Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Saturday Morning

It was around 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. It may have seemed unusual to be up so early on the weekend no less, but this was a normal thing in the Freeman house hold.

When Jupiter had woken up to an empty bed, the sound of gospel music blaring through the house and the smell of bleach; he knew exactly what was going on.

It was Saturday; otherwise known as Cleaning House Day.

He had no problem his wife’s weekly tradition. She was raised to do it every weekend by her mother so it was a habit; he didn’t mind, he kinda liked the motivation to keep their house looking nice.

However, for the last 15 minutes he had been standing in the living room, sweeping the floor with a hard on the size of butternut squash or whatever the hell the vegetable was called in his sweats. His attention wasn’t even in the room, but all the way in the kitchen where his beautiful wife Ebony was located.

Ebony, God help her, was on her hands and knees changing the hinges on the lower kitchen cabinets. Little grunts and huffs leaving her lips as she struggled to screw the bolts in. Her voluptuous chest was almost pressed to the linoleum, her fat ass sticking up in the air tauntingly.

He had been staring so long; he had forgotten the task he had been assigned to do. He was long past pretending to work, seemingly ignorant to the fact that he was indeed sweeping air.

Tossing the broom aside, Jupiter walked towards the other room, intranced by the swing of her hips. Jupiter’s hand drifted down to his hardening cock and squeezed, watching her ass practically swallowing the material of her short shorts where her oversized t-shirt rose. If cleaning wasn’t punishment enough then this most definitely was.

He reached out and turned off the speaker and as expected, Ebony turned around to face him, head titled back as she glared at him, “I know you didn’t turn off my Fantasia”, she scolded, pointing the screwdriver at him, “turn it back on, I’m still working.” Ebony went back to her work, waiting for her music to keep her up and active.

She was about to complain out the lack of music, that was until she felt something on her butt. She paused, face pinched as she realized what she was feeling was his hands toying with her ass, “Uh Pit?“, she questioned

“Hm?“, he answered, lip pulled between his teeth.

“What are you doing?“, she asked figuratively, she knew excatly what he was doing but why was he doing it now of all times?

Jupiter hummed, “Admiring your ass in my hands”, he answered, never stalling his menstrations.

She snorted; he said that as if he were just making coffee or something. “Any particular reason why that is?“, she questioned while still focusing on her task at hand.

“I have a couple but I would rather show you instead”, Jupiter told her, hand coming down lightly on her ass. He hummed at the jiggling flesh.

Ebony was having a hard time focusing, so stopped, decided to work on it after whatever the hell Jupiter was trying to do right now. She put down her tools, sitting up on her hands and rolling over to face her husband. She leaned back on her hands, staring at him, noticing his eyes on her cleavage where her shirt hung dangerously low off her shoulders.

“Ahem”, she coughed, clearing her throat to gain his attention. She rolled her eyes at him, bending her right knee to prop up on the floor. “Bet this is just an excuse to get out of cleaning up”, she accused, poking his chest with her foot before dragging it down his front and cock. This wasn’t the first time he had come onto her while they were cleaning. It was either that or he had some 1960′s Patriarchy kink and got his rocks off to women taking care of the house.

Jupiter just smiled in response, eyes on her face before trailing down her ful body. “Either way, everybody wins”, he answered, shifted to slot himself between her legs. He planted one hand on her thigh as the other went to her cheek. He smirked before leaning forward to kiss her. Ebony didn’t stop him, kissing back just as hungrily. His tongue met the seam of her lips and she opened her mouth to meet his. Her arms went around his middle as she titled her head back to deepen the kiss.

“God Ebony”, he moaned, breaking the kiss, his hands working overtime to take the sides of her little shorts and dragging them down her thighs. Ebony raised her hips to get them off, kicking off her shorts before wrapping her legs around him.

Her fingers went to the bottom of his t-shirt, rolling the material up over his navel and kissing his exposed chest. She struggled to and get the offensive material off before quickly abandoning the thought of his shirt. Jupiter pushing her back onto the floor and pinned her hands above her head. Jupiter continued to lip into her mouth, grinding his semi-hard cock against her core. He wanted to buried inside her now. He broke the kiss, lungs still burning for air as he looked at her, already wanting his mouth back on hers, “Bedroom?“, he questioned, eyes filled with lust.

Ebony’s head was still spinning as she let out a shaky breath, cheeks tinted pink, “Bedroom”, she agreed eagerly. She didn’t care where they went as long as they had somewhere comfortable to have sex.

After that they both stumbled to their feet and before he knew it Ebony had taken off. Without needing to be told, he chased her out the kitchen. Once she was halfway up the steps, Ebony looked back, squealing when she was almost caught. Jupiter huffed, almost slipping at the top of the stairs, “I’m right behind you!“, he taunted, staring at her ass jiggling as she ran off.

