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Daddy's Little Nightmare

“Escúchame y escucha bien, quiero que lo hagas-”

Diego continued to rant into his phone, the Spanish words rolling off his tongue like fire. He had a shipment that needed to get over the border and they were pissing him off with what they could and couldn’t do.

As he continued to rant, footsteps were heard coming down the stairs. Soon two feet stopped at the base of the banister. Asia looked around, trying to locate Diego’s voice. She found him in the kitchen in the middle of a heated conversation.

“¡No me importa una mierda! ¡Los patrulleros de la sección 13 estarán esperando recibir el envío a las 1300! ¡Deben estar listos!”, he threatened, slamming his hand on the table.

Asia didn’t even react, rolling her eyes at the spectacle. Diego was always stressing like this, whether it be cause someone was playing with his money or his orders were not followed to a T. Still, wanting to make the older man happy, she bounded over to him.

“Oh papi“, she sung seductively, wrapping her arms around him. Her arms were short, barely making it to the pockets of his blazer. She swooped under his arms to stand in front of the drug dealer, “Hang up the phone and come to the pool with me?“, she murmured seductively, batting her long lashes up at him as if daring him to say no.

A cold glare was the last thing expected to received, “Don’t you see I’m busy”, he spat, pushing her away from him and continuing his conversation.

Asia glared at his back, mumbling a few choice swears that she made sure he heard before marching off, slamming the patio door behind her.

Behind her sun glasses, she looked over the goons standing and around, handling business or waiting to be told what to do. She didn’t really care about them being there; in fact she suddenly got an idea.

Her hips swayed as she walked over to her usual spot by the pool. Slowly, she opened her robe, smirking as they did their very best to avoid gawking at her. Although she a beautiful girl, no one wanted to die because they were ogling the boss’ girl.

Dropping the cover-up haphazardly on the floor, Asia laid flat on her stomach as she stretched herself over it. With one hand, she’d reached back, pulling loose the strings of her bikini before relaxing once again. Until she heard Diego’s pointless pestering.

“Asia, get your ass back in the house right now!“, he screamed and Asia could almost imagine the vein bulging out of his forehead. She didn’t ever spare him an actual look, sending him the middle finger in the general vicinity of the house and continuing her sunbathing.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later that Asia propped her head up on her head, pushing down her sunglasses, “Is there something you need?“, she could sense the unwanted visitor blocking her sunlight. She noticed that the patio was no empty, safe for them to and she knew Diego was not far.

“Boss said to get inside, la señorita”, Q, one of Diego’s goons, said flatly.

“Good to know”, she snorted laying back down, “unless you plan on lotioning me up, you can fuck off just like him.” She wasn’t in the mood and it was Diego’s fault, now he got Q over here ruining her peace too.

The larger man didn’t make any move to leave, crossing his arms over his chest, “Boss ordered me to get you inside no matter what”, he informed. It wouldn’t be difficult, his 6"5, 260 pound body overshadowed and overpowered her 5"5 one in every way. It would not be difficult at all.

“You touch me and you’ll regret it”, she said casually, her head still against her arm. Asia threatened him as if she was asking for an ice cold beverage.

Q sighed, seeing what he had to do. He popped his neck and fingers, knowing there was gonna be major resistance. They was no doubt that she would put up a fight, but he could handle it, “Gotta follow orders, la señorita”, he muttered crowding over her to snatch her up.

The second Q’s finger touched her arm, she sat up, one hand covering her bare chest while the other held a glock-16. Before Q could react, she’d shot him in the leg, sending him to the ground with a muffled curse.

“I warned you! ¡No me toques, imbécil!“, she gritted out, standing over his crumbled frame.

Q gripped his leg, trying to keep pressure to stop the bleeding. Asia only watched him grovel; she knew she didn’t hit anything vital, but he would be in remition for a while. When Asia opened her mouth to continue her rant, she was cut off by a loud voice.


Diego was fuming as he stalked out of the house, he slammed his phone to the ground in anger, destroying everything in his path. “What the fuck is your problem?!“, he screamed at her, towering over the small woman.

However, Asia didn’t back down at his aggression, her lip curled in a snarl, “I warned him! You’re the one who got his ass shot!“, she spat at the older man. Who was he to say anything to her?

She was about to go in on him further when his hand was suddenly wrapped around her throat and her feet were off the ground. She gripped his wrist, her lungs immediately burning with the need for air. The whole time Diego just watched her face for another 20 seconds before loosing his hold.

