Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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(DUI) Dick Under the Influence

Chuck stumbled into the bedroom after struggling with the doorknob for an embarrassingly long time. He went to shut the door only to fall back and make it slam shut with a loud sound. “Shh!“, he slurred to the wall with a finger to his lip.

Once he was assured that the door would not make any more ruckus, Chuck began to move his hands along the walls in search. He made a quiet sound of victory upon finding what he’s looking before flipping the light switch on.

The bedroom was instantly engulfed in light allowing him to see the large lump on the bed. The mass began to shift under the sheets and he heard a moan. “Uh, turn it off”, his wife mumbled, covering her face with her hand. It felt like the fucking Sun was shining in her eyes.

Chuck slapped his hand over his mouth; unable to believe what he had done. “Sorry honey”, he slurred trying to focus on the top of her head peeking out of the comforter. She had a pretty head, he thought, a pretty face too. “I uh- gotta get un- burp dressed”, he managed to piece together haphazardly before he started to kick off his shoes.

Kheyenne didn’t pay him no mind, muttering something unintelligible as she tried to go back to the peaceful sleep that someone had awoken her from.

She heard the sound of a belt buckle and shoes flying in random directions before it bacme quiet in the bedroom again, safe for the unintelligible mumblings of the drunk man.

That was until a warm body was pressed against her back, an arm draped over her waist. Kheyenne squirmed when a pair of lips pressed to the side of her neck. “Stop it Chuck”, she groaned, burying her head farther in the pillow to escape his affection. He only moved in closer, the small hairs of his beard scratching her ear.

“Fuck off”, she swatted half heartedly over her shoulder to keep him away. “Yo breath stank”, she muttered, her nose crinkled slightly. He smelled like straight up tequila and cigars. She didn’t even wanna think about how miserable he was gonna be in the morning. She hoped he didn’t expect her to play his nurse cause it wasn’t happening.

When she no longer felt the heat of his body against hers, she just took it as a sign of victory.

Chuck stumbled away and back on his feet, moving to the foot of the bed. A simple enough task, but actually quite difficult with his spaghetti like limbs.

After standing there for a moment, he fisted the sheets and yanked them away to expose her bare legs. It had been one of those warm nights in Alabama and she had foregone her night pants and Chuck was all the more grateful for it.

Easy access.

Kheyenne shifted but did not protest his actions, only hitching up her left leg and curling it closer to her body. This allowed him to see up her thick thighs before her shirt cut him off.

This sent more blood downward to his cock and he moved on to the next step in his mission. He took her ankles and carefully shifted her onto her back, not wanting to disrupt her asleep again; at least not yet.

She just laid there, still half asleep as he moved her. She felt his hands on her thighs and she was being pulled off her pillow and down the mattress.

Once again, unbothered, he went even farther now. He bent her knees upward to her body and spread them past her body. Her night shirt was now pooling at her hips, her fat pussy lips on display. Chuck licked his lips as he inhaled her musky sweet scent.

He stumbled to lay his upper body onto the bed, putting his head between her legs to make himself acquainted with her pussy lips.

Although shitfaced, Chuck took his time to admire what belong to him. He nestled his face against her crotch, nuzzling his lips and cheek over her core. He noted how Kheyenne’s breath had evened out smoothly, clueless of what was to come.

He didn’t waste anytime before burying his mouth in her cunt, licking and sucking like a hungry man. That jerked her awake with a start, like ice cold water was poured on her; her body instantly ablaze. She felt around the bedding, latching onto anything she could at that moment. She looked at the ceiling in confusion before glancing down to find the source of her discomfort.

Chuck’s tongue never ceased as it dove deep inside her folds. She tasted so good and he couldn’t get enough.

Kheyenne was a mess above him, shaking her head weakly as her chest rose up and down,“B- ba- aby st- stop.” She tried to scramble away, his hands tightening around her to keep her immobile. She was completely at his mercy now.

Her stomach clenched and unclenched, body convulsing as he teased her already swollen clit. She grinded down on his mouth, whispering his name into the quiet room.

It was hard to focus on anything aside from his mouth and his bands; his fingers curling, poking and prodding her with rehearsed precision.

