he pushed forward until he was buried completely inside of cunt.

It was dead silent for a moment, the reality of what they were doing sinking in. They were having sex on the side of the road while her son and his friends was completely unaware off how their shop run had gone this way. Emmicia couldn’t find herself to regret it one bit; he was absolutely sinful.

She tilted her head back to press her lips to his. The kiss was warm and languid, their tongues tangling together in a dance. Grant then began to move, starting out slow at first before setting up his rhythm.

He was start off slow, drawing out in a nail biting drag before sinking into her wet canal. Once she was practically whimpering out in impatience, Grant was slam his dick deep, rolling his hips in tantalizing circles.

The car was silent save for the sound of slick skin slamming together. While deep in the throws of passion, Emmicia wiggle her hand free, blindly reaching out to press her hand to the steamy window.

His larger body curled around hers in every sense of the word, overwhelming her entire being. The air was scarce in her lungs; the temperature in the truck humid and sweltering.

Grants lips trailed down her neck, his breathing scorching hot on her skin. He looped his arms around her chest to cup her breasts in his hands.

Emmicia started to grinded into his lap as fucked into her in deep cervix-stabbing strokes. She placed her hands over his on her chest, guiding his touch.

Grant cupped her breast, squeezing and kneading before moving down between her legs to her bud and rubbing in vigorous circles as he pounded into her.

“Yeah right there!“, she chanted, chasing after the know that was growing tighter and together in her core.

She cried out when he suddenly stopped, gripping her hip to keep her locked there. His lips trailed up her shoulder and back to her neck,“Oh yeah?“, he grunted, sucking a dark bruise into her skin. He wanted her to moan and beg for it; tell him she wanted him to make her cum.

The older woman took the moment to catch her breath,“Mhmm”, she moaned, stretching her neck out to give him more room.

Grant rolled his hips against hers making her whimper as he slid impossibly deeper. He panted against her face, cupping her head and pressing his lips to hers.

Her body suddenly went stoic, her orgasm crashing into her like a violent tidal wave of pleasure. She let out a hitch pitch moan against his lips as she continued to cum.

Grant hissed at her the impossible tightness that surrounded him,“Shit Em!“, he loosened his grip on her neck, burying his head there as he chased after his high.

Stars burst in her vision as his fist squeezed around her throat. “Fuck y- yes! Gi- give it to me baby! Want it so bad!”, she wheezed, trying to coax him over the edge,“Cum baby, know you want to. Fill me with that cum!”

She felt his dick throbbing inside her, and soon his cum filling the condom. His hand slid down from her throat, instead squeezing her breast as he milked his orgasm.

* * * * * *

When they got home, it was after midnight and the porch lights were now off, probably AJ’s doing. The minute the car shut off, the older woman shot out the car, shaking the ice cream tub,“Great, it’s melted!”

She slammed the car door shut, before stomping to the trashcan and throwing the contain away. She pouted at Grant as they headed back into the house.

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