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Someday I'll Be...Part of Your World

(DISCLAIMER: Prologue to How Could you Leave Us. The story of how Opal and Arthur began.)

* * * * * *

It was a calm day at Amnesty Bay. Fisherman and tourists the like done for the day and congregating at the local bar to relax. Some had casual conversation about there days and others just watched the news or whatever was on the TV at the moment.

That is until the door burst open to reveal a more than messed up Arthur Curry or “Aquaman” leaning haphazardly on the doorframe.

“Anybody gonna help a guy out?“, he grumbling spitting a mixture of blood and saliva on the ground.

Thomas Curry, his father, was the first on his feet and over to help his son. “Arthur, what happened?“, he asked his son as he helped him stand upright, his stoic form almost too much for the old man. He called out medic into the room as a local helped him support Arthur’s weight.

“Got into it with some chumps”, Arthur grumbled as he moved, vision slightly fuzzy and his ears ringing slightly, ” morons set off something and blew them all to shit”, he explained as he was guided over to a chair to sit on.

He shook his head, a mixture of blood water and god only knows what else in his hair. In the nicest way possible, he look like he had gotten blown up at all, if that made sense. He had dragged himself in here fair once on occasion as this was PG-13 at the most. His lip was busted; his face bruised and possibly broken somewhere and blood ran from an unidentifiable wound over his right eyebrow. He limped a bit but that was probably more from exhaustion than anything.

People surrounded the large man, curious and worried for the town hero they had heard about on the news. “Really got into it this time, eh Arthur?“, Thomas grunted.

Arthur shrugged dismissively, “Yeah well- ”

“Back it up, everybody! Come on nothing to see here! Move y’all asses or get the hell outta here!”, a raspy, smooth female voice barked.

The small crowd parted to reveal a woman holding a first aid kit.

Opal’s eyes landed on the brunette and her face fell. “Guppy”, she sighed. The use of his nickname making him flinch. Yep, she was definitely upset with him.

He shrugged with slight guilt, “I know, I know. It’s not my fault though, Opal”, he defended as if it was a plausible excuse.

She didn’t look confused or convinced by a long shot which earned heckling from the other patrons before they dispersed at her sharp glare. She turned back to her charge, her head shaking with disappointment, “I’m not always gonna be able to clean you up, you know?“, she said after a moment of silence, voice and face softening instantly, “Neosporin and bandage wrap can only go so far”, she scolded lightly as she wiped away the blood. She worked diligently to reveal the dark ink under the crimson stains. She focused on his wounds only stopping when scolding Arthur for drinking Jack Daniels (straight from the bottle fyi) while she worked.

‘Closest thing to anesthetic I can get.’

Opal let out a relieved, straightening her posture, “Okay, all finished”, she announced, looking over her work for any errors. She had cleaned up Arthur so many times that she doubted so, but you can never be to sure. Especially with a reckless idiot like Arthur. He practically gravitated to violence and physical danger.

Opal didn’t mind that Arthur played hero. She would be a complete asshole if she thought he shouldn’t help people with his birth-gifts. She just wished he would be more careful sometimes; she feared the day Arthur wouldn’t come back from a rescue and they find out about his death on the news. Arthur was like family and it hurt her to even think about it.

Arthur planted his hands on her hips and it took everything in Opal to not let her breath hitch. She kept her hard glare, but halted her movement. Arthur looked at her with that fucking smirk, “But Nurse Jackie, I can’t imagine not having you take care of me”, he cooed playfully with bright eyes. “Plus who else is gonna kiss my boo-boo’s and make it all better?”

Opal snorted at his pouted lips as she packed up her supplies, “At the rate your going, I’m gonna have to go to medical school just to keep up with you.” Despite her scolding, she smiled at him; she couldn’t help but smile around Arthur. It was impossible to stay mad at him. She pinched his nipple playfully before taking the first aid kit and walking away.

