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The Man Behind The Shield

“Hey Zyaire, got a party of 6 for you”, Trevor told the waiter as he washed his hands.

Zyaire frowned, it was almost closing time; who would wanna come here so late? They must’ve paid a nice amount to be here after hours.

Nonetheless, the 26 year old dusted off his shirt and stood up. “Where are they?“, he asked his manager, following him out of the kitchen.

“They’re in the far back booth, they just arrived and I’m just going to warn you now that it’s a group of major celebrities”, he gesture towards the table where they were selecting their chair. Zyaire’s jaw dropped when he saw the faces of the late diners.

“Are you serious?!“, he whisper shrieked to his boss,“Major celebrities? It’s the original cast of the Avengers!” Zyaire recognized the face of his childhood icons: there was Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Tom Hiddleston, both of the Chris’ and in the center of them all was Robert Downey Jr.

Zyaire turned to Trevor,“I can’t do this!“, he told him, shaking his head side to side like wind shield wipers,“What if I embarrassed myself in front of them; I’d die.” He knew how to remain professional in the presence of famous people, but this was on a whole different level.

He was pulled from his thoughts by Trevor grabbing his shoulders and shaking him slightly,“Just calm down, okay?“, he told the ebony boy. This seemed to do the trick seeing as Zyaire relax and upon seeing this he released him,“I chose you because I believe you’d know how to handle them best.”

“Plus I’m one of the few people still here”, Zyaire added for him, gesturing to the few workers still here or preparing to get off from their shifts.

His boss scratched his head,“Yeah that too”, he gave Zyaire a pat on the back before walking off,“you got this buddy, I know you do.”

With a deep breath, Zyaire walked over to the table,“Hello, I’m Zyaire and I’ll be your server tonight”, he started off, flashing the celebrities a welcoming smile. They all looked at him and he felt like he would combust under their collective gaze.

He wondered if they were judging him. Was it because he was wearing makeup or because he was a waiter? He had his fair share of customers, celebrities and not, who treated him like dirt under their shoes. He hoped and prayed they weren’t like that. Talk about ruined childhood dreams.

Robert Downey Jr. was the first to speak up of the group,“Well hello Zyaire”, he boasted happily pulling off his dark sunglasses, and resting his head in his hand,“and how are you on this fine night?”

Zyaire lowered his guard slightly at his kindness and nodded,“I’m doing well sir and you?” He couldn’t believe he was talking to his childhood idol.

“I’m on top of the world, no compliants”, the actor said, shooting him a wink.

It took everything in him to not melt right there on the floor. Zyaire just looked down, hoping and praying that his foundation hid his blush,“So what will you all be drinking?“, he asked looking back up.

“I’ll have a chocolate milk and a Shirley Temple with 5 cherries, please and thank you!“, Robert exclaimed happily, holding up five fingers.

Zyaire laughed as the others at the table shook their heads at their friend. He wrote down the his request. “Okay a chocolate milk and a Shirley Temple with five cherries”, he read off, making sure he didn’t misquote anything.

He continued going down the line and jotting down everyone’s drink orders. “And you sir?“, he asked out loud. When he didn’t receive a reply, he looked up to see none other than Chris Evans himself staring at him.

He didn’t speak, just looking through Zyaire; making him freeze in his spot. The table was silent, everyone looking from him to Chris.

“Evans, he’s waiting on you”, Chris Hemsworth called out, waving his hand at his zoned out co-star.

The blonde snapped out of his daze,“Oh uh sorry I’m-“, he shook his head, trying to find the right words to say. He didn’t seem to know what was going on around him.

“He wants to know what you want to drink”, Scarlett said nudging him in the side, nodding towards Zyaire.

Chris cleared his throat, adjusting his coat jacket,“Oh uh”, he seemed to be out of it, but no matter what, his eyes stayed on Zyaire,“What do you recommend?“, he asked after a moment, looking him up and down.

Zyaire gripped his pen tighter in his hand,“Uh if you prefer a stronger drink, many people enjoy the Texas style long island ice tea”, he informed him, forcing himself to keep eye contact.

Chris smiled a million dollar smile,“Then I’ll have that then.”

