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Act Up You Can Get Snatched Up

Jannik was lounged out on the couch, scrolling through his phone as he simultaneously was surfing through his Netflix recommendations. Suddenly the sound a footsteps could be heard down the hallway before his girlfriend came into view. “Aight boo, I’mma bout to head out”, she told him, checking her purse one last time to make sure she had everything she needed; phone, gum, lip gloss and cash inncase she needed a ride home.

Jannik glanced at her out the corner of his eye before snapping his head in her direction,“Hol’ up”, he called out, stopping her in her tracks,“the hell you going dressed like that?” She was wearing a full on black lace jumpsuit, the thin spaghetti straps on the verge of popping off. She had her makeup done all nice and her hair falling in curls at her shoulders. She looked too sexy to be going out with friends; that shit belonged in the house for his eyes only.

Enyo clicked her tongue,“Boy don’t do it”, she told the German, cutting him short of his ‘You can’t wear this and that’ rant. “It’s a lingerie party dummy”, she said refering to her outfit, the lacy bodysuit stretched around her body like second skin.

“I don’t give a fuck; you not walking out like that!” You could damn near see her nipples in it and he was gonna be the only person who was gonna see her like this.

Enyo open her mouth in resort, but was interrupted by the sound of a car horn. She sighed,“Look I ain’t got time to argue wit’ you Jannik. You ain’t my daddy, you my boyfriend so you can’t telling me what to do. Period”, she stated snarkily, gesturing with her hands, her nails clicking.

Without another word, she went to the closet and pulled out her coat and pulling it on. “Let me know when you stop actin’, I’ll be back around eleven twelve-ish”, she told him before leaving, slamming the door behind herself.

Jannik didn’t give chase to her. If he wanted to go and drag her ass back in the house; he most could and would do so. However, he just kissed his teeth, focusing bsck on his movie. It wasn’t until about 5 or 10 minutes later that he had noticed he’d gotten a notification. Enyo had made a post on Twitter. It was a picture of her in that damn bodysuit and knew it must’ve been from when she was upstairs getting ready

Enyo.feelins💅:“Don’t ask for a bad bitch and get mad when you can’t control me. Ain’t got no time for playground rulz.”

Jannik scoffed at the caption, contemplating commenting on the post before changing his mind. Instead, heclosed the Twitter app, going to his text messages and opening their texts. He quickly shot out a message to her:

You know you childish asf right?

Meine Schöne 👸🏿: Boi tha fuck?

Makin them subliminal ass posts, yu got something yu wanna say then say it.

Stay runnin to Twitter and IG

Meine Schöne 👸🏿: Fuck outta here boi 😒 lyk fuck imma let u kill mah vibe tonight 💅

Meine Schöne 👸🏿: Since im childish asf imma stay the night at Trina’s. Don’t wait up ✌🤡

Jannik growled, gripping his phone tightly in his hand. He clicked the phone icon, bringing the phone to his ear, jaw locked as he waited for the phone to ring. When he immediately got a voicemail message after only the first ring he cursed aloud. Nonetheless, he redialed her number and waiting again.

“Schwöre, sie ist kindisch wie verdammt” (‘Swear she childish as fuck’), he growled to no one but himself, throwing his phone down on the couch when he was sent to voicemail for the 9th time. Enyo was always so quick to block his number when she in her feelings.

Instead of throwing a fit, he just brushed it off, returning to the Netflix movie playing on the TV. Soon he had gone through four different movies and Enyo still hadn’t come home yet. With every passing second he grew more and more agitated until it was about 1:00 am and he had finally had enough.

He had checked Snapchat to see that Trina had posted a video of them leaving the club, both singing along to a rap song. The time said it was posted about 15 minutes ago. Jannik got up, slipping on his shoes and coat before getting in the car to go find his girlfriend.

He pulled up to Trina’s house, getting out the car and jogging up the steps to her apartment. He knocked on the door, before stepping back, his hands stuffed in his pockets as he waited for someone to answer the door.

