Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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While the Families Away, We Will Play

(DISCLAIMER: Y’all if Stephen Amell ain’t the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. 🤤 He is like Destiel’s lovechild (shoutout the Supernatural) Imma watch Arrow for this man.🏹 💚. Shoot me daddy.)

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Melodi sat impatiently on the bed in her childhood bedroom, leg bouncing as she waited for her boyfriend of a year to come out of the shower. The bathroom door had been locked so she had no choice but to wait in her room for him to come out, which she hope would be very soon. Time was of the essence.

She practically jumped off the mattress when the door opened, her boyfriend stepping inside. “Just me, babe”, Jove told her with a warm chuckle as he shut the door. He was still dripping wet, the smell of his body wash wafting around the room. Melodi couldn’t help but pull her lips between her teeth as the sight of him, her eyes grazing over his exposed chest.

Jove felt her hungry gaze on him and stared back,“Like something you see?“, he teased, shooting her a wink as he dried off his hair. He knew exactly what he was doing to her and more.

Melodi hummed, biting her lip as she watched him,“Baby, come here”, she called out to him in a soft voice.

Jove looked at her, curious as to see what was going on in the mind of her. He had just seen her at breakfast before his shower. She rolled her eyes at his hesitance,“Just come here”, she begged innocently, waving him over. Little did he know how dirty her thoughts were at that moment. She was up to something alright.

Much to his better judgement Jove came over, curious to see what his girlfriend wanted. He stood over her, towel dangerously low on his hips, but he didn’t care. It wasn’t bothering anybody, except her that is. The man was walking porn.

Without any warning or prompting she had her hands on him. Melodi trailed her nails over his body, his strong arms, his tattoos, grazing her fingers over the scars littering his muscled torso. She squeezed her thighs together in an attempt to ease the throbbing that had started between her thighs.

It wasn’t until Jove cleared her throat that she stopped her oogling,“Anything particular you want, Mel?“, he questioned, snapping her from her worshipping of his body. No matter, there would be time for that that.

Melodi stopped, her hands leaving his body to interlace with his fingers and squeeze them. “Just wanted to tell you how happy that you came back home with me, is all”, she told, smiling up at him,“It means a lot to me that you wanted to meet them”, she told him and truly meant every word of it.

Jove’s heart swell at the declaration,“I would do anything for you, Mel; I like your folks”, well her dad didn’t particularly like him but neither did her uncle so he just chalked that up to protective male relatives. Aside from that, he was thriving.

“I know you would’ve preferred it not being as long a stay as this”, she wasn’t wrong there, they had been in Nashville for a week visiting and still had another week to go before the family reunion. Already knowing how he he felt she gave his hands another squeeze,“I know it’s hard being around my family so much; how hard it was putting up with the interrogations and I wanted to make it up to you”, as she said this, her hands were back on his body, stopping only once she met the hem of his towel.

“Right here, right now...”

“Uh okay then”, Jove remarked casually, more than confused as to where this was going before his eyes went wide upon realizing what she was getting at,“Oh!” That what she was getting at. “No”, he instantly responded once he’d recovered.

Melodi pouted,“Come on, what could go wrong?”

Jove looked at her as if she’d not heard what the he’ll she just said,“Mel, the last thing I want for is your mother- heaven forbid your father to burst in and catch me “defiling” you! He would fucking kill me!“, he whispered harshly to her. Yes they were two mature adults, but a father’s little girl will forever and always be his little girl.

He tried to walk off and get dressed, but she grabbed his hands, to stop him in his tracks,“They ran out the the store to get some stuff for the cake they wanted to make for you”, she told him, eyelashes fluttering as she looked at him hungrily,“so it’s just you and me in the house....alone”, she whispered seductively to his ear.

Alone. Jove liked alone. Alone meant no worry about getting his ass beat or any potential scarring. Plus as long as they had time, why wouldn’t they take advantage of the opening?

With no further objection, Melodi guided him back over to the bed. She sat down in-front a him, nails grazing up his sides as she continued kissing down bare chest, stopping to run her tongue over one nipple. Jove gasps and she responded by using the moment to finally undo the knot of his towel. The fabric fell to the floor but neither paid it any mind, not when he semi-hard dick was out in clear view.