That smile made Zyaire heart skip more than a few beats. “O- okay then”, he stuttered out, writing down the final order with a shaking hand. “Alright, I’ll be back with your drinks and then I’ll take your orders”, he left them with a parting smile before turning and heading towards the bar, but not without hearing their conversation.

“Looks like someone’s smitten”, he heard Tom say.

“You know Evans if you’re interested in him, I wouldn’t mind setting you two up.”

“Shut up.”

“What? Me and him are bff’s now, I can totally hook you up. You’re clearly smitten by him.”

Zyaire continued towards the bar, a healthy flush now on his cheeks. Was Chris Evans really into him? He wouldn’t sit there and act as if he wasn’t interested or honored by the possible proposition. It was fucking Captain American for Christ sake. He would pledge allegiance to that flag any day.

He shook the thoughts away, preparing the drinks and grabbing a bottle of wine for Mark and Scarlett. He set the drinks and glasses on a tray before making his way back to the table. As he approached, their quiet conversation ended suddenly, their eyes back on him. He had a strong suspicion that they were talking about him.

“Here are your drinks”, he handed out their beverages before placing two wine glasses on the table, pouring Scarlett’s glass first.

Meanwhile, Robert had a smirk on his face as he watched the man work. He ignored the glare he received from Chris, eyes dancing with mischief as he looked at the server. He was up to no good. “Zyaire”, he called as the young man,“can I ask you a question?“, he asked coyly, playing with the paper of his straw.

Zyaire hummed, pouring wine in Mark’s glass next.

“You dating anybody?”

Zyaire had almost dropped the wine bottle at the question, but caught himself, sending Mark a quiet apology. His face was on fire as he glanced up at the brunette who’s head tilted to the side.

‘Oh he was serious?’

“Um no sir, I’m not”, he avoided looking at the blonde as he said this, clearly embarrassed to be put on blast.

The evil mastermind hummed at the response, plopping a cherry into his mouth,“Well isn’t that something”, he directed his statement towards Chris who was shooting daggers at him.

Robert continued to make bizarre and questionable comments towards Zyaire as he took their orders and served them their food. Thankfully, he had gotten over his nervousness and even joined in with the older mans bantering. However, it was hard to ignore Chris Evan’s eyes following his every move; shooting him a smile everytime he’d been caught.

When Zyaire had come back with the check, Robert had suggested they make a fun little game out of it.

They would played a game of rock, paper scissors for who would pay the bill; seeing as they were all rich, no-one had an issue with possibly having to pay so everyone agreed. In the end, Chris Evans had undoubtedly lost; handing over his card to pay the check. Zyaire went to his station to swipe his card and get his receipt. He forced himself to not dwell on the 40% percent tip he received and finished.

“You have a good night, Zar-bear”, Robert said, followed by the others as they made their way towards the entrance.

Zyaire waved, looking around to find Chris not with them, but still waiting at the table. ‘Just my luck.’ He pushed back his nerves and walked back over with his card,“Here you go sir”, he said quickly, beginning to clean the table.

Chris put the card back in his wallet and stuffed it in his pocket. However, he didn’t leave, instead running a hand through his dark blonde hair,“Sorry about my friends”, he said after a long moment,“They don’t exactly care about boundaries, Robert doesn’t even know the word.”

“Oh it’s fine”, Zyaire waved off, continuing to clean up the table,“can’t really complain when you get to meet the Avengers”, he responded casually with a shrug.

Chris nodded at this new information, crossing his arms over his chest,“I take it your a fan?”

Zyaire paused before looking up to meet his blue eyes and immediately looked back down,“Uh yeah, have been since the beginning”, he admitted as he distracted himself with stacking up the dishes,“I’m totally Team IronMan”, he froze, realising what he said,“well I mean-.” God he had really put his foot in his mouth.

Meanwhile Chris was grinning ear to ear at his stuttering,“It’s fine, can’t hold it against you”, he told him before leaning so close Zyaire could smell his expensive cologne,“If we’re being honest, I’m Team Tony myself, but don’t let Downey know that”, he whispered to him as if it was a big secret.

