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Tindr Dates and Teachers

Vivica sat at the bar, nursing her glass of Chardonnay. Her head looked to the entrance every time she heard the door open, antsy for her date to arrive.

They had met on an anonymous website for hookups, dates and ect. They were both in the same area and he had messaged her. They had been “talking” for weeks now, but never disclosed any personal information. They never gave out information that was too intimate, never showing their faces in their pictures. She was a respected professor at the University and didn’t need any scandalous things coming out.

Ordering another drink, she sighed in defeat as 10 more minutes had officially past by. She couldn’t believe she had been stood up. It looked like it would be another night of her and her vibrator again.


Vivica jumped at hearing her surname, looking to the left to find the source. Her eyes widened at the sight of a young brunette, “Bryce?“, she remember from passing. She recognized Bryce from around the University she worked at. He was an Administrative assistant for their building, so he usually delivered her paperwork and messages.

“The one and only”, he commented with a bright smile that only served to make her more uncomfortable. Not only had she been stood up, but she had been caught for one of the things she had been trying to avoid. She wanted to fucking facepalm.

“You look very nice tonight, Ms.Cambell”, he complimented, looking the older woman up and down.

“Oh uh thank you Bryce”, she smiled awkwardly at the flattery, going for a sip from her drink. It wasn’t everyday you ran into a student in a less than appropriate environment, but they were both adults here. No reason they had to make it a big spectacle.

That was until she realized that hadn’t gone away; Vivica turned to him again, “Uh are you um...waiting for someone?” She didn’t wanna seem rude or anything, she just preferred to not have him here when her hookup finally arrived - if he arrived that is.

His face suddenly fell and she immediately regretted what she’d said, “You don’t get it?“, he asked, thoroughly confused as she was, “Can’t recognize my voice?”

Vivica shook her head, “I can’t say that I do”, she replied, curious to see what he was trying to get at and it was only further peaked by the growing smirk on Bryce’s face.

“I’m here for our date, babe.”

Her face paled at those words, “No”, she answered immediately, “That can’t be”, she decided quickly, “I’m sorry, but there must be some mix up”, although she spoke smoothly, she could taste the bile rising in her throat.

Bryce only shook his head, pulling out his phone, “Meet me at the bar on Lexington, Saturday, can’t wait to see if your all talk”, he read off their last message, “winking devil emoji”, he looked at her upon finishing, stuffing his phone back into his pocket.

Terror painted itself across her face. ‘No, it can’t be.’, but judging by the look on his face, it wasn’t and it made her heart race.

“This was a mistake”, she said suddenly, trying not to hyperventilate, “This was a bad idea. Horrible!“, she exclaimed, “I’m sorry, but I can’t do this”, she frantically collected her things, prepared to leave and hopefully crawl in a hole and die.

Before she could get up and leave, he’d grabbed her wrist, holding her captive in her chair. “Give me a good reason, Vivi”, Bryce challenged and she flinched at the use of the pet name. It seemed so wrong coming from this (kid’s) mouth now, “For starters, I’m too old for you.”

“9 years, but okay.“, he dismissed.

“I’m a teacher and your a student”, she added matter-of-factly. He might not be under 18 but the school had rules in place to keep professors and students from fraternizing the way they had.

Bryce rolled his eyes,“I don’t take any of your classes”, he countered, sitting up in his chair,“besides I’m graduating this year.”

Vivica scoffed,“Have you not seen The Boy Next Door with Jennifer Lopez?” That movie was literally a prime example of why teachers and students couldn’t and shouldn’t be together. She didn’t even know if Bryce was a psycho killer, so the odds were immediately not stacked in her favor.

The brunette laughed at her response, earning a cold glare from her. This wasn’t some type of joke to laugh at. He soon stopped, ignoring her glare as he leaned even more into her personal space,“Trust me, Vivi, if I wanted to do that, I would’ve exposed all the pictures and videos you sent me a looong time ago.”

Vivica suddenly turned a bright shade of read at the mention of the pictures. For a second she had almost forgotten about them: all the compromising pictures and the videos, oh Lord she was so ashamed.