Melodi licked her lips, excitedly to have him in her mouth. This would be a much needed release for both of them; the fear of loved ones catching them in the act, keeping them both on edge since they’d arrived here. She took him in her hand making him let out a shaky breath at the coldness. She grinned, moving her hand up and down his shaft, feeling him grow to complete hardness in the palm of her hand. She placed a soft kiss between his legs before standing up and pressing her mouth against his.

Jove was in shock for only a moment before melting into the kiss, enjoying the feeling of her big lips against his smaller ones. He wrapped her against around her, bringing her body as close to his as possible as he licked into her. They fell onto the bed, Jove splayed out on one of the pillows as she got onto of him.

She straddled him like an animal in heat, her hands on either side of his head as she kissed the life out of his body. She moaned against his mouth, grinded her pussy against his dick, already feeling the wetness collecting at her core. Jove’s hands trailed up and down her body, his hands went up the back of her shirt to undo her bra only for her to grab his wrist.

He made a sound a sound of disapproval against her lips as she pulled away. Melodi shook her head,“Ah ah ah”, Melodi scolded tauntingly, shaking her head at him,“we don’t have time for that right now”, she reminded, pushing back her hair like fall over her face. Jove huffed, wanting nothing more than to rip every article of clothing off her body, but heeded her words. If they didn’t have time for it then they didn’t have time for it.

With a final searing kiss, Melodi disappeared, proceeding to kiss her way down Jove’s hard torso, paying extra attention to his scars that lingered there. She didn’t know she had a thing for scars until she met him; something about them on him was the sexist thing to her. She didn’t stop until she met his happy trail, tracing her tongue over the tattoo near his Adonis belt. She reveled in the gasp she received as he rutted into her hand; she had accidentally stumbled upon the supposed “soft spot” one day and has made it her business to assault it whenever she could. For some reason it just made him go crazy and now was no different as she felt a stickiness in her palm. She soon ceased her teasing, remembering that they didn’t have time for the usual teasing as she shifted her position a bit. She got on her knees between his spread legs, raising her ass in the air as she bowed her back for him enticingly.

His hips jerk up slightly off the mattress as she takes him in her hand, enjoying the heavy heat in his palm. Jove noticed when she licked her lips hungrily; if only her folks had known how much of a cock-slut their daughter truly was. They had no clue how well she took his cock in all her holes and even if they did, he doubted they would believe it. It was always the quiet looking one’s.

She leans in close, her warm breath blowing over his rock hard cock. She opened her mouth ride, going down to take his tip in before pulling back out, much to Jove’s chagrin. She came off with a pop, stroking him in her hand with a shit eating grin on her face.

“Tease”, he huffed shortly, his forehead was already coated with sweat, his breathing labored. Boy did she have an effect on him.

Melodi just smirked, pushing her hair out of her face,“Gotta leave ’em hungry for more”, she murmured erotically before ducking back down and licks him. A nice wet stripe that cools instantly against his overheated skin and Jove shivers helplessly, his pulse thudding in his throat and his hands clenched into tight fists. Just one lick and he was already at her mercy, his worries from earlier no longer present in the forefront of his mind.

Melodi smiled as his eyes fluttered shut as she continued to treat his rod like a Root Beer popsicle, running her tongue up his cock, mouthing over the veins thumping on her tongue. Then she’s takes the tip into her mouth, sucking gently at first, the fat tip of his cock disappearing between her big soft lips. She comes off again, this time to spit on his length, lathering it in her saliva to better prepare it before she’s taking Jove’s cock back into her wet mouth.

She swirled her tongue round the head once against before coming off again and Jove was on the verge of ripping his hair out. Instead, he propped himself up on his elbows to watch as Melodi stroked his length, squeezing the base of his cock, licking at the head like a kitten with a bowl of cream, her eyes never leaving his. “Still think I should stop?“, she murmured, moving her head up and down his length, nipping at a thick vein under his skin that made his blood run hot.

“Don’t you even think about it”

Melodi grinned at his already flustered state; she was excited to have him falling apart in her mouth. She poked her tongue out to lick, lapping all the pre-come that was already oozing out of tip. He really was strung-tight.

