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Give Me Your Attention, You Dick

“When are you gonna let me fuck Kym?”

Kym rolled her eyes at Hayk’s come on for the fourth time time tonight. She was hoping to enjoy hosting tonight and not deal with thirsty dudes, but it seems like it wouldn’t be one of those nights.

She looked at the dark haired Armenian on the other side of the bar. She puckered her lips, leaning against the bar and batting her long lashes,“When you finally come to terms with reality and see that it ain’t neva happenin’ “, she said sickengly sweet voice, rolling her eyes.

Hayk kissed his teeth,“Come on, you know I can bust you wide open and leave you hungry for more”

Her face scrunched up like she ate a whole lemon. Don’t get Kym wrong, she loved dirty talk, but he just made her vagina seal up like the cave of wonders.

Neither noticed a large man approach until he was standing beside Hayk.

“Patronne”, he said, making his presence known to the woman,“Patron has requested you upstairs”, he told her with a blank stare.

Kym rolled her eyes at the orders, but nodded. There was no avoiding it, so she might as well go see what he wanted. She gathered her things before shooting Hayk a shrug,“Well I’d say this been fun but I’d be lying like a bitch, so peace out.”

With that she left, making her way up the stairs to the private elevator. She nodded to the security guard before entering and going to the private floor.

Kym opened the door to the office to see none other than Emir sitting on the corner of his desk, tie undone and jacket behind him on his chair. His eyes caught hers immediately, glancing her over before zeroing in on her barely clad body.

Kym crossed her arms over her chest, staring him down,“Wasn’t expecting you back ’til the end of the month, what changed?”

He fayed hurt,“What, no hello honey, how are you?”

She rolled her eyes at her husband,“I’m positive you ain’t call me up here for a homecomin’ Emir”, she deadpanned, crossing her arms over her chest.

Emir kissed his teeth, rubbing at his beard before starting to chuckle softly,“You know me too well”, he admitted, a grin taking residence on his face.

Whereas Kym held a blank expression, holding up her ring finger,“Didn’t marry you for nothing”, she snarked before returning to her previous brooding position.

Emir noted her defiance, moving back behind his desk and sitting in his chair. He sat up straight, his hands clasped in front of him in true business man fashion; he practically radiated wealth and power. Growing impatient, Kym cleared her throat, wanting him to get to the point. She wasn’t one of his business partners so he had no reason acting all suspenseful.

The Turkish man shot her a pointed glare, reaching for his drink, swirling the amber liquid inside,“When I decided to let you host and all that at my strip clubs because you were bored-”

“Um excuse me, but you try sitting in a mansion with nothing to do 24 hours a day”, Kym defended, cutting him off. They had maids and butlers for everything so she didn’t exactly have anything to keep her busy.

Emir held up his hand to silence her, not one to be interrupted,“When I did that”, he started, taking a sip from his drink,“I didn’t agree to watching you prance around men in shit like this”, he gritted out looking over her sheer bodysuit and she rolled his eyes at him,“It’s as if you (want) men to flirt and stare at you like a slab of meat.”

“Attention deprivation”, she responded simply,“gotta get it where I can”, she mumbled the last part under her breath. She wasn’t wrong. He had been super busy as of late. Domestic neglect was a bitch; mix that in with over 3 months of pint up sexual frustration and she was bound to fly off the band wagon at some point.

Emir’s frown faltered,“Is that really what this is all about?” The corners of his lips twitched as he fought back a grin.

“I mean, it’s not like I’m knockin’ down doors 24/7 tryin’ ta get some; it would be nice that when I want it, I could get it, ya know?“, she explained, her bottom lip poked out. She wasn’t trying to sound spoil, but goddamn if she didn’t believe she deserved dick when she wanted it.

Emir didn’t speak, taking in everything she had to say. He wouldn’t deny that he his attention had been more than divided as of late. That was the main reason he even allowed her to host; he knew she wouldn’t step out on their marriage but needed something to keep her busy. Apparently this wasn’t enough to distract her from more carnal thoughts. That just would not do at all.

The man stood up, wordlessly making his way past her to the couch, undoing his tie along the way. He sat back on the couch, his long arms stretch across the expansion of the back.

He smirked at Kym’s raised brow,“Well you want it; then come get it baby”, he nodded down to the suddenly obvious bulge in his pants.

Never one to show her hands to her opponent, Kym planted her hands firmly on his knees, sure to keep eye contact with him as she spread his legs and got onto her knees between them. She grasped his belt buckle and undid the clasp with expertise, unzipping his pants to release his member. It sprang free from its constraints, dark and fat with a dark mushroom tip.

She didn’t want all of the foreplay and sweet shit; she wanted to get down to the nitty gritty and she knew exactly how to get Emir there.

Emir watched as her silently and when she finally took him in her hands he hissed under his breath. She wasn’t the only one who’d had some pint up sexual frustration; he missed being buried inside her just about if not more than she did having him inside her.