Diego didn’t bat an eye as she took in all the air she could,” Take your ass upstairs right now or so help me, you’ll be worse off than Q, ¿Me escuchas? “, he growled brusquely against her face, tightening his hold again for effect.

Asia gulped, nodded her head frantically, wanting nothing more than to be let go. With that, he released her to stand back on the ground, her hand around her throat. She fought back tears, looking up at him.


* * * * * *

Asia had been sitting in there bedroom all day. The sun had set hours ago and Diego had yet to make an appearance.

She didn’t understand why he was so mad at her, but she knew better than to disobey him by leaving. Asia couldn’t help but wonder what he was going to do her when he got here. She had not only shot someone -nowhere near the first time it’s happened- but it was Quentin, his second hand man. The worst thing however was that she blatantly disrespected him multiple times with an audience. God she was fucked.

Asia was pulled from her thoughts by the lock of the bedroom clicking and the large door opening. Diego quietly entered the bedroom, walking over and sitting at the foot of the bed. Just looking at the stiffness in his back Asia could tell that he was stressed out.

He popped the muscles in his neck, before suddenly looking back at her and for a moment she’d forgotten how to breath, “Asia”, he called out for her.

With a gulp, she moved over to him, sure to keep her distance from the older man. Diego didn’t look amused by her behavior, raising an eyebrow at her, “No”, he corrected, patting his clothed lap, “here”

Asia shot off a quick prayer in her head before doing as told. She crawled over to him and cautiously straddled him to sit on his lap.

Once she sat down he held her hip in a loose grip, a sign that he wasn’t gonna be letting her go anytime soon. Asia couldn’t bare to look him in the eyes, her gaze focused on the tattoo peeking over his collarbone. She flinched when Diego’s finger touched her chin, forcing her to look him in the eyes.

“You have a special way of getting to me like no other, you know that?”

Asia tried to hold her head low to avoid his authoritative gaze, but gave up in the end. ’If I’m going down, might as well try to get in his good graces beforehand.”

“I know papi I’m sorry”, she mumbled, rubbing at his tense shoulders, “You’ve been stressing yourself out, maybe time for a break?“, she suggested innocently, nimble fingers working the tough groves under his skin.

Diego hummed at her menstruations, clutching her thigh in his hand. He had been working extra hard lately and that might be exactly what they both needed. “That does sound terrific, however...“, before Asia knew it, his hand was wrapped around her throat, “your not off the hook, pequeño”, he whispered against her cheek, squeezing slightly.

Asia gulped around his fist, begging the Lord up above for mercy. “Pull those panties off for me, no?”

She had no chance to speak before he roughly snatched the lacey material from her body and tossed her onto the bed. Before she could make a run for it, his large hand was clasped on the back of her neck, keeping her flat on her stomach.

“Stay down”, he barked with authority and her fidgeting ceased immediately.

She knew right then what he was about to do to her and she whimpered at her current predicament. She wasn’t gonna be able to talk her way out of this.

Asia laid there as he got up, removing his clothes before returning.

He slapped her thighs as a sign to raise her hips and she did as told, getting onto her knees.

She sucked in a breath as his head lined up with her opening. She squeezed her eyes shut tight as he drove his length forward in one strong thrust.

Diego didn’t give her anytime to adjust as he gripped her hips, pulling back and driving back into her pussy to repeatedly bury himself there. Asia whined at the sharp sting in her thighs from in incessant slapping on skin.

“You have been a real pain in my ass lately!“, Diego scolded, his hand coming down on her ass before gripping it in his hand, “Running off at the mouth”, he growled.

“Putting bullet holes in my men!“, every statement was punctuated with a violent stab to her cervix.

Asia let out a gargled groan, “I said I was sorry, papi!“, she cried fisting the sheets in tight fists. Asia didn’t know how much of this she could take before she actually broke.

Diego didn’t ease up, instead going in even deeper, “Sorry isn’t gonna fix that nasty ass attitude”, he panted, grabbing her hair in a fist and yanking it back, “or take that bullet out of Q’s leg”, he growled against the shell of her ear.

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head at his brutal pace, “I’m gonna fuck that nasty little attitude out of you. No matter!"

Diego buried himself as deep as possible before cumming inside of her. His cum erupting into Asia’s womanhood. She could only lay there as he pumped his seed inside of her.

Asia could only hear static as he came back down, carefully removing his soft cock.

Diego placed kisses down her back before getting up, his earlier anger now dissolved for know at least. He walked over to the bathroom to take a much needed shower; leaving Asia laying in the sheets.

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