Against his better wishes, she doesn’t give him what he wanted, instead planting closed mouth kisses around his groin, doing the same to his balls as well. All the while, Jove doesn’t complain, biting his tongue. She still held him in her hand, yet choses to put her mouth on everything, but what he truly wanted. He didn’t know what the he’ll she was doing but she promised him head and here she was bullshitting with him. His girlfriend was a monster, a complete and udder monster. She presses a kiss to the side of Jove’s cock, it’s gentle and sweet, but not what he truly wanted. He lets out a shaky breath, any attempt at patience or composure swept away in a wave of arousal. He was already long gone and she hadn’t even done anything yet.

Jove gripped the sheets in his hands, cursing up his breath as he squeezed his eyes shut. He just wanted her to stop teasing him and put it in her mouth before he did it himself. He struggles to restrain himself, taking everything in him to not take her head and fuck her mouth until she’s choking on his cum. He instead tries to focus on the patterns of light and shadow on the bedroom ceiling, the texture of the sheets against his skin, the sweep of Melodi’s eyelashes as his thigh as she blinks; any and everything except for his neglected and painfully hard cock.

Just like that, his prayers had been answered and he was enveloped in the sweet wet heat of Melodi’s mouth. Not wasting anymore time, she went down as far as she could with little preparation, making Jove grunt aloud, his head falling back onto the bed as she bobbed up and down. She really knew how to suck dick, honestly and truly. The way she worked her tongue as she hummed around the meat of him had him seeing to infinity and beyond.

Jove forced himself to open his eyes, stars leaving his vision as he looked at her again, watching her move her head up and down, one hand on his thigh, while the other jerked him off. Every time every time she went down on him, she went deeper and deeper, hollowing her cheeks and pulling out all the bells and whistles, all the while keeping her eyes locked with his.

He shouldn’t have found the sight of her eyes wide and wet with a mouth stuffed with his cock so sexy, but he did. He absolutely did; her mouth had a way of making him forget his own birthday. “Holy fuck!, Jove grunted when his cock touched the back of her throat, he thrusted up without thinking and grabbed at her hair, slamming himself into her mouth.

He only relaxed when she started to gag, slapping his thighs harshly. He guided her off him, with every cough that left her lips, it hit him right in the chest. He was prepared to sit up and call it quits until her hands were on his thighs, keeping him pinned in his spot. Yeah, he could easily get off, but she had clearly wanted him to stay right where she was. After recovering from her coughing fit, Melodi looked up at him, wiping away the few tears that stained her cheeks. “Little warning next time before you decide you wanna fuck my mouth?“, she snarled still trying to regather her thoroughly fucked out voice. She sniffled, her eyes already wet from the sudden assault on her gag reflex.

Jove felt bad but not completely, knowing she could deepthroat him. He raised his hands in surrender, muttering a sorry before promising to be more considerate. Melodi didn’t buy it, rolling her eyes at him, the second the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat, he fuck her face without fail. It was like an subconscious reaction that he couldn’t control.

Once she had recovered, Melodi got back into position, this time laying on her stomach instead of her knees. She took him back in her immediately, not bothering with teasing any longer. She came off, a string of saliva popping between them as she dove down to mouth and suck on his balls. She struggled to suck them into her, gargling them in her mouth before spitting them back out.

“Fuck my mouth”, that was all she told him before going back down on him. Jove was hesitant for a moment, that is, until she grazed her teeth up the side of his shaft and tip in warning. When she said she wanted something, she meant it the first time.

Jove rests a hand on her head, knotting his fingers into her now messy hair to get a good handful and pushing her down the rest of the way. Melodi balled her fists, forcing back her gag reflex and taking him down her throat, her nose tickled by his pubic hair as he kept her there. He moaned at her throat muscles tensing around his thick dick before bringing her off halfway, making sure she was breathing through her nose before bringing her back down roughly. He continued to do this, bring her down harder and faster every time until he repeatedly hitting the back of her throat. Every shred of restraints before gone in the heat of passion. Melodi hummed in response, making him curse aloud at the vibrations. His eyes fell shut again, his tongue peeking out to wet hit lips, cursing and hissing under his breath as just the sound of her taking him. She sounded fucking wrecked and he loved it; he reveled in it.

Melody could tell by his tightened grip that he was close and relaxed her throat, knowing he wasn’t gonna stop until he came and she wasn’t going to stop until he had painted her throat and mouth with his cum.

