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Hanging with the Hamiltons (BTS)

Lauren and Cameron sat together in their office, in front of their camera set up in front of them. “Hello everybody!“, Lauren called out, a big smile on her face, “I’m Lauren”

“And I’m Cameron”, her husband added, waving at the camera.

“Welcome to....Hanging with the Hamilton’s“, they both said simultaneously.

“Jinx”, Lauren said quickly, looking over at her husband, “you owe me a Coke”, she told him with that happy giggle of hers.

“Okay, first question!”

*Where do you see yourself in the near future?*

Lauren didn’t even get to open her mouth before Cameron answered.

"Hopefully pregnant”, he answered confidently before turning to her, “want you to have my babies...our babies”, he specified, squeezing her hand in his. It wasn’t the first time he’d said it and he meant it everytime. He wanted to start a family with her; the sooner the better.

Lauren cooed, cupping his cheeks and pecking his lips, “Awe babe! I wanna have your babies too, Cam!“, she told him, grinning even as she felt his hand travelled up her thigh.

Nobody would see on camera though so she just brushed it off. Cameron was always touchy feely, but she was prepared to halt his advances if need be. “How many do you want?“, she asked him, trying to continue the questionnaire.

Cameron seemed to be in thought for a moment before bringing her right hand to his lips and kissed them, “At Least five”, he said.

Lauren’s eyes went wide like a Looney Toon at the answer, “Five?!“, she exclaimed, truly baffled and flabbergasted by what was said. “Who do you think is gonna pop out all them kids, Mr. Hamilton?“, she asked him, tilting her head at him, “You said at least three in the pods.”

Cameron just rubbed at his beard, looking at the camera, “Yeah well”, he just shrugged again, not caring to explain himself. He was no longer looking at the camera, dark green eyes trained on his incredibly attractive wife.

Lauren knew this as well and tried to ignored the intense stares from her husband. “So tell me, when do you plan on having these alleged five lil’ chi’ren sir?“, she asked him, curious now of his apparent plan. As far as she’d known, quintuplets didn’t run in either of their families and she knew she was gonna need a minimum of two years before having another one.

“As soon as possible hopefully”, he answered smoothly; he seemed so sure in himself and his words. “It won’t be very hard”, he murmured, biting his lip as he shot her a look.

Lauren blushed, hiding her smile as his hand went around her waist, and the other on her thigh. It seemed innocent enough so she allowed it. They continued talking, answering questions and making little jokes. All the while, Cameron never stopped his antics, kissing her shoulder and squeezing her sides. He knew he was getting aroused; Lauren was so easy for him to read.

“You okay babe?“, the evil sexy man asked, as if he didn’t know exactly what was wrong with her.

Lauren glared at him before clearing her throat. She had seen it coming from a mile away; ladies and gentlemen, *Cameron-Sutra*. “U- uh yes, just uh...just feel a little off. A bit tired maybe?“, she offered weakly, not caring as long as it was a plausible out. “You think we should take a break babe?“, she suggested weakly, looking up at him, worrying on her bottom lip. Apart of her was upset with herself for giving in so easily; she was hoping to get some editing done today.

Cameron’s smirk grew impossibly bigger, not trying to hide his glee over his victory, “Sure we can”, he her, pressing a sweet kiss to her forehead.

Lauren basked in the simple peck before pulling away, “Okay”, she murmured, feeling small under his gaze. She forced herself to break their gazing, remembering they were still recording. She at least hoped they could just pause filming instead of having to start all the way over.

She clapped her hands together, looking at the camera, “We’ll uh be back after a not so quick break...bye guys”, she struggled to spit out; he had really had her discombobulated. She got and quickly turned off the recording just as two strong arms wrapped around her hips and she was pulled back.

Lauren squealed as she was pulled onto Cameron’s strong lap with nowhere to go. “Is the camera off?“, he asked, already trailing kisses along her shoulder, not wasting anytime. He truly didn’t mind whether it was on or off; he only had one thing on his mind right now.

His favorite meal.

Lauren’s head fell back as his beard scratched against her throat, “Mhmm”, she answered softly, putting her hand over his where they encircled her waist. Cameron had gotten really buff since the show and extra yummy too. Muscles or not, Lauren would love him all the same; her ginger snap.

His hands finally made it under her dress. Lauren didn’t even try to stop him, spreading her legs farther to allow him to continue his journey. Cameron was all the happier at the invitation and soon his hand was inside her panties. His other hand went to grab her right leg and keep it apart as his other slid between her envelopes, rubbing her wettening pussy.