Once she made it to the bedroom, Ebony turned to meet him. He stalked over to her, smiles growing on both their lips as his hands went to her hips. Her hands dragged up his chest and around the back of his neck to pull him into a kiss. He met her mouth happily, opening his mouth to meet her tongue. Her hands went to the bottom of his t-shirt and she pulled it up, both working to rid him of the material.

They pressed their bodies together, kissing and groping wherever they could. Jupiter spun her around, burying his head in her throat, breathing in her scent. She smelled like Lemon Pledge and Fabuloso but he loved it none the less.

When they broke apart for air they stood there, chests rising and falling as they looked at one another. Jupiter smiled down at his wife, dark lashes fluttering over her hooded almond shaped eyes, her lips swollen from their kissing. He began to kiss her hand, first her knuckles then her wrist and followed an invisible trail up her arm, “Think now would be a good time to start trying for that baby?“, he asked, his lips meeting the intersection of her shoulder and collar bone before she bared more of her throat for him.

Ebony hummed as he pushed her shirt off her shoulder, “I like the sound of that.” They had been talking about kids for a a while, but didn’t know when to start trying. Until now, that is.

Jupiter’s hands trailed down her waist before moving down her soft belly and diving into her panties. Ebony’s eyes fell closed as he sucked a mark into her throat, spreading her thighs to give him more room to work.

His digits rubbed at her clit, the bud raising under the pad of his finger before carding between her wet folds. Ebony’s breath hitched as he inserted his fingers into her entrance, basking in the hot wetness around his digits. He slowly withdrew until only the tip of his fingers remained before slipping back in down to his knuckles. His other hand trailed under her shirt fondling her breast in one of his hand, pinching and twisting her right nipple. With his mouth nipping at her throat and he breast in his hand, sliping his fingers in and out of her cunt.

All Ebony could do is whimper as he started pumping his fingers inside her, melting into his hold as he finger fucked her. She looked up at him with half-lidded eyes, wanting nothing more than his mouths back on hers. Jupiter just watched her face, almost on the verg of busting a nut at the way her face lit up as she suddenly came, clamping down around his fingers.

Thinking ahead, he wrapped his arms around her middle to keep her upright. She was putty in his hold as he felt her cum collecting on his palm. He chuckled, kissing his forehead as he pulled out his sticky fingers.

Ebony gathered herself, stepping towards the bed and pulls her shirt off, her ruined panties joining it on the floor. She wrapped her arms around her chest, glancing back at him seductively before sitting on the bed. She dropped her hands, looking at him with dark eyes.

Jupiter couldn’t help but look at her heavy breasts sitting idly on her chest. With a final peck of his lips before turning him around to face him and guide her back to sit on the bed.

With her lust-filled eyes on him, lowering his cum covered hands into his sweats. He stroked himself up and down, using her cum to wet his cock. He bit back a grunt as he jerked off infront of her, “How do you wanna it?“, he asked her, chest rising and falling as his nostrils flared. He had to restrain himself from getting to into it, wanting to save himself for when he was buried deep inside of him.

Ebony couldn’t help but shudder at his rough tone, “How do you wanna do it?“, she shot back to him.

Jupiter thought it over for a moment, flipping through his mental book of sex positions, “Feel like being ontop?“, he asked her. Her face was all the answer he needed, “Alrighty then”, he nodded his head towards the headboard; she knew what to do.

Ebony rushed to follow his orders, turning and crawling onto the bed and laying down on her back. Jupiter was right behind her, kicking off his boxers and jumping in beside her. Ebony squealed as they bounced at the force, both laughing before she grabbed his face and was bringing him in for a kiss. He happily accepted, hovering over her as to keep her in the position to receive.

Their mouth slotted together, tongues molding against one another’s. Ebony moaned inside her husbands mouth, taking his hand and guiding it down between her legs to her soft flower.

Jupiter tugged her bottom lip between his teeth before releasing it. He dipped his head under her arm to suck on her breasts. She bit back a curse, cupping his head and tangling her fingers in his hair as he assualted her nipple. Her back arched as she felt his breath blow over her right nipple before he moved to assualt her left. She squirmed under his wet mouh, feeling his hard dick against her hip and precome dripping on her skin.

“Fuck baby”, she needed him inside of her right fucking now.

Jupiter didn’t need to hear anything else; as much as he loved foreplay, he liked getting down to the nitty ditty immediately. He grabbed her knee and raised her leg, moving his hand up the inside of her thigh up to her dripping snatch. He spread her pussy lips feeling the heat of her between his digits. She was so wet, he couldnt resist the urge to snap her wet pussy, earning a hiss from his wife.