Just one look at her and Jove was on the verge of losing it. Her face was red and blotchy, shiny with sweat and tears as her eyes watered. She continued to gag as he fuck her face, but she took it like a champ, her hands splayed on either side of his chest to let him do as he pleased. He cursed out loud when she reached down to cup his balls, fondling them in her hand as he thrusted into her mouth. He could feel it; he was almost there and he was sure to let Melodi know it too as he started to snap his hips upward to meet her mouth halfway.

Just as he was about to see Havana, two screams snapped him from his daze. He snapped his head over in the direction of the sound to find not only Melodi’s mother, but also her aunt at the door.

“Holy shit!”, Jove cursed, releasing Melodi’s hair like it was on fire. He rushed to get off the bed and cover his naked body with the sheets. No no no; this could not be happening. It couldn’t; he refused to believe it. This was the exact reason he said no. The least she could’ve done is lock the damn door.

Melodi was no worse for wear, wiping off her mouth,“Oh my fu- God!”, she squealed, covering her face,“I thought you were out!“, she yelled, force still rough and scratchy from his cock. She felt like she as a teenager again, flushed and embarrased.

Her poor mother, bless her heart was bright red as she clapped her hands over her eyes. “I’m am so sorry!“, she apologized, the image of her daughter and her boyfriend already ingrained in her skull. “We’re leaving! I’m so sorry! Come on, Delois!“, grabbing her sister, she yanked her out like a kid showing out in a grocery store, slamming the door shut behind them.

It was silent in the bedroom, the sound of frantic footsteps down the stairs as her mother and aunt made their escape. She was gonna get an earful from them later, Melodi just knew it. Right now however, she was gonna have to deal with Jove. She turned around to face him, finding him literally in the corner, as far as he possibly could from her.

“I told you”, he said before she even had a chance to open her mouth and covering her ass,“I told you we shouldn’t but no you...y- you seduced me and now I’ve shown half the women here my penis!“, Jove facepalmed, tugging at his light hair. This was the worst moment of his life. “Why didn’t you lock the door?“, he demanded, gesturing to the now closed door. That was the first thing she was supposed to to do.

“I told you there wasn’t a lock, remember?“, she rebutted matter-of-factly. It was the product of growing up with strict parents; you had no privacy living their house.

That did not make Jove feel any better,“Oh my God!” This was it; he was in Hell. She had literally sucked his soul out his body and he was sent to hell for it. That’s it; that had to be what was going on.

“Just calm down”, Meldoi said, noticing his panicking. His pacing was giving her a headache and it clearly wasn’t making him feel better.

"Calm down?!”, he exclaimed, flailing his arms in angry gestures,“I just flashed her mom; your mom saw my dick. Your mom, Melodi”, he reminded. “Holy shit, I will never be able to look at her again. Never, never again.” As rambunctious as he was, he had seemed to have calmed down a bit from his ranting and raving, standing infront her dresser, arms crossed over his chest as he glared at the door.

Melodi huffed,“You’re acting like I didn’t get caught “freestyling off the top of the dome”.” Yes it was her idea, but how was she to know they would come back so early?

Jove bit back a snide remark, huffing to himself. He was so lost in his own thoughts, thinking about how to get the Hell out of here and never look at her mother again while still maintaining his relationship with Melodi. If her father found out about this, he would no doubt skin him alive. He was so lost in his bizarre thoughts that he didn’t notice Melodi coming towards him until he felt her hands on him, making him jump.

“What are you doing?“, he asked as she was suddenly infront of him. He didn’t wanna hear any apologies or excuses from her so she might as well quit while she was ahead. He raised an eyebrow until he realized she was getting on her knees,“No”, he finalized immediately,“Oh no no no”, he shook his head vehemently, holding the sheets tight around himself,“Did you not see what just happened?” Did she have some sort of kink or something; did she get off on her family catching them in the act? As many sexual things they talked about, he didn’t recall hearing about that one.

Melodi sat there on her knees, shrugging up at him,“I mean we already got caught, might as well finish you off”, she suggested casually. The worst had already happened; no point in him having blueballs too.

She pulled away the sheets, his cock still as wet and pretty as before. She nudged his hips back against the dresser and before he could come up with some other excuse, he was back inside her wet mouth. Whatever response he had died on his tongue as his head fell back, his hand going to her hair,“I- ag guess y- yo- ou have a- ah point th- there.”

Melodi hummed in response, unable to talk with his cock down her throat.

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