Arthur watched her back, her painted on jean clad hips swaying as she made her way back behind the bar. Boy did Opal have a body on her; C- cup breasts, slim with wide hips and thighs with a perky ass to match. The most dangerous things did always come in the prettiest packaging and Opal was no different. They were always super close; Opal’s parents had long since passed away in her adolescents so Thomas and Arthur acted as a makeshift family for her. Arthur cared about her more than anything and that’s saying something considering it wasn’t in his half-human half-Atlantean nature.

Unaware to him, Thomas had been paying attention to them the whole time. He had noticed the lingering touches and the longing stares between the two; it was hard not to. If he didn’t know his son well, he’d say he was a goner for the bold woman. It made him chuckle at the idea of Arthur finding someone to finally rain him in and Opal was the perfect woman to do it.

He moved over to Arthur, still unaware of his presence, “You smitten or something boy?“, he asked his son, nodding over to Opal.

Arthur snapped out of whatever daze he was in, clearing his throat as he looked at his father. He registered what his said, recovering himself with a snort, “Don’t know why everybody’s on my case. I saved some lives; isn’t that what matters?“, he deflected in his typical manner.

The lighthouse keeper shrugged, “Can you blame her? You aren’t exactly the seatbelt and helmet type ya know?”

Arthur snorted, “Whatever”, he debuted weakly, too busy looking at Opal from where she was wiping the counter with a rag. Feeling eyes on her, Opal looked around only to find him staring at her. She didn’t looked weirded out or annoyed, instead pushing her braids behind her ear. His heart skipped a beat when she grinned back at him before getting called off by a patron for a drink.

Thomas shook his head at his son, giving him a soft pat on the back, “If you say kid, if ya say so.”

* * * * * *

The bar had closed roughly ten minutes and everyone had gone there separate ways; some went back to their families, other to pets and some to their own solitude. Opal had just locked up and Arthur had taken the obligation to walk her home;, something about ‘like hell am I letting that happen. Ain’t that what a hero is supposed to do?’ Opal didn’t bother arguing, not really bother buy the extra company. She would be a bald faced liar if her heart didn’t skip at his declaration. She did not mind one bit.

“So remind me again why didn’t you drive?“, Arthur asked her, taking a long swig from his flank. They had made small conversation, neither one too keen to really talk.

Opal shrugged, pushing her braid out her face before stuffing her hands back in her coat pocket, “Forgot to fill up on gas”, she admitted, not embarrassed or upset about it. It wasn’t the first or last time. “Besides, a little cardio won’t kill me.”

The ombre haired man snorted, tossing the empty bottle in one of the public glass recycling bins. “Yeah well it might get me”, he huffed, bending over and feigning struggled heavy breathing.

The dark skinned woman rolled her eyes at his dramatics, “Yeah right, a 7 minute walk can take out Mr. Talk, Dark and Handsome”, her eyes widen when she realized what she’d said, “I-...I didn’t mean it like that”, deflected, shaking her head at herself. She really put her foot in her mouth now. Arthur could misinterpret it a bunch of ways, he could take it to his big ass head and taunt her, or he’ll think she likes him -which she did, but still- and embarrassingly turn her down. It was really a flip of a coin for which was worse at this point.

It had become unbearably awkward and uncomfortable between them. Thankfully they had almost made it to her place. A little house by the rocky shore in her view. Soon she would be able to hide in her apartment until he goes off on another one of his adventures and hopefully forgets about whatever this was.

Opal stopped at her front steps, both standing there silently for a moment. Neither seemed to know what to do; not wanting to say goodbye yet, but unsure of how to do so. Unable to resist doing something, she pulled him into a hug, quickly pulling away afterwards, “Uh goodnight, Arthur.”

Her exit was halted by a sudden outburst from behind her. “Okay can I just ask you something and you not think I’m off my shit at the moment?“, Arthur asked her, his eyes suddenly set in determination.