They had both began to laugh and his laugh was 10 times better in real life than on tv. God this was so surreal; he was talking to Chris fucking Evans of all people.

“Hey Evans!“, a voice yelled from across the restaurant,“Stop flirting and come on!”

Zyaire couldn’t ignore the inferno that had risen under skin. Everyone was looking at them. He pulled his bottom lip between his teeth and undoubtedly ruining his lipstick, looking everywhere but in Chris’ general direction.

‘His friends just embarrassing him like that? Talk about no chill.’

Chris flipped Jeremy off with a chuckle before turning back to Zyaire,“Hope you have a good night”, he said, holding out his hand to shake. Although his beard was thick, Zyaire could still see the red in his ears.

Zyaire discreetly wiped his sweaty hand on his slacks before taking his. When their hands touched, Zyaire felt a jolt throughout his body. Chris must’ve felt the same way, looking down at their still clasped hands and back at him. Zyaire just smiled, batting his false lashes up at him,“Same to you Mr. Evans.”

* * * * * *

Zyaire hummed as he threw himself onto his bed. He had gotten off work late and had finally finished his school work. He checked his phone to see that it was around 12am.

That wasn’t that late at all and he wasn’t exactly tired so he might as well find something to do. He decided to go out for a drink. He didn’t have work or class tomorrow so Zyaire got dressed and took a cab to a bar a couple blocks away from his place, wanting to try somewhere different.

He stepped into bar and was truly impressed. He didn’t expect for it to look so nice. It had to separate bars across the room, tables littered here and there with some bar games on the far side of the room. He was shocked that it wasn’t crowded considering the time of night, but then again it was Tuesday.

He told the bartender his order and settled on his stool, playing on his phone while he waited.

“Zyaire?“, a voice yelled from somewhere behind him, making him jump in his seat. When Zyaire turned around, the last person he expected to see was Chris.

He almost had a heart attack right there as the celebrity waved at him from across the room. If he didn’t then, he was most definitely going to have one soon since he was making his way towards him.

“Here I thought I wouldn’t see you again”, Chris started with a smile as he took a swig of his beer.

The young man quickly wiped his mouth, trying the straighten himself as the man approached him. “Chris”, he greeted, spinning his tool around to properly face the man who was now towering over him,“Didn’t expect to see you here.” He discreetly wiped his sweaty palms on his pants before shaking hands with the other man.

If he knew he was gonna run into Chris Evans tonight, he would’ve put on more than some lip-gloss and lashes.

He was surprised as Chris took a seat on the bar stool beside him, his bulky body crouched over Zyaire’s lither one. He struggled to keep himself from shifting awkwardly; he didn’t wanna make it seem like a “big deal” to be talking to him.

Zyaire looked up at him and was instantly caught in his blue eyes. He snapped his eyes away a second later, licking his lip.

“So...what ya drinking?“, Chris asked, gesturing to his empty hand.

“Uh G- Guinness”, Zyaire forced himself to say. He had a feeling Chris would be carrying on the conversation for the both of them. Just two seconds after saying this, the bartender sat down his beer,“Here ya go”, he said quickly popping the cap and walking away to help someone else.

Zyaire noted that the man didn’t bat an eyelash at the sight of Chris, in fact no-one here really has. He assumed Chris must’ve come here a lot.

He took a hesitant sip of his drink, the awkwardness of the moment more apparent than anything. “So what have you been up to?“, Chris asked him after a moment.

“Ugh, nothing much, school and work, ya know the usual”, he rambled on with his waiter smile. He didn’t expect Chris to actually try and hold conversation with him; he was shocked enough that he had spoken to him in wait he thought was in passing, but here he was with his butt planted in the seat next to him.

They went on to have a steady conversation bouncing from Zyaire’s work in graduates school to Chris’ movies and the little he could tell him without violating his contracts and even bantering back and forth. He found his professional smile being replaced with a honest and bright one; they were talking as if they were just to good friends. He couldn’t believe he was comparing Chris Evans to a good friend.

Zyaire also couldn’t believe how good a person Chris was in real life. Working at such a high end restaurant, he believed most celebrities put on an front to make people believe they were down to earth, but then there’s Chris.

