Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Business, Old Ex's & Twinkies

Akinyi rolled her eyes for the hundredth time tonight. She had no idea why she came to this event in the first place, but then she looked down at her drink.

‘Oh yeah, the open bar.’

Nonetheless she wasn’t having a good time. This was a party for some business executives with her included so they could network, but right now all she wanted was to go home and watch Shrek 2. She looked at her watch, noting how it was barely eleven o’clock yet. She huffed aloud, running a hand through her hair as she flagged down a waiter for another drink. One last drink and she would call it a night; she had talked with all the people she cared to, so she would get on that Monday.

Akinyi tilted her head back, as she drank, as if rushing to fulfill her requirement so she could get the hell out of there before she saw someone she didn’t want to talk to.

“Fancy seeing you here tonight, Kenny.”

‘Spoke to fucking soon’, she said to herself, feeling a body beside her.

Akinyi bite the inside of her cheeks; one, why the hell was he even here; second, he knew how much she hated that nickname even when they were together so why the hell was he saying it now? She was proud of the name and her mumma didn’t give it to here so some snobby assholes could change it to suit their preference.

She cut her eye at Francis, still facing forward, “Who told you I was here?“, she shot back at her ex around her glass of Pinot Grigio.

Francis took the jab with little less than a pinch of salt, “Awe come on, sweetheart.” Ugh, once again with the petnames. “You know you miss me”, he challenged, shining a perfect smile her way.

Akinyi wanted nothing more than to throw her drink in his face, but they were in a formal setting with people she hoped to work with so she had to behave hersel. “And what is it that I supposedly miss, Mr. Hollis?” This was not a casual conversation with a friend or loved one so she wasn’t gonna waste her time on pleasantries with the personification of the worst decision of her life. She didn’t wanna give him any hope or expectation; he didn’t deserve it.

Francis leaned against the counter top, smirk on her lips, “My dick is at the top would be list.”

Akinyi suddenly started choking on her drink, patting her chest in an attempt to beat the life back into her lungs. The second she was able to breath properly and once she could breath again, she burst into laughter, “Not with the hard c!“, she couldn’t help but laugh at him. Yes she was laughing in his face; yes she was petty but that shit was just hilarious. She didn’t even care if people were looking at her; this shit was the giggles.

Francis huffed through flared nostrils, “Don’t deny it Kenny”, he growled, invading her space, trying to crowd her into the counter. Her laughter immediately ceased, not because he told her to, but because she was confused and baffled by what the hell he thought he was doing, “You know how great I was; how I made you feel”, he purred at her her.

Akinyi wouldn’t lie the sex was good, yes, but not always. It started out great, but then it started to get boring, like the only person who needed to get off was him. Akinyi didn’t wanna hurt feelings, but just because he came, doesn’t always mean she did too. She continued to ignore the man but Francis refused to get the hint, denying her comfort and space just like when they dated.

She sipped from her glass, rolling her eyes at another unwanted sexual innuendo. ‘Fuck this shit.’ She called out to whatever God or devil was out there that was punishing her like this.

Unbeknownst to the two adults, there was a man who had semmed to notice the obvious disinterest and aggressiveness of the man towards the woman. The blonde frowned at the sight, even from across the room he could tell how uncomfortable the woman seemed to be so with a polite excuse, he made his way over to the two. He smiled at other partygoers as he approached the bar.

“Well hello”, he announced, making his presence known and making the man back away from the woman. He noticed how she seemed to relax at the distance and was glad his instincts were correct; now to disengage the douche bag, “This looks like a fun game of Donkey Kong”, he said, referencing to them both, “got Peach and the monkey so I must be...Mario right? It’s me a’ Mario”, he says in that generic Italian accent that made Akinyi snort at the connotation.

The blonde turned to her, “Ryan”, he introduced with a smile that she easily returned, other her hand to shake, “Akinyi”, she told him.

The blonde guest repeated the name under his breath, waiting a moment too long to release her hand; aware of the other man watching. As he let go the ebony woman who mouthed a quick ‘thank you’ behind her glass before schooling her expression to hide how shocked and entertained she was at the turn of events. She didn’t know where this was going, but she was interested to say the least.

