Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Guys My Age Don't Know How To Please Me (Don't Know How To Love Me Good)

Nolani’s leg bounced as she fidgetted in the plush leather cushion of her chair. Her knee bounced impatiently under the table no matter how hard she tried to stop it. She couldn’t help it; she was nervous and it was all because of the sexy dark haired man across from her.

Richard Claiborne; 48 years old, more than three decades her senior. He was no doubt in a different place in life while hers had barely started, yet it had not stopped them from connecting on an online website.

Nolani didn’t know why of all sites she went with that one, but she did. Now she was here in a high end restaurant a fair distance away from her college campus to settle something for good if Richard was interested in helping her out that is.

Said man sipped lazily from his drink, strong neck tilted back, gold necklace peeking out under his unbuttoned collar disappearing into dark chest hair. She watched his throat work as he swallowed, tan Adams apple bobbing before lowering his glass.

She quickly averted her gaze, but judging by his smirk, she had been caught. He shifted in his seat, propping his head up in his hand as he leaned forward onto the table, eyes raking over her plump curvy body. “So tell me, what’s a young pretty little girl like you doing on an app like this?“, he asked, grey-streaked brow risen lightly like the corner of his lip. He was not suspicious, but he was curious as to what led her here.

Nolani tried her hardest to calm her quick-beating heart. She slapped herself mentally; she needed to stop thinking with her head, but with her pussy. She sat up, trying to mirror his nonchalance, “Well to keep it short and sweet; I’m...I’m trying to get fucked”, she spat out in a burst of confidence.

What she had not expected was for him to start choking mid-sip, “Excuse me?“, he grabbed a napkin, dabbing his scruffy beard, “I apologize, but do you think you could explain that a bit better for me, Nolani“, he asked eyes soft yet also dancing with mirth. He was no longer just curious; his interest since peeked.

Nolani willed herself to push back her embarrassment. She could feel her face burning and now he was blushing as well. Great, they were both embarrassed; might as well keep on with it. She took a relaxing breath and stood up straighter in her chair, “We are both mature adults here”, she pointed out with an air of mock poise. It was just sex; not like they were talking about politics or finances.

The silver fox frowned at her comment, shaking his head lightly, “I wouldn’t exactly say that; I can drink, darling.”

Nolani glared as he held up the crystal glass, swirling the amber liquid within. If she wanted someone immature; she’d have went to another rush party.

“Legal adults”, she clarified harshly before her meekness returned, “Look, I don’t wanna be a virgin anymore”, she admitted, seeing no point in trying to word her request nicely, “I just wanna get the first one out the way and get on with my life.” She fingered the frayed strings of her mini skirt, refusing to meet his judgemental gaze, “The first time...always makes people feel a type of way; they think virgins are gonna be clingy and are planning a wedding afterwards or some shit.”

“And your not?“, he questioned suddenly.

“I’m not”, she growled, shooting daggers at him and he held up his hands in surrender. Nolani groaned at her own defensiveness. He wouldn’t want to help her if she was walking on egg shells just talking with him. She ran her chubby fingers through her hair, “Look I just wanna lose my virginity. Rip the bandaid so I could get past this.”

Richard nodded, honestly hanging onto her every word, “And there is no one at your little school who can do that for you?“, he asked, leaning back in his seat, “Your a pretty little young thing, but you’re coming to an...aged man like myself to pop your cherry.”

She cringed at the wording, but pushed forward, “Everytime I’ve tried it’s literally ends in chaos.”

He chuckled at her overdramatics, “You couldn’t have had that bad of a time sweetheart; you’re just young.” Young people tended to treat everything like it was the end of the world; it’s what they do.

Nolani snorted, “Oh yeah?“, she countered, tilting her head to the side in a challenging manner, “the last guy I tried to get to fuck me deadass threw up on me.“, she spat, cringing slightly at the memory. She had stormed out of the frat house smelling like cheap beer and vomit, embarrassed and defeated.

“I want someone one to take it serious. I need someone mature who knows what he’s doing.” That’s where you come in, she mentally added, not needing to explain their present situation.

Richard nodded tentatively, taking in all the information he had absorbed in the short time. “So you want- no need an older man like myself to take care of all your wants and needs, is that what you’re asking me to do?”

Her breath hitched at the vulgar translation and his smirk did not make it any better for her. Why was he making this so hard to ask for? Didn’t he want to fuck her? Why had he asked to meet her if he didn’t?