Opal didn’t know what to say, “U- uh-”

“Do you think you have a thing for me?“, he blurted out anyway and Opal practically combusted in her spot, “It’s like, sometimes I feel like you’re into me or atleast attracted to me too, but I might be wrong cuz of all that metal and fallen shit to the jogging. It’s just- I’m 76% sure I’m not drunk so I think I’m pretty aware but-”

“I am.”

Arthur’s once flapping mouth closed tight, “What?“, he asked her, seemingly not hearing her correctly if not at all. She couldn’t have said what he heard her say; he must’ve got too much salt water in his ears.

Opal rolled her eyes, face already burning with embarrassment, “I said I am I-... I am attracted to you”, she admitted, unable to meet his gaze. She was a grown as woman acting like a little girl talking to her crush.

Arthur blinked at her, “Wait. Really?”

“Yeah”, she answered, slightly aggravated at him not getting it through his thick skull, “You said you were attracted to me too?“, she reminded him, putting him in the hot seat in return. She was positive she had heard the ‘me too’ leave his lips.

“Yeah, I do”, he answered surely, clearing up any possible misconception; he most definitely liked her. There was no second questioning there.

Opal let out a sigh of relief, “Okay, well that’s good to know.” She was glad she finally had proof that the vibes she felt him giving off were legit and not her imagination.

Arthur tracked her eyes for an unknown explanation, eyebrow raised, “Why... why didn’t you tell me?”

She just shrugged shyly, “Honestly I didn’t think you were interested”, she admitted. She thought it was obvious she was attracted to him; how could she not? She’d liked him since he found her walking along the shore when they were young. Alas he was too out of her league and he clearly never showed any interest in her before now.

Arthur physically relaxed, shaking his head, “Yeah well at least I’m not the only dumbass for once”, he muttered, tossing his hair back. All this wasted time and he could’ve been calling her his.

Opal laughed at the factual dig, “Still not a big as you though”, she joked, breaking the awkwardness like a blade. They both snickered, Arthur bumped her with his body making her stumble back slightly. He caught her when she stumbled at the force, ”Woah, uh my bad”, he muttered, pulling away.

“Arthur, it’s alright. Totally cool”, Opal assured him, looking at him with bright eyes and a pretty smile.

It was as if they both came to a mutual silent understanding in their attraction and the once assumed one-sided sexual tension was intensified without restraint or warning.

Opal was only then aware of how close Arthur was, his body heat radiating against her. She bite her lip, trying to correct herself to not show her distress, “You uh- you wanna come inside?“, she offered, eyes on the verge of pleading for him to get in her bed.

Arthur was in the same exact sinking boat as he stared at her lips, unashamedly. The long time desire to taste now uncontrollable now that he knew she felt the same.

“I- uh-... I’m down sure.”

* * * * * *

They had somehow managed to stumbled into her bedroom, Arthur more than likely leaving a dent in the wall from the sheer force in which Arthur kicked it in. Opal couldn’t find it in her to care with how Arthur’s lips felt against hers. She moaned into his mouth, pushing his leather jacket off his broad frame.

Arthur pushed off her coat, his hands going around her waist and smashing her body against his, her breasts molded against his hard body. He never thought it would feel this good having her in his arms like this. He went for her jeans, fumbling at the buttons but unable to undo them with his large hands. Opal noticed his struggling, breaking their kiss, “Time out”, she called, moving away from him.

He was confused for a moment before Opal kicked off her shoes and pushed down her pants. He shrugged, smirking deviously as he pulled off his own jacket, “I can dig it”, he kicked off his rain boots and undid the button of his jeans. He pinched the band of his jeans and boxers and dragging them down in one go.

Arthur kicked his pants off, his cock exposed and standing at attention all red at the tip and thick, hard and hot. Opal snorted, of course everything proportional He definitely wasn’t compensating for anything with his shit talking. Her eyes tracked to his face and he smirked, clearly catching her checking him out. Every muscle in his body flexed and it literally twitched between his legs.