Kym stroked his length a few time, feeling him grow hard in her palm. She sat up on her knees to reach out and wrapped her lips around his tip, covering it with precome. She treasured to bitterness, going back in one, two and three more times before Emir let out an impatient grunt, his hands gripping the couch leather tightly.

She decided to stop with the teasing and opened who mouth to wrap around the head and moving down his shaft. With practiced precision, she relaxed her throat to take him all the way down before pulling off, stroking his to coat him evenly with spit.

Once was done, Kym properly went to work going to town on his rod like a cherry popsicle. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked him off, sure to fondle his balls with one hand while the other fisted his shaft.

She relished in the growls and that left Emir’s lips, taking him all the way down and hollowing her cheeks.

Emir threw his head back, cupping the back of her head,“Sikme boğam”. He made the mistake of looking down and met Kym’s teary eyed gaze. She looked both wrecked yet starving for more at the same time and he wanted to give her just that.

She stroked him in a tight fist, mouthing up the underside of his cock, pressing her tongue to the thick vein there, knowing it set Emir’s body on fire.

He pulled her off his cock, a mixture of saliva and precome decorating her mouth. This didn’t stop him from crashing his mouth into hers, dragging her up to straddle him. Kym opened her mouth to let his tongue thrust inside, grinding into his lap.

Emir refused to waist anymore time and began to rip her bodysuit open with a care. The floor was soon littered with the black mesh material and her undergarments faired the same fate.

They brought their lips back together, their know naked bodies grinding against one another.

Emir brought his hand down hard on her left ass cheek making her out out against his mouth. He pushed her hair aside, kissing the side of her neck,“Wanna fuck you against the wall, baby”, he growled against her caramel skin,“for all of Anatolia to see.”

Kym moaned, sucking his ear into her mouth before tugging on it lightly,“What’s stopping you?“, she purred drawing back to look at him with her lip between her teeth.

Emir watched her gnaw on the soft flesh, and wished to do it instead,“Get up”, he ordered in a rough voice.

She stood up, her head barely clearing the chest of her giant like husband as he shot the his feet. Emir didn’t focus on the hieght difference, wrapping his arms around her middle and kissing her with just as much furosity as before.

He easily picked her up, her legs hooking around his waist as he moved behind his desk and pressed her against the large glass window. She broke the kiss with a soft hiss, the coolness soothing against her sweltering skin.

Emir shimmied his pants and boxers lower on his hips as he lined the engorged tip of his cock with her pussy. Her lashes fluttered shut as his manhood sunk into her inviting cunt.

They both paused once he was balls deep inside her; Kym was completely overwhelmed with the stretch and fullness of him. Her lips brushed against his but they didn’t kiss just breathing hotly into each others mouths.

Kym’s arms wrapped around his neck holding him close as he started to move. She kissed him as he steadily increased the pace of his thrust, letting out a low moan as he thrusted in to with growing force. She shifted her legs where they circled his body, pulling him impossibly closer to reach deeper inside her. She missed this; him; his cock touching places her fingers couldn’t.

She was practically lifting herself off the glass to meet his cock hungrily.

Emir’s large hands roamed her body, caressing every inch he could reach. His thumb fondling her hard nipples to send jolts of pleasure through her body. He cupped a heavy mound, squeezing as it jiggled with every move. He buried his face in her throat, sucking and biting her chocolate skin.

Kym was practically seeing stars at this point. She could feel everything; her pussy stretching around his hard cock, his hands on her breasts, and his mouth on her throat.

"Wait wait“, Emir suddenly called out, stopping much to his wife’s chagrin. Ignoring her cries of frustration, he shifted her off his dick, placing her back on her weak legs before spinning her around to face the glass window.

Kim whimpered as the feeling of the cold window, her nipples growing impossibly harder to create another rival sensation in her body.

“Fuck feels so good honey”, she moaned, trying to catch her breath as he fucked it out of her. Picking his pace back up.

“Harder, wanna feel you in the back of my throat!”

Erin shifted to better angle his hips between her legs and soon she was seeing stars.

“Yeah just like that! Yes yes yes yes.”, she chanted those words like a prayer that she wanted him to answer and answer he did.

Emir’s hands trailed down to cup her large ass, spreading her cheeks to force his hips impossibly closer to hers. He grunted, watching his cock disappear inside of her before returning covered in white. His hips stuttered forward and he slammed as deep as he possibly could before exploding deep inside of her.

As her pussy drained his balls empty, he planted kisses all over her neck, his breath burning her throat. Her entire body was sensitive, the slightest movement making her hiss.

Emir pulled away, securing his arms around her hips to make sure she stayed upright. The last thing he wanted was for her to fall on her ass. He bent down and scooped her into his arms and walked over to his office chair before sitting them down.

“I missed you so much, boğam.”

Kym didn’t respond, snoring softly against his chest. She was out like a light.

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