His voice tore her from her apparent daze, “Fine?“, she echoed, confused by his response, “Fine what exactly?“, she questioned, now the one who needed clarification.

Richard shrugged against his chair where his arm hung haphazardly over the back, “As in I’ll do it.”

“You’ll do it?“, Nolani asked, unable to stop her jaw from hitting the table. He really wanted to do this? Forereal?

He paused, eye brow risen again, “Are you just gonna repeat everything I say?” If she was gonna do that in bed; he might have to rethink this...or buy a gag.

She quickly clamped her lips shut, shaking her head before realizing she needed to use her words, “No”, she corrected herself, almost spilling her drink in her rushed movement, “so how- do you wanna do it now?” Her hands were suddenly shaking and she had to put them on her lap, her air of calmness more chaotic than before.

He pulled out a black card, placing it on the check before a waiter suddenly appeared and took it away, “No”, he answered, grabbing his coat off the back of his chair.

“No?“, she visibly deflated before he looked at her against. Right...repeating , she followed his lead, standing up and following behind him, “Uh why? I mean- why not now?“, She had kinda already prepared to “seal the deal”. She’d shaved and everything.

Richard’s cock couldn’t help but stir at her eagerness to be under him. He would have fun with this little one. He stepped into her space, not caring out the public setting as he spoke, “This won’t be some quick fuck sweetheart”, he assured her, shaking his head.

“We’re gonna do this right”, he told her, cupping her round cheek in his large hand, “I’ll wine and dine you proper then I’ll fuck your brains out”, he growled, eyes blazing with hunger.

Nolani only remembered how to breath once he left her personal space, “Oh”, oh indeed. She forced herself to look up at him, ignoring the heat pooling in her core, “ok- kay... c- can’t wait.”

* * * * * *

They had gone out to dinner at this fancy restaurant who’s name she couldn’t even pronounce with dishes they made her wanna throw up at the price. They had small conversation with Richard throwing out innuendos and her being flustered as a result. His hand had been on her lap for the entire meal, every once in a while he would squeeze the meat of her thigh, making her squirm. She was wet and flustered, wanting nothing more than to feel his large hand on her pussy or around her throat; she wasn’t picky.

And when he finally threw down his platinu card and announced that they were leaving, she didn’t complain.

Right now they were back at his place and it was then that her nerves were getting the best of her. Richard had put on some music, some instrumental that even without the lyrics she could tell how raunchy and sensual it was.

She had already stripped down to her bra and underwear, standing in the middle of the room looking every bit of clueless and out of place as she felt.

Her counterpart didn’t seem to have the same issue. Richard was taking his sweet time getting undressed; slowly undoing the buttons of his shirt, slowly revealing his hard hair covered abdomen before going to his belt buckles and pushing his pants down to reveal the moderately large bulge in his briefs.

Her cheeks flushed at the idea of what was under there. She would soon see it; touch it; maybe taste it; and feel it. God she hoped it would fit.

It was as if he enjoyed her squirming and the sex music wasn’t helping her either. He approached her, now standing over her as to make her feel even smller. She lowered her head bashfully before to hands cupped her vheeks and forced her to look up at him. She shivered against his caress as he thumbed her cheek, “Just relax”, he told her, “just go with it.”

Then he was coming in for a kiss and her shyer mouth met his. Nolani hesitated for a moment, unfamiliar with the feel of his mouth on hers. However, she pushed pasted it, leaning into the kiss; hands gripped his wrists as she came into her own amid the kisses. She gasped as his tongue slipped into her mouth to meet her own. She couldn’t help but melt into his embrace.

His course hands roamed her chubby frame, moving around her back to find the clasp of her bra, the straps draped off her shoulders and she shrugged it off exposing her small breasts. He hands went to her waist and Richard moved her over to the large bed, the backs of her thighs hitting the foot board. His hand moved back up her chest, cupping her breast and squeezing the mound in his palm.

Nolani allowed his tongue to paint the inside her mouth as he laid her out on the bed, coming down ontop of her. She melted against him, her hands trailing down his chest to explore his body. She whimpered when he ripped his lips from hers, pulling away.

Richard looked down at her, taking in her body laid out for him. Her thighs spread like butter as he draped himself over the side of her body, her small breast cradled where her arms were crossed over her chest. She looked delectable and he couldn’t wait to dive in.

