Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Aaliyah had no idea how she had gotten in such a position, but here she was in a 5 star hotel that she would never be able to pay for a night in, sharing a bed with her boss.

It had all been some mix up. The hotel had given away one of the rooms they paid for. They assumed that since both reservations were under the same name that they had accidentally overbooked, so bye bye went Aaliyah’s room.

They had quickly decided to just share the business man’s extremely large suite, but the issue came when discussing sleeping arrangements. Aaliyah had claimed the sofa and Mr. Haiders had refused the very idea.

He said that he wouldn’t make her sleep there while he had a bed and she said the exact same thing. As a form of resolution, he had insisted they share the bed. Problem solved.

Everything was fine after that. It wasn’t a awkward as Aaliyah thought it would be. They both kept to their designated sides and were both off to sleep.

That is, until she had woken up in the middle of the night to find the asian man pressed against her back. His arms were wrapped around her middle, his bare chest hot against her back.

She would never admit how good it felt having him holding her. Never. Instead, she bided her time trying to wake up the Asian man.

She hissed his name out quietly in the darkness only to recieve no response.

Aaliyah continued to call his name to no avail. “Mr. Haiders?“, she tried to wiggle away only for his arm to tighten around her,“Uh sir?”

“Be quiet Miss Hudson”, he mumbled from behind her, his voice rough from sleep. He nuzzled his head further into the back of her neck, pulling her tense body impossibly closer to his. This was definitely not professional.

Instead of continuing her failed attempts from before, for some reason, she sought it better to shuffle in his hold until she was facing him. His dark hair shined against the city lights shining through the window, his cheekbone sharp as diamonds where they lived high on his cheeks. His goatee was neatly trimmed as per usual accentuating his olive tanned skin.

Mr. Haiders was an attractive man; a very attractive man, that she would admit it. Although she would never act upon it, she knew the absolute Asian smoke show she found herself admiring on more than one occasion; now she was able to get an up close and personal look at the mogul, his eyes hidden beneath his low eyelids.

“I hope you are enjoying the view, Miss Hudson”, she gasped at the sudden speech, her eyes meeting his dark eyes from where he stared back at her,“I am not entirely against the sight I have either.”

Aaliyah had very little time to truly absorb his words as he tightened his hold on her waist to pull her close, the smirk on his lips clear enough for a blind man to see.

Her blush was hidden beneath her ebony skin, but she knew they were burning just the same. She forced herself to keep his gaze even though every fiber of her being itch to escape.

“I’m sorry sir, I couldn’t help it and-“, even as she was speaking she knew she wasn’t doing that good a job at speaking her case and judging by the way Mr. Haiders was staring, he found it entertaining all the same. Aaliyah knew he liked to see people squirm and she fought to make sure she was never in the hot seat before now.

“What I meant was that I didn’t mean to stare...l- like that but you’re just so-”

Her complaining was cut off by his mouth pressing to hers. As shocked as she was, she couldn’t help but return it, raising her hand to knot in his hair as she kissed him back. His mouth moved against hers with trained expertise, his tongue dominating her mouth. This felt like one of her wild fantasies except she had yet to wake from suck a thing.

His hands roamed her body as she surrendered her mouth to him. His hand went to squeeze a t-shirt clad breast before he went to her ass and gave her a strong squeeze.

His hand trailed up her thigh and between her legs. She gasped against his mouth as he rubbed her pussy above her sweats.

It was then Aaliyah remembered what exactly she was doing and who she was doing it with. She broke the kiss, trying to gather herself; meanwhile, Qian’s relocated to her throat, nipping and sucking marks there.

“I don’t think-”

“Spread your legs, Miss Hudson”, he ordered, voice crisp and rough all at once.

She froze at the meaning behind the words,“Okay, we probably should.”

“Either you do it yourself or I will”, he growled, fingers trailing down her soft abdomen towards her pussy.

She hesitated momentarily, but the look he gave her made her obey, spreading her legs apart as told.

Pleased by this, Qian shoved his hand into her sweatpants, immediately locating her bud and rubbing. Aaliyah keened at the touch, taking everything in her to keep her legs open,“S- si- sir!“, she choked out around her tongue.

