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Pregnancy Buddies are the New Science Bros

Juno grumbled and mumbled as she watched Dog-Cops on the large screen TV,“Can’t believe those bastards”, she muttered stuffing another fist full of potato chips in her mouth,“Them niggas really nutted in us and then left us sitting at home”, she glanced over at Cerise, annoyed to find her not paying the least bit of attention to her.

The rest of Avengers team had left on a mission with both of their respective husbands while the other two members were forced to hold down the fort.

The nerve of them.

Juno and Cerise had been fresh outta training school when they joined the Avengers and almost two years later love was in the air between them and the teams resident brunettes.

Cerise and Bruce had gotten together fairly quickly considering she liked to visit the lab and make small talk with the hybrid hero. She was rough around the edges, but something about Bruce relaxed her and she was all the better with him.

Meanwhile it was abit tougher for Juno when it came to Bucky. With BARF and his PTSD they had both agreed that it wouldn’t be good to date; that was until Juno had been clipped on a mission and fell 200ft off a cliff side into the dark water below. The mercenary was waiting in the hospital when she woke up 4 days later.

The rest had been history; they got married (separately ofc) and officially joined the Avengers family. Now here they were sitting at the Avengers Compound both thoroughly pregnant as they “held down the fort” in Tony’s words.

However Juno and Cerise weren’t the sit at home type, not by a long shot. They missed the rush of missions, giving orders, taking orders and saving lives side by side. It was driving them both crazy to not do anything and neither could wait until their nine month prison sentence was over.

It didn’t help that Cerise was trigger happy and going through withdrawal since Bruce banned her from the gun range when they found out she was pregnant.

Speaking of Cerise, the team’s resident sniper had finally finished cleaning her prized Vibranium Mandalorian assualt rifle that T’Challa and Shuri had given to her as a gift. She snapped her clip back into her gun, drawing Juno from her brooding,“Jokes on them though”, she shrugged,“they’re losing their damn minds if they think we won’t be going back into the field after we get these babies out.”

Juno popped her head up,“Um, babies?“, she corrected,“I got one bun in here, don’t jinx me like that”, she told her, placing a hand on her large baby bump.

The dark skinned woman was having one whereas Cerise was having twins. Which was kinda ironic seeing as Bruce wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids at all, but here they go popping out two at once. It was a pleasant surprise to find out both women were gonna be “pregnant buddies” as Juno put it.

Juno was 37 weeks whereas Cerise was only 34 weeks, but looked ready to pop. Both women were grateful to have not only the men in their lives but an entire family that cared about them and they wouldn’t take it for granted.

Cerise glared at her with sharp green eyes, reattaching the scope of her gun,“Nigga I know that”, she snapped, making a few more adjustments on her gun,“We ain’t having one baby all together, are we?”

“No need to get snappy”, Juno told her, rubbing her belly,“somebody’s sexually frustrated.” She instantly regretted it when Cerise growled from the other couch, cocking her gun.

“Don’t even get me started”, she growled, raising her gun to look through the scope.

Juno pressed her lips together, hands raised in defeat,“We friends, pregnant buddies remember?”

The hothead rolled her eyes before placing her gun back in the case and locking it. She didn’t argue with Juno, because as much as she hated to admit it, she was right.

Since Cerise found out she was pregnant she had gone off her suppressants which mixed with her pregnancy hormones made it difficult for everyone when walking on eggshells around her. Cerise was very horny and this was especially bad when Bruce wasn’t there; her body begging to be claimed by the father of her pups. Juno on the other hand could fair well without her mate although she did miss Bucky’s scent.

Cerise curled up against her long maturity pillow and began to watch Dog-Cops as well; her hand cradling her belly.

* * * * * *

Juno suddenly shot up, well as far as she could with the watermelon sized ball on her front,“Hey Phineas, I know what we could do today!“, she exclaimed, looking over at Cerise who was sitting in her makeshift nest on the couch.

“What?“, she muttered, snuggling into Bruce’s lab coat.

“Let’s go get in the pool”, she suggested. It was right out back and they weren’t doing anything else.

Cerise thought about it for a moment before shrugging,“Sure, I’m down.” She wasn’t doing shit else, but wasting time. Might as well doing something to help her cubs.

They goth struggled to get up before parting ways and going to get their swimsuits.

Once dressed, Juno went back downstairs to see Cerise wearing the exact same swimsuit as hers,“Pregnant bikini buddies!“, she cheered bouncing over to the other woman. Both their belly protruded through the large cut out in the front of their monokini’s, the high cut of the bottoms stopping well above their spreading hips.

“Aren’t we some hot milfs”, she said smacking the other woman’s ass lightly as they headed outside to the Olympic sized pool. They had it for training purposes, but agents usually used the indoor pool so this one was for whatever.

Cerise and Juno stepped into the water hand in hand, hissing at the brisk temperature before fully submerging their bodies into the water.

After about 30 minutes of maternity water aerobics (courtesy of Juno) the to agents were left to their own devices. Cerise was relaxing ontop of a giant lime floatie from High School Musical 2 (courtesy of Tony). It was kind of ironic how relaxed the uptight mercenary was. She didn’t even blink when Juno came up beside her.