Opal almost choked.

Opal wasted no time ridding herself off the rest of her clothes and pushing the giant man onto the bed. “Woah!“, the bed creaked under his weight, but she paid it no mind as she straddled his strong lap.

She grazed her nails over his hard chest, admiring the tribal tattoos that littered his beautiful body. God if Arthur wasn’t blessed and highly favored by whatever God or sea-folk there was out there.

Arthur wasn’t against the manhandling, in fact, he revelled in it. His hands roamed over her body and Opal happily returned the favor, allowing him to continue his exploration, enjoying the feeling of his hands on her body. She had imagined his hands on her body on more than one occasion and now it seemed almost surreal to her now.

She moaned as his hand cupped her breast, squeezing the mound in his hand. She smirked, feeling his hard cock against her sex, “You like that?“, she asked him hotly, bringing his other hand to her other breast.

Arthur practically growled at her enticing, pinching a dark bud between his fingers. He stared at her with that sharp toothed smile and dark blue eyes, “Hell yeah”, he grunted before grabbing her head and bringing her mouth to his. The kiss was just dirty, vulgar and hard; just like Arthur and Opal didn’t want it any other way.

She fisted his wild hair in her hand before giving in a tug, using Arthur’s shock to slip her tongue into her mouth. She smirked against his mouth, raising her hips to silently beg for what she had been waiting for.

Arthur’s large hands slide underneath the back of her thighs and raised her up effortlessly with his brute strength as he blindly aligned his cock with his hand. Opal sucked in a breath in preparation before she felt the first delicious stretch of his cockhead as he breached her wet cunt. But then he hesitates for a moment and Opal feels it. The last thing she wanted now was for them to stop and they were so close.

She pulled away from his lips, breathing hotly against his mouth, “Fuck me, Arthur”, Opal hisses so prettily, and that seemed to be the magic words.

Arthur growled, his hips snap up to hers and she loses the ability to breath as his cock slid through her walls, parting her lips like the Red Sea for him. Opal was at a loss; Arthur had her splayed open, stretching her, burning her; he’s everything yet too much all at once.

Arthur gives her time to adjust and then he’s moving within her, drawing back his hips before moving upwards gingerly. The pain blurred into pleasure, her head thrown back, keening, moaning, crying out, nails sinking into his forearms where he held her captive.

Just as Opal felt herself coming undone once again, Arthur had somehow spun her around in his lap, his hand around her throat and forcing her fall back and press her back to his sweaty hard chest. Without a second thought, Arthur was back inside her as if it was his new home.

Opal felt so exposed in this position, body spread out for all to see, but had no time to bask in it as Arthur titled her head back and covered her mouth with his. They made out, nothing but tongues and teeth as his left hand gripped her right breast and the other rubbed her clit as he thrusted inside her.

Opal sobbed against his mouth. He speared her on his cock as if she was the deadliest catch that refused to bend to his will. She broke their kiss, head falling back into the crook of his neck as her nails dug into his tattooed forearms.

“A- Ar- Arth- thur!! F- fu- oh fuck!”

“Fuck yeah!“, he hissed roughly, sweat dripping down his temple as he rams into her over and over and over. “You like that?“, he asked her after the lewdest sound was torn from her throat. “Fuck! You feel good.“, he purred against her ear before sucking it into his mouth.

“Ha- harder!”, Opal manages in between shrieks and moans of utter pleasure and Arthur answers her call with his own physical response of deepening strokes.

Her next orgasm snuck up on her, seemingly coming up out of nowhere as she was lost in the pleasure of Arthur underneath her. She clenched hard around his cock and screamed out as he helped her ride out her release. It was not as intense as her first, following the later to soon, but still making her body seize and jerk forward.

