Addictive Cookies N' Cream (BWWM)

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Nice Ta Meet Ya

ust down wrist, not a bust down bitch (Ah)

Said I want your man, no the fuck I don’t sis (Uh, uh)

If he a rich nigga, why he still hitting licks? (Licks)

Niggas spending bread but he still can’t hit

Bitch please (Bitch), Lamb-

Neytiri bobbed her head to the music, her neon pink hair sliding over her shoulder and in her face. She put away the last of her drink, hissing at the burn as it went down her throat. This was exactly what she needed at the moment: some dope ass music and alcohol to drown her sorrows.

She looked down at her now empty cup, pouting at the sight. She needed a nothing drink asap. The young woman looked around, hoping to locate a bartender behind the counter. A platinum blonde guy noticed her and was making his way over to her. (‘He’s kinda cute.’), she thought.

“Next rounds on meh”, Neytiri jumped slightly at the unknown voice, turning to find a man who had appeared beside her. He wasn’t all over her, but he was barely an arms length away. He shot her a wink, offering the bartender his card, black card to be specific,“Whut’s tha lady drinkin’?“, he asked the young women.

Neytiri giggled behind her hand,“Henny”, she tells the bartender, her eyes now focused on her new companion,“and my name’s Neytiri”, she offered, biting her lip. She couldn’t deny that he was an attractive white man. Not too tall, thick dark hair, ocean blue eyes, a beard and an accent she couldn’t quite place. He was her guilty pleasure personified.

“An’ a gin an’ whiskey neat as well”, he confirmed with a kind smile.

As the bartender left to fulfill the request, the man pulled out a stool and sat beside her. “Hennessey? Whut calls f’ar tha occasion?“, he asked with a smile that she returned, noting the dimple in his left cheek. The bartender soon returned with her drink,“Thank you”, she murmured turning to face him completely. He was obviously here to chat her up and for once tonight, she didn’t mind it at all.

She looked at her drink before looking up at him,“I just broke up with my boyfriend”, Neytiri admitted, ripping off the bandaid all at once.

His smile faultered,“Oh ah’m sorry.”

Neytiri fingered the rim of her glass, shaking her head at his apology,“It’s cool”, she dismissed. It wasn’t that bad. She wasn’t torn up about it. They were barely together 2 months and she wasn’t exactly crazy about him anyway. Besides, she wasn’t here to mop or get sympathy.

He relaxed once again, shifting his seat closer to her, not that she minded,“Reason f’ar tha split, if yu don’t mind meh askin’?”

“He cheated cause I wouldn’t fuck him”, she said, pushing her hair behind her ear,“didn’t wanna do something if I would end up regretting it in the end.”

Niall nodded, taking in what she was telling him. It seemed like he understood what she was going through and could relate. He picked up his glass and lifted it towards her,“A toast; ta good comp’ny”

Neytiri couldn’t help but smile, raising her glass,“To good company.”

They clinked their glasses and brought them to their lips, blue eyes locked with brown.

Neytiri brought her drink to her lips and took a small sip while her counterpart chugged his down with no restraint. You would think he was drinking water with the way he put it down.

She was baffled, she didn’t really drink gin or whiskey, but she knew that shit hit worse than vodka,“Woah, slow down”, He didn’t have to kill himself to try and impress her; she already wanted to sit on his face as it is.

He ignored her worrying, downing it with a hiss. He rolled his shoulders as if to spread out the burn, arms flexing slightly,“Irishmen, we con ’andle our liquor, love”, he waved over the bartender,“other one”, he ordered as Neytiri took in the new information. She didn’t meet alot of Irish people around here.

After ordering, he turned to her again, sizing her up without care,“So tell meh about yurself, Neytiri”, he suggested.

Neytiri propped her head up on her hands, batting her lashes at the brunette,“Neither one of us really care for this small talk, so why don’t we just go dance and see where this goes?“, she suggested boldly. She was starting to feel the alcohol now, the warm liquor sitting in her belly, finally giving her the release she desired. Well one of them anyway.

The Irishman didn’t back down, instead moving in just as close, mirroring her position to a T,“Have ta be a fool ta say no”, he commented with warm whiskey on his breath.

He took his drink to the head and stood from his seat, offering his hand to her. Neytiri gladly took it, allowing him to pull her from her chair and into the crowd.

Once they’d found a spot on the dance floor they’d stopped and began to grind and sway to the music, Meg Tha Stallion blaring through the speakers.

