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All In The Name of Warmth

Yuri moaned and groaned for what felt like the ten hundred millionth time, or so it did to Axel. She had been doing it nonstop since they arrived.

She was upset and Axel thought she had every right to be and so did he. They were supposed to be in Paris by now at some swanky hotel, but after some out of the blue snowstorm and an unexpected layover, they were stuck in some broke down cabin in the middle of blizzard.

To make matters worse (as if they could) there was no heat or electricity because of the damn storm and he was stuck with the bitchest and most aggravating model that he had ever met in his life. Don’t get Axel wrong, being a photographer, he’s met his fair share of self-entitled pretty girls, but none like Yuri Cartier.

He was honestly too old for this shit.

Axel clapped his hands together loudly,“That should do it”, he announced, standing back to his feet after finally setting a proper fire. He stretched out his muscles, his bones cracking loudly under his skin,“There should be enough wood to last a while, so we should be good.”

He didn’t know why he was saying all this seeing as Yuri was too focused on her phone even if she had no signal. It was just another way to get on his nerves; treating him like he wasn’t even there. In his honest opinion, thirty-one was too old to act like a self-entitled teenager.

Axel just brushed off his annoyance, pulling off his coat and his boots. It wasn’t until he was taking his shirt off that all hell broke loose.

“What the hell are you doing?!“, Yuri demanded, covering her eyes to avoid looking at his hairy chest.

Axel didn’t stop what he was doing, shaking his head at her,“Gotta get out of these wet clothes”, he explained, pushing his pants down his wet thighs,“if you actually (listened) to me, you’d know that we were gonna have to take off our clothes so we can stay warm and dry off.”

Yuri only uncovered her eyes when she heard the rustling of the sleeping bag. She looked over to see him pulling the sheets over his exposed chest,“You getting in?”

A violent shiver racked up and throughout her body before she could snap at him in rebuttal. She was cold and wet; never the best combination together especially when it was negative something degrees and seemingly dropping by the second.

Yuri huffed out a breath at what she was about to do; all for the sake of body warmth.

She huffed, pulling off her parka,“Close your eyes and don’t you dare look”, she demanded bitterly. She looked up at the ceiling as if promising God he owed her one for what she was about to do.

* * * * * *

Yuri moved closer to Axel under the covers, shifting for the umpteenth time against him,“Don’t think you can use this as a way to fill me up or anything”, she grumbled, glaring at him. This was for warmth and nothing more.

“Wouldn’t imagine it”, he muttered, rolling his eyes as he shifted under the blanket. She gasped as his arms circled around her and pulled her body closer, her legs almost straddling his lap.

She raised her eyebrow at him, thoroughly disproved by his actions and simultaneously flustered,“Not doing anything Miss Cartier, body heat remember? Unless you want more that is”, he said with a wink.

Yuri glared at him,“Keep it in your pants, you pig”, she snarled. God this was what she was saddled with? All in the name of hypothermia.

Axel brushed off her remark with a shrug,“Your loss”, he tucked his hand behind his head, and closing his eyes,“get some sleep”, he muttered with a yawn.

Yuri wouldn’t admit that she stared at him for muched longer than she should’ve, but she would admit he was unbelievable warm.

At least he was good for something.

* * * * * *

Yuri squirmed, huffing as she opened her eyes. She was restless and her body refused to let her get her beauty sleep. She cursed Axel in her mind for his ability to sleep so peacefully in the middle of the blizzard from hell. She brought her attention back to herself, trying to figure out why sleep evaded her.

She instantly recognized the familiar growing ache between her thighs. God had it been that long? She’d been reduced to getting hot and bothered but just the sheer proximity to a man and Axel of all people.

Still, she couldn’t deny what her body desired and she knew that if she didn’t appease it, she wouldn’t get any sleep tonight. Axel was an attractive man in a silverfox kinda way and very cocky for reasons she didn’t know. Perhaps it would help if she just took a tiny peek under the covers?

