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A Little "Us" Time

John flipped the page in the book he was reading, tucked comfortably in his large bed as he read. He adjusted his pajamas bottoms in discomfort, deciding he was done reading for the night. He looked at his watch before sighing and looking at the bathroom door.

“You alright in there, Sonny? You’ve been in there a while!“, he called out to his wife worriedly, recalling when she had walked in 45 minutes earlier. It wasn’t like they were going out to dinner or anything; they were just going to bed.

“Yeah!”, she called back a moment later from the other side of the bathroom door, “Be out in a second!”

John sighed, rolling his eyes at her statement. She would be in there another 10 tops. He was hoping they would fool around before going to bed, but at the rate she was going, Esonica would come out with her hair wrapped and a clay mask on. That was her “No Sex What-so-ever” outfit.

He closed his book, putting it on the nightstand. He finally heard the sound of the lock turn and he smiled, raising his head as she opened the door. “Finally! ’was getting worried for a second”, he joked lightly before his words died on his tongue, his mouth going dry at the sight.

Esonica smirked, getting the exact response she had expected. “Hi big boy”, she purred, posing against the doorframe before pushing herself up and walking towards the bed.

John, at a loss for words, just stood there, mouth agape and throat dry of air. He broke from his daze at his wife’s laugh and righted himself. He cleared his throat, getting up and meeting her, looking her over unabashedly, “To what do I owe a surprise like this?“, he asked her suspiciously, carding a hand through his mostly dry hair, “What’s the special occasion?” This had to be some trick; he racked his mind trying to recall if he had done something wrong intentionally or accidentally to make her torture him like this.

Esonica rolled her eyes, “Why must there be an occasion?“, she questioned him innocently. She shrugged off the sleeve of her robe to further expose her breast. “I just thought we needed a little “us” time, that’s all”, she told him with a slightly downcast look, eyelashes fluttering, “Nothing wrong with that really. Is there?”

John sucked in a deep breath, looking her up and down. Her breasts fit snugly in her bra, eyes scoping over miles of exposed dark chocolate skin, “Well you got me there”, with that, he scooped her up in his arms. She squealed before getting over her surprise and pressing her lips to his smiling mouth. She moaned as their tongues danced together, wrapping her arms around his neck.

John squeezed her thighs in his hands, moving over to the bed. He haphazardly pushed her sugar-baby robe off her shoulder, exposing more of her milk chocolate skin. His teeth grazed her shoulder before biting down, making her gasp at the sting, bearing her throat for nips and love bites. He crawled on top of her, planting his hands above her head and deepening the already bruising kiss.

With a precision that could only be mastered after years of practice, John had removed her bra, tossing it to the side. He growled at the sight of her large breasts, dark brown nipples hard and begging for his mouth. Esonica had the most amazing breasts he’d ever seen.

He took in as much as his hands could all, pinching and twisting her nipples between his fingers like he knew she liked. He was pleased to receive those broken whimpers and cries leave her lips, her back arching upwards into him for more. John happily provided, taking her right nipple in his mouth and sucking, lapping his tongue around the bud until it was hard in his mouth.

Esonica fidgeted under his mouths assault as he moved on the left to give it the same treatment. He only stopped when both her nipples were rock hard and shiny with his spit. Just to drive her a little extra crazy, he blew cold air over the buds before to trying to go back in until she either came from it or until she begged, either way he would be happy.

He was stopped by hands tugging harshly in his hair as he was forced to raise his head to look up. Esonica looked at him with wet eyes, “Please baby, no more teasing”, she begged, bringing his face to hers, “want you to fuck me right now or I swear I’ll lose it.” She cemented her claim by planting her mouth on his with a searing kiss, her legs wrapping around her waist. Just to make sure he knew how badly she wanted him, she brought his hand down between her legs so he could feel how ready she was. It turned John on tenfold knowing how dripping wet her pussy was for him. It seems he would have to deviate from his plan of a nipple play induced orgasm....for now that is.

Mouths still moving passionately. together, John blindly reached into the bedside drawer to pull out a magnum. Once he successfully retrieved the gold foil packet, he ripped it open with his teeth. He gave her the condom which Esonica happily took; her hands went under the sheets to find his dick between them.

John hissed as she finally took him in her hands, grunting when she gave his cock a teasing squeeze. He couldn’t help but chant his hips forward into her soft fist. She grinned at that, biting her lip teasingly as she rolled the latex over his engorged cock head and down his cock.

Once he was covered, she braced her hands above her head to give him room to work. John planted his hand on the inside of her garter covered thighs as he pulled her panties aside and aligned his cockhead with her cunt. Esonica shivered under him at the anticipation, hips chanting lightly to welcome him inside her pussy. It was clear neither of them were patient enough for any type of foreplay; they wanted to get straight to the nitty gritty.

He pressed his mouth to hers as they moaned into each others mouths. Their tongues danced together passionately; her hands knotting in his hair as she chewed his bottom lip. He moved his hips forward as she broke their kiss, gasping aloud at the intrusion. Her nails dug into his forearms as he hissed at the cacophony of sensations both pain at the sting and pleasure at the overwhelming tightness of her. He was met with a familiar resistance, powering through it knowing that it was best for her taking it all. Knew how much she enjoyed that intense stretch and pressure. He just made sure to press his mouth firmly against hears to distract her from it all. Her nails dug into his back and biceps, kneading at his flesh as she slowly relaxed around him.

John hummed against her mouth, sucking on her tongue. “You alright?“, he murmured against her lips. God she felt so good around him, he couldn’t even think straight, wanting nothing more than to bury the rest of his length inside her.