Their tongues continued to twirl around one another as he pawed at her pussy, mapping out her cunt from memory. Lauren only broke the kiss when he slid his pad inside of her. She pressed her forehead to his, spreading her legs farther apart to coax him in deeper, “Y- your really thirsty aren’t cha, Cam?“, he said, shuddering as he curled his fingers in just the right spot.

Her husband hummed in response before pulling his fingers out her pussy and instead hooking them on her panties and forcing them down. Lauren rose her hips, allowing him to slide them down to her ankles before pushing them past her feet and onto the floor.

“Impatient too”, she teased against his lips as his hand found a way back under her dress.

“You could say that”, he answered roughly, pulling her closer to his body, her thighs straddling either side of his legs. Lauren’s next taunt died on her tongue as his finger was back inside her, in addition to another one as well. She grinded down on his digits, rolling her ass back on his hard cock. Cameron loved foreplay and all that jazz, but wanted him to make love to her.

Cameron stood her up to turn her around in his lap. He pushes his pants down his thighs, his dick hard against her inner thigh as she slipped out of her panties. She wrapped her arms around his neck, straddle the sides of his thighs until he was flush against her kitty.

Lauren pressed her forehead to his, smiling as she looked in his beautiful green eyes, “I love you”, she told him, voice dripping with love and never-ending affection.

Cameron face visibly brightened at the endearment. Even after three years, it never stopped his heart from swelling everytime she told him those three little words. He couldn’t help but smile as he cupped her round cheeks in her hand, “I love you to Lauren”, he loved this woman more than anything. He pressed their lips together moaning at the feeling of her large lips against his. He would never get enough of kissing her, touching her, loving her.

At this point, the straps of Lauren’s dress were at her elbows, her breasts exposed, nipples at hardened peaks between their bodies. She bit her lip, hands tugging up his shirt to get it off of him. Once it was completely off his body, she dragged a hand down his chest. Her lips were against his again as they kissed and moved against one another.

Cameron gasped feeling her bare sex brushing against his hard shaft, causing a shiver to run up and down his spine. He cupped her sides lovingly, keeping her steady as Lauren rose up and lowered herself onto him. They both left out shaky breaths when the head of his cock slid between her pussy lips before she continued to sink down on his length. The feeling of their bodies pressed together in the most intimate ways caused both to make sweet sounds of approval.

Lauren cupped Cameron’s red cheek, caressing his lip with her thumb. Cameron nipped at the pad of the digit making her chuckle before lowering her head to press her lips to his. She loved kissing Cam; he was a really good kisser. It was one of the first things she noticed about him when they first left the pod’s; that and he was so handsome. The way he excitedly jogged towards her once they’d locked eyes. She definitely hit the jackpot with this man and she would never forget it.

Lauren was the one to break the kiss, pressing her forehead to his before drawing away slightly. She shifted her hands to brace on his shoulders before she started to roll her hips, slowly working herself into a rhythm she knew Cameron liked. She placed her hands on his chest to keep balance as she bounced up and down on his lap. Cameron curled his hands around her hips, his head falling back as he cursed under his breath. Lauren could feel the rumbling under her fingertips and the sound made her clench around him.

The room was filled with the sound of mixed panting and the wet sound of skin slapping against skin. It was a downright sinful sound and it made Cameron’s body erupt with goosebumps as she continued to ride him. Her nails started to dig into his sunburned skin as hot coils began to form in her stomach and winding tighter and tighter.

Thoroughly lost in the ecstasy that was her husband, she was hardly aware when strong arms wound around her middle as Cameron adjusted his sitting position. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head when he brought her down on him harder, her short nails scrambled for purchase around his neck, breaking her out of her built rhythm as he snapped his hips up to meet hers.

He halted for a moment when hearing her sudden outcry, wanting to be sure it was not one a pain. “You good, babe?“, Cameron asked her kindly, taking the moment to suck a bruise below her ear.

Lauren shivered at the assault on her soft spot, shaking her head. “I- it’s fine”, she purred breathlessly, barely able to keep her eyes open. She just nuzzled her head in his neck, not even caring about moussing her hair; they were too far in for her to pause and get a bonnet or a hair tie. She would just pray for the best.

It wasn’t hard to find your pace once more, eager to resume where you had left off. The new angle had your mind reeling, feeling his cock brush up against your sweet spot with every jerk of his hips. Camron grunted softly, his breath coming out in short pants.

“You’re so tight” he growled through clenched teeth, auburn beard scratching at the soft chocolate skin of her jaw.

Lauren smiled through the haze of lust, drawing back, big brown eyes flicking to his face. She was gonna make a joke about his hit or miss dirty talk but was halted by a sharp gasp as he suddenly rammed his cock as deep inside her as he could, causing the words to die on her lips.