Arthur watched with complete amazement as her back arched. His hand reached around her to rub at her clit, only from her to grab his wrist weakly. She shook her head half-heartedly at him, “T- Too mu- much”, she hissed out, tears brimming in her eyes as she tossed her head back, “Fuck too much!“, she cried, hips subconsciously chanting against her best efforts.

Arthur found it sexy as hell, his cock growing impossibly hard inside her. The way her body betrayed her despite her best efforts. The way the infliction in her voice changed, laced with begging as she called out to him. She twitched around his meaty cock, walls spasming and almost making him meet his maker and thank him for the sin that was Opal.

He suddenly sat up straight, shocking Opal momentarily before dragging her back to hold her close to his body. They pause, taking a moment to catch their breath as they adjust themselves in the new position. Opal didn’t think Arthur knew all these positions and she never thought she be in them but she was loving every second of it.

Arthur’s chapped lip kissed a trail up her shoulder, beard burning her skin as she straddled his lap from behind. He wrapped his thick arms around her waist, pulling her impossibly close as they begin to move again. Their hips were flushed together, his cock reaching the deepest and darkest parts of her and Opal sobs as the new angle makes her feel every single drag of his throbbing length along her walls. The head of his cock pierces her without abandon, smashing against the spot that makes her keen.

Arthur knew exactly what he was doing as his finger scrambled to find purchase in the wet plush flesh on her hips, tightening his grip, the sharp pain a beacon cutting through the haze of pleasure Opal was locked in as he fucked her. Thankfully, he lessens it as her outcry, realizing his slipping restraint and mutters a sweet apology for it.

Opal didn’t think much of it after that, the now fading sting increasing the pleasure she is receiving from her friend turned lover.

Arthur panted, pushing his wet hair out of his face, allowing her to see those beautiful inhuman eyes of his. She tangled her fingers in his long hair, her forehead caressing his.

“Cum for me”, he snarls all of a sudden, like he can feel how close she was, “cum for me one more time sweetheart.” The way her breath hitched and her cunt twitched around him telling him exactly what he needed to know.

Then Opal’s body shatters, her orgasm assaulting her body like a violent tidal wave crashing against the shore, swallowing her whole until she was lost at sea. She screams his name like a sailor lost at sea, legs spasming around him like she’s trying to hold onto something, anything, and any words he says are lost on her.

“That’s it”, he panted against her temple, fingers still massaging her clit, “Christ Opal, that’s my good girl, coming so hot around me, God you feel so good baby, so tight, so good- great."

Arthur slowly moved his hips as he milked her of her orgasm, realizing she was too sensitive for anything else. With no warning but a strangled ‘Arthur’, Opal was cumming hard, harder than she had prior. She clenched around him so tight and Arthur couldn’t help but cum soon after, gripping her hips tight as he buried himself as deep inside her as he could as he shot his load inside of her.

Opal purred as the feeling of molten liquid in her belly, stomach tensing as he was pressed flush against her cervix. She whimpered as his hips continued to rock inside of her, the mixture of their sticky mess inside of her.

Arthur unwrapped himself from body, breathing still laboured. “My God”, he muttered, rubbing her still trembling leg lovingly, pecking her shoulder before nipping at it with his teeth. He hummed at the taste of her sweat o f his tongue, smirking at the elegant line of her spine.

Opal squirmed, muttering something a bit like curse at the soreness setting in her bones. Arthur tapped her thigh playfully, “Okay sweetheart, up ya go”, Opal groaned, flipping him the bird to which he let out that cocky ass laugh of his, “Now don’t be like that”, he ran his fingers threw her braided hair, “Pretty please, sweetheart?”

He chuckled when Opal leaned forward, bracing her hands by his knees to give him room to pull out. She didn’t even wanna attempt to get up, already knowing her legs were not the most reliable right now.

“Thanks, babe.”

Slowly Arthur pulled out, earning a hiss from Opal but didn’t stop until they were no longer connected. He takes a shot and glances down at were Opal seems to be presented before him. In the moonlight, he can see his slick begin to slip out the ebony folds of her cunt. He is speechless at the sight, his cock coated in her essence and smeared against her inner thighs.