Nolani whined, missing his body on hers; his seering mouth on hers taking her breath away. She suddenly squeaked as his mouth latched onto her throat. He mauled and marked her short throat as his lips trailed down to her breasts, sucking, licking and biting on her nipples until they were hard peaks on her chest. He continued on his path kissing and licking down her body, squeezing the soft flesh of her belly in his large hands.

He dragged his hands down to her hips, hooking his fingers on her panties, enjoying how she arched into space. He tugged down her panties, dragging the wet material down past her hips and off her body. He brought them to his face, admiring the heavy wetness in the crotch. He brought them to his nose and inhaled the scent of her; eyes still trained on hers as he did so.

He tossed them away, “Fuck babygirl”, he pushed down his own boxers, freeing his aching hard erection. Nolani’s throat went dry as the heavy thick shaft protruded from trimmed salt and pepper pubic hair slapped against his abdomen.

Where the hell was that supposed to go?

She was pulled from her thoughts by a chuckle from Richard, “Don’t worry”, he murmured, kicking off his underwear and returning to her. She flinched when his large hands cupped her meaty kneecaps, “still got a ways to go before fuck that wet little pussy of yours.” Heat rushed throughout her body at the connotation. He then slowly began to spread her legs until She could feel the air on her pussy.

Richard chest vibrated with a deep growl, “Jesus Christ”, he wasted no more time, getting onto his stomach between her legs. She shifted uncomfortably at the feeling of his large body between her but Richard only plantedhis hands firmly on the insides of her thighs; forcing them open like the Jaws of Life.

Richard was in awe at the glorious sight, "Fuck”, he cursed making her nerves jump before she squealed, a thick object slipping between her folds, “your so wet babygirl”, Richard notes, fascinated by the sweet slick thickly coating his finger. He planted a kiss on the inside of her left thigh before looking up to meet her gaze, “All wet for me, babygirl”, he muttered continuing to card his thumb up and down her folds before applying more pressure.

Nolani trembled above him, crying out in exasperation when his digit “accidentally” slip inside before he withdrew it, “Richard”, she whimpered, hips chanting back to meet his fingers, “n- n- no t- teasing”, she wanted to get fucked and he was on some orgasm denial shit or something like that; either way she wanted to get to the good stuff asap.

Richard drew back to look at her sopping wetness, immediately missing the feeling of her flesh in his mouth, “You like my tongue on you baby?“, he grunted, meeting her gaze.

Nolani crumbled beneath his dark gaze; he still look every bit intimidating with her juices covering his face. “M- mhmm”, she whimpered, tangling her fingers in his thick hair. She made the cutest and softest whimpers he had ever heard and he was addicted to it. He could only imagine how heavenly she sounded when she screamed out in pleasure.

It wasn’t long before she started trembling, her stomach constricting as she started cumming. Her body with rigid, her thighs almost clamping on his head as he continued to lick her through it. He gripped her thighs, forcing them apart to spare his skull. He pinned them down on the bed, licking long stripes up her hole and pussy.

Nolani squirmed, trying to run away from his powerful tongue, too sensitive for it. She had never cum twice before, only able to if she atleast had 30 minutes of recovery time.

“Hope you didn’t think that was it”, Richard purred coming up to aligned with her body between her legs. She shivered at the feel of his penis against her crotch, looking up at him intently, “We do have along night ahead of us.”

Nolani whimpered at the reminder, heat rushing through her body and to the tips of her feet. She wanted this; she wanted this so much. She laid there obediently as he reached up over her body a condom. He wasted no time ripping the packet open with his teeth and rolled it on over his thick cock.

Nolani watched him roll it over his head and down his shaft and she couldn’t deny how her heart was pounding in her chest. This was it; this was happening. No turning back now.

She tried not to squirm as he got situated between her legs. She tensed, already preparing for the pain that was to come. She was confused when Richard suddenly stopped again before reaching over to the champagne bucket and putting his hand inside. “Wha- what are you doing?“, she asked, head still spinning, but suspicious. They had not discussed this before. Choking? Yes, but she didn’t know what the hell he was getting at.

Richard didn’t answer immediately, returning to his original spot, “You’ll see.”

Nolani didn’t get the opportunity to further probe his response because then Richard was pushing the tip of his big thick cock against her entrance. Her pupils dialated, her lips parted as he rubbed her pussy while simultaneously beginning the long slide inside her.

