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The Fantasy Suite (without the Fantasy)

“This week it’s down to our bachelorette Aadya, a UN translator and wedding planner from New Orleans, and 3 men. Josiah, a Marketing Psychologist from the Midwest, Ulysses is a retired Firefighter and last but not least, Atanas, a Bulgarian Marine with a heart of gold. Tonight, will be the final chance for the men to prove their love before the final two especially with the long awaited Fantasy Suites on the table. Who will Aadya pick or will she sleep alone tonight? Find out right now on....The Bachelorette!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Aadaya and Atanas were seated at a table; candles were lit around them, and soft music in the background. Aside from the lingering camera and sound equipment you could consider the scene romantic in the best of ways.

Atanas stared at the bachelorette with bright eyes, a wide smile on his face, “You look amazing; as per usual”, Atanas added sweetly, his head tilted slightly as he spoke.

Aadaya looked down, trying to hold back her smile, “Thank you”, she responded, forcing herself to look back up, “and you look very handsome.”

He played bashful, holding his cheeks, “Don’t wanna get caught slipping, wanna look good for the lady in my life”, as he spoke, he placed his larger hand over hers.

Aadaya swallowed down her nerves as she glanced down at their interlaced hands, “I uh had a lot of fun with you today.“, she told, pulling away. His touch was practically like fire on her skin.

Atanas didn’t take offense, knowing full well what he did to her, “As did I, but then again that’s whenever you’re around.“, he remarked smoothly, flashing his perfect teeth.

Aadaya giggled behind her hands, her cheeks stretched wide in smile, “God you’re just so charming”, she looked up at the ceiling as if it had an explanation for this great man, “it’s like...always on 24/7.”

A rough hand on her cheek, guided her head back down onto his bright greenish blue eyes. Aadaya could feel her stomach drop, “Always for you.” With those soft words he leaned in and pulled her into a kiss. The passion was instant, just as it had been everytime they kissed. She remembered the first night when he just sprung it on her and from then on she was hooked. He was like an addiction and constantly gave her her fix.

When they finally parted both had wide smiles on their faces, their chests heaving slightly as they tried to catch their breath.

“There was one last thing I wanted to give to you”, she announced, reaching under the table, “if you’ll have it that is.”

“I’m all yours, моята причина.“, he murmured against her ear, growling lightly.

Flustered for the second time in the last two minutes, Aadaya could only giggle, “W- well that’s good to know actually...” She left that statement in the air, moving back beside him with something in her lap.

As she looked down, Atanas couldn’t help but notice how her lashes framed her beautiful face. Soon other thoughts about the bachelorette flooded his mind. Her shy and meek personality which only made him respect her more considering she dove into a house full of alpha males vying for her affection. It only made him respect her more.

After mentally arguing with herself for a few seconds, Aadaya held up a red envelope, “because I was wondering.... hoping you would uh”, she was suddenly having trouble putting together a proper sentence.

Atanas didn’t mind it though; he found her meekness endearing, knowing that under it all was a confident woman with a sharp tongue and a witty personality.

He cupped her cheek, lifting her head to face him, “What’s got you all shy, моята причина?”

Her blush only deepened as she avoided his gaze.

“Just tell me, whatever you have to say; let it out.” He obviously knew what the card meant, clearly with it being down to the final three, but he wanted her to say it herself.

Aadaya blushed dark pink, but looked up at him, “моята причина...“, she said in a soft voice, “will you...join me tonight in the fantasy suite?“, she asked, holding up the card.

Atanas was smiling from ear to ear by the time she finished speaking. “It would be my honor.”

She couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear, “Well okay then”, she squeaked out meekly. She stood up from the table and the giant man followed suit, adjusting his suit jacket before offering her his hand.

Aadaya happily accepted it, his large hand practically enshrouding her own. They shared a loving smile before she stepped closer to him and reaching up on her tip toes to kiss his lips.

It was different than any of the others she shared with Josiah and Ulysses. She couldn’t explain it; it just felt like they were one whole. She was sure this is what soulmate felt like and there was no doubt that he was made for her and vice versa. It soon intensified and her arms wrapped around his shoulders. There bodies molded together as they embraced one another. Atanas moaned inside her mouth, crouching down and scooped her up in his arms.