Esonica’s body was practically vibrating around him, her bottom lip tremble between her teeth. “Your so big, Johnny”, she moaned in a throaty voice. Even after all these years he was still able to make her feel like he was on the verge of bursting her seems from the inside. He was so deep inside her it made her leg twitch from were it was tangled around his.

He cupped her head, knotting his fingers in her hair as he tugged on her bottom lip with his teeth, “Oh yeah?” It was quite the ego-boost to hear no matter how many times she said it. How he filled her up so good. How she could barely take him balls deep sometimes. How her pussy lips stretched around him.

Esonica nodded up at him, “Y- yeah”, she admitted between her bitten lip, smiling up at him, spreading her legs farther apart to accommodate more of him. She knew what he wanted to hear and she loved to indulge in his dirty talk. It always made it so good.

John purred, slipping his tongue inside her mouth before slightly withdrawing his hips and slipping back inside her warm inviting cunt. As expected, the pain blurred into pleasure, her head thrown back, keening, moaning, crying out, nails sinking into his shoulders as he picked up his pace.

“Fuck yeah, baby ” he hissed, sweat dripping down his temple as he rams into her over and over and over. “Give it to me, baby. You feel so fuckin’ good around me.” he dipped down tongue lapping at the sweat coating her throat.

“H- harder”, she whimpered,, spreading her legs even farther apart. John dragged her impossibly closer, his hips practically attached to hers, his thick cock reaching the deepest darkest parts of of her, dragging against the special spot that made her eyes water. One of her legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him into her, silently begging for more when her voice could not be trusted. His fingers find purchase in the plush flesh of her hips, the sharp pain a beacon cutting through the haze of pleasure they shared.

Esonica’s ears were filled with white noise as the new angle allowed his fat cock even deeper than before. She was so far gone, she didn’t know what was happening before she was flipped over onto her stomach and yanked up onto her hips, forcing her up onto her knees. She just huffed, trying to make herself more comfortable before John’s cock was slipping back inside her and he was fucking her again. She fell on her face at the power of his thrusts, biting at the sheets as she moaned, “O- o- oh my- g- God.”

“Such a fat dick baby, give it to me!“, she begged against her pillow, “All that big dick in my pussy!“, she moved her hips back, meeting his thrusts with movement of her own.

This had John groaning, “You want it?” he grunted, his hold never faltering as he slammed his hips into hers.

Esonica mewled as her toes curls into tight balls, “God yes”, she cried out hungrily, “want all of it! Give it to me so h- a- ard!” She let out broken sobs as he slammed himself inside her with a force that had her her breathing faltering.

John gripped her hips to keep her from running from his deep strokes, but Esonica would never give up this feeling. She loved it. Feeling him hit the deepest darkest parts of her. His mouth and hands marking up her smooth skin. He nipped at her neck, palming her breast in one hand while he raised her hips off the better at an angle.

He gripped her hips with a renewed tightness that left even more finger prints on her already bruised skin as he slapped his pelvis against hers. His hand came down repeatedly on her ass, dark red rouge illuminating her dark chocolate skin. Esonica hissed at the pain, arching her back on his cock at the sting, the angle making him his that spot inside her that made her tremble and fisted the bedding in a violent fist.

She planted her head against the pillow, mouth agape and eyes rolled back in ecstasy, “O- oh my Go-!” She let out a long high pitched gasp, clenching around his meaty cock as tightly as she could, wanting him pressed against that spot forever. It took everything in him to keep moving and not nut in her right then and there.

John huffed mid-stroke, sweat coating his body from exertion as he buried himself inside her. He took a chance and glanced down, catching sight of his cock slipping in and out of her wet cunt. The way her pussy lips stretching around his thick shaft and sucking him in hungrily.

John cursed at the sight, it was always a sure fire way to make him cum, “J- john- nnie! I- I’m almost there!“, he gritted out, his hips moving at a manic speed as the bed slammed against the headboard and her screams got louder.

“Oh fuck!“, Esonica sobbed, “M- m- me t- too baby! Ah!“, she cried out in pleasure, her left leg curling around his calf and tightening like an anaconda trapping its prey. She tried so hard to stave off her orgasm wanting to prolong their love making for as long as possible.

However that went out the window when John wound his arm around her front and between her legs to finger her clit. With expertise, he pressed the pad of his finger to her bud and Esonica had fallen apart beneath him.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, “O- oh my G- God!“, she sobbed, her pussy spasms sending John over the edge close behind her with a guttural moan. Her legs twitched as he came deep inside her, filling the condom to the brim with his seed. When John was buried inside of her to the hilt, he let loose his own self-control, cock throbbing, as he emptied every bit of his seed into the deepest parts of her snug cunt. His vision briefly turned white-hot, emptying his mind of anything but the immediate space and time; the bliss overtaking him like a tsunami.He wasn’t embarrassed to admit he had gone cross-eyed with how she clenched around him.

Esonica was no better, her leg twitching uncontrollably at the oversensitivity of her orgasm. She barely reacted when he finally pulled out, leaving her pussy agape with her juices dripping freely. She thought her toes were gonna be curled for the rest of her life; her heart was beating in her ears. John really left her paralyzed with her back bowed and her ass up.

A gasp left her lips when she found herself flipped on her back. Before she could react, John had her pinned down by the wrists with no intention of releasing her. She raised an eyebrow at him, fidgeting at his hungry gaze over her naked and now over-sensitive body.

John pressed his mouth to hers in one final heated kiss, pressing his body down on top of her before pulling away, ”Now to finish what I started before I was so rudely interrupted.” The only warning she received was a fleeting glance at her breasts before he latched his mouth onto one of them, pinching the other in his fingers. Esonica could only weakly protest before being reduced to a whimpering whining mess by his mouth.

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