She held onto him for dear life, eyes squeezed shut so tight she didn’t even she the smirk tugging at his lips. Cameron knew his wife like the back of his hand. She could joke about his dirty talk all she wanted; he was a man of action and of few words. He adjusted his angle and was rewarded with broken sobs of pleasure as fingers curled into his damp skin.

Cameron would never get enough of this; how she sounded; how she felt wrapped around him; how wet she was. He resisted the urge to just lay her out on the desk and devour her honey pot, reminding himself what he end goal was. He preferred she cum with him inside her so she could (feel) it. He didn’t snap out of his thoughts, not until Lauren pushed herself out of her safe haven in his throat and planted her hands on both sides of his arms and started to fuck herself on Cameron’s cock once again while his hands were on both sides of his lover’s hips to steady him.

“C- Cam”, Lauren stuttered weakly, nails digging into his arms.

Cameron rubbed her hips lovingly and basked in the sight of his wife in the throws of passion. “Y- yeah, Lauren, ride me...just like that”, he purred, his hands going under her ass to scoop her up off her feet and have her take him as he wished. Lauren just held on for the ride toes curling as, the drag of his cock head making her walls ache. When he sank her back down until he was balls deep, both of them released a strangled moans.

Lauren let hed head hang wildly, her bangs plastered to her face with sweat as Cameron continued to fuck up into her cunt. Every couple of strokes he’d hit her cervix and she would choke on her tongue at the pain. Cameron, wanting nothing more than to see the face of the love of his life as they both lost themselves, released her and raised his sweaty hands to push her hair back. He felt his gut tighten when he saw the look of utter bliss on her face.

Cameron couldn’t get over how beautiful she was and she would undoubtedly get even more beautiful with child: glowing chocolate skin and that pout of hers that would come out when her feet were swollen and wanted him to rub them. He was positive that their child would be beautiful and grow up surrounded by all the love they could provide. Just the thought of the possible near future had his cock leaking precome inside her.

Ngh- ah, Cam!”, Lauren mewled, the bench moving under them as she struggled to plant her feet back on a solid service to chase her building orgasm. She knotted her fingers on in his curls, sucking his tongue into her mouth and swallowing both their moans. Her eyes began to glaze as the familiar tingling in her core, he hips giving away only for Cameron to quickly take her place.

She tried to hold it in, her body practically burning for the desire of her release, “I- I’m gonna cum! O- oh g- gu- uah!"

“Me too”, he hissed out against her wet nipple, squeezing her other breast. He gripped her ass, grounding her hips into hers in the lewdest ways possible, “Tell me you wanna have my baby Lauren”, he demandly hotly, “Want you to say it!” He brought his hand down on her left ass cheek eliciting a choked gasp that went straight to his throbbing cock, making it twitch at the clench.

“Say you wanna have my baby Lauren!“, he grunted against her cheek as he speared her repeatedly on his dick.

Lauren could barely speak, moaning as he hit her spot without fail. Her husband knew her body like the back of his hand. “Please cum in me! I wanna have your baby, Cam!“, she told her, hair glued to her forehead with sweat.


“Mhmm, wanna have all of your babies, Cam!“, she was so close yet so far.

“Meet too, baby I’m so close, ahh!“, Cameron planted a wet kiss to her shoulder. He lowered one of his hands to cup her breast, lowering his head to suck her nipple into his mouth. He gripped her hip tight, his dick grounding against her oversensitive clit, dragging her toward her orgasm.

Lauren choked on a sob, head tossed back as her limbs began to tremble. “Cum for me baby, so good for me fuck w- with me... c- cummin- shit...”

With one last deep thrust, Cameron’s hips stilled as they came together. Lauren melted against her husbands frame, sweat sticking their bodies together like glue, lids half open and glazed. He let out a satisfied hum as she ground down on his cock, riding out her climax. When she was thoroughly spent, she fell forward resting her chin on her husband’s shoulder.

Cameron basked in the feeling of his cum deep inside her and dripping out onto his balls and the bench. He smiled against her hair at the mental image of her belly round and full with his child or children if he was lucky. Hopefully they’d have some little Hamilton’s running around before the end of the year.

He was pulled from his daydreams by the sound of soft snores beneath him. “Lauren?“, he asked in a soft voice, looking down at his thoroughly spent wife. As much as he was enjoying their moment, he knew Lauren tended to get distracted and procrastinate. Although this was his fault, he wanted to at least attempt to get her to do was she was supposed to do.

Lauren made a sound that seemed like disagreement; not wanting get back to what they were originally doing before. “Think we can finish it later?“, she said carelessly as she looked up at him with still cloudy half-lidded eyes, “....or maybe tomorrow.”

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