Aadaya let out a squeal, wrapping her legs around his waist.

Atanas let out a breathy laugh against her mouth, “Fantasy suites, here we come.”

* * * * * *

Only once the bedroom door shut did they part, Aadya reminding the honey blonde that they needed air to breath.

Aadya couldn’t help her short breathing. She felt as if she couldn’t stop the loud and quick thumping of her heart. The entire situation foreign yet exciting for her with Atanas with her. She couldn’t see what the night would hold.

“Well this is a little kinky”, Atanas noted, looking at the full wall length mirror across the ways from the bed

By this point, Aadaya’s face had a permanent tint of redness. She cleared her throat awkwardly, “Oh...oh woah I uh ha I guess so”, she looked everywhere but there. Why would anyone think she’d want it in her room? She had no clue.

Atanas looked down at her, face softer than before, “Are you sure you wanna do this?”

Aadaya shook her head, “I’m sure”, she assured him, “I’m fine моята причина really, just- “, she took his hands and squeezed them before looking back up at him, “just...let’s take it slow okay?”

Atanas squeezed her hands in return, leaning down to press a kiss to her temple, “We’ll take it as slow as you want and need.”

* * * * * *

“The final rose is yours.”

Atanas looked down at her laying on his chest, both still coming down their orgasmic highs. For a second he thought he was hearing things, “Huh?”

Aadaya looked away from him before sitting up, holding the sheets to her chest. “What I have with you is stronger than anything I have with Ulysses and Josiah”, she admitted to him in heavy words; her face softened once she looked back at him, “I love you моята причина.”

She hadn’t wanted to say it before for production reasons and also of fear or rejection. The Bachlorette put you in this bubble of romantic destinations and romance nonstop and she worried that when they went back the real word that it would not be the same and the relationship would end. She was truly in this for love and all these variables made her anxious.

She held her breath as he became silent before a smile stretched across his face, “I love you too Aadya”, he cupped her cheek before pulling her into another intense kiss, this one containing more emotion than any other they shared.

Aadya had never been able to say those three words before; the “Bachelor Franchise” rules forbidding the lead from ever saying the words to a contestant. That made it all the much better to hear them leave her beautiful lips.

Once the parted, Aadya felt as if she was floating in outer space and Atanas had the biggest smile imaginable on his face, “I love you more than words can say”, he told her, caressing her cheeks with his thumbs, “and I’m so grateful I went through this experience to meet you. That is why you are моята причина, because without you I have no reason, no purpose.”

“And you are my мой лъв“, she murmured, pressing her forehead to his. She kept her eyes locked with his as she took his hand and placed it over her right breast

Atanas let out a dreamy breathe, heart swelling as he felt her heartbeat under his hand.

They pressed their mouths together in a short yet passionate kiss. They both layed back down on the bed, holding one another close as they took in the moment.

“So what are we gonna do from here?“, Atanas asked after a moment, shifting to roll them both over onto their sides.

Aadya nuzzled her head against his chest, “We still have to go through with everything even if I already chose you.” She remembered the producers words when they were giving her a run through of the show and how everything was set up. She clearly didn’t expect it to actually happen to her, but she wasn’t complaining when she had a strong, supportive, intelligent man like Atanas.

Atanas made a sound of disapproval in his chest, “Wish we could just skip the rest of this”, he sighed, tucking his left arm behind his head, “I could propose right here and we’d be done with this”, he joked, nipping her shoulder with his teeth.

Aadya squirmed at the feel of his mouth over her skin, propping her head on his pectoral. Her dark eyes sparkled in the dim light of the hotel room. “I know мой лъв, but it doesn’t work like that”, she reminded solemnly, “No matter what, Bachelor Nation still wants to go forward with everything, even if I’m positive everyone knows I’m going to chose you.”

The honey blonde couldn’t fight back the smile that stretched across his mouth. He interlaced their fingers, bringing them up to his mouth to kiss her knuckles, “And I’m all the more grateful for that.”

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