Chuck drew back for a moment, beard wet with her juices and spit,“When ya ready, cum” he instructed, adding a third finger when he finally reaches the bundle of nerves inside of her.

Kheyenne could feel herself tipping over; her body burning as the world became even more incoherent around her; his fingers leaving impressions on her chocolate skin as his tongue carved out her insides.

Her head lolled back and forth,“Chuck I- nuhh”, she choked on her words as two of his fingers forced their way into her pussy. He scissored and stretched her out, stuffing his tongue between.

“O- oh my G- ah!”

She pushed at his head in an attempt to get him away, but he just grabbed her ankle and pushed it up to her chest as he continued to ravage her.

“When ya ready, cum for me baby.” he instructed, adding a third finger when he finally reaches the bundle of nerves inside of her. He fucked his three fingers into her as he tongued her clit.

“Babyyyy I-!” suddenly all Kheyenne saw was black, her body went stuff and a violent shudder racked through her body as she came in his mouth, her back arching off the bed as she cried out.

Her orgasm wracked through her in a spine-arching, eye-rolling, stomach-clenching waves. Chuck held her steady, hand digging into the skin of her thighs, to get every last drop.

White noise filled Kheyenne’s ears, her brain fuzzy from her late night orgasm. She was startled from her stupor when hands gripped her waist and pulled her body closer to his.

Chuck’s callous hands petted her body, squeezing one of her breasts before pulling away,“You still wit’ me?“, he asked now a bit more focused than before.

“Uh huh”, Kheyenne answered breathlessly, staring at the dark ceiling.

He grunted at her muted respond, recognizing her spaced out state of mind. Before she has known it, he ripped open her night shirt, the sound of buttons flying every which way.

A gasp fell from Kheyenne’s lips as he maneuvered her body like a rag doll. Truth be told, she had been waiting for him before, but then hours went by without him returning so she went to bed. Little did she know he had an awaiting dick appointment for her.

Chuck flipped her onto her stomach so fast, her head was still spinning when he moved behind her, nudging her knees apart to plant himself between her thighs. Kheyenne whimpered when his leaking tip carding between her meaty folds.

He slid his arm between her body and the bed, pulling her hips up at a slight angle. His fingers circled her button, producing even more lubricant from her. Paired with his tip pressed ever so slightly to her entrance but never with enough force to enter, Kheyenne was feening for it.

Chuck angled his hips and her breathing stalled as his dick slide inside her in one continuous motion.

He paused for a moment once he was buried deep inside her,“Oh f- fuck doll”, he hummed as he basked in the feeling of her pussy. She was so hot and wet, velvet walls enveloping him in a tight grasp.

Kheyenne let out a wheeze as he flattened her against the mattress, pressing his full weight down on top of her. She tried to speak as he starts slamming into her from behind. He was so rough when he was drunk. Sometimes a little too rough, as she had told him before.

Kheyenne grappled at the sheets as he pulled out and flipped her over to put her on her back. She struggled to regain her breathing before Chuck was once again inside her.

He hooked his balled fists under her spread legs as he thrusted deep and hard inside her. Kheyenne gagged, raising her legs high in an attempt to escape his manic fucking.

Her teeth rugged into her bottom lip as she tried to muffle her cries,“Fuck Chuckie! I’m G- ah!“, she didn’t know how much more she could take.

“If your still talking, I ain’t did my job”, he slurred, planting a hand beside her head and adjusting to slam himself even harder deep inside her. Kheyenne could’ve sworn she went cross eyed as he reached her cervix.

He sat up on his hands, shifting to use his thumb and index finger to spread her lips, wishing he had turned on the light so her could watch as her pussy enveloped his tip and disappeared inside.

The sounds she produced helped to spur him on to fuck an orgasm out of her. It was long before Kheyenne lost the ability to breath for a moment, her body seizing and her eyes rolling back as she squirted around his cock.

Chuck gripped her breasts in both his hands as he tossed his head back and roared as his orgasm struck him. He collapsed on top of her, her pussy hungrily draining the cum from his softening cock.

Kheyenne laid there as his panting faded into shallow breathes. They both were gonna be a mess in the morning.

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