Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Happy Hunting and Hot-tubs too

(Rob Lowe is underrated sexy and Cynthia Bailey is a doll.)

* * * * * *

“Hey Sister, do you still believe in love I wonder?

Ooooh if the sky comes falling down, for you

There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do”

Bennett hummed the chorus was her marched through the woods, huffing slightly as manuvered through the Fall terrain.

Being an advid hunter, he had scowered the woods for small things; rabbits, foxes and the occasional duck. However, by some miracle, he had hit the mother load; a nice big deer with antlers broader than his arms outstretched. He would’ve been a plum fool to miss out on an opportunity like this; however, he had not truly considered the fact that he had decided to hunt on foot...a far distance from the log cabin he resided in.

So after some clever adjusting, his hooked the creature off his broad shoulders and started the journey back home. After about 45 minutes, he was back on the path and as he trudged closer and closer to the cabin he paused, hearing the snap of a twig behind him. Upon finding nothing but himself and Bambi, he made his way to the front steps to find a figure sitting on the front porch. His pace slowed and he gulped, frozen at the sight his beautiful (yet intimidating) wife Ginger sitting on the porch steps, barely clad figure out for all the imaginary woodsfolk to see.

He couldn’t help but whistle at the sight, offering her a charming smile. However, flattery would not avoid her wrath this time around. ”That is not coming up in here”, she said, hands on her hips as she looked at the dead creature thrown his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. She cringed at the idea of sweat and other morbid things that had infused with his skin.

When they had decided to take the cabin trip for their anniversary she knew he would hunt, but she refused to have some dead wild animals in the same house as her.

Bennett scoffed, faying offense,“Of course not, honey”, he assured with a smile as if he hadn’t been planning to sneak inside and somehow hide it in the pantry. Just to give her a good scare before she’d no doubt skin him alive.

Good thing Ginger didn’t believe him,“Mhmm”, she responded, pointing around the side of cabin,“Leave it in the celler out back. Then go take a shower and maybe you can join me in the hottub?“, she sang, titling her head to the side innocently, long caramel braids framing her round face.

Bennett grinned, unable to even give her the run around when she was batting those lashes at him like that,“Will do, darling”, with that he made the trip out back to dispose of his prized hunt. If he had a little extra pep in his step as he went back inside in cabin, it was no ones business but his.

* * * * * *

“Hey Gin!“, Bennett yelled as he stepped onto the back patio where his wife was reclined in the Jacuzzi.

“Yeah?“, she responded coming over the the edge of the tub and leaning against it. She frowned at the towel around his waist and considering how low it hung on his hips he definitely wasn’t wearing any.

“I already know what you’re gonna say”, Bennett cut off, making her press her lips together,“I was about to go get some trunks but wanted to ask if you wanted champagne?“, he asked, holding up the bottle and the glasses.

Ginger nodded,“That sounds amazing”, she hummed, floating back to her original spot and leaning against the wall.

“Well alright, I’ll be right back and we can pop this baby open.”

Ginger raised an eyebrow aa he turned to leave,“I mean, you don’t need trunks?”

He stopped in his tracks, turning back to her. She smirked as she reached behind her back, undoing the knot of her top and allowing it to float off in the water once she’d slid it off her shoulder. Once free, she arched her back sensually, brown nipples peeking out above the water.

Bennett grinned at the sight,“Now that’s more I like”, with a newly aquired gettiness, he undid the knot and let the towel fall onto the dark wood of the patio. She licked her lips at his naked glory, happy to see Bennie Jr.

He stepped inside the water and she took the bottle from him, turning to the far side of the hottub as he sat down the glasses. “Care to help me?“, she asked, looking back at him. She hated opening corked bottles.

Bennett nodded,“Ofcourse”, he came up behind her, putting his arms around her to grasp the bottle (something she knew wasn’t necessary, but just an excuse to touch her).

“Ready?“, he asked her as he thumbed the cork.

“Yeah”, she nodded, already preparing for the impending scare that was to come.

“1, 2, and-”


Ginger squealed as the cork popped off; the foam spouting from the bottle, creating a puddle on the ground. Quickly she went to filling the glasses before placing it down on the steps.

Bennett took his glass happily, settling into the water,“Just what the doctor ordered.” He could feel all the tension melting off his body from the long walk back. Ginger hummed in agreement and went to sit down beside him. That is until an wrapped arm around her and pulled her into Bennett’s lap,“Okay now it’s perfect”, he corrected, hand resting on her thigh.

Ginger just rolled her eyes, wrapping her arm around his neck,“But forereal Ben, this is perfect”, she awed looking around at the beauty of nature around her. You didn’t see this alot in New Jersey, but she loved it none the less. No wonder she married Johnny Appleseed reincarnate.

Speaking of which,“I know a way we can make it even better”, Bennett purred into her ear in that southern drawl of his, burying his face in the junture between her shoulder and neck. He pulled away and pressed his mouth to hers.