Francis looked between the two for a moment, completely aghast by who this man was and what the hell he was talking about. He rubbed his chin, his distress present behind his sauve facade, “Is this...some kind of joke?“, he asked the man. Who the fuck was he to flirt with his woman right infront of him?

Ryan lowered his drink from his lips, shaking his head, “Joke? No joke. Far from it, in fact”, he said, waving his finger at him, his three big rings in his face. Akinyi noticed that there was not one on his ring fingers. It wasn’t like she was intrested, just something she noticed. “Although the circus is in town and I bet you’d look great with that little red ball on that honker of yours”, he insulted with a tone and facial expression of a smoothtalker spitting effortlessly smooth game. If he didn’t reminded her of Ryan Reynolds before, he most definitely did now.

"Excuse me?!“, Francis exclaimed incredulously. He had flat out insulted his character like no one had before because they were intimidated by him, but not that guy. Akinyi shifted in her seat; things just kept getting better and better.

And better it did because Ryan was doubling down with his taunts, “Come on, just give us one little honk”, he rattled off before reaching out and literally squeezing Francis’ nose.

“Honk Honk”

Francis smacked his hand away, earning more taunting from the blonde. Akinyi couldn’t help but crack a smile at his antics; she couldn’t believe what was happening right now. It was like she was in one of those romantic comedies she watched when she was younger. Francis noticed this and it only angered him more; he hated being laughed at and this guy was treating him like the butt of a joke and Akinyi would be remiss if she didn’t love every second of it.

“Shouldn’t you get going?“, Francis said quite rudely and abruptly to the man, “Your presence isn’t really needed here.” Akinyi wanted to remind him that he wasn’t wanted in the first place, but good ole Ryan beat her to it, ”Actually I’m good here; just super. In fact, why don’t we all go?“, he suggested suddenly, “I know this fun restaurant in Jersey, I’ll drive”, he offered with an annoyingly charming smile, making the driving gesture with his hands.

Akinyi, seeing the way Francis’ jaw ticked as he opened his mouth for a verbal spare, decided,to cut him short, ”Actually, lets put a pin in that”, she jumped to say suddenly, holding up a finger in halting, “Wanna dance first?“, Akinyi asked, turning her attention to Ryan and ignoring Francis once and for all.

“Oh uh yeah, totally”, although Ryan was shocked by such a request, he didn’t counter it. His grandfather always told him about not looking gift horses in its mouth and this hourse had exspensive as dress shows and an issue with the word no. “I would love to”, he responded, offering his hand to which she took it happily.

Francis was fumming at the scene before him, smoke and other paraphernalia practically blowing from his ears. Neither paid him any mind as they turned to leave, until Akinyi stopped. “I forgot my purse, one second”, she went back over to a now brooding Francis, rolling her eyes at his hissy fit as she snatched her purse off the bar-top.

She was heading back on her way until something made her stop again; her Aries rising demanding her to be petty. “Oh and by the way Francis”, she called out, making him perk up slight. Aw, did he really thing she actually wanted him? “Hate to break it to you, but I faked it liked....a majority of those times”, she told him after grabbing her purse. That was her own cheery on top; the finally nail in his coffin. She tsked at the memories of her sparing his feelings; it’s a shame guys can’t tell when you don’t get off, that on he doesn’t care. “Guess your dick isn’t as “spectacular” as you thought, huh?“, not caring for any possible resort, she turned back to see Ryan snickering before covering his mouth with his hands, his shoulders still shaking with held in laughter.

With that she moved past, hips swinging as she made her departure. Ryan stood there a moment, tsking at the defeated man. He patted the the angry man’s arm, shaking his head, “Oh man, you got served“, he told him as if he wasn’t there when she insulted his manliness.

He let out a final taunting laugh before turning to catch up with the bold woman. Once they made it the assumed dance floor in the banquet hall, they turned to face another. The expected awkwardness wasn’t there as they both drank in the other person. Ryan offered his hand, “My lady”, he said to her, head bow. Akinyi giggled at his behavior, giving him her hand happily. She blushed when his lips brushed against her knuckle before he stood straight again. He pulled her closer, interlacing their fingers in one hand as the other went around her waist.

