Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Summertime Sexcapades

It was scorching hot outside, the Miami sun beaming down and destroying any and all signs of shade.

Zamora fanned herself as she walked away from the ice cream truck that had parked outside of the basketball court. She sucked happily on the cherry popsicle she purchased as she walked back to her friends on the other side of the court.


Zamora looked back at the other end of the court to see a tall blonde guy jogging towards her. She recognized from the earlier basketball game and the one that was still going on. Ole boy was fine, and when she said he was fine, she meant that he was fine as fuck. It took everything in her to not zero in on his body, his 6-pack crying out to be admired.

She schooled her expression as he approached, basketball in hand as he stared at her. He towered over her with at least 6 inches to spare,“Just wanted to holla at you and see whassup” His voice was so sexy: deep and smooth with an accent she couldn’t identify.

Pulling off her sunglasses, she looked at him with bright honey eyes, “Don’t you have a game to play?“, she asked while continuing to suck on her popsicle noting how his eyes zeroed in on her mouth.

He broke away, looking back at his awaiting teammates before waving them off, “Hey, can’t blame me for wanting to talk to the fine ass girl that caught my eye”, he said, licking his lips and Zamora could practically imagine those lips on her pussy.

She blushed at his come on, offering him her free hand, “Zamora”


They smiled at one another, hands still linked between them. “Well Jesse“, Zamora released his hand; his name rolling of her tongue like silk, “imma let you finish yo game. Imma be back over there with my homegirls.” She gestured over to the bleachers, so he could easily find her when he wanted to and she knew he did.

As she walked away she was sure to sway her hips, knowing her ass would jiggle even more.

* * * * * *

Zamora gasped as Jesse’s cock stabbed at her sweet spot for the thousandth time. She eyes rolled to the back of her head as his hips rolled vigorously into hers.

They were in the backseat of Jesse’s car, Zamora in his lap, riding him like her life depended on it; Jesse’s hands prying her ass cheeks apart to allow him to get impossibly deeper.

“Yeah just like that”, Jesse grunted, pearly white teeth digging into his lower lip, “Fuck!” He pulled his face from her neck, titling his head back to meet her mouth in a steamy and sloppy kiss.

Zamora gripped his hair in her fists, sucking on his tongue, her grinding faltered as a knot began to form in her belly, “Fuck I- I’m almost there!“, she cried, chasing after her orgasm, bouncing up and down to no rhythm but her own.

The blonde tossed his head back with a groan, “Y- yeah come on, Z”, he coached, “Take it baby, ride til you cum all over my cock!“, he growled, circling both his arms around her waist and sitting forward to help her move. He wanted her to take what she wanted, using him for her own pleasure before his own. He wanted to watch her unravel right before his eyes.

Zamora bit down on her bottom lip and slammed herself down one final time before creaming. She thought she’d died for a second, her soul almost leaving her body at the intensity of her orgasm. Her body siezed, whimpers falling from her lips as she held onto him for dear life.

Jesse followed behind her, her walls clenching around him like vice. He grunted into her ear as he filled her to the brim. Zamora continued to ride him, moaning at the feeling of his cum seeping out of her canal. Their movement soon came to a halt, their lips locking in a filthy kiss before parting.

“Fuck”, he gasped, looking between their bodies.

Jesse guided their bodies onto the seat cushions, laying out across the backseat. Both of them were spent; Zamora just knew she would be feeling this tomorrow,” Fuck that was...“, she pushed her sweaty honey blonde hair off of her forehead.

“Yeah”, Jesse agreed, still trying to catch his breath staring out the tinted windows overhead. God he had never had sex like this before. Not only was her body insane, but she knew how to use it. It was silent for a moment, both coming down from their collective highs.

“I’m starving”, Jesse said, looking over at her with still cloudy eyes. Zamora noticed his gaze, shaking her head, “Boy, don’t look at me; this special has been removed from the menu indefinitely.” He had took her out of commission for at least the next hour.

The blonde kissed his teeth, landing a smack her ass, “Nah, but forreal, it’s getting a lil’ late, wanna go eat?”

Zamora thought it over for a moment, before nodding, “I could go for some pizza from Martinoes”, she offered, resting her head on his chest. She didn’t really have any plans after getting dicked down, so she was down for whatever. After a quick nap, they could go get a bite and maybe chill.

“Great”, Jesse agreed, picking his phone up from the car floor and checked the time, “we can take it back to my place. Then we could see about getting that special back on the menu.”

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