Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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The Morning After

Ashanti groaned as she began to wake up. She could already feel a subtle ache in her joints, cursing herself for sleeping wrong.

She tried to sit up only to find it impossible. It was as if she had sleep paralysis or something. “What the hell?“, it was like she had a weight on her chest, keeping her down.

She peeked her eyes open and looked down at her chest to see a head of dark hair!

Ashanti slapped her hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. She did not go home with this guy. Well she obviously did, but you know what she meant?

‘I got to get out of yesterday.’

She carefully place her hands on his shoulder and tried to carefully push him off, not wanting to wake him up. This only resulted in the man pulling her even closer, unknowingly snuggling into her breasts. She still continued to try and wiggle from underneath him to no avail.

Although he was still asleep his body seemed to react to her movement; she could feel him hardening inside her. He was definitely a grower as well as a show-er.

‘Well at least I know I wasn’t disappointed as well.’, she thought to herself.

She shook her head, not knowing where that came from. The last thing she needed to do was think about what the did last night.

She froze when the guy began to move, thankfully keeping his lower half still, but no she was able to she his face clearly.

Ashanti wouldn’t deny it, he was an attractive man, very attractive. He had sun kissed skin, a sharp jaw and thick tamed eye brows. She gave herself a mental clap on the back; she truly knew how to pick them.

Ashanti’s staring was soon interrupted when his eye lids suddenly shot open. His penetrating greenish grey eyes were peering into the very depths of her soul. She froze under him as if caught doing something she shouldn’t have, as if staring was a crime or something.

He blinked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes,“Good morning, la mia ninfa al cioccolato.”

Ashanti almost swooned at his Italian accent coated in the raspiness of sleep. She didn’t have a clue what he just said, but it sounded like pure sex.

“Uh m- morning”, she whispered feeling her cheeks burn.

They stared at each other for what felt like hours, before she decided to continue the conversation. She took a deep breathe, well as deep as she could with him on top of her,“Listen Mr.-”

"Arin“, he corrected politely, propping his head up on his hand. It was crazy how quickly he went from sex God to adorable sex God with one motion.

“Arin”, she murmured, flushing under his intense gaze,“I uh really need to uh... should get um g- going.” Ashanti struggled to gather her words. How do you have a normal conversation with someone while said someone is literally in you?

He raised a dark brow at the request,“Really?“, he asked,“Sure there isn’t something else you need.”

Ashanti just knew that he could feel her juices leaking around his cock; he knew exactly what he did to her. She couldn’t deny that she want him; her body ached for him.

As she stared at him, she was slowly remembering why she went home with this Adonis and it was not good. He was as charming as a snake, saying and doing all the right things. All he had to do was look at her with those eyes and she was his -shit she was at some point.

She shuttered as he breathed hotly against her skin, leaving open mouth kisses along her neck. Her eyes fluttering closed at the affection,“Arin”, she pleaded weakly, wanting more. She grabbed his face, bringing him back up to press her lips to his.

Ashanti moaned against his soft lips, the roughness of his beard against her skin lost upon her as she slid her tongue into his mouth.

She tangled her fingers in his thick black hair as he began rocking his hips back and forth inside her. She broke the kiss, moaning when his tip dragged against her g-spot. Her body was set ablaze everywhere they touched.

Arin sat up on his knees, his hips still rocking into hers as he watched her glazed over eyes. His lips trailed down her neck to her full firm breast, pulling the dark bud between his teeth.

Ashanti’s back arched into his mouth, the pain making her nails dig into his forearms. He came up from her now swollen and bruised nipples, watching her facial expressions before capturing her mouth with his own.

His tongue forced its way into her mouth, her hands knotting in his scalp to pull him in even closer. The way she sucked on his tongue was downright sinful. Arin grabbed the back of her thigh and slung it over his shoulder, moving in even deeper.

“Arin!“, she moaned, her nails scratching into his back. She bit down on his shoulder in an effort to contain her screams.

He did not seem to mind, the sting motivating him to make it even better for her. He sucked her ear between his teeth,“Prendendomi così bene, mia dea.”

“Semplicemente bellissima.”

“I’m almost most there! Fuck oh my God”, she was practically dancing on the edge, she could practically taste her orgasm on her tongue, but it wasn’t enough; she needed more.

Arin knew this and moved his hand between their bodies and between her legs where there bodies melding together sinfully. “So di cosa hai bisogno, mia dea. permettimi di accontentarti.”

His fingers hardly grazed her pearl before Ashanti was cumming with a loud cry. The entire room went white, the echo of Arin’s velvety voice in her ears.

The combination of her walls spasming around his length and her purely blessed out expression sent Arin careening over the age soon after. He grunted against her ear, releasing himself deep inside of her.


Ashanti was glad she had the implant because she knew they more than likely didn’t use a condom. (condoms aren’t just for babies; STD’S peeple!)

Arin’s body was heavy, his limbs turned to jelly before her collapsed on top of her. She let out a raspy wheeze, the weight of his heavy body on top of her too much.

Thankfully Arin registered this, propping himself up on his elbows and knees, but didn’t stop there as he wrapped his arm around her middle and rolled them over; swapping their positions and avoiding the wet spot. He didn’t seem to mind the extra weight, relaxing once again with his hands wrapped around her.

Ashanti propped her head up on his chest, looking at him through her thick lashes,“This looks familiar”, she teased, unfolding her legs to entangle with his.

Thoroughly relaxed, she laid down, snuggling into his chest,“I don’t think I’m ever gonna make it out of this bed, am I?”

The Italian chuckled, one hand on her back while the other massaged her ass,“Third times the charm?“, he offered playfully with a wink.

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