He talked with anyone who would come up to him; signing autographs if asked and chatting as if they were old buddies. Zyaire didn’t think he could get anymore attractive, but he was wrong. He never thought humbleness would be one of his turn-ons, that or his Boston accent that would come out in random moments of excitement.

Right now they were just talking to one another. As the night had progressed, the bar had thinned out save for a couple groups scattered about the room.

As they hit a lull in conversation, a loud noise from across the room caught his attention. He looked over at the pool table where the men were congregating. They weren’t playing but lunging at a table a few feet.

His counterpart seemed to notice his drifting gaze,“Do you wanna play?“, Chris asked, gesturing towards the pool table.

Zyaire looked down at his hands, shaking his head,“Oh no, I don’t know how.” The last thing he wanted to do was embarrass himself in front of Chris.

However Chris wasn’t having any of this, standing up from his stool,“Nonsense, come on”, he told him grabbing his hand,“I can teach you.”

Zyaire had no choice but to give in to the peer pressure as he was dragged across the room by the large man. He tried not to dwell on his hand in his as he was pulled to the pool table.

Chris gather the balls and began to set them up in the billiards,“Okay, pick up a cue and I’ll show you how it’s done.”

Zyaire saluted haphazardly,“Aye aye cap’ain.”

The older man froze, glancing back up at him,“Hilarious”, he answered dryly, setting up the billiards,“Will you get me one as well, yeah?”

He grabbed two pool sticks and even a weird little blue cube that Chris said was for sharpening the tip things so it would hit the ball better or something. To be honest, Zyaire just nodded his head as he explained the whole thing to him.

“Okay now show me what you got”, Chris announced, leaning against his own stick,“wanna know what I’m working with.” The overhead light made his smile even brighter and honestly it was unfair how attractive and just impossibly perfect he seemed to be.

Zyaire bent over the table just like he had seen Chris do,“Like this?“, he asked, looking back at the brunette.

Chris couldn’t help but stare at his ass where it was perched up in he air. His skinny jeans fitting like second skin around his thighs,“Uh yeah, l- like that”, he said, clearing his throat to level his voice,“poke out you hip abit so you can get a good angle.”

He glared at the surrounding men who seemed to also be taking in the sight along side him as Zyaire did as instructed.

“So how do I actually hit the ball thing?”

Chris brought his attention back to Zyaire, clearing his throat,“Huh? Uh just draw back the cue and let it rip”, he told him, leaning against the long side of the table.

“Just let it rip”, Zyaire repeated,“okay, I got this.”

He missed the ball three times and even hit himself in the side, before Chris decided to step in. “Okay, maybe I should help you out before you skewer yourself.”

Zyaire didn’t even argue, not only bruised, but embarrassed. He in fact did not have this, not by a longshot.

The brunette man put down his beer before rolling up his sleeve,“Gonna fix your angle and whatnot, just a heads up”, he told him before moving in close behind him. It took everything in Zyaire to fight back a shudder from the warmth of his larger body as it blanketed his back. He was unbelievably warm and hard against him.

‘Giant teddy bear, indeed.’

It wasn’t long before his thoughts took a sinful turn. If he angled his hips back just an inch, he could feel him through his jeans. God what he wouldn’t give to feel all of him against him.

“Show me how it’s done.”

* * * * * *

Chris cheered as the final ball sunk in,“Alright!“, he giggled from where he was still pressed against Zyaire’s back,“See I told you; your a natural considering it’s your first time playin’.“, he complimented peeling himself away from the darker man. Did he want to? No, but he didn’t really have a plausible excuse for it after-the-fact.

Zyaire sat down his cue, turning around to face him; his head titled back,“Chris you could obviously beat my ass with your eyes closed, quit sugar coating.” He knew Chris was just being nice; it was a easy to see when you were teaching someone as awful Zyaire.

The actor scratched the back of his head, shocked at being caught,“Well ya still made one”, he offered,“betta then none.”

They were still impossibly close, Zyaire’s legs pressed against the pool table with Chris body against his front, his pool stick sitting forgotten on the table.