When the door finally opened, Trina was the one who stood infront of him dressed in a silk red robe. She looked up to meet his gaze and immediately regretted it,“Oh shit.” She quickly tried to slam the door shut but his hand was already gripping the door.

Jannik tsked as she gave up,“Now that your done, you gonna tell me where Enyo is?“, he asked, face painted in annoyance and growing impatience.

Trina gulped,“Shesnothere”, she lied, eyes dancing everwhere but where he was standing.

The German just huffed, opening the door and stepping inside past her. Trina made no move to stop him, shutting the door and standing there, fiddling her fingers together. If she didn’t look guilty before, she most definitely did now. He looked around the apartment, not seeing his girlfriend in the hallway, the living room and the kitchen before turning back to Trina.

“Can you please tell me where Enyo is?“, he asked politely, standing over her at his 6”5 height.

The redhead lowered her head in defeat, pointing towards the stairs,“She’s upstairs”, she told him before heading into the kitchen. It seemed she had done her part and wanted nothing else to do with the situation at hand.

Jannik pressed a finger to his mouth, making his way towards to stairs before a voice stopped him. “Hey Trin!“, the woman in question called out from somewhere upstairs,“Jannik been blowing up my phone since we argued; too bad homeboy was blocked”, she cackled as she made her way halfway down the steps. Her heels were gone and her phone was in her hands. She still had yet to notice him there until she realized it was dead silent.

“Damn don’t respond then”, she muttered to herself before looking up to find her boyfriend and best friend staring at her. She instantly paled, face flashed with newfound panic,“Oh shiiit“, she muttered.

Jannik nodded,“Yeah, ‘oh shit’ is right”, he answered, glad she knew how much trouble she truly was in.

Enyo adjusted her grip on her phone and Jannik noticed this movement before she was bolting back upstairs with Jannik right on her heels. She quickly dashed away to sanctuary, but his long legs allowed him to clear two steps at a time.

After almost slipping on her stocking clad feet, she ran into Trina’s bedroom, feeling Jannik’s breath on the back of her neck. She tried to shut and hopefully lock the door but he had already knew about that move and slid into the door before she could even grab the knob. She gasped when she found herself pinned against the now shut door, her fuming boyfriend looking down at her 5′2 frame. This was one of those times where their height difference was anything but cute.

Jannik’s usual bright blue eyes were now dark and hooden and she could just feel the anger in his stare. Enyo’s chest rose and fell as she gulped. “Uh...E- es tut mir Leid?“, she offered nervously, smiling weakly up at him. Never hurts to apologize right? Sadly it was far too late for apologies in Jannik’s mind.

His hand came up grab her neck. She titled her head back, allowing his large hand to wrap around his throat. She wouldn’t lie, Jannik was really sexy when he was angry; she could feel herself getting wet. He traced her bottom lip with his thumb, smearing her lipgloss in the process. She parted her lips slightly, inviting the pad of his thumb into her mouth.

Jannik inhaled deeply as she hallowed her cheeks and sucked. He leaned down, eyes still focused on hee mouth before he spoke,"Immer mit der Entschuldigung, nachdem du dumme Scheiße gemacht hast, solltest du nicht.” (‘Always with the apologies after you do stupid shit you ain’t supposed to.’)

Enyo shuddered as the low raspy words, their warm breath intermingling before Jannik smashed his lips against hers. Enyo responded to the kiss immediately, parting her lips to let his tongue slip inside. She moaned when their tongues entangled and he swiftly took control.

He could feel her whimper into his mouth with every press and sweep of his tongue. Her hand came up grasp his wrist and he tightened his fist around her throat, slightly restricting her breathing. Their mouths move together roughly, his teeth biting down on her lips and tugging.

When they finally parted, Enyo hadn’t even immediately opened her eyes; slowly opening them to meet his still dark gaze. Her head was still spinning from the kiss or just the lack of air; either way she wanted him to just throw her down and defile Trina’s bed with their essence.