Akinyi ignored the tingle that shot up her pain as he pressed his hand on her lower back, bringing her body closer to his. It was then that she began to wonder how long it had been since she’d last had sex. She ignored it, following his lead as they moved.

“Care to tell me the backstory?“, Ryan asked as they tried to meet the rhythm of the music. He arrived late in their conversation, but even then he could tell there was something between them and it was far from pleasant.

Akinyi tensed in his hold, but willed herself to relax under the palm of his hand. She paused before letting out a sigh, “It’s...complicated”, she said, careful with her wording as they danced in a slow circle.

Ryan scoffed, shaking his head at her, “That’s what everybody says about their past partners”, he told her before bringing her back into his chest. He wasn’t going to push her for anymore information; if she wanted to leave it at that, then he would let her. Hell, he was technically a strange to her, so it wasn’t his business regardless.

Akinyi conceded, letting out a low sigh against his suit jacket, “He’s an ex”, she told him simply, trimming the fat down to the basics. All the other terms she would use to describe him for too crude and long for a proper introduction.

“Doesn’t sound very complicated to me”, he muttered under his breath. “Sorry”, he apologized when she stopped her movement, removing herself to glare at him, “please, continue.”

“Thank you”, she accepted, and they returned to their rhythm, his arm around her and the other in his hand. It made them feel like an old couple on the Titanic, but that seemed to be the vibe for this party. It helped to lighten the atmosphere and she put her head on his chest, eyes falling shut as she listened to the live music across the room.

“We dated on and off for about 2 years, but I broke up with him”, Akinyi began, preparing herself to elaborate for no one else but this relative stranger she found herself with,“He was way too possessive and jealous for no reason. He was always fighting people and getting in the way of my business, trying to tell me who and who I couldn’t work with.” Ryan could hear the annoyance in her voice, but let her continue, “He wanted me to stop working and stay at home like his little homemaker”, the sheer memory of what he had said to her made her top lip curl in disgust. She didn’t know what Patriarchal bullshit Francis was on, but he would never ever stop her from getting her bag; end of discussion. “He even had people taking pictures of me, alot of really weird shit”, she remembered what she when she found out about his P. I. He gave her some speel about needing eyes on her and all this bullshit that romance novel thought was cute but in all actuality was weird as fuck. She broke up with him immediately.

Ryan’s face continued to frown more and more as the story escalated. “Jesus Christ”, he said, the little sympathy he considered having for the knobhead was out the window now hailing a cab to Queens. He was glad his intuition steered him right; this guy screamed possessive asshole.

Akinyi nodded, “Jesus Christ indeed.”

They continued to sway to the music, her head on his chest as he hummed to the music. It created a lovely vibration in his chest that she found soothing. “I’m not gonna get killed for this, am I?“, his chin resting on top of her head as they held each other, “because I would be quite upset to be on that guys kill list, especially not of my own fruition.”

She snickered, raising her head off his chest to look at his very handsome face. She bit her lip, hesitating before speaking, “I’ve heard from reliable sources that I am known to be quite worth the risk”, she threw in, her proper attempt at flirting with him. Ryan was a very attractive and very fit man and he was funny; she had never found humor attractive before but it seems like you learn new things about yourself everyday.

Ryan hummed idly above her, understanding the underlying flirting in what she said immediately. That was good, meant she was atleast interested him albeit just enough to tease him. “I mean I’d hope so”, he said with fayed distress, “sure would make me feel better about the risk. Then I was over there mocking the guy like an annoying twat on the playground.” If he’d known this guy for on some Christian Grey type of stuff, he would dialed it back earlier; not really, but he would’ve atleast considered it.

“I didn’t tell you to do that”, Akinyi pointed out between her fits of laughter. No way was she to blame for his relentless poking- no stabbing of a sleeping bear despite both of them being guilty of it to certain degrees.

“It sounded like a good idea at the time”, he said, trailing off with a huff.

They shared what felt like the hundredth laugh tonight. Akinyi had completely forgotten about Francis, too enthralled by Ryan and his cleverness to worry about anything happening around him. He was impossibly warm too, the hard muscles of his abdomen against her body. She found herself melting into his touch, a heavy hand on the base of her spine to keep her as close as he could.

