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The Kingsman: Agent Absinthe prt. 2

They had completed their mission and saved the world. Some lives were lost but the human race would continue to prosper. Well at least until the next twat came out the wood work.

Both the Kingsman and the Statesman were celebrating their collaborative victories as the Kentucky sun began to set. It had been a long day and everyone just wanted some time to relax.

Merlin looked around the emptying room, frowning when he didn’t find who he was looking for, “Where is Agent Absinthe?“, he questioned.

“Turned in for the night”, Champagne informed, smoking on a cigar, “you should do the same rookie, you earned it”, he gave him a warm pat on the back before leaving.

The Scot stood there a moment, in some sort of daze before he corrected himself and turned to make his own exit.

“Aye Merlin, where yeh going?“, Eggsy questioned, making him stop in his tracks. He was hoping they’d go get a pint of some good aged shit Champagne kept around here.

He paused before turning around to face Harry and Eggsy, “I am going to see Agent Absinthe”, he admitted, unable to lie to the two most important people in his life. “I believe we have some matters that we...need to discuss”, he answered, still calculating what exactly he was going to do, “Good night”, with that, he turned to leave the room, leaving Harry and Eggsy at the round table.

Harry checked his watch, “Well, think we should call it a night, don’t you?“, he went to go his own way when Eggsy stopped him.

“No, no no, no”, the younger man denied, “no way.”

Harry frowned, “And why, I might ask?”

“We need to go to the jet”, he stated, face straight with determination and dare I say it, giddy. Before Harry could argue, he was being dragged down the hallway by the younger agent.

“Why the bloody- why are we going to the plane?“, he questioned, confused at the sudden start. They just saved the world again; he thought he’d at least be able to have a cuppa before running off again.

Eggsy glanced back at the man, a devious smirk on his face, “You’ll see Harry, trust me”, with that, he continued to drag him off as fast as his feet could carry him towards the airplane hanger.

* * * * * *

Merlin stood in front of her door for three minutes before he had the balls to knock on the door. He stepped back, taking the moment to knock off any invisible dirt on his trousers, adjusting his tie before straightening his back. ‘Keep it cool, Merlin. No need to be nervous.’

“Who is it?!”

He just about turned on his heels hearing Absinthe’s voice through the door. A part of him wished she just so happened to not be here even though he made sure to ask multiple people if she where along his way here. “It- it’s Merlin”, he answered, his voice cracking slightly before he scolded himself. He was an agent for fucks sake, yet here he was acting as if they were facing Valentine’s army. Absinthe was a member of their team; no threat was present.

There was no response but the door slide open, an invitation to enter. He hesitated in his spot for a long moment before throwing himself into the wolves den. He walked in cautiously, looking around her suite, but not seeing her.

He frowned; where was she? He immediately thought that she had been abducted, worry streaking through him. However, before he could stress more, the door to the connecting bathroom open and Absinthe walked out, “Hey”

He quickly averted his gaze, turning his back to her, “Agent Absinthe!“, he breathed, not daring to turn back and look at her. She was half naked; half naked; almost whole naked. Perhaps this talk would not be as easy as he had thought.

“Sorry, I was in the middle of getting undressed”, she explained, continuing to move around the room as if nothing was the matter.

Merlin glanced back and yep, she was still half naked. He immediately turned back when she had caught him, “I uh I apologize if I’m interrupting, I can come back at a more decent time perhaps?“, he turned to leave but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

He turned back to find Absinthe behind him, still standing there in all her ebony glory, “It’s fine really; stay”, she asked, looking up at him with those eyes. He knew then that he would not be able to deny her and she knew it too.

“Please make yourself comfortable”, she told him, referring to her suite, “we’re both agents; I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of obscenities”, she joked, turning her back to him and moving across the room.

Merlin couldn’t help but think back to Eggsy and the princess back with Valentine. Sometimes being the eyes and ears of their operations had its cons. He did as instructed, choosing to move over to her bed, but not sitting down; posture still bone straight as he surveyed the area -a subconscious habit he would never break.

When Absinthe finally turned to face him, she was holding a bottle of Brandy in her hand, “Gautier Cognac; year 1762”, she read off opening the bottle as she made her way back over him by the bed, “was saving it for a special occasion; think saving the world is special enough, I’d say?” She poured two glasses, offering one to Merlin.

“Uh Agent Absinthe, I don’t think-”

She held up her hand, cutting off whatever cop out he was about to give her, “Please, missions over, call me Marley”, she requested, crossing one leg over the other.

The bald man gulped, his original response going back down with it, “As you wish...Marley.”

Absinthe smiled at the use of her proper name; she liked the way it sounded with his accent. She patted the spot beside her on the bed for him. He sat down, back ramrod straight as he undid the button of his suit jacket to get more comfortable. When he was finished, she offered him the glass.

He gladly took it, immediately chugging down the amber liquid in one gulped, hissing at the strong burn. He was ashamed to not have taken the time to savor the vintage Cognac, but he would need the alcohol to loosen his nerves. This conversation would not be pleasant with her sitting in front of him looking as sinfully delectable as she did.

Absinthe just sipped on her own, smiling around her glass before sitting it down and closing the bottle. No way was she letting him finish off her bottle; it had been a gift from Champagne. “So what is it you came all the way here for?“, she asked him, sitting back down beside him to pull off her heels.

Merlin suddenly tensed, the liquid courage not working fast enough to warm his bones and liquify his brain, “I uh I just wanted to talk bout that uh moment we had -”

“During the mission?“, Absinthe finished, now sitting upright, “When I kissed you?”