She took in a deep breath of air, trying to fill her lungs,“How long was that?“, she demanded, wiping the water from her eyes.

Cerise glanced at her watch before relaxing once again,“13 minutes and 27 seconds”, she told her,“not bad.”

The other woman huffed in response,“Still not my best though, I can do better.” She looked down at her stomach accusingly; the baby was pressed against her lungs, that’s why her time went down. She used to hold it for atleast 15.

“Start the clock again”, she told Cerise, determination written across her face.

Just as Juno was about to go under again, the sound of a jet engine filled her ears. She shrieked as water was suddenly blown across her face,“What the hell?“, she looked up at the sky to see a black jet hovering over the compound.

As it began to lower behind the main building, they caught a glimpse of the logo on the side of the jet.

“They’re here! They’re here!“, Juno cheered as she swam like Micheal Phelps to get out the water. “Come on CiCi!“, she told Cerise who was still in the pool and was making no move to get out.

“You go in, I’ll stay here”, she said with a wave,“as much as I miss him he’ll have to come to me”, she explained as she wadded across the water. Her watch began to beep,“In fact, this is him now”, she said before pressing a button on her watch before speaking.

Juno shrugged before leaving her friend to go greet her mate. Bucky had promised he would be the first person off the jet to see her. She ran well waddled into the building and towards the main area; practically bouncing on her heels as she waited. Her heart skipped a beat as she heard footsteps in the lobby before a figure appeared.

“Oh”, her smile soon dropped at seeing the billionaire,“it’s just you.”

Tony made a hurt expression, placing a hand over his heart or rather the arc reactor,“Are you saying you didn’t miss me?“, he asked coyly as the nanotech returned to his reactor,“You wound me, Junebug.”

Before Juno could respond with a playful remark, they heard the harsh slamming of the patio door.

They both looked back to see Cerise stomped in the house, muttering under her breath as she cradled her stomach. Neither tried to stop her, knowing better not to as she stormed off in the direction of her and Bruce’s shared bedroom. Who in their right mind would wanna piss off a 5" hormonal pregnant omega with an assault rifle?

Once they were alone, Juno turned to the inventor,“I take it Bruce didn’t come back with you?”

Tony shook his head,“Nu uh”, he sighed, running a hand through his hair,“decided to stay back and take initiative for the mission de-briefing”, he explained shaking his head side to side,“a beautiful fool, he is.”

Juno tsked, her hands caressing her swollen belly,“How are you book smart, but ain’t got no common sense?” They both felt bad; not only for the scientist, but also Cerise. She had missed him terribly and here he was putting other responsibilities above her and their pups.

“So how is Little Jamison doing?“, Tony asked, shifting the topic to her belly.

The ebony woman smiled, looking down at her stomach,”She is doing just fine”, she corrected. They had wanted the gender to be a surprise and everyone was up in arms about it. Bucky thought it was a girl and so did she, but Tony was adamant that they were having a boy.

“Your carrying real low pudding, trust me, it a boy. I bet my house on it; the one in Miami.”

Tony held out a hand,“May I?“, Juno giggled, taking his hand and placing it on the top of her bump.

Juno huffed as the baby kicked under his hand,“So when is the rest of the team gonna get here?” She knew good and damn well Bucky didn’t stay behind or he and Bruce were both gonna be out on their asses.


Tony looked up upon hearing the elevator,“That should be them now.” Just like he said, the elevator opened and all Juno needed to see were those steel black boots to know it was her man.

Bucky dropped his duffle bag on the floor, looking around the room. Once they had landed on Juno, a smile stretched across his face as he quickly jogged over to her and pulled her into his awaiting arms.

She purred feeling his breath on her neck, his lips brushing over the bond mark that was there.

They parted and Juno didn’t stop smiling and neither could he,“Как вы, ребята, поживаете?“, he asked, looking down at her protruding stomach between them.

“отлично“, Juno answered, cradling her bump,“Мы очень скучали по папочке, не так ли?“, she asked her belly.

The reformed super soIdier chuckled, sending warm vibrations against her skin,“Missed you guys too”, he murmured against her lips. Juno gladly returned the kiss, slipping her tongue into his.

Someone gagged in the back,“Woah PDA much?“, Sam said, earning a smack on the back of the head from Rhodey.

“Shut up and leave them alone; they miss each other”, he said, giving him a disappointed look.

Juno and Tony laughed at their haggling friends. Bucky let out a throaty laugh, carding his fingers through his long dark hair,“I need ta take a long shower”, he huffed fanning his hand in front of his face. After a 12 day mission, he reeked of blood, dirt, mold and gun power and it wasn’t exactly his favorite cologne.

Juno smirked, bringing her lips to his ear,“возможно я могу помочь тебе убраться“, she purred before pulling away. She turned to walk away only for him to smack her ass with his flesh hand. She squealed, slapping his arm weakly.

The brunette sniper didn’t even flinch at the hit, circling his hand circling his wife’s hip and pulling her to his front. Juno giggled as his lips tickled her bond mark and she could feel herself leak a bit right there. The floodgates had basically broken when he whispered to her in his raspy Brooklyn drawl.

“Might just take you up on that offer, doll.”

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