He carded his middle finger through her wet folds, but before he could dip inside he withdrew them.

He looked at his dry fingers,“不夠濕。” He brought his hand back up from her pants and to her mouth.

Aaliyah parted her lips, sucking the digits into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around them, coating them in her spit. Once they were properly soaked he brought the digit back to her core and without warning, slid inside her wet cunt.

Aaliyah’s breath hitched as his fingers pressed against an area inside her that set her body on fire.

“Qian!”, she squirmed under him, making panting sounds in his ear as he worked his fingers in and out her tunnel.

The Asian man suddenly sat up, throwing back the sheets and moving down to take his place in-between her legs.

He grabbed the hem of her sweatpants and forcefully yanked them down her legs and off her body. After tossing them away, he returned, his eyes locking on the leaking honeypot between Aaliyah’s legs.

She bit down on her bottom lip; uncomfortable under his heavy gaze. She pressed her legs together in embarrassment, not wanting him to blatantly stare at her most sacred area.

Qian didn’t like that, growling before grabbing her thighs and forcing them apart. She gasped as he planted his hands on her inner thighs, keeping her legs wide open.

“保持雙腿張開“, he ordered.

Aaliyah whimpered, but obeyed, as he stared at her weeping cunt like he was a starving man. This was further proven when he licked his lips at the sight.

He shuffled to lay down on his stomach, his head sitting between her legs as if it belonged there.

Aaliyah shuddered at his hot breath ghosted over her sensitive clit. He took a deep breath, basking in the scent of her arousal. His opened his mouth slightly, his pink tongue peeking out to trace his lips before completely diving into her pussy.

Aaliyah gasped at the sudden onslaught of sensation; his velvety tongue wiggling against her folds, his teeth grazing her bud before teasing it lightly. “God, you taste so good,” he murmured before diving back between her legs.

Aaliyah blushed at the strange compliment, choking on her words as he did something that should’ve been illegal on her clit. She fisted the sheets in one hand as he lapped and massaged her folds, nose grazing her swollen bud.

He spent what felt like a torturous eternity there; she’d thought her boss missed his true calling in life. He was a bonafied pussy eating with unabashed vigor that was becoming even more than she could handle.

Aaliyah tried to close her legs, her limbs trembling from his assaulting tongue, but there was no use. His fingers found themselves back inside her, his mouth focuses on her clit and his fingers work together to drag an orgasm out of her plump body.

The vulgar moans that left her mouth only served to motivate him to suck and lick on her clit like his favorite candy. He wanted to devour every drop of her he could as he worked his fingers inside her cunt, his mouth latched onto her clit.

The nonstop of his tongue to send her over the edge and Aaliyah was cumming hard, her stomach clenching as she gripped his slick dark hair in her fist.

Qian hummed as she hungrily rode his face, wiggling his tongue into her channel to wring every drop of her juices from her. He continued to sent shockwaves through her frame in an endless avalanche of pleasure.

He licked up every drop of your cum, not wanting to waste the taste of her. If he’d known how sweet she’d tasted before, he’d have found a way to bury his face between his assistant’s thighs ages ago.

Once her tremors had finally ceased, he pried his fingers and lips from her juicy heat, mouth glistening with her slick. “Aaliyah”, he called out in a low voice, stepping off the left side of the bed and standing up,“I want you to laying right here on your back. Would you want to do that?”

She sat up, not trusting her legs at the moment. She crawled over to his side of the bed, looking up at him. When he nodded, she turned away and laid on her back, wiggling close to the edge.

Qian cupped her head and neck in his hands, to better support her. He stood in front of her, his groin levelled with her head. If she titled her head back completely she would be face to face with his dick.

“Is this alright, Aaliyah?“, he asked, massaging her neck. She took a deep breath, nodding up at him as she shifted slightly.

“Tap my leg when you wish for me to stop”, Qian told her, sure to leave an opening for refusal. When there was none, he went ahead. He retracted his right hand, taking his shaft in hand and lining his head up with her open mouth.

She opened her mouth wide as his dick slid inside her mouth. His musk was all she could think about

as her head hung off the edge of the bed. Slowly, he eased his hips forward, sliding farther into her hot and wet mouth.