Real ass nigga, give a fuck ’bout a bitch

It is what it is, this some five star dick

She a big ol’ freak, it’s a must that I hit

Neytiri took his hands, guiding them down to her ass, giggling when he squeezed the flesh in his hands.

Real ass bitch, know she got it lit

Hot Girl Summer so you know she got it lit, yeah

Real ass bitch, know she got it lit

She fisted the front of his shirt and pulled him down to her level, flicking her tongue along his lips before pressing her lips to his. They both immediately melted into the kiss, the music and people surrounding them fading around them.

Handle me? (Huh) Who gon’ handle me? (Who?)

Thinkin’ he’s a player, he’s a member on the team

He put in all that work, he wanna be the MVP (boy, bye)

As they continued to move in their erotic melody, Neytiri’s hand trailed down his chest and to his belt. She smirked against his mouth, feeling his hard bulge in her hand. Oh she was gonna get some tonight.

Or so she thought, before he suddenly pulled away from her, drawing her hands away from his pants. “Woah woah, slow down yeah?“, he gasped, still trying to catch his breath.

She smirked at his breathlessness, looking at him with dark eyes,“Wanna get outta here”, she purred, winking at him before going in to kiss him again, only for him to grab her shoulders.

“You sure about that?”

Whatever Neytiri was feeling before was know gone as she looked at him with a blank face,“So you don’t wanna hook up with me?” She asked, raising an eyebrow at him. What was his game here? Did he just like to charm women only to leave them high and dry in the end? Some kinda fuckboy sadist?

They know stood in the middle of the dancefloor, neither moving, just staring at one another. Talk about one hundred to zero real quick.

Niall chuckled nervously, scratching the back of his head,“I mean, yur tha one who said they didn’t wanna do things they would regret.” Neytiri could only stare up at him with disbelief before snatching her hand away from him. She was a grown ass woman; she knew what she wanted and could make decisions as such.

“Well when you change your mind, you know where to find me stranger“, when moving around him, Neytiri made sure to brush past him, pressing herself against him in the process. Before she could take another step, a hand circled around her arm, pulling her back.

Neytiri gasped softly as she came into contact with his hard chest, looking up at him. The brunette stared back at her with dark eyes, his breath against her face,“Niall”, he growled out.

She shuddered at the roughness of his voice, practically feeling her panties soak. “Well Niall“, she drawled, looking from his chest up to his face,“my place?“, she suggested with a smirk. Neytiri knew she had him where she wanted him.

“Lead the way.”

* * * * * *

Neytiri ducked out the club, careful to not break a heel in the process. She was surprised to see a big burly man holding open the door of an all black SUV that Niall was leading her towards.

“When did you call an Uber?“, she questioned as he helped her in before joining her inside. Her next question was cut off by his lips on hers. Niall’s hands were immediately back on her, moving under her dress to grip her ass in his hands. Neytiri giggled at the boldness, biting down on his bottom lip, almost forgetting about the large man who had gotten into the driver’s side of the car.

“Where to, sir?“, he asked, eyes focused on the road as he pulled off away from the club.

Neytiri pulled away from his mouth,“347 Ellington on Freddrickson Drive”, she informed, choking back a moan when he bit down on her neck. She didn’t wanna get freaky with another stranger in the car, but at the rate Niall was working, she wouldn’t make it the 7 minute trip to her place.

* * * * * *

They stumbled into her apartment in a mess of limbs. Neytiri had thrown her jacket to the floor, her lips pressed against his as she led them past the living room and into the hallway.

She parted her lips, allowing his tongue to delve inside as her fingers curled into the belt loops of his pants.

Niall pulled away, completely breathless before going back for more. “Rubbers?“, he asked, cupping one of her breasts.

She shook her head against his mouth,“You?”

Niall pressed her against the hallway wall, kissing her again,“Bit unprepared”, he commented, huffing out a laugh as he pushed her dress straps off her shoulders to pool at her hips.

Neytiri undid the buttons of his shirt,“It’s fine”, she dismissed, pushing her dress off, leaving her in nothing but a pair of panties and her heels. “I’m clean, just want you in me”, she pleaded, looking up into his hooded blue eyes. (Wrap it up kids! This is fiction but STD’s are not!)

“Fuck me raw, daddy.”

She cried out when he slapped her ass, gripping it in his large hand.

She moaned at the sting, wiggling her butt for more abuse. Niall rewarded her with another smack on her other cheek before picking her up, her legs going around his waist. He nudged open the door of her bedroom, dumping her on the bed.

Neytiri’s head was swimming as she tried to calm the erratic beating of her heart. She was about to get some dick from the hot guy from the club and she couldn’t wait.