Arthur knew his fair share of obscenities; from the human world and his own Jack Daniel’s induced blackout experiences, but this truly took the cake. He had just had sex with Opal; Opal he grew up with for years; Opal who, for some reason, once had a crush on a bastard fuck-up like him. He wondered when it had started and when it had ended- if it had.

His reminiscing doesn’t last that long when Opal’s body suddenly sagged in his lap, her arms and legs seemingly collapsing under her.

Arthur raised an eyebrow at the change of position, “You good Opal?“, she didn’t answer, “Opal?”

It was silent for about ten seconds before he heard a snore leaving her lips. “ she for real?“, Arthur muttered, carding a hand through his knotted hair. He sat up, looking over her limp body and pushing her hair off of her face to find her eyes closed tight, peaceful sleep written all over her face and snores leaving her parted lips. The brunette snorted, shaking his head at the sight.

* * * * * *

Next morning Opal slowly roused from her sleep. She yawned as she stretched, memories of the exploits from the night prior flooding her mind at the pleasant aching of her body. She felt around blindly for her lover beside her only to come up empty handed from the side of the bed. Her brows furrowed in confusion before she opened her eyes to find the right side of her bed empty. She felt as if ice water had been dumped on her, signaling the end of her supposed sweet dream which now left her in a nightmare.

She sighed, letting her eyes fall closed as she tried to come to terms with what she’d done and what he’d done to her. He had really left her; no note, no nothing. She had bared her soul to him and all she had was soiled sheets to show for it. She didn’t know you could be flying so high and fall so far in the same breath.

Opal forced herself to get out of the bed, preferring to not revell in her own filth and sadness. She immediately froze when the smell of something burning filled her nose before she was covering her ears as her fire alarm blurred loudly throughout her house.

‘What in tha hell?!’

Opal wrapped the sheets around her bare body before jogging out the room and through the halls. She saw a thin cloud of smoke leaving her kitchen and entered, scanning her blurry surroundings for the cause of the predicament.

“Fucking hell man!”, a voice yelled through the thick smoke.

Her head snapped over to find none other than Arthur Curry standing in front of the stove dressed in a pair of sweats he’d left over, arms flailing sporadically as he tried to stop the smoke or the alarm.

Opal didn’t have time to take it all in, turning off her fire alarm and ceasing the God awful noise. Crisis averted, she turned to the giant man, “What the hell are you doing, Arthur?“, she asked while she tried to get her heartbeat back to normal rhythm. This was way too much action this early in the morning for her.

Arthur just stared at her completely dumbfounded, just like he had when the small fired had started before he put it out. “I uh...well I was trying to make you breakfast, but-”

“You forgot you couldn’t cook for shit?“, she resorted opening her backdoor and turning on the overhead fan.

Arthur just stood there, the smoking pot of what she assumed were eggs in his hand. He hung his head sheepishly, “I didn’t mean to.” He looked like a scolded child who thought he was having fun. Leave it to him to try and do something nice only to burn someone’s house down.

Opal snorted at his effort, taking the pan from him and putting it in the sink. She made her way back over to him and stood in front of him.

Her smile fell as she looked at his chord necklace hanging around his neck, her thoughts from earlier returning to sour her mood. “I....I thought you’d left”, she told him softly, trying to hide her negative feelings but failing as she worried her bottom lip. She couldn’t bring herself to look at him right now. Her hand went to the matching chord around her neck as well; friendship necklaces he had made for them when they were younger.

Arthur snorted, confused as to what in her pretty little mind gave her that idea. He wrapped his arms around her waist, molding his body against hers just as he’d done the night before. Opal gasped at the closeness, lips parted as she looked up at him with Bambi like eyes.

“You’re not getting rid of me that easily, sweetheart”, he promised her wholeheartedly before pulling her into a kiss.

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