Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Ready To Lay All The Pipe

Eric sighed, walking into he and Ciara’s apartment, stripping off his jacket. “Baby I’m home!“, he announced, toeing off his shoes. He had had a boring day at work and just wanted to relax with his girl and a nice beer.

“In the bedroom, come here!“, she called, her voice echoing down the hallway. Upon entering the bedroom, the blonde looked like he had seen a ghost. Eric took in the sight if his girlfriend, “Did I miss an anniversary or something?“, he asked, honestly confused as to what was happening. It wasn’t everyday he came home to see his girlfriend looking like a Victoria Secret Model in lace.

She ignored his jab, taking a deep breath, “I think I’m ready to finally go all the way”, she said suddenly. The grin on Eric’s face was immediately gone, “What?“, he asked, clearly not hearing her properly.

“I’ve been using some toys to help, but I think I’m ready for you”, she nodded her head, agreeing strongly with what she’d said.

Eric was utterly gobsmacked by what he’d heard. Not only did she want to have sex, but she’d been using toys to do it? God he just knew he had to be dreaming.

He forced his eyes from her body back to her face, “Ciara why did you do all this?“, he asked. It’s not like this was awful, but it was a surprise that he didn’t expect in the slightest.

Ciara’s flush darkened as she avoided his gaze again, fiddling with her hands, “I mean, you have needs too Eric”, she reminded softly, looking up at him, “I know it’s been a long 3 years and....I wanna change that.”

Eric’s heart swelled at that; he couldn’t stop himself from moving closer and cupping her slim cheeks in his hands, “Baby, I would wait 10 more years, if it meant making sure you’re comfortable”, he swore, looking into her wide Bambi eyes to make sure she believed him. He wasn’t lying, he loved Ciara and he understood 100% why she was so hesitant.

He was big in every shape, form and fashion: big arms, big legs, big body, a big heart and an even bigger dick to even it all out. 14 whole inches and almost 2 inches in width. Yep, the big dick energy was real.

It would make anyone weary and seeing as Ciara was so petite and just little, he didn’t want to push it and send her running.

Ciara wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him down on top of her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, bringing her lips to his ear, “I want you inside me, Eric”

Without delay Eric got to work, unwrapping his lace clad gift, grabbing a bottle of lube off the nightstand. He lathered his fingers excessively before beginning his prepping.

He rubbed his thumb against her clit, gaging her reaction. She was wet practically soaking it in her juices. He rubbed harder receiving soft purrs from above; making her feel as good as possible was his number one mission right now.

Eric planted a hand firmly on her stomach before inserting one thick finger into her folds. He buried it up to his knuckles, not as worried because he knew she should take it. He moved it in and out at an almost torturous pace, stretching and spreading her wide open before adding another.

Ciara let out a high pitched whine at the addition. Her body was responding to all his advances especially when he scissored his large digits inside her and her back arched off the bed. She was so sensitive, he could only image how she would respond to having his fat cock filling her pussy.

Two fingers soon became three and with a lot of caution, four. Even with four fingers, he was still worried that they weren’t gonna be enough to get her ready. Eric was sure to voice this concern to her.

“If you want, you could use one of the toys?“, she voiced meekly, pointing him over to her nightstand drawer. When Eric opened her private bottom drawer, his eyes bulged at what his found. He was hesitant to pull out the largest rubber dildo. It was nude with veins decorating up and down the shaft. Studying the toy, he noticed the sticky substances surrounding it.

Ciara flushed under his gaze, “I- I used it get ready for you.”

It took everything in him to not imagine his girlfriend cumming on a giant dildo with him on her mind. If he came up with the mental image he would surely cum in his pants right there. Eric composed himself, moving back over the bed and getting back on his knees, the dildo in hand.

“Let’s do this, baby.”

With the help of her earlier work and his fingers, the large toy practically slid in with ease. It was close to the size of his own dick, give or take a couple inches and not as girthy, but it would get the job done.

Eric couldn’t help but stare in envy as every inch disappeared inside her. He was jealous that it got to be embraced in her sweet heat instead of himself, but he knew it would be him in due time.

Once nestled completely inside, he began to shift the base of the toy, first in circular motions before taking it in his hand properly and working it in and out of her pussy.

Ciara moaned as he pushed the toy in and out of her to the point of nearly driving her insane. The more he grazed against her g-spot, the more she hungered for his real dick to be there instead; stretching her out and filling her in a way that that silicone could not compare.

“Pull it out”, Ciara panted, grabbing his wrist to stop him, “Want you in me, I’m ready. Please.”