Then, after what felt like an eternity, Ryan craned his neck, leaning down to whisper in her ear, “Would it be too forward of me if I asked you back to my place?“, he asked her, wanting more than this, their clothed body pressed together not enough. He wanted his bare body against his. He wanted her under him; ontop of him; any and everyway he possibly could get her, he wanted.

Akinyi’s breath hitched at the heat of his breath by her on her ear and she fought back a shudder. This was an unusual reaction for her, but this man was truly something else. “Depends”, she responded with fake ease once she had recovered herself. Every business woman knows to not show her full hand unless they were 100% sure; whether in the boardroom or the bedroom.

It seemed like Ryan didn’t wanna give anything away either, “And what is that dependent on?“, he reflected, pulling back and stopping their glide. Akinyi forced herself meet his gaze, knees on the verge of giving out under her as he looked at her. She wanted nothing more than to climb this man like a tree.

“Depends on if I find you attractive, Ryan”, she responded coolly, internally applauding herself for her resolve. She never submitted to anyone but this man had her shaking like a leaf.

Ryan nodded, absorbing her words before he spoke. “Do you find me attractive?“, he asked her, eyebrow raised despite the stuttering of his heart beat as he spoke.

They were inching into dangerous waters now, needing to be extra careful with their wording. This was like a human poker game where the whole could go up in flames with one bad bluff. Akinyi hesitated for a moment, looking away before looking back at him, “I’m afraid so”, she answered, deciding to just put all her cards out on the table, “despite you’re everflowing quips and quick-witted humor I still find myself terribly attracted to you.”

Ryan’s head fall back in laughter, his hands leaving hers as he held this up in surrender, “Woah woah woah, no need to stop a good thing with the nagatives. I actually quite like to be praised, stroke my ego a bit.”

Akinyi couldn’t help but laugh at his double entedre, whether it was intentional or not. He allowed her to laugh, enjoying the sound of it. It was kind of deep and warm; it suited her.

“I find you attractive too”, he admitted once her laughter had died down, “ridiculously so.”

“You do?”

The blonde snorted at the question, “Please, we both know we are some ridiculously awesome people, especially you”, he admitted, “would be an absolute moron to act like you aren’t”, he said, eyes swirling with desire. She had a mouth on her and he was quite curious as to what else she could do with that sharp tongue of hers. He forced himself to not think about it; the last thing he needed was to get hard in public, whether she took it as a compliment of not.

Akinyi had heard all she needed hear, already making her decision. “So my place or yours?“, she had been ready to go earlier, but now she was eager to go home with the sex God with a mouth like Ryan Reynolds. They had been playing this game of cat and mouse far too long and it was more than obvious that they were attracted to eachother.

Ryan sucked in a long breath through his teeth, “I dont know”, he trailed off,“don’t want to end up like that poor guy”, he said, jerking his thumb in the direction of Captain Mopey-pants who was still at the bar, “Getting on you’re bad side could really do something to a guys ego and I quite like my pride.”

Akinyi snorted a laugh, grabbing his tie suddenly and pulling him close. Despite the slight height difference they were just about chest to chest, their lips hovering over one another. His eyes darted to her mouth before meeting her eye and she smiled, “If you know what your doing, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, correct?“,

* * * * * *

Akinyi cursed at the high ceiling in ecstasy. She moaned between her bitten lips as her nails grazed down Ryan’s hard chest. Honestly, the man’s body was like photoshop; no way that a man could have the full package with wit, good-looks and bomb dick. Francis could never.

She was cloud-nine. After getting some of the best head in all her life; truly ten out of ten. What else did she expect from that sly witty tongue of his? She couldn’t resist climbing on the stallion and riding him like her life depended on it and he didn’t dare deny such a request either.

Ryan shivered, moving his free hand off her hip and gripping her wrists in his hands, pushing her hands away so he touch her.Akinyi allowed him to push her away, moving her arms back to rest on his knees as she rode him. His hands went to her breasts, fondling and squeezing them in his hands.