Jannik’s arm tightened around her waist, tongue peeking out to lick his red lips, swallowing thickly before letting out a ragged breath.“We are going home now“, he growled, German accent making his words even colder and pointed. He left no room for arguement and Enyo was not gonna try and squeeze it in either; her bed was already made, so she might as well make sure she has a pillow right?

She chewed on her lips as he finally released her, hands coming down to her side as she remembered how to breath properly. That is until Jannik had bent down and grabbed her thighs before scooping her up and putting her over his shoulder.

Enyo cried out before beat at his back, kicking her legs as she found herself thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. “Nigga if you don’t put me down! I can walk on my own; Tom&Jerry workin’ just fine”, she whined as they walked out the bedroom, but her demands only went unmet.

With his bounty in hand, Jannik made his way back down the steps, muttering about her behavior in German. She didn’t completely understand what he was saying, but she recognized certain words from past scolding and couldn’t deny the fact that she was really in for it.

They got downstairs to find Trina in the hallway watching the couple with a lit blunt in one hand and a glass in the other. She offered the blunt to him and Jannik took it, taking a deep inhale and holding it in before blowing it out. “Where her stuff at?“, he asked her, wanting to get all her things since they had cut their sleepover short. Trina just nodded over at the kitchen island where her coat, purse and heels were located. Jannik collected her stuff in his other hand, nodding over to Trina,”Danke”, he told her. She had truly made it alot easier this time than on other occasions.

“You’re welcome”, she said mid-inhale, watching them move towards her front door,“catch you later Yo- yo!”

“You really just gonna sit there and let this happen?“, Enyo complained, waving her hands where she was draped over his shoulder. A real friend was supposed to deny, lie and hide their friends when they had a Boyfriend Emergency, but Trina had sold her out.

“Yep”, she answered, popping the p as she sipped from her drink,“Bennet ain’t in it.” If she had a dollar for everytime Jannik had strolled up in her house looking for his runaway girlfriend amid a fight, she would be richer than the owner of Amazon. She was still twirling and working on a nice crossfade that she didn’t need Mr&Mrs. Smith over here killing her buzz.

* * * * * *

Enyo shrieked as she was thrown into their king side bed, voicing slightly. She hissed as she butt made contact with the mattress; she was super sore from his hand repeatedly coming down on her ass. She tried to squirm at the sting, but then Jannik was back ontop of her.

He took her wrists in his hands, pinning them up and apart over her head. He licked back into her mouth, muttering German profanities against her lips. He rocked against her thigh, dick already hard in his pants. His hands trailed down her shoulders and resting on her waist, admiring her stoic figure.

Jannik grunted as he pawed at her catsuit impatiently. “Do you like this thing?“, he asked against her throat, growing aggravated as he failed to find the zipper or clasp in order to take it off her carefully. He was on the verge of just ripping it off of her and calling it a day.

Only then did she come to her sense,“Alot”, she told him, going stiff under his hands,”please don’t destroy it”, she warned with a sprinkle of begging in her tone. Jannik kissed his teeth but conceded, drawing back his hands to let her take it off herself. You would be surprised how much money stacked up from destroying your girlfriend’s clothes in reckless lust. He almost fainted the time he realized he shredded a 300$ dress.

Enyo jumped off the bed, fumbling to push the thin straps off her shoulders, pushing the material off her small breasts and down her stomach. She struggled to get the material passed her bum, remembering how hard it was to put it on the first time. Jannik has removed his hood and pants, kicking off his shoes and underwear as he waited her to get naked.

She could feel the tension in the air as she rushed to get out of it before Jannik decided to change his mind and just rip it clean off of her. Just as she got it passed her ass she was pushed onto the bed. Jannik got between her legs, taking the material in his hands,“You’re testing my patience”, he grunted before pulling the lace off her body all at once, followed by her little black panties.

Jannik got ontop of her, their naked bodies pressed together hungrily as he swallowed her moans. He gripped her thighs, picking her up to lay her out the long way on the bed

Enyo squeezed her thighs around him; wanting all of him on her body; his mouth, his hands, his body, and his cock. She spread her legs apart, a silent beckoning for him to get inside her.