Slowly, he withdrew the toy, her lips slowly giving way for it. Once fully removed, Eric tossed it into the bed and grab the lubricant out of the nightstand. He poured a copious amount onto his shaft, rubbing it over his dick as best he could.

Eric laid his cock on her stomach, slapping it against the tight skin of her belly. It went well past her belly button, covering it as well; even he was surprised at how big he was. Ciara stared in awe, looking down at it, “You’re gonna be in my stomach”, she marveled in a soft voice like a little kid at the aquarium.

Eric couldn’t help, but chuckle at her nervousness, “You think you’re gonna be okay to take it, babe?“, he asked. Determination burned in Ciara’s eyes as she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him down on top of her, “When I said I wanted to fuck, I meant it Eric”, she purred against his ear.

With another kiss to her lips, he sat up, getting into position. He held himself in his fist, lining himself up with her entrance.

Her pink lips parted around his engorged tip, inviting him inside without disruption. All the air was immediately pulled from Eric’s body; she felt so good, so warm and so tight. She was taking him like a champ, chest rising with every deep breath, her forehead wrinkled in concentration.

He was only about 2/3 of the way in when Ciara mewled, shaking her head, “Eric!”, she said planting her hand firmly on his stomach.

Eric was utterly speechless at the sight. Her lips were stretched wide around his shaft, yet twitching to take down even more. She was so warm and unbelievable tight. He felt as if he was wrapped in a wet velvet-like vice; he couldn’t wait for the rest of his cock to be engulfed in such a euphoric feeling.

He stilled himself, his hands planted under her to keep as still as possible. The last thing he wanted to do was cause her anymore discomfort before she was ready too.

“Tell me when”, he panted, locking eyes with Ciara once she had opened her eyes again.

After what felt like an eternity, Ciara gave him the play to continue. She wiped away her tears, nodding her head, “I’m ready.”

Eric pushed back his damp hair,” Are you sure?“, he questioned, still weary. He was perfectly fine going this far, Ciara didn’t have to be an overachiever.

She responded by wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him on top of her body, “I’m ready baby come on, give it to me”, she begged with an attempt to move her hips against him.

With a loving hand to her cheek, Eric pressed his lips to her. Ciara melted into the kiss, curling her tongue lovingly around his. They used her mouth to say everything they wanted to say; the dirty, the loving and the passionate. It was as if they were the only people in the world.

At that moment, Eric decided to snap his hips forward, slamming the rest of his manhood inside her making Ciara break away with a inaudible gasp.

Ciara let out a full body shudder at the feeling of having him so deep inside, filling her up in ways she had never imagined. They both had wide eyes, clutching each other close at the feeling that overwhelmed them.

His pelvic bone was pressed flush against hers, his dick nowhere in sight. He looked back up at his girlfriend’s face, his tongue peeking out from between his lips to wet them.

Ciara tangled her hands in his hair and brought him down to her. She pressed her forehead to his; their panted breaths untangling before she pressed her lips back to his.

His hands trailed down her long slender neck and to her breasts, covering them with his hands. He used this as a form of leverage as he rocked his length into her, her walls spreading at the intrusion.

Ciara could only let out a filthy moan as he picked up his pace, spreading her legs wide to get him in even deeper. She loved how big he was, stretching the very depts of her wide open; his veiny cock dragging against her tight walls.

“Shit Eric”, she wheezed in a high pitched voice; she felt like she was on the way to heaven.

Eric released her breasts, bringing his hand down to rub her bud in vigorous circles. This caused her to clamp around him and Eric had to dig his fingers into the sheets to keep himself from losing it. God she felt like heaven.

“Oh my G- God!“, she almost choked on her tongue, “Baby!”, she murmured as she was pushed over the edge yet again.

Eric pulled out, grabbing her by the hips and placing her further up onto the bed, crawling in behind her. He wedged himself between her legs again, sliding himself back inside of her.


He was fucking into her without abandon, his earlier worries gone as he buried himself inside her wet heat. Ciara had lost track how many times he had made her cum, her head fuzzy at the never-ending pleasure.

Eric let out a guttural moan at the overwhelming tightness around his shaft. He could hardly focus as he felt his cock twitch as his own climax built.“Oh m- f- fuck! He quickly pulled out and jerked off, cumming on her tight stomach.

Once he had wrung out the last drops of seeds, Eric collapsed onto the bed beside Ciara, thoroughly spent. He was at a loss for words. He couldn’t describe how he felt; how she had felt.

Ciara suddenly rolled over to straddle him, grabbing his face and pulling his lips to hers for a passionate kiss. “We’re...totally going again”, she decided once they parted.

Eric could only laugh at her, kissing her forehead lovingly.

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