Addictive Chocolate n' Vanilla (BMWM)

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Unexpected Heat

I had awoken not to the bird chirping outside and the sun, the world still pitch black and the room dark around me. No, the sudden lurch of my body jolted me awake and refused to let me drift back into my restless sleep so easily.

A moan was ripped from my lips as pleasure rippled through my body in currents. Subconsciously, I clenched around the large cock I found buried inside my sopping wet hole.

I gasped when I realized I was being fucked. Hard. As shocking as it seemed to be, my fear laced pheromones’ quickly dissipated as the oh so familiar scent of oak, mint and just overall Alpha filled my nose.

I lazily wrapped my heavy arms around the broad shoulders of my lover, needing to be as close as possible. I buried my head in his throat, hungrily licking at the salty sweat there,“Chu- Chuan?”, I managed to get out in a series of broken whimpers, although I already knew the answer.

“I’m here, omega”, he grunted hotly against the sheen of my forehead. There was a thick layer of sweat between our bodies and the undeniable heat that burned all throughout my body was something I recognized as well. Along with the overpowering scent of my mate and my own sickeningly sweet scent; there was a different aroma in the air that unmistakably smelled like heat and realization struck me.

I was undoubtedly in heat.

How had I not seen the signs? The tauntness and sensitivity of my skin? The disorienting blanks in my memory the passed few days? The heat bubbling over under my skin and the overwhelming need to be near my Alpha?

But to be fair, Chuando had been away for quite some time for work, so I just interpreted it as just missing my Alpha. It didn’t help that Chuando often kept track with my heat cycle right down to when my first and second wave would hit, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised at his sudden return.

A mewl tore from my throat as another spurt of slick leaked out of me, easing the already inexistent stretch of his thick hard cock plunging inside of me.

Chuando inhaled deeply, taking in my pheromones like air,“Fuck Cree, can you not smell yourself?”, he snarled fucking into me even harder, dragging a choked sob from me.

‘So good. So full. So fucking full.’

“I could smell you outside”, he told me, mid thrust, taking a moment to run his tongue over my bond mark which sent a surge of electricity through my body,“y- you were sq- squirming in your sleep; begging for your alpha to ‘fill you up’ and ‘knot you so good’.”

I didn’t remember that at all, but I wouldn’t put it passed myself. My body had been notorious for taking the lead while my mind was elsewhere, especially during heat.

Once, I had cornered Chuando down in the laundry room and rode him until I was so full of his warm knot I couldn’t walk. Although I didn’t remember it in the daze of my heat; the ache I felt later was synonymous with the events.

I had no idea how long we had been at it, the sun now shining through the curtains. I was not upset at the obtrusive light however, now able to look at Chuando’s handsome face. His forehead creased in concentration in an attempt to keep at least a shred of restraint. His dark eyes were blown wide, now nothing but a thin ring surrounding his amber orbs. His jet black hair stuck to his forehead with sweat.

‘Mine.Mine.Mine.Mine.Mine.Mine’, he recited like a lust fueled mantra.

I was no better; eyes tented purple and dilated as my mouth was permanently stuck open. I was covered in my own cum from only Moon Goddess knows how many orgasms Chuando had fucked out of me; a thick coat of sweat glazed over my skin.

My train of thought began to blur into a mess of colors much like that of the Aurora Borealis. All I could think was:

‘Knot.Knot.Knot. Need Alpha’s knot. Need to be breeded until I was full of his pups.’

“Alpha!”, I begged, suddenly struggling to put my desire into words.

Thankfully, Chuando was always able to read me like a book,“Don’t worry, omega”, he assured, canine piercing his bottom lip,“Stretch your wet little rim with my knot before I fill your womb with my seed. You like that?”

My hips chanted forwards on their own accord at the mental image of it all. ‘Yes. Moon Goddess yes; I wanted that. Needed it.’

Suddenly Chuando had pulled out of me and I whined at the emptiness, my gaping hole needing to be full. Before I could complain, I was flipped onto my stomach so fast my head was spinning.

I laid there as he gripped my hips, manhandling me onto my hands and knees before he was back inside me again.

I cried out, the new angle allowing Chuando to get even deeper inside me. My whimpers mixed with his grunts in the dirtiest way possible.

Chuando was pumping in and out of me so good I wanted to cry and I did. Tears prickled in my eyes; I was so overwhelmed with pleasure and the overwhelming scent of him.

I could feel his knot of his cock expanding as he fucked into me and my mouth watered,“Yes.yes.yes.yes.yes!”

Chuando continued on fucking his growing knot in and out of me as fast as he could with it repeatedly catching on my rim; it was so close I could practically taste it.

I arched my back, completely submitting myself to him earning a growl in return. The sensible Chuando was gone now, running solely on instincts, instinct that told told him to bury his knot into the fertile omega and impregnate him. I wanted that more than anything in my life.

“Please Alpha!”, I cried out in a pathetic attempt at begging,“I’m yours, only yours! Please!”

I clawed frantically at the sheets as his knot finally forced its way inside me, practically splitting me in half. White exploded in my vision as my stomach was filled with the molten heat of his seed.

I whimpered, body going lax as my Alpha filled me up nice and proper. I could hardly move, the only thing I was able to do was twitch uncontrollably as his teeth grazed up my back.

“So good for me omega”, he said, nosing at the back of my neck,“took my knot so good.”

I purred at the praises, the heat still prickling under my skin. We stayed that way, waiting for Chuando’s knot to go down, so he could pull out. It was both my favorite and least favorite part of my heat; being so close to my Alpha after intense mating, yet it was also a waiting game until my next wave would begin.

I laid there as Chuando moved me gingerly around on his knot until I was facing him again. He laid me back on the bed, not caring about the puddle of my own slick. I entangled my limbs with his happily, my stomach full of cum.

“You forgot again didn’t you?”, Chuando asked me, pulled me from from blissed out daze.

I looked away, instead staring down where our bodies where connected, at least until his knot went down.


Chuando just rolled his eyes, nosing at my throat with a warm growl,“I’m gonna have to start putting it on a calendar, you keep this up.” I didn’t respond, humming as my eye lids got heavy and I drifted off to sleep.

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