Yuri forced the thoughts from her head. She couldn’t believe that she was even (considering) getting off especially at the hands of....Axel. She almost gagged at the very words.

Nope. No way; not happening.

She just needed to put some much needed space between them and everything would be fine. Yeah, that’s it; she would go back to bed and he would continue to snore like the brute he was.

Yuri went to do just that; she attempted to move away but his thick arm was heavy over her slender waist. She sat up on her side, embarrassed that she was about to attempt to crawl up his body and out the sleeping bag. The things she would do to escape.

She shifted her weight onto her left leg which was slightly hooked over his right side and put her plan into action. However just as she was thought his arm was falling off, both his arm wrapped around her, subconsciously puling her on top of his body like some kind of teddy bear.

If Yuri wasn’t straddling him before, she was now. She started to panic, cursing to herself before she tried to get away. This only made him tighten his hold on her; Axel grunted in his sleep and that was when she felt it. Right against her mound.

He was thick and long, growing harder under her. To say she was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement, but it was not the time for that.

Yuri scolded herself for even entertaining the idea of his dick; she needed to get out of this and fast. Imagine what he would say if he woke up to her practically riding him; he would never let her hear the end of it. Still his grip on her was unwavering so he didn’t have much of a choice but to wake him up.

“Axe!”, she hissed only for him to not wake,”Axel!”, she tried again.

Yuri blushed when his hands moved down to palm her ass. “Ax- “, she choked on her words, her eyes damn near rolling to the back of her head as he bucked his hips into her core.

This cry into his chest was what finally woke the older man. “Huh? Wha’ going on?“, his eyes opened slowly before growing into saucers,“Wha- tha hell are you doing ontop of me?“, he asked in a panic, his sleep drenched brain unable to process what the hell was happening.

She immediately regretted waking him up, not realizing how awkward this would be,“You uh...grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.“, she told him looking everywhere, but at him.

It took him a moment to properly grasp the situation before he realized he was hard, his bare cock against her smooth skin. He snatched his hands back from her,“A uh, natural reaction”, he explained, looking away,“still uh...I’m sorry though.”

“No no it’s fine”, Yuri assured him, rambling on as she shook her head frantically,“if we’re being honest here, it was my fault”, she found herself admitting for some unknown reason.

At first, Axel Didn’t seem to understand what she meant until he felt it,“Your wet”, he stated factually.

She shrugged, her dark ebony skin flushing a dark red,“Uh yeah, natural reaction to being so close to a man, I guess.”

“Did it...did it feel good?“, he asked after a pregnant pause.

“Very”, Yuri answered before realizing what she subconsciously admitted,“I mean”, she corrected, shaking the utter and complete nonsense from her mind,“given the situation yes, it did”, the ebony beauty said, calculative of her words.

Axel nodded, taking in this information before asking another question,“Did you want me to stop?”

The silence returned once again. Yuri made a face,“What?“, she asked, knawing her bottom lip.

Before she could say “Work Work Fashion Baby”, Axel had rolled them over, his body slotted between her legs and keeping her barricaded under his. He tossed his hair back, only for it to fall over his dark eyes,“I said do you want me to stop“, Axel asked her in a taunting tone she knew all too well.

She felt so little under his gaze, bringing her hands up to cover her bare chest,“No”, she couldn’t force herself to lie to him. It did feel good and she wanted more if he was offering.

Axel nodded,“Alright”, he leaned down and snatched her lips up with his own. Her tongue hesitated before meeting his, pressing her soft lips more firmly against his own. She moaned into his mouth as he started to roll his hips into hers. It felt a million times better than earlier.

It was suddenly a hundred degrees as their bodies rubbed together coupled with the heat of the fire. It was just too fucking hot. Sweat began to stick to their skin before Axel threw back the blanket, leaving their bodies bare to the elements.