Before she knew it, Jannik had flipped her onto her stomach, grabbing a pillow and stuffing it underneath her hips. Enyo did nothing to stop it; a streak of excitement rushed through her body as he moved her. This position meant that he was about to get all in her guts and nothing would stop him from doing so.

He manhandled her until she was halfway on her back and side, taking her left knee and bringing it up to her chest for her to hold to provide easier access to her core. He slotted his body between her legs as he lifted her asscheek to revealing her wet pussy.

Jannik took his dick in his hand, guiding it forward to the heat of her snatch, pulling back his foreskin and grinding the head of his cock on her pussy, pushing forward ever so slightly to breach her cunt. Enyo whined at this, moving back on his dick, practically waiting for him to be deep inside her.

Instead of scolding her impatience, Jannik gave her exactly what she wanted, slipping the head of his cock between her lips. Enyo moaned as he fed his length inside of her, stuffing his thick cock into her hot and velvety pussy. If she didn’t have a pussy like this, Jannik wouldn’t know how he would be able to put up with her stank ass attitude.

Once he was nestled deep in her cunt, they paused, taking the moment to adjust. She was just so fucking tight, walls clamping down on his cock like it belong there. His dick was so big and thick, it felt as if she was glass being overfilled. There was nothing they loved more than when he would hit it raw, feeling the ridges of his cock gliding over her insides.

Jannik began slow, first with drawing slightly before moving back in, rolling his hips in circles to stretch her out on his shaft. Then he was pulling out halfway, the base of his cock in his fist as he slowly guided it in before withdrawing. “Ah shit”, he cursed, watching her already start to fall apart under him.

However, his plan wasn’t to make her beg; no, he wanted her the scream. He suddenly drove himself balls into her pussy making her breath hitch. He didn’t stop, watching her ass jiggly as his thighs slapped against her skin.

“Immer so eng!” (“Always so tight!“), Jannik cursed, setting a rough and steady pace to drive her up the wall,“Nimm es; nimm den ganzen Schwanz!” (“Take it; take all of this dick!“)

Enyo was shaking her head ansentmindely, sheets in a tight fist as he fucked the shit out of her. The pillow provided an extra form of stimulation to her clit. She let out an especially high pitched moan as his dick bypassed her cervix and continued to do so until she was damn near reduced to sobs of pleasure and pain.

“D- daddy fuck w- wa- wait!“, she grasped, reaching back to plant a hand on his abdomen in an attempt to runaway from his deep strokes. Jannik was having none of it as he took her hand and pinned it on her ass as he slammed inside her making Enyo cry out.

“Nein” (“No”), he growled from behind her, slowing his thrusts as he got on his knees for better leverage to fuck into her,“Dein Mund ist zu groß, um zu rennen. Du wirst Daddy’s Schwanz nehmen” (“your mouth it too big to be running. You gonna take daddy’s dick”), he spat as he picked up his pace again.

Enyo could only bit her lips too keep in her sounds. When that began to fail her, she just buried her face in the sheets before moaning her brains out,“Fuck Jannik!” There was no way the neighbors didn’t hear them; with the way she was screaming and the loud banging of the headboard.She was on the verge of throwing in the towel; waving her white panties in surrender.

She jumped when a heavy hand came down on her ass, his other hand came around her shoulder to wrap around her throat,“What did you call me?”, he panted hotly against her hair.

Enyo found it difficult to breath, his hand gripping her throat tight as he fucked every breath and sound out of her body. “D- da- Daddy f- fuuuck!“, she wheezed. She could feel herself getting there and she rushed to chase after the earth-shattering orgasm waiting for her. She sat on her hands, raising her leg higher as she adjusted. Enyo leaned back onto his chest, head thrown back as he pecked her temple, hand still decorating her chubby throat.

They stay still for a moment, using the time to catch their breath before they went at it again. Enyo titled her head up and to the side, looking at his lips hungrily. Jannik looked back, watching as her tongue peeked out to lick her lips. He didn’t need any cues to press him mouth to hers.