Her breath hitches at the complete intrusion until a violent shiver racks through her body. Her toes curl as her bud hardened at the rivaling cold sensation. The uncomfortable fullness and pain she felt fading at the distraction. She definitely understood the point of the ice and it made it feel all the better. Richard was so big, piercing the very bottom of her cunt, stretching her out with his girth. She wondered if it normally hurt like this or did she just slip up and unknowingly picking a stallion. A fresh pool of tears collected in her lashes, head against the pillow and her short nails leaving bruiskng with her tightly she gripped him.

Richard cursed above her, physically struggling to keep himself together as well. His eyes trailed down her body, her chest rising and falling as she tried to adjust to him. She was having a hell of a time too; he could faint by how tightly she was clenching around him. For a virgin, she was taking it on the chin. Dark eyes trailed farther down to where they were so intimately connected, noting the blood for only a millisecond before tracking his eyes back up to hers. They last thing she needed was to feel even more uncomfortable and selfconcious; it was a normal thing that happened.

Nolani had a distant look in her eyes, looking more through Richard than at him, her ears ringing an untraceable tune. “You still with me?“, he called out to his seemingly distant lover. His palm cradled her wet teary cheek as she nodded up at him.

“You ready, sweetheart?“, he asked gingerly, his free hand writing invisible letters on the skin of her belly.

Nolani took two deep breathes before nodding, tongue peeking out to wet her lips. “Mhm”, she mewled, exsposing more of her throat for his palm and squeezed lightly, kissing into her open mouth. Richard licked her tongue making her hum into his mouth, her hands tangled in his hair.

Then Richard started to move, slowly at first, rolling his hips in figure eights, withdrawing ever so slightly before burrow back inside her wetness. Her back arched with ever movement, her lungs burned fighting for the air which failed to enter. She looked so good under him, better than he imagined with her spread out under him. She had no idea what she did to him; how bad he wanted her. He struggled to control himself while they were at dinner, the way she was standoffish yet flirty, her desire permeating they space around them. He wanted to drag her to the bathroom and fuck her right then and there.

The middle-aged man continued to pick up pace, apparently pulling out all the trick to put his hands on her throat. She wheezed as he rolled his hips forward, putting his full weight down ontop of her. Her eyes were on the verge of bulging out her head with how deep he was. Fuck, it was impossible to not feel him.

His hips snap into hers sharply, his cock stretching her pussy walls, practically splitting her in halfl. She didn’t know how she lived without this before; Richard is her everything. The pain blurred into pleasure and Nolani was a mess beneath him, head thrown back, keening, moaning, crying out, nails sinking into his shoulders.

Richard loved the pain, the sting motivating him to give it to her good and hard. “Jesus” he hissed, sweat dripping down his temple and into his beard as he rammed into her over and over and over. “Give it to me, baby....give me all of you! You feel so good.”

“Harder,” Nolani managed to purr in between shrieks and moans and he answered with his own cries of passion. He sat up on his knees, taking a moment to catch his breath before dragging her body toward him until her chunky hips are attached to his, his fat cock reaching the deepest parts of her, the darkest parts of her. The new angle made her you feel every single drag of his length and Nolani could’ve sworn she saw God.

The head of his cock pierced the deepest and darkest parts of her, smashing against those special bundles of nerves that make her keen as a familiar pressure builds up inside her again.

Richard’s fingers fumble to find purchase in the plush soft flesh that sits on her full hips, dragging down until his digits are digging into your thick thighs, the slight pain cutting through the overwhelming pleasure she found herself captivated by. She is at his mercy as he continues to fuck her. All the while, that delicious pressure is building and building and building unto an unbearable pleasure.

“R- rich”, she gargled, trying to keep her eyes from the back of her head, “I’m gonna cum- oh fuck! I’m al- alm- most there!” She squeezed her eyes shut tight in concentration before she felt those beautiful big fingers around her throat again, pressing lightly against her wind pipe.

“Cum for me”, he snarls. He wanted it. He wanted to cum around him, coating him in the essence of her very first orgasm and by his cock no less. He shifted the angle of his hips and for the second time tonight, Nolani is speeceless, her body shatters into a million pieces before coming back together. Her orgasm breaks like a violent tidal wave crashing against a shallow shore, swallowing her whole until she was reduced to just a victim of his merciless pounding.

“Da- daddddddy!”