Akinyi moaned as his manhandled her breasts, moving into his hands as she rose herself up, dropping a bit to get a feel for the motion before she threw her head back, grinding down on him. It felt like someone lit a spark between them; electricity cracking in the air. She was right about him knowing what he was doing because God if he didn’t know every thing that made her go crazy.

Ryan cursed aloud, eyes widen as he looked at her. Akinyi was in her element, smirking down at him before letting out a filthy moan at the drag of his dick against her walls. He grunted roughly, bucking his hips up, just to watch the way the sudden thrust made a shaky gasp falling from her lips. She was so reactive to his touch, every touch, kiss and flick of his tongue sending her a different plain of existence.

He released her breasts, going to sit up and grip her hips. They bodies molded together as he pulled her in for a kiss, panting and grunting into each other’s mouths as their hips moved together. Akinyi broke the heated kiss with gasped as he moved deep inside her.

He just watched her in awe, nosing up the column of her throat. His hand wound its way up her spine and into her hair, before abruptly tugging her head backwards. She hissed at the pain, slowing your bouncing and spearing herself on his length. The sting send a rush of pleasure through her body, her walls clenching around him, making him groan in pleasure.

He yanked her head farther back, earning a sound of pain as he assualted her neck with his teeth and tongue. He started to jackhammer into her, drilling into her without abandon. He gripped her hip so hard that he knew he would leave bruises, but he didn’t care.

Akinyi wasn’t much better either. Her arms and other muscles shook from the burning strain, but she was so close to cumming that there was no way she’d ever make him stop.

“Oh my G- god! Shit R- Ry- yan!”

Her head fell forward slightly, hair spilling over her left shoulder as she rolled her hips in figure eights. Her eyes were squeezed shut tight as to savor the way his dick felt dragging against her insides. Hot, hard, and so fucking thick.That’s all it took forAkinyi to cum, orgasm making her toes curl and her chest arch painfully in the air. She clenched down impossibly hard, pushing Ryan over the edge right behind him. “Oh sh- shit”, he buried himself as far as he could inside her as he came. He wore a condom, but it made her feel unbelievably dirty in the best ways. She felt like he was trying to scalp her with the way he still fisted her hair, the muscles of his arms flexing and veins straining under his skin.

They both stopped, the air crackling with electricity as they tried to regain even a shread of composure. Akinyi fell forward, her knees on either side of Ryan’s body as he head was pressed against his chest. Ryan, knowing she was more than spent at the moment, took over.

He massaged the base of her back, smirking against her hair. “Okay Missy”, he told her in warning before he was rolling then over. She made a series of unintelligible sounds as she was apparently at her partner’s mercy now. She stretched her legs out beneath him, her back and scalp already throbbing as a result of their fucking, but she could care less as Ryan was working to clean them both.

Ryan muttered a quick apologetic taunt as he pulled out of her. She just laid there, eyes still shut as she let him do the hard work now. He carefully pulled off the rubber, tying the end off to keep his cum secured inside as to not look. He glanced down between her open legs for a moment, making the ‘hmm’ sound under his breath.

“What?“, Akinyi asked, opening her eyes to look up at him.

“Hm?“, he responded, reaching over her to discard the soiled condom as he came back. “You said something”, she told him as he got off of her.

Ryan paused for a moment before laying down beside her, “Oh nothing”, he said unconvincingly, shaking his head to himself. Nobody hmm’s for no reason; you only hmm when you thinking about something.

“No tell me”, she pushed, rolling over to face him, smiling up at him, “I wanna know so spill.”

“It’s just- and please let me know if I’m wrong, but....I do believe there was cream in the Twinkle”, he said, looking up at the ceiling, biting the inside of his cheek.

It took her a minute to catch on to what he meant but when she did, her jaw had fallen open like a drawer in a dresser, “Oh my God!“, she scoffed, smacking his chest, “Shut up”, she exclaimed, but her laughter let him know she didn’t take it to heart.

“You asked!“, he reminded snarkily, ignoring her protests as he pulled her close, their naked bodies pressed together before continuing, “Guess my oh so lovely ego is still intact”, he held up his fist in triumph only for her to pull it back down with a groan.

“God you weren’t kidding about your ego.”

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