She immediately parted her lips, sucking on his tongue. Jannik grunted against her mouth, his hand pinning hers on the side of her thigh again before he starting fucking her again. Soon his brutality had returned and she was struggling to keep up with him.

Enyo could feel the welts from where his hand prints fell and the continuous slapping of skin was making her asscheeks raw, but she loved all of it. Unable to take much more, her arms shook as she struggled to keep herself up before buckling. She collapsed onto the bed, her acrylic nails digging into her thigh in an almost painful way, but she was more focused on her approaching orgasm than the pain.

"Uuhhh! A- ah- ack! O-oh- oh mah- Jes-zus! Daddy!“, she cried out, already curling her toes as she could practically taste it,“Oh Daddy, I- I’m gonna cum, Daddy!”, she announced obediently; this was still punishment sex and she knew better than to cum without permission.

Jannik then began to triple his efforts, jackhammering his cock inside her as grabbed her left leg and put it over his right shoulder. This gave him more room to fuck her as hard as possible, the air thick with the smell and heat of sex.

Enyo just laid there, releasing as and every sound he fucked out of her. After a well placed thrust, she let out a throaty moan,“Da- Daddy!” She arched her back, toes curling as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. Her orgasm racked her body violently as he fucked her through it.

She hissed at the oversensitivity, but stayed pliant as he chased after his own climax. She pressed her cheek to the bed, mouth permanently ajar and eyes half lidded. She felt like she had taken too many hits to the headboard and the only thing she knew was Jannik and his cock.

His thrusts grew sloppy as his hips stuttered on there own accord. Enyo was practically drooling at the thought of him cuming deep inside her; she wanted his nut so bad,“Fu- fuck Daddy cum!”, she breathed, glancing back at him,“Cum inside me, wanna feel that cum!”

Jannik hissed at her vulgarity; his girl and such a dirty mouth and he loved it. “My slutty girl”, he groaned and after a couple thrusts, he was painting her walls with his cum.

Enyo could feel it, the warm liquid oozing from her cunt as he continued to fuck into her. His strokes were now slow and deliberate and when a calloused hand was on her clit, she didn’t complain as he started rubbing. With his thrusting and vigorous massaging, it wasn’t long before she was cumming on his dick once again.

She melts into the bed, her body completely drained as he stroked her through the aftershocks of her second orgasm. Once he stopped, he pressed his chest to her beck, kissing up her shoulder and collarbone before nuzzling her cheek. “Immer so gut. Nie genug von dieser Muschi bekommen.” (“Always so good. Never get enough of this pussy.“)

Enyo hummed at the praise,“Lass mich immer so gut fühlen, Daddy” (“Always make me feel so good, Daddy”), she responded with a practiced speech. He would alway say that after he dented her guts with his dick. They enjoyed praising one another.

As he sucked bruises lazily on her throat, the could feel the effects of her turn up start to take affect. The alcohol, weed and thorough fucking were combining efforts and her eyes were suddenly heavy as rocks.

You could hear the wet squelch of Jannik’s cock as he pulled out, wrenching a sleepy moan from from her body. He got off of her and removed the cum stained pillow from between her thighs and throwing it on the floor.

“Jannik?“, Enyo mumbled, arms up and weak grab hands at him, clearly wanting to cuddle. Jannik smiled,“I’m right here”, she told her, taking her hands. He wrapped his arms around her, rolling over to pull her ontop.

Enyo hummed at the warmth, nuzzling into his neck,“Love you, Jannik”, she mumbled with closed eyes.

Jannik grinned, looking down at her sleepy face; she slept like a little baby, glued to him like an adorable octopus. He started to kiss her face, pecking everywhere he could reach making her squirm and tried to evade his lips. He just pulled her close,“I love you too, Meine Schöne“, he told her, petting her sweaty hair gently. No matter how much they fought or how bad it got, they always came around again. They would always hold eachother close and tell eachother how much they loved one another.

Enyo opened her eyes one last time, smiling as big as she could before pressing her lips to his in one last long kiss. When they parted, Jannik pulled a blanket over them and turned off the lights.

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