He bite his lip, laying down behind her, shifting her slightly on her side. His breath came out in pant as he took his dick in his hand and aligned it with her cunt. He paused for a moment before sliding inside her pussy.

They both let out matching curses, melting against one another. She felt so good clenching around him, so hot and wet. They shared a long sloppy wet kid before Jupiter hitched her leg up high in preparation for what was to come.

Jupiter smiled against her lips, “Just ridiculous”, he muttered, biting his lips. He groans into her open mouth as the feeling of him filling her so completely steals the breath from her lungs. He remains still, savoring the feeling of her pussy wrapped around him, the warmth of her back against his body, and the tight squeeze around him as her body adjusts to the intrusion. This was 100% way better than cleaning.

Ebony chuckled at his comment, giving his bottom lip a little lick just before he begins rolling his hips against hers in a languid pace, smiling at the small, needy gasps that ard already falling from her lips. She broke the kiss, hiding her face to her pillow as Jupiter starts to build a rhythm of fucking her.

A deep, throaty sound escapes his mouth between the heated kisses he placed to her shoulder as he slowly increases his pace while he tightens his hold with her leg, forcing himself in deeper with each thrust. She rocks her hips back to meet his as he attacks her neck with his lips and teeth.

His name falls from her lips as a mantra while his thrusts come faster, hitting that spot inside her that has her fluttering around him as she finds herself on the edge of oblivion once again.

She moaned loudly, on cloud nine from his dick plunged inside her canal. Jupiter’s hand came up around her throat to which hers reached back to knot her fingers in his hair. Ebony was a loud one, always has been. His hand tightened around her throat, cutting off her screams with a choked moan. The other went under her body and held her large breasts in both his hands as he kissed and sucked on her neck. It was as if her skin was covered in sugar and he could not get enough of the taste.

He snapped his hips up deep between her thighs nly the white of her eyes were visible when his hand came down on her bud, rubbing her clit in vigorous circles. “Oh shit baby!”, she cried out in ecstasy, moaning his name, “I’m gonna cum baby!”

Now sooner than saying that, she came, her back arching and nails digging into his hand under her thigh. She forgot how to breath for a moment, his dick coated in white cream as Jupiter continued to fuck into her body.

Ebony continued to moan and gasp, her sensitivity making a kelidascope of colors dancing across her vision. Jupiter didn’t dare stop for a minute and she was sure that she didn’t want him to either. “Of f- fuck, Pit!”, she slurred, fisting the pillow case with one hand as the other went to cover his on her thigh. He was so fucking deep, she could feel him stabbing her cervix with how hard he was thrusting and she looked it.

“Feel good?“, he growled hotly against her ear, raising her leg impossibly higher as he pumped into her faster, the sound of his balls slapping against he ass and pussy lips.

Ebony was a shaking mess, her second orgasm sneaking up on her without any warning. Jupiter hissed as she clamped impossibly tight around, “Sh- shit! I- I’m there!”, he gritted out, his sloth from earlier replace with lust fueled determination as he focused on filling his beautiful wife until she was stuffed full his his sperm and oozing.

“Yes, cum”, she chanted, white dots dancing in her vision. “Want you to cum inside me! Put your baby in me!”, she pleaded, eyes squeezed shut tight.Her lips part as his name leaves her mouth in a near silent cry when she felt it; the first warm rush of liquid heat.Her silken walls squeeze his length as he continued to thrust once, twice before drive his hips as deep as possibl, spilling inside her with a loud groan. Fireworks bloom, colorful and bright behind his clenched eyelids, his grip on her thigh painfully tight and sure to leave marks as he pumped his cum inside her like a Chocodile.

He dropped her leg, his arm going to wrap around her waist as he nuzzled his head into her throat. He takes a few moments to catch his breath before pulling away from her enough to place a chaste kiss on her neck and temple. Ebony leaned into the affection, pulling eachother closer to recline in their shared euphoria.

They stayed like that, her breasts in his hands and their legs entangled together. Jupiter’s cock continued to throb inside of her. Their cum mixing together in her cunt. He hummed, nosing lovingly at her throat making her squirm at the pecks. “Pit, stooop iiiit”, she ordered, fighting back a smile as she brought her shoulder to her ear.

Then he was cupping her cheek, pulling her into another kiss. Ebony happily accepted, craning her head back to deepen the kiss, there tongues tangling together. “Think we got it on the first try?“, he murmured as they continued to lick lazily into each others mouth. They continued going at it until they both drifted off to sleep, deciding to finish their cleaning at a later date.

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