Chris made no move to give him space and Zyaire didn’t want him to. He planted his hands on the tables edges, looking up at the bearded man,“Well I couldn’t have done it without you, Chris”, he teased, biting his lip.

Chris’ eyes were glued to his glossy lips as he spoke, only snapping out of it when he laughed at him.

Instead of being embarrassed at being caught, he took a deep inhale before speaking,“I ugh...didn’t know ya had freckles”, he stated in a rough voice that sent a shiver down his spine, his large hand covering his lower back,“I uh...I like ’em”, he said in a rough voice, his Boston accent smooth as velvet.

Zyaire grinned at the compliment,“You should see me naked then.” If he liked the ones on these cheeks, he’d love the freckles on his other ones.

Chris raised a dark eyebrow at those words,“Is that an invitation?”

The younger man didn’t back down, batting his lashes up at the actor,“As good of one as your gonna get.”

* * * * * *

Next thing Zyaire knew, they were back at his place and Chris had him pressed against his living room wall, kissing him within an inch of his life.

When they parted for air, Zyaire’s head was spinning, his lungs were on fire and he couldn’t see straight. He was a really good kisser and he was sure to tell Chris that too.

“Thank you”, he responded, ducking his head as a pink flush covered his cheeks, blending with the red color already there,“you’re not too bad yourself.”

That simple compliment shouldn’t have made him as giddy as it did,“You already got me out of my pants Mister, no need for flattery”, he drew Chris back in for another kiss before he could respond.

Chris laughed warmly against his lips, cupping the back of his head as he shifted Zyaire’s body in his hold. Their clothes had been long since ripped from their bodies, their bare cocks brushing together sending ripples of pleasure through their bodies. They built a steady rhythm of rocking their hips, grinding against each other’s crotches.

Zyaire mouthed hungrily at Chris’ throat, not caring the slightest about the scratch of his beard on his face. He still couldn’t believe he had ended up here, but wouldn’t complain, relishing in the sensation of it all.

As much as he wanted Chris inside him and he did (oh how much he did), he was enjoying the frantic grinding. It was as if they were teenagers trying to bust a nut in the fastest way they could. He stifled a moan, biting down on the wet flesh of his throat.

Chris hissed roughly at the sting as it shot throughout his body. He adjusted his hold on Zyaire’s waist, his hands gripping his ass and bringing his crotch closer to his.

They thrusted frantically against each other, shuddering as their lengths pressed together, rubbing and sliding in the growing wetness.

They struggled to cling to one another, their bodies slick. Zyaire arched off the drywall, shuddering each time he thrusts, coming close and closer to the edge. He pants against Chris’ beard, failing to stifle the increasingly high-pitched moans and cries emitting from his throat.

Chris’ thrusts were becoming insistent and sharp, and then with throaty series of grunts he was cumming, his sperm shooting onto he and Zyaire’s abdomen.

The throbbing of his steadily spurting cock mix with the feeling of his teeth on his throat, sent Zyaire over the edge as well.

He shudders as Chris continued rolling his hips in circles, sucking on his tongue, spreading the mixture of both their sticky releases mixing together between them.

They stood there, breathing heavily after their orgasms. “That”, Chris spoke up in the silence.

Zyaire chuckled awkwardly in response” uh it was.” It was super hot and steamy; he literally just dry humped and came on Chris Evans. He didn’t know how Chris was still holding him in his arms as if he was perfectly fine; Zyaire was loopy and they didn’t even have sex.

Chris adjusted his hold on his thighs, hoisting him up in his arms,“Not to sound braggy”, he said, tossing back his wet hair,” but I could go again if it’s okay with you”, he suggested, his eyebrow raised and the right corner of his lips raised in a grin.

Zyaire had to remind himself to close his mouth. Here he thought this was a heat of the moment hit it and quit it situations, but he was once again surprised. He gave himself a mental pat on the back; ‘Guess I’m better in bed than I thought.’

He pushed aside his smugness and blanketed it with fayed shock. “Wow, really? I mean...“, he trailed off, pretending to ponder over it for a moment before pinching Chris’ nipple,“guess we should move this to the bedroom then.”

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