Nolani screams his name, legs tightening around him in an attempt to grapple onto any and everything to keep her from floating off or disappearing. She was so far gone, she didn’t even hear a word he was saying to her, his mouth moving but no sound leaving them as she blinked blurrily up at him as her body shook and trembled with pleasure.

“That’s it, good girl”, he whispered, moving his head beside his ear to grab her attention, “that’s my good girl, coming so sweet around my cock, god you feel so good baby, so tight, such a good little girl.” As he spoke, he struggled to keep himself from cumming at just how much she squeezed around him. She had him wrapped tight around her chubby little finger and her pussy, both figuratively and literally.

"You cum so hard, sweet thang”, Richard grunted, hips never ceasing their endless pumping, “Can you hear that?“, he asked her roughly, pausing for a moment to bask in the sound, “Fucking soaking wet.”

It sounded like mac and cheese and she loved every second of it. Her eyes drifted closed again, her breathes coming out in wheezes as she basked in the sound of their lovemaking.

Suddenly Richard had stopped and was pulling out of her. She whined at the empyness, a part of her worried that they were finished. Yes, he had fucked her and taken her v-card as promised, but she wasn’t ready for him to stop; she didn’t think she would ever be ready for that. Just once and she was already hookd on Richard’s Richard. He ignored her cries, pressing a single heated open mouth kiss to her lips before he sat up again. He looked down at his glistening cock, immediatly missing the feeling of being inside Nolani’s cunt.

Nolani squirmed under his heavy gaze on her cunt. She wished he would do something more than just look at it, but she knew her patience would soon be rewarded. Hopefully.

He took her right leg in her hand, meeting her gaze as he pressd as kiss to her ankle. He caressed her calf lovingly as he grinned at her, “Gonna change up the position a bit”, he told her. He swung her leg over his body and put her on her side as he himself laid down behind her.

Richard raised her right leg up in the air and she didn’t even get to complain about the compromising position before that glorious dick of his was back inside her.

She moaned aloud, her hand reaching back to know and tug at his thick hair. This was probably one of her favorite positions; the way his balls slammed against her lips as he went deeper than she thought possible. With the way his fingers worked her bud, she knew she wouldn’t last long.

Richard’s head ducked under her arm, craning his neck in order to take her nipple in his mouth. He knawed and sucked on the bud, his hand coming to cup it so he could get more. He revelled in the sounds that let her lips, the way her hips stuttered when he bit down particularly hard on her nipple. He wondered if he could get her to cum from him playing with her small breasts, but stowed the thought away for another day. He pulled away, blowing his breath over the hard dark bud as his took hold of her hips and pistined his cock inside of her.

Her orgasm came as a surprise to her as well as him. The only warning she was able to give being a shaky, “C- cummin’ “, on her lips as she callapsed against his chest. This orgasm as not as intense as the priors, but still catatonic in intention. She head was swimming, white noise filling her ears as she was cumming on him once again.

Nolani was so far gone that she didn’t even notice that he had put her back on her and was sliding back inside her again. She just stared up at him with half lidded eyes.

Richard was like a wild animal as he pounding into her virgin pussy. He wanted to watch her cum one last time. He couldn’t get enough of the sight; her eyes going wide and rolling back until only the white was visible, the way her teeth dug into her full lips in a failed attempt to muffle her screams of pleasure, her dimpled cheeks red and blotchy with sweat.

“Oh fuck, daddy”, she groaned, her hands coming up to cup her breasts and squeeze, another orgasm already building despite her oversensitivity. She didn’t think she had anything else left in her, but Richard was gonna force out one final gut-wretching orgasm from her body. She reached up to touch him, hands roaming over the dark hair of his chest and down the chords of muscle underneath; she wanted to lick him like plate. Her roaming hands were halted when Richard took her wrists in his left hand and pinned them over her head.

He laid down completely ontop of her, his hands knotting in her hair as he licked inside her mouth. Fuck he could kiss her forever. He broke the kiss roughly, both breathing hotly against one another’s mouth. “You feel so good, Nolani”, he muttered, looking at her face as it twisted in pleasure, “You like it baby? Like me inside you?”

Nolani nodded weakly, struggling against his hold as he began to abuse her cervix. “Mhmm”, she melwed sweetly, “l- love it... s- so m- mu- uch!” Unable to use her hands to pull him impossibly closer like she wanted, she wrapped her thick thighs around him, baring her throat for more beard-burn which her happily gave her.