Once her mouth to completely full of him, Aaliyah calmed her breathing, sucking in air through her nose.

Qian let out a curse in Mandarin, her throat twitching around his dick. He planted his fists on the matches to restrain himself; God did she have a mouth for sucking dick.

His eyes went between her parted legs, to her dripping honey pot. His gazed move up her pudgy belly and and breasts down her neck to face. He almost died at the sight of her chipmunk like cheeks filled with him. Her lips pursed around him as she got used to the obstruction.

Aaliyah had taken him about 3/4 of the way down, but she pursed her lips around him, as if trying to take in the rest.

Qian squeezed the meat of her waist in silent praise, wanting her to know she was doing good, (so fucking good). He brought his left hand to his mouth and licked his middle and pointer finer before bringing them back to her pussy.

She flinched when his digits met her pussy and rubbed her in heavy circles, but he reassured her by drawing back and pushing his cock back into her hot mouth. He did this over and over, picking up his pace every time.

Aaliyah was so focused on swallowing and sucking him off that she didn’t even notice when those same fingers were back inside her along side a third.

Qian watched in amazement as her fat pussy enveloped his fingers, coating his hand in her nectar. He enjoyed the melody that was the wet sound her pussy made as he fucked his fingers into her.

Aaliyah was on cloud nine, aside from the strange position she yearned for the touch, lifting her lower half up slightly to allow him to delve even deeper. She didn’t how she was still able to breath with his fingers knocking the little bit of breath she took in, out of her body.

Aaliyah’s legs started to tremble, small volts of electricity surging through her body to the bottom of her stomach. She could feel herself reaching her peak and she put her hands on his thighs and pushed him back lightly so she wouldn’t choke.

She only had the head in mouth when her back arched off the mattress as she screamed around a mouth full of his dick. Qian stilled his hand, kind enough to let her work through probably the most intense orgasm she had tonight, caressing her clit with his thumb.

Once she was done, slowly Qian withdrew his fingers, her own cum pouring from her cunt.

Just as Qian was about to pull out, her hands were on his ass, keeping him where he was. He froze, not knowing what to do now. His breath hitched as she hollowed her cheeks around him.

Aaliyah swallowed around him before pulling out halfway and taking him in her hand. She stroked him awkwardly, using the opportunity to catch her breath before flicking her tongue out to swipe across the slit making him shudder. She opened her mouth and took him to the hilt again.

Her moans sent delicious vibrations through his body making his hips stutter, fucking deeper into her throat. Qian stared down at her with pupils blown wide and his mouth hanging open.

The salty taste of cum suddenly blasted her throat and she ball her fists to keep from coughing. When she had swallowed every last drop, she tapped his thighs, signaling for him to pull out.

Qian shuffled back, slowly withdrawing his soft cock from her mouth. She sucked a large gulp of air, her jaw aching from the stiff position and her back neck didn’t feel any better.

Aaliyah wiped her mouth off with her hands, coughing at the ache in her throat. Qian stood back, a reassuring hand on her back to help sooth her,“I’ll get you cleaned up”, he told her before walking away.

Aaliyah didn’t notice him moving around to the other side of the mattress until he grabbed her calves again and pulled her down.

She squealed as she ended up on her back again while he spread her thighs apart. Qian got onto his knees at the side of the bed. He hooked them over his arms before dragging her down until her lower lips were leveled to his upper one.

She groaned, realizing what he was gonna do,“Really? Again?“, she giggled, not objecting the proposition but just baffled. A small part of her wondered what she tasted like; what about it made him so crazy?

After Qian successfully licked her clean and I mean clean, he called room service to change the sheets while Aaliyah brushed her teeth and got cleaned up. Upon coming out, she decided to not put her pants back on, ditching her t-shirt as well.

She crawled under the sheets into her spot. Behind her, the lights went off, sending the room back into darkness. After the mattress dipped, a warm body was pressed again her back, being shifted slightly as Qian’s arms wrapped around her. He had decided to sleep nude as well, feeling his groin against her ass.

“Wanna hold you close; just incase I want another taste“, he murmured into her ear and Aaliyah could feel the grin on his face.

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