Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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A Quiet Place

Emery walked up the library steps, standing outside the large wooden entrance. ‘You got this, Em. Take your ass in there and do it. You got this.’ She took one final deep breath before going inside.

Upon entering, she headed to the circulation desk, “Hello Mrs. Wilcox”, she greeted quietly, “Do you know where I can find Xander?” She tried not to seem to eager, not wanting the older woman to know about her ulterior motive in coming here.

After getting directions to very last place she had recalled him being, Emery was off. She marched through the library’s large bookshelves towards the least inhabited sections, trying to find him. Just as Emery was about to give up hope of ever finding him, he appeared. She damn near jumped put of her skin at seeing him, all her confidence dropping down to her ass.

Xander seemed to have noticed the new presence, turning to see who was there. “Oh hello Emery”, he greeted, sending her a warm smile.

She was stunned for a moment, unable to form words, “S- sorry”, she whispered, cheeks flushed a warm pink color, “d- didn’t know you knew my name.”

Xander chuckled under his breath, shaking his head, “You come in almost everyday after class”, he explained recalling her always stopping by, but never finding anything. Emery blushed at the observation. God was she that obvious?

As she fretted in her head, the brunette came down from the step ladder, now standing over her 5"4 frame, “So anything you want specifically?“, he asked flashing her that smile that never failed to make her heart race.

‘For you to fuck me until I can’t walk.’, she thought.

“Excuse me?”

She was confused when Xander’s smile suddenly turned into a frown. It took her a moment to realize what she had done.




Emery could’ve sworn her heart had stopped. She clasped her hands over her mouth staring up at him in disbelief. ‘I can’t believe I said that!’ Emery quickly turned on her heels, preparing to run off only for her back to meet one of the large bookshelves.

She looked up at Xander with wide eyes. He had her arms over her head, his body practically molded against hers, “Where are you running off to, kitten?“, he asked with a look in his eyes that she hadn’t seen before.

Emery pressed her lips together, not knowing what to say at the moment. The brunette cupped her cheek in his hand forcing her to look at him, “I want you Emery, you know that?”

“You do?“, she squeaked nervously.

Xander nodded, tracing her bottom lip with his thumb before she sudden parted her lips to bring it in. A growl erupted in his chest before snatching her lips up in his own. She let out the softest little moans, eager to feel his tongue against his own. In the heat of their makeout, he’d picked her up by her thighs, placing her upon a table nearby.

Emery broke away, feeling his hands move under her skirt. “Xander not here!“, she whisper yelled, shaking her head, “W- we’ll get caught!“, she could already imagine the disapproving looks Mrs.Wilcox would give her at church.

“Nobody even comes back here”, he whispered devilishly, moving to her ear, his hand around her throat, “besides that’s the fun.”

Emery had no idea he was such a freak, but a small part of her liked the idea of being taken by him where anyone could see them. She moaned at the tightening of the hand around her throat, her legs spreading once again for him.

Satisfied with her approval to continue, he guided her onto her back as he stood in between her thighs. Xander first undid the button of her skirt, pushing it up to expose her panties.

Xander’s mouth watered at the dampness; she was fucking dripping. He pushed the fabric aside to reveal her weeping cunt. He licked his lips, wanting nothing more than to devour her whole.

Emery couldn’t handle his heavy gaze, her core practically aching for something she couldn’t recognize. The hunger in his eyes terrified her. She shook her head, squeezing her thighs together to cover her flower,“Xander-”

“Shh, relax kitten”, he whispered against her ear.

Emery looked him in his dark brown eyes and all her fear was replaced by want. “Just lay back and relax”, she obeyed, laying back on the table. She raised her hips, allowing him to pull her panties off.

Xander placed one of her legs over his shoulder, a position that made her feel even more exposed. Her embarrassment didn’t last long as something slick breeched her opening.

“Oh my-“, she pressed her lips together as his tongue forced its way in her pussy, licking at her walls. Emery tried her best to not thrash and wiggle from his tongue assault.

She winced as a finger was inserted into her cunt along side his tongue. He withdrew his mouth from her opening, licking her juices from his lips.

He continued to finger her, watching his finger disappear inside of her. It was like he was watching his favorite movie and he couldn’t bare to miss a single second of it.

Emery’s soft moans motivated him the add a second before reattaching his mouth onto her clit and sucking.

Xander quickly pushed them in to the knuckle, something that made her moan whorishly, and then slowly dragged his fingers out only to ram them back in.

Emery was in so much pleasure she was hardly coherent, her body jerking and spasming with each thrust of the digits.

He scissored his fingers inside her, which caused a slight sting but was quickly eclipsed by his fingers grazing over her sweet spot and curling them.

She choked when his fingers brushed over that special bundles of nerves inside her, something Xander immediately noticed. A smirk grew on his face that made her stomach flip, “You like that, Em? Want me to do it again?” He pressed his thumb to her button and her soul almost left her body.

She couldn’t speak, begging him with her eyes as she was to embarrassed to say the words. The brunette raised a brow at her, “Hm?“, he teased, before leaning down and breathing against against her clit. Emery blinked up at him with wet eyes, “Please, Xan please?”

With those magic words and a devilish grin, he thrusted his digits as from as he possibly could. He stabbed at her button, mercilessly curling, prodding and massaging the bundle of nerves and stars began to explode behind her eyes.

Unable to contain her screams, Emery clamped her hand over her mouth as she tipped over the edge and into something she could only describe as euphoria. He could only watch in amazement as her back arched off the table, her cum squirting onto Xander’s hand.

Once she had come down from her high, Xander withdrew his fingers, casually licking them clean as he stared at her. Emery stared back at him with still glazed over eyes, forcing herself to sit up. As satisfied as she was -and she was- she wanted more.

The brunette noticed her pouting lips, pulling her into a deep and dirty kiss. She whimpered feeling his finger rub against her sensitive pearl and again when he drew away from her.

“When I finally fuck you, I want you to be able to scream my name”, Emery bit her lip, looking up at him with big eyes, “I’m gonna ruin you, my kitten”

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