“Come on now, Vivica”, Bryce said, trying to comfort the panicking woman, “We are two mature adults with needs they just want fulfilled, nothing wrong with that.” He planted a warm hand on her thigh, enjoying the shudder he received. Even in distress he had a way with her. “I know you’re not wearing anything under here.“, he taunted hotly against her ear, remembering the promise she made to be ready for him.

When she didn’t object, he moved his fingers further under her dress. Vivica’s breath hitched as he wedged her thighs apart. A smirk tugged on the corner of his lips when he felt the wetness of her bare folds, “Good girl”, he whispered huskily into her ear.

Vivica bit down on her lip to hide her whimpers. There was the voice that made her knees weak, that demanded her release so many times before tonight. She continued to spread her legs farther apart, silently begging for more.

However, he stopped, pulling his hand back from under her dress. Vivica whimpered eyes trained on him as he brought his finger to his mouth, sucking her juices from the digits.

* * * * * *

Vivica hissed when her back met the hard wood of her door once it had been shut. Bryce had practically painted himself over her, his hand inching up her dress before ripping it open entirely seconds later.

Before she could get over her initial shock, she had been spun around, her chest pressed flush against the door. Vivica hissed at the impact, feeling Bryce’s breath against her neck, “Don’t act like you weren’t expecting this to happen tonight”, he murmured, grinding his erection against her, “Know you like that rough shit”

Feeling his bulge against her very core, Vivica’s mind went back to all the places he said he’d take her: the bed, the kitchen, in front of her windows, everywhere. Just the thought of him fucking her on every viable surface made her head fuzzy.

She had no idea how they ended up on the floor, but she was sure to look directly at him as he lowered his head between her legs, “Been wanting to taste you for so long. Those videos didn’t do you justice”, he gripped her thighs in his hands before diving into her core.

Vivica cried out as he ate her with abandon, his teeth tugging on her clit before releasing it to blow cool air on it. He devoured her like it was his job: sloppy and messy in the best of ways.

“Daddy!”, she mewled, attempting to close her legs. It felt too good, she could hardly stand it.

Bryce reached under her legs, grabbing her wrists and keeping them pinned under his body. She writhed in his hold moaning aloud as he nibbled at her clit.

Vivica was a mewling mess beneath him, “Please fuck, fuck me!“, she begged wanting nothing more than for him to fuck him, “Wanna feel you in me! Please!”

Bryce pulled away, his mouth slick with spit as he began to undo his belt, “Pretty little slut, want my cock?“, he mocked pushing his pants and boxers down his hips. “Just dying to have my fat cock stuffed inside this tight little pussy”, he landed a not so soft slap to her pussy, her legs spreading for more abuse.

“Hands and knees, vivi”

She eagerly obeyed, pressing her chest to the floor, raising her rear up for him. The demeaning position only served to make her core burn even more.

It wasn’t until he was frantically lining his head up with her opening that Vivica realized he wasn’t wearing a condom,“Bry-.” Before she could say his name, Bryce had slammed himself completely inside of her.

He didn’t give her anytime to adjust before he was drawing back and slamming back inside of her. Vivica let out silent sobs, clawing at the hard wood floor.

It was rough, hard, primal even and Vivica was on cloud fucking nine through it all.

Never in her 30+ years of living did she imagine she’d be on the floor of her condo, getting fucked from behind by a student almost a decade younger than her without protection. She wasn’t even on birth control, but the thought of possibly getting knocked up made it so much better.

“Oh fuck me daddy”, she begged through whines and whimpers, “wanna feel you for days. Want all my students to know you fucked me so hard.”

Bryce grunted, smacking her ass before gripping it in his hand. “Gonna cum”, he muttered before pulling out of her sweet heat.

He gripped her left ass cheek and spread it, jerking off to the sight of her untouched pucker and her still oozing pussy.

“Fuck, vivvi”, Bryce muttered, his tongue poking out to lick his dry lips, “Gonna cover you in my cum; gonna take all of it like my good little cumslut.” His hips stuttered forward at the mental image of her decorated with his seed; her mouth wide open as he painted her face.

Vivica keened at the vulgar promise, her back arcing to receive what he had to offer, “Cum daddy, want your cum”, she whimpered, looking back at him with big wet eyes.

Bryce let out deep grunts as he tightly fisted his cock; thick stripes of white shooting out onto the ebony flesh of her ass.

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