Merlin pressed his lips together, “Yes...that”, he agreed, crossing and re-crossing his legs in a failed attempt to quell his nerves, “thank you for uh...helping me out there.” If she hadn’t he would still be trying to find away to address it.

It had happened out of nowhere. They had managed to barricade themselves in the controls room, working together to take down the firewalls and stop the detonator. When they did, it was as if a crushing weight had been lifted off their shoulders. They had done it; they saved the world.

They had hugged each other tightly before parting; next thing he knew, Absinthe had lunged forward and pressed her mouth to his with so much force it sent them out his chair and onto the floor.

He had chalked it up to adrenaline and endorphins from the end of such a stressful mission, but apart of him didn’t want to believe it. He had wanted to speak to her after they got back, but she seemed to have disappeared the second they touched the ground.

“Well it had come to my attention that you might be interested in me in a uh...more than professional sense?“, he managed to choked out, adjusting his glasses on his nose as he avoided her gaze.

It was quiet for a moment before she started snickering. He wanted to just get up and walk out with what little dignity he had left, “and you came to that conclusion all by yourself?“, she asked him, casually scooting closer to him, a shift he noticed as well.

“I may have had some...assistance in deducing; but yes”, he responded, nodding his head like he was a bobble head. He could feel the heat of her body again her side and the alcohol was now making its presence known; he itched to peel himself out of his suit.

“I take it my assumption is correct?“, he asked, turning his body to face her, their knees touching.

She didn’t respond for a moment, chewing her bottom lip before she looked at him, “How’s about I show you instead?” Merlin’s throat tightened but he made no moves to stop her as she slowly leaned in and they closed the gap between them.

It was slow and hesitant, both uncommon in individuals in their job description, but it was still perfect. When neither pulled away immediately after, they both took that as a good sign to keep going. Merlin’s hand slowly rose to cup her cheek as the kiss deepened.

Marley was the one to pull away and Merlin followed suit; straightening himself, prepared to wait for her to decide what would happen now. She looked up at him through her lashes before speaking, “No shoes on the bed.”

Merlin was confused by her request, “Huh?” It took him a moment to properly register her request before he was kicking off his shoes, careful as to not trigger his retracting blade in the process, “Better?”

Marley didn’t verbally respond to him, instead pushing him onto his back. He hit the mattress with a soft thud before she was on top of him. Now at her mercy, she pulled her hair out of its bun, smiling down at him and she straddled him.

Although shocked, Merlin followed her lead, putting his hands on her hips, “If I may say, you are probably the sexiest woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.” He had wanted to say that since they’d met on at that damn pool and this was as good a time as any before he practically combusted underneath her thighs.

This earned another giggle from Marley before she was leaning down, her lips centimeters from his, “Always a gentleman”, she murmured with a smile before kissing him again.

Marley didn’t know what it was, but she just couldn’t stop kissing him; her lips never straying too far from his. He was like an addiction, but without the fatal blue rash that came with it. Her nimble fingers went to his coat buttons and undid them before untucking his shirt from his pants, her soft hands exploring his hard abdomen underneath.

Her touch made him feel alive; it was exciting, strange, and new, and he didn’t think there was anything in this world that would make him feel this way, let alone a person. Merlin tightened his hold on her hips, one hand moving up her back to pull her closer to his body.

When they parted they were both breathless, chest pressed against one another as they breathed. Marley shifted on his lap, biting back a grin feeling something poking her and she knew it wasn’t a gun. She made a mental note to handle that later, instead reaching out and pinching the frames of his glasses, “Do you really need these?“, she asked him.

“No not really, I suppose”, he managed to say around the lump in his throat, “more apart of the uniform really- oh and there they go“, he rambled nervously as she pulled them off his face. He squinted as his eyesight adjusted before clearing. He felt so naked without them on; he couldn’t even remember a time he wasn’t wearing them.

Marley bit her lip, pulling them completely off his face, “You won’t be needing them much now”, she assured him before throwing them somewhere behind her. She then grabbed his tie, twisting it until she yanked him up off the mattress and he swiftly caught her wrists in his larger hands. She smiled at his quick reflexes before pulling him into a kiss which he happily returned.

“Let’s see what kinda man those manners made.”


“Let’s see what kinda man those manners made.”

Harry and Eggsy were speechless as they looked at the screen from inside their private jet. Merlin’s glasses camera now panned at the wall, but the sounds they heard painted an excellent picture of what was happening offscreen.

Eggsy turned to the older man, cheesing like the prat he was, “Told you, it’d be worth it.” When he heard Merlin say where he was going he knew instantly that he had to see whatever happened and this; this was far better than anything he had ever imagined.

Harry snapped his mouth shut, wiping off the drool that collected on his face, “I....I suppose you’re right”, he swallowed the lump in his throat, the image of Agent Absinthe straddling the image seered in his mind forever. He paused before moving forward and pressing the power button on the systems keyboard.

“Hey what’s that for!?“, Eggsy complained as the multiple screens went black; the doors close into Merlin’s world closing right before his eyes as Harry closed the cabinets. It was just getting to the good part and he went and did that. He turned to Harry, eyebrows to his hairline, “Why can’t we ju-”

“Ah ah ah”, Harry tsked, cutting off whatever negotiation he was about to start, “let’s give Merlin some privacy”, he said righting his tie as he stood to his feet, “I believe he’s earned it.”

He made his way to the door before opening it and turning back to his acquaintance, “Come along, my boy.”

Eggsy huffed, but followed suit leaving the plane.

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