Richard’s teeth and tongue lapped at the salty sweat of her neck, sucking as many bruises as he could at once. He didn’t know if they would be visible, but damn if he wasn’t gonna try and mark his baby doll. His right hand went to her breast, pinching and pulling with expertise like he had a cheat sheet for how to make her body go wild. She arched her back upwards for more of his hand, “D- daddy”, she whined through glossy eyes, “t- touch me. Pl- please t- touch?“, she begged, needing that little extra to get her all the way there; needed those talented fingers on her pussy.

Richard snorted, pleasantly surprised with how assertive she had become; he never thought it could be so sexy, but this pretty little thing was surprising him left and right. Being the good daddy he was, the older man gave him exactly what she so badly wanted. His hand was again met her pussy, making her body lurch at the extra stimulation. The pads of his fingers traced over where she stretched oh so beautifully around his dick, soft chocolate lips wrapped around his tan shaft. He would have to get this painted as to never forget the sinful sight, but for now his digits went to her clit and rubbed in fast circles.

Nolani was seeing stars. Her legs shook, her thighs slipping from their locked stance around his narrow waist. It all felt so good; she couldn’t believe all the things he was able to do to her; all the sounds he dragged from her body; how good he made her feel. She wanted to know how she made him feel.

“Ri- Rich”, she tried to choke off with little success, trying to talk, but failing as he gave her deep strokes, “D- da-”, she never thought speaking would be so hard.

Richard raised his head from her throat noticing her struggling speech and thankfully slowed down, not stopping his grinding a but letting her know that she had his attention, “You your words, Nolani.“, he purred, pressing his sweaty forehead to his.

Fuck. When he said her name like that it made her weak. Now that he had slowed down she was able to think properly. She draped her hand over his on her breasts and squeezing herself,“C- cum.... w- want you to cum”, she managed to plead between moans.

Richard looked down at her, truly fascinated by her declaration. “Want me to cum?“, he murmured against the column of his throat. As he spoke his thrust had advanced in ferosity, the air once again evacuating her lungs.

Nolani nodded her head, pushing it up against his chest, ”S- sh- shi- it! Wa- wanna make you cum”, she croaked breathlessly, “pl- lease daddy, just c- cum.” She wanted to know how good she was; how she had brought him to release.

Richard pressed his body against hers with a filthy kiss, tongues dancing lazily as he began to lose himself inside of her while he sent her over the edge; the world going dark around her.

* * * * * *

“You have spring break coming up right?“, Richard asked once he finally came back down from the aftershocks of probably the intensest sex of he’d had in a minute.

“Y- yeah”, Nolani answered in a breathy voice, still trying to come to terms with everything they did; everything he did to her. She did it; she wasn’t a virgin anymore.

“Got any plans?”

“Nope”, she answered, popping the “p”, “why?“, she asked, curious to his line of questioning.

Still on his back, he glanced over at her before looking back up at the ceiling, “Heading to Monte Carlo”, he informed, rolling onto his side to prop his head on his hand, “I’ll be handling busy the first two days but after that I’m free to do whatever; we could go shopping and just dick around having fun?”

It took Nolani a minute to properly process was he was asking her, but when she finally did she sat up, looking over at him, ”You want me to come with you?“, she asked slowly, “Why?” Quiet as it’s kept, she expected this to be it. She lost her virginity and he got to have sex with a “hot young piece of ass”, but here he was asking to take her on trips to distant places.

It was as if he read her mind and knew what she was thinking. “Nolani”, he let out a slightly exasperated sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose before looking back at her, “I meant it when I said I was gonna take care of you, sweetheart; not just in the bedroom. You do know we met on a sugardaddy website right?”

Nolani was at a loss for words. She hugged the sheets closer to her chest, looking down at her hands, hair falling over her eyes, “I didn’t really think about that.” Again, she was just looking for a mature older man to fuck her. She wasn’t exactly the best planner, so she had no clue how things were supposed to go afterthefact.

“Okay, I’ll go with you”, she decided after a moment. What the hell? Who would pass up the opportunity for a vacation like this? He was her sugardaddy after all.

Richard smiled down at her, wrinkles deepened in her forehead. He leaned down to kiss her forehead, caressing her shoulder lovingly, “Then we can make sure you have plenty of practice, eh baby doll?”

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