The model whimpered, cupping the back of his head, her nails digging into his arm to leave crescent shaped scars,“Fuck feels so good”, she moaned.

Axel grunted in agreement grinding his cock harder against her weeping cunt. She was like a water slide and he wanted to go through as many times as he possibly could.

“Want it in me Axe”, Yuri begged, tilting her head down to look at him,“Please put it in”, she could cut from this, but she wanted more than than. If she was gonna cum; she wanted to cum with him inside her.

He pulled away from her taunt body; flicking his tongue over his top lip,“You sure you want all of this”, he punctuated, slapping her inviting pussy with the appendage making her moan.

“God, I want you to fuck me!”

Axel shifted onto his forearms and held the base of his cock, rubbing his cock head against her lips to lubricate it pressing forward slightly to cause her to leak more. It was heavenly the way she tried to suck him in. However this was not enough for Yuri.

“I’m not a patient women “, she growled, opening her eyes to shoot him daggers,“Keep this up and-“, her words cut off as he slammed his hips forward. Yuri gasped, looking up at Axel who smirked down at her deviously, before pushing in farther.

Yuri swore her eyes rolled back so far that she could see her brain,“F- fu- fu- fuck!” She was impaled underneath him, Axel’s smug dark expression the only thing she could see. He was impressed that she had managed to take all of him, seeing as she was such a petite woman. It made everything so much hotter.

After a long stretch of time spent trying to catch her breath and adjust, Yuri nodded her head,“Okay, m- move.”

Axel was hesitant to do as told. “You sure?” Yuri glared up at him and clamped her walls around the entire girth of his cock.

Axel hissed under his breath, toes curling slightly at the feeling. He clearly had no reason to be so cautious with her anymore. She knew what she was doing and she was just waiting for him.

Axel withdrew half way before slowly sinking back in, basking in her sharp inhale as his hip met hers. Over and over he did this, his hips moving with force for every time. His sweaty and hot body moving against her own, the stronghold of his thick arms around her body as he plunged deeper inside her.

Yuri arched against the floor, the drag of his cock making her purr. Axel held her hips and continues kissing her collarbone and neck.

He knew better than to leave any marks on her skin, instead resorting to press his mouth to hers. He swallowed her sounds as he deepened his strokes to jack hammer speed.

“So good babe, s-so fucking good for me,” he panted harshly, and Yuri comes undone at the praises, loud moans escaping her parted lips as her whole body trembling as Axel fucked her through it with vigor. She locked her ankles around his butt, nails in his back.

“Oh my- fuck!"

She was suddenly pushed over the edge, her orgasm seeming overwhelming after the vigor teasing from before.

Yuri felt like she’d been cumming forever before she came back to reality. Axel thrusts never ceased in entire time and now she could tell her was getting close as well, his thrusts sloppy.

He pulled out frantically, fisting his cock in his hand and jerking off against her belly. ”Shit Yuri”, he grunted in a rough voice as he raced to reach his peak.

Axel’s body went stiff above her, moaning out her name in ecstasy and her taunt stomach was striped with his cum. Yuri cringed internally as the hot liquid on her already boiling skin.

Once he had wrung the final drop from his cock, he planted his hand back over beside her head. He just stared at her as he tried to catch his breath.

Yuri shifted awkwardly beneath him, wishing he would stop. It made her feel weird (not that she should’ve since she let him fuck her); a small apart of her couldn’t help but stare back. His cheeks flushed and shiny. She would’ve said he looked fucked out in a good way, but she wasn’t exactly taking anymore advice from it after what just happened.

“You know you’re cleaning this off me right?”

Axel just snorted, shaking his head at the return of her regular bossy behavior,“Why ofcourse, m’lady”, he responded. She sure had a way with pillow talk.

Once he wiped them both clean, Axel collapsed beside her. They just laid there, the fire crackling as the storm raged on outside. They didn’t know how long it would be until it passed over, but atleast they had something to keep them busy.

And warm.

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