Addictive Chocolate n' Vanilla (BMWM)

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Good Morning, Let Me Suck Yo Dick?

Waya sighed as he walked into his apartment, greeting his boyfriends cat before making his way to their bedroom.

Upon opening the door, he froze, feet stuck in one place at the sight before him. His boyfriend was deep asleep in their bed, his snores muffled by the pillow he was clutching.

Waya shut the door behind him with a soft ‘click’, careful to not wake Messiah as he moved over to his boyfriend. His eyes raked over his sleeping figure and Waya was never so happy Messiah slept naked, the sheets pushed away from his body by the early morning heat. Not that Waya was complaining; not by a long shot.

His boyfriend was a work of art; a beautiful canvas of brown and pale pinkish white skin. He couldn’t help but marvel at Messiah’s thick bare body laid out before him.

God, Waya couldn’t wait til the day that he could bury himself between those cheeks; his mouth, his fingers, his cock. He groaned, feeling himself getting hard at just the thought. Sometimes he thought Messiah was trying to kill him doing shit like this.

He forced himself to tear his gaze away from his boyfriends body and began to undress. He dressed down to his boxer briefs and took his dirty clothes to put them in the laundry hamper.

Once finished, Waya went over to the free side of the bed and pulling back to sheets to get inside. He relaxed against the pillow, blanketing the covers over Messiah’s body and pulling him close. His fingers lightly traced over the light patches of skin on his back and soon began to drift off to sleep.

* * * * * *

Messiah groaned as he woke up, nestled against a warm body. He tried to sit up only to be stopped by a large arm draped around his waist. A small smile grew on his lips as he looked down to see a familiar arm that belonged to none other than Waya.

He must’ve gotten off from work a while ago; a flush rose to his face upon realising that that meant he had seen him naked upon arriving.

He shifted in his hold until he was facing the sleeping man. He propped his head up on his chest, taking in the Native Americans beautiful features. His sharp square jaw, his almond shaped eyes, strong chiseled cheekbones and his full round pink lips.

Messiah toyed with the sleeping man’s hair, twirling the braids ends around his finger. He had great hair and he loved to play in it whenever Waya would allow it.

He suddenly stopped his menstrations when he caught something out the corner of his eye. Messiah looked down to find a noticeably growing bulge in the sheets.

His eyes widened upon realising that Waya had a boner. He glanced back up at his boyfriend, still sleeping peacefully. Messiah couldn’t believe it; he was pitching a massive tent in his sleep.

Curiosity peaked, Messiah slowly reached out grab the comforters end before drawing them to find him hard. His boxers strained to contain his semi-erect penis. Messiah never wished that Waya slept naked as much as he did right now.

‘Fucking tease.’

His lip peeked out to wet his lips; his mouth watering at what was cloaked by the tight material. An idea popped into his head making a smirk grow on his lips. He carefully removed Waya’s strong arm from around him before making his down his boyfriends body and positioning himself between his legs.

Shaking away some of his nerves, Messiah hooked his fingers on his boxers before pulling down and pulling him from his boxer. His dick suddenly sprung free, slapping his stomach with a heavy ‘slap’. He froze, looking up to still find him still sleeping, completely unaware of what he was doing.

Still in the clear, Messiah took his meat in his hand. He wasn’t rock hard, but he was about half mast. He wrapped both fists around his dick feeling the strong veins under his palms.

Taking a deep breath, he reached forward and kitten licked his tip, enjoying the salty taste on his tongue. He went in again, freezing when Waya grunted from above him, but still remained asleep.

Messiah decided to go even farther, opening his mouth wide to take his tip between his lips and lightly hollowed his cheeks. He was hot and heavy on his tongue, his musk filling his nostrils as he sucked in more air.

He tried to relax his throat in an effort to take him down farther; determined to atleast deepthroat him once. It looked so much easier in porn.

Messiah continued to suck on his cock, twirling his tongue around his meat stick. He was really getting into a nice passionate rhythm, stopping to swallow around him, his precome going down his throat. He took him back down only to feel a hand knot in his hair. He looks up to find Waya now awake, hooded brown eyes trained on him.

“Mind telling me what your doing there, tiny?“, he him, the deep and raspiness of his voice like honey in his ears. This was a pleasant surprise to wake up to.

Messiah blinked around the mouthful his dick, before coming with a “pop”, a string of saliva connecting from his tip to his lips.

He glanced up at him with innocent eyes, his spit slick shaft still in hand. He didn’t speak or come up with an excuse; he had been caught in the act. Knowing this, Messiah threw all caution to the wind before sinking down on his dick, this time stretching his jaw to take more.

Waya cursed, cupping the back of his head, “Fuck!”

Messiah went to work, bobbing his head up and down to coat him in his spit. He set up his own rhythm, relaxing his throat and sucking in air through his nose. Waya could only lay there looking up to the heavens in thanks for the gift they had given him.

He lovingly massaged his boyfriends scalp, watching his mouth stretch as he tried to take him farther down. God he was quite the sight with his mouth full. “Look at me tiny”, Waya begged through a dry and rough voice.

His canines practically pierced his bottom lip as Messiah stared up at him. It was so fucking hot watching him make eye contact with him as he sucked and swallowed down as much of his dick as he could. He blinked up at him through wet lashes, tears and spit rolling down his face. He made for quite a sight.

He continued to sloppily slurp and suck on his shaft, saliva and precum smeared down his length. He tapped his thigh to get his attention before he relaxed his throat completely. Waya understood what this meant and spread his legs farther apart before cupping his head with both hands, snapping his hips up into his hot mouth.

Messiah gagged as he raised his hips, fucking his mouth. His mouth salivated as his throat constricted as he hit the back on his throat. Soon his mouth was flooded with bitter fluid. He planted his hand on his abdomen as he came down his throat, causing him to choke. He took it like a champ, taking every last drop until his hips were back on the mattress.

Waya watched as he came off his cock, wiping the cum off his mouth. His pink tongue peeked out to lick his plump lips clean before tapping Messiah’s arm, “Bring that pretty little ass over there so I can taste it.”

Messiah didn’t have to be told twice. He clambered up straddling his chest in reverse to move back on him.

Once seated, Waya couldn’t help but whistle at the beautiful sight, his full discolored ass hovering over his face like a gift from God himself. Curling his arms around his thighs, Waya spread his full cheeks to reveal his pretty little pucker. He blew air over his opening, watching it twitch as a result.

Unable to help himself, Waya dove in, burying his mouth between his cheeks, lapping and biting at his rim before delving his tongue inside.

Messiah cursed aloud, his legs tensing as he fucked his hole. He tried to run away from his mouth but Waya only gripped and parted his cheeks wider to nibble on his hole.

His tongue slipped in, probably tasting him, and Messiah lets out another mewl. It’s too much for his sensitive inner walls and Waya knows that. He loved how it would make him squirm; had it even better when he had him trapped with nowhere to go except on his tongue.

Before he knew it his mouth was gone and a lube slick finger was penetrating his hole.

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