They kissed one another deeply, their tongues dancing together. Ginger tugged on his bottom lip before releasing it, purring as his hand found its way into her bottoms. She moaned behind her bitten lip as he found her clit and rubbed. She moaned against his lips, grinding against his finger as he slid inside her entrance. He pumped his fingers inside her, tilting his head to deepen the kiss. He smirked against her lips, thumbing her legs apart to slip his digits deeper in side her until she started shaking her head against his mouth. Ginger grabbed his wrist, pulling them out before moving to straddle him properly. She took his glass and put both down before wrapping her arms around his neck to sit comfortably ontop of him. Her nipples pressed flush against his chest as they slotted their mouths together.

Bennett’s hands went to her ass, sliding back into her bottoms as they continued to kiss and tongue eachother down. He jiggled and squeezed her ass before scrambling to unknot her bikini bottoms. At some point her hand was wrapped around his shaft and stroking him off.

Things were getting super hot and heavy and they weren’t talking about the hot tub. Ginger’s head fell back as Bennett sucked and nipped at her throat.

She raised her hips bracing her arms around the railing as he aligned himself with her entrance. A wispy gasp left her lips as he slid inside her. She sunk down on him and they moaned against eachothers mouths. They continued to suck face, taking more and more of him until their pelvises were pressed flush together.

Finally, Bennet decided to make a move, his hands moving down to hold the curve of her hips and ass. Ginger instantly got the memo and slowly rose up before lowering back down on his cock. They stayed at that pace, grinding against one another as the water splashed around them.

They stopped momentarily, taking the time to catch their breath as she shifted onto the balls of her feet for leverage. Once they were settled, they got right back down to it. Bennett cupped the underside of her thighs to help assist in bringing her up and down on his cock.

“Yeah Ben, j- just like that”, Ginger chanted, head tossed back in ecstasy as she felt herself coming undone around him. Bennet just watched her, basking in the beauty of his ethereal wife. She was just so damn beautiful, a mix of sweat and water dripping down her ridiculously high cheekbones and her full lips parted.

His arms went around her waist to bring her in and he nestles his face in her breasts; sucking a nipple into his mouth. She had gotten her nipples pierced in college and lost sensitivity, but he loved playing with her nipples and on those rare sensitive days he basked in it. Lucky for him, it was one of those days and her breath hitched as if she had been struck by lightening.

A violent shudder racked her body despite the heat and she went stoic in his arms. Her nails bore into his shoulders as she came, clamping down around his cock. She just kept riding him, her head falling onto his shoulder as she wound her hips. Bennet just waited, caressing her skin as she worked through the aftershocks. She stopped moving, pulling back to look at him with still glazed eyes. His grin faltered when she clenched around his still swollen cock, earning a rough squeeze to her ass. She cupped the back of his head, bringing their mouths back together as they went at it.

Bennett’s head fell back as she went to knawing and sucking on his throat. He was a sucker for her mouth on him; his eyes were practically rolling to the back of his head. “G- Gin...“, he called out pull away to look at her,“c- can I cum on your face?“, he asked, feeling himself nearing the end not too far behind her. He wanted nothing for than for her to wear his cum like one of those designer gowns she’s so fond of.

Ginger nodded frantically, biting her lip before surging forward and licking into his mouth as she worked him to orgasm. As soon as Bennett felt that familiar knot tightening he tapped Ginger’s thighs, motioning for her to get off of him. She did so swiftly, titling her head back as he stood over her. She opened her mouth wide, taking him in her mouth and twirling her tongue around his head as she worked him in her mouth. Bennett cupped the back of her head, thrusting into her mouth until his hips stuttered into the back of her throat. She tasted a spurt of cum on her tongue until she pulled off, assuming position for what was to come. (Pause 😝).

Bennet fisted his cock, stroking himself in quick strokes. Soon the first splurt of cum shot out of his dick, decorating her lips and noise. He groaned as he continued to paint her face with his cum, unable to look away from the sight. The blonde didn’t stop stroking himself until long after he was done cumming and only then did he release his soft cock. He was still breathing heavily as he finally opened his eyes to look at her,“All good?“, he asked her.

Ginger winced, left eye half open while her right was stuck shut,“You got it in my eyes”, she huffed, licking her lips and taking her milk tache with her in the process.

Bennet chuckled,“Sorry, Gin”, he apologized as he got back into the water and cupped her cheeks. The least he could is help her off.

Ginger waved his hands away, drifting away from him,“Yeah, I know”, with that she went under the foaming waters, staying down for a moment before coming up and wiping the water from her face with her hands. She sucked in a breath, shaking her head before revealing her clean wet face. Bennet flinched, getting splashed in the process.

“Wanna take this inside, Bennet? I’m starting to prune up”, she pointed out, shaking her hands at him. This time she had done it on purpose.

The blonde snorted at the attack; deciding that he would back at later. He nodded before grabbing the champagne glasses as they went back inside.

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