She took in the sight of his naked body, light brown chest hair splattered along his chest and down his flat stomach, his dick standing straight at attention. She couldn’t wait to have that in her.

Neytiri decided to give him a show, lifting her legs in the air, smirking as he eyed her wistfully. Hooking her fingers on her panties, she raised her hips to drag them up her legs and off her body. She spread her legs before him, her weeping flower on display, her teeth digging into her bottom lip.

She sat up, pressing her lips back to his, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth. The stubble of his beard scratched against her face; the burn motivating them both to deepen the kiss. As Niall’s hands groped and squeezed her ass, Neytiri grabbed his rock hard cock, smirking at the hiss she recieved.

“At some point tonight, this is gonna be in my mouth”, she promised hotly against his lips, stroking him in long motions,“Lube, top drawer on the left”, she instructed, nodding over to the bedside table.

He peeled himself away from her body, collecting the lube before returning. He pulled her into a deep kiss before pulling away,“Roll over for me princess”, he instructed, smacking the sides of her thighs.

Neytiri did as told, looking back at him over her shoulder as he lined his manhood up with her wet folds. Her eyes fluttered shut as his cock cock breeched her pussy, her walls stretching to better accommodate his length.

Neytiri shuddered around where he had her impaled,“Ah!“, she willed herself to keep still as she adjusted. Her lips made an “o” shape as she hesitantly started to roll her hips in slow circles. Judging by the sounds she heard, Niall was more than enjoying it.

He rocked into her in a rhythm she couldn’t identify and she was just paralyzed. Neytiri nuzzled into the sheets, mewling unintelligible high pitched sounds as his speed went from languid to deep, hard and bruising.

Niall’s hands gripped her hips as he adjusted her to find that spot deep inside- “Oh Go-“. She practically swallowed her tongue as he hit her g-spot head on.

She hissed when his hand came down on her ass,“Yu like dat pet?“, he slurred in a deep Irish drawl.

Neytiri shook her head frantically,“Fuck yeah!“, she moaned through parted lips. Her hips hurt and she was one hundred percent sure she wasn’t gonna be able to walk tomorrow, but she was in heaven. She fisted her comforter in her hands, back bowing as she started to throw it back on him.

“Oh fuck Oh fuck!”, Neytiri chanted, reaching back to stop him. He was so far up in her guts, she could feel him in her cervix.

Niall didn’t ease up, instead grabbing both her hands and pulling them back to place them onto her ass. He had her spread her asscheeks for him, driving in impossibly deeper. She cried out, wanting nothing more than to throw it back on him,“Fuck! Yes yes yes”

Next thing she knew, she was creaming all over his cock. Her upper body slumped forward onto the bed, stars dancing across her vision as Niall continued to rock his hips into her.

It wasn’t long before his hips began to stutter forward on their own accord. He slammed his hips flush against hers and stayed there, pumping his cum deep inside her pussy.

Once coming back down, Niall pulled out, and no sooner both their juices were dripping from her lips.

* * * * * *

When Neytiri woke up the next morn- afternoon, she noticed two things.

First, her phone was dead.

Second, she was alone.

She didn’t have have the mental capacity to deal with the latter, but she knew she would need to look at her phone. She didn’t remember everything exactly, but she had the main stuff down packed. She was moping at a bar, met a hot guy, brought him home, got her back blown out repeatedly and at some point he had left. That’s it. There wasn’t anything else she could reminisce over.

She sat up, the sheets falling to her waist as she plugged her phone into the charger, turning it on. Neytiri was confused by the flood of missed calls and texts she recieved when the screen came on. She had over 200 missed calls and texts from her friends and family.

‘Did somebody die?’ She quickly unlocked her phone, opening her friend Wynter’s text messages.

Ney wtf did yu do?


Yu breakup wit a bum n end up goin home wit a celeb? Where does that type a shit happen?

Girl was the dick good?

Bitch yu all over IG n Twitter!

She clicked the link that she had sent her and it led her to a random blog. The first thing she saw was video of a women with pink hair walking with this guy and getting into a black car. It took her a moment to realise that the woman was her and the Neil guy she went home with. Below the video was an article:

Niall Horan, ex- member of the world famous band One Direction, was seen leaving a club with an unknown women. The musician has never been seen with her before, but it is obvious that they seemed to be too handsy to be “just friends”. Many saw them get into a car together late last night.

Neytiri felled back onto her mattress, hiding her face in her hands,